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  2. When ive seen large amounts of jellies in our lake it's been after the lake has been cut off from the ocean for a while and they seem to have a population explosion. This explosion has been in the cooler months when the fishing has been quiet so I can't say I've seen any difference in catch. When we do night dive surveys in Narooma river we often come across plaques of jimbles ( a close relative to the box jelly) these live on the bottom through the day so unless you dive in deep sections of river in daylight I doubt anyone would know if they were around or not. I haven't noticed any change in catch while outside fishing, in fact our snapper fishing turned on as the pink jellies turned up in numbers a few weeks back. Offshore I've come across extremely dense highways of bluebottles ( which we've also dived among). These big thick patches of bluebottles have all kinds of small fish among them as well as bigger predators such as striped tuna, so I'm far from put off by finding bluebottles. Yesteday I fished hard with some very skilled anglers onboard ( sponsored tournament anglers) .We fished Montague with just about every plastic, micro jig and bait you could wish for, there were no singns of any jellies and almost no fish. After around 6 hrs we gave up and headed for home, halfway back I spotted a brydes whale in 30m of water so headed over for a look. When I got to the area I had seen the whale there was a highway of bluebottles and the sounder lit up from the bottom to just under the surface. My first thought was leather jackets and keep the lines out but the sponsored guys onboard soon had plastics down among them only to have small gentle pulls I still believed to be jackets. These guys certainly new their stuff and claimed it was squid, where soon enough they were poling squid after squid into the boat ( something I've never seen in such numbers in my life ). There were also slimey mackerel taking the squid jigs and even good numbers of kings that simply wouldn't show any interest in anything we offered them ( think they were to full). Drifting off the patch was no problem as we simply kept heading back to the bluebottles, it turned a disappointing day into one of the most fun ones ever ( partly trying to avoid the ink wars).
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  4. A simple Uni knot is one of the easiest and best knots to do, it's also ok for joining two different lines together. As for strengths and line diameters ( even knot strengths ) have a look here
  5. We had some fillets last night, very tasty, and some more for another night. Not what I was originally heading out to catch, but no complaints about catching whiting.
  6. G'day Armpits. If you are tying (heavy) line to a swivel there are lots of options to use. Check them out on Youtube and tie one that better suits your needs. Line diameter can be tricky too, because different manufacturers will produce a whole range of product with varying quality. Far better to rely (as a guide only) on the stated breaking strain for a particular target species. Most anglers have their preferred lines to suit the purpose it is used for. bn
  7. It's a great sport to be involved in Ricardo. What were you catching in the video? bn
  8. That's interesting Jon. The replies seem to indicate that lotsa jellyfish = poor fishing. bn
  9. Even when the fish its rare, the fun its always present... i love this sport... i l
  10. Yes but they will get much bigger now for next time!!
  11. just being in one of the best posies on the coast is gold are a bonus baz...hope to get up there next wknd...wish I still lived at the bay..rick
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  13. Generally you want to have the hook point exposed so it can easily penetrate. Through experience you'll find if its buried in the bait you miss a lot more hookups then if the point is exposed. I used to do it when i first started fishing, i'd try and cover the hook completely with the bait, though through my own experimenting is when i soon realised that what i thought would catch me more fish by hiding the hook, was actually catching me less
  14. Having troubles snugging down your knot can be from a variety of things, though usually its the leader material itself, the diameter of the leader material, the knot used and how many turns done in the knot. But simply i find: * The more turns the harder it can sometimes be to snug down (this is amplified with thicker line). * Some lines knot easier than others, usually your harder lines like fluorocarbon and some of the tougher style leaders don't knot as easy as the softer/more limp lines. E.g. mono generally is much easier to knot compared to fluorocarbon. Sounds like you're doing a half-blood knot. If you aren't already, make sure you 'lock' it off in the end - this will prevent it slipping which hateanchors mentions. I also like to leave a little bit of tag end (e.g. don't cut it as close as you can, leave half a cm), this just gives an extra bit of insurance, in if you didn't pull it down tight enough to lock it in (which you should!), if it does slip at all the half cm could save it and allow it to lock down before it unravels. The below picture shows the extra step to lock the blood knot, basically you do as you said, wrap it around your finger, twist it a good 6-8 times (less for thick leader, more for thin leader) put the end back through the loop you created with your finger, then finally to lock it all off you put it back through the circle created whilst doing this (step 4 of the pic) which kind of goes against the direction of the finger loop locking it into place. With all that being said If the wraps aren't sliding down and locking, just use your fingers to slide/wiggle it down, rather than attempting to apply excess force by pulling the line - and of course make sure you lubricate the knot with saliva. I generally use a locked half blood knot for lighter leader (20lb and less), 30lb+ i use a unit knot (3 to 4 turns depending on thickness).
  15. livies

    Sweep can be a real pain in some locations when attempting to catch Yakkas for livebaits. If you can't get any Yakkas or Slimies and you're catching sweep then i'd use them for livebait. My thinking is that a more torpedo/slimline shaped fish like a yakka or slimy would be much easier to eat/swallow for a predatory fish, as opposed to something that has a taller body shape & protruding fins. That being said if a fish is hungry its going to eat! i've caught rat kings when retrieving reef fish (angel fish, or something similar) which were hooked on a bait/sabiki jig.
  16. Although not what you wanted, they are some nice whiting and will be beautiful on the plate. Well done, Daniel.
  17. Great effort! You have inspired me to consider putting the fly rod in the boat. I have a 7 weight with a forward taper line that I have had for years and it has never been christened (or me). Time to do something about that!
  18. Great read! Well done.
  19. Good luck and keep me posted! I'm working all weekend but maybe I can get out again on Tuesday.
  20. Good work bazza and good to see you out and about! Iโ€™m heading up there in the morning! Hopefully I can get a few! Cheers scratchie!!!
  21. It was. I wish I'd seen it at Broughton though!
  22. thats an awesome sunrise mate
  23. Have you any photos of the murk? i used to fish there in the 80s trying to chase up photos
  24. After only being able to look longingly at the water for several weeks due to a few dramas at home, I finally got the chance to get out yesterday. I wanted to be on the grounds at first light but I must admit that I find that harder to do in summer than in winter! With first light at 5:10, I just didn't make it and it was 5:45 by the time I hit the heads after launching at Soldiers Point. ๐Ÿ˜• It was a spectacular sunrise though: Stopped off at Mrs Murphy's to catch live bait but I just couldn't find them, so didn't waste too much time and headed north for Broughton with just a short troll along the western side of Boondelbah to pick up a bonito for bait. The trusty XRap in ghost strikes again. ๐Ÿ˜ Trolled a high speed skirt all the way to Broughton at 18-20 knots. Thought I might as well have something in the water but I think the water's still a little cold. 18 degrees but got 19 and 20 at Broughton. Got to the spot and set the spot lock and started a berley trail and floated down an unweighted bait. Got hit on the drop and boated a little 35cm red. Nice start. After that, I had no luck with the plastics at all and only managed smaller reds on bait - the right species though. ๐Ÿ˜Ž I released 5 or 6 at 32cm, only to realise when I got home and put my reading glasses on that the minimum length is 30cm, not 33! DOH! Still, I had an amazing day on the water! Good for the soul!
  25. Headed out early up from Lilli Pilli, to a spot where I pulled out a few fish 2 weeks ago. Well, someone must have told the fish to disappear, as they were not about today. Only 1 decent fish, that put up a performance for a while, coming up under the boat as it was giving up, then gone. The ganged hooks gone, no fray marks on the mono but a clean cut angled across the line. Felt like a legal sized jew, just a bit strange with the cut to the line. Apart from 2 rat sized kingies swimming up after hooked little reddies, nothing else. Live yakkas not touched. Just a dud day. The tide hit bottom, so I pumped a few nippers and drifted about for a legal whiting, a little sand flattie, and nothing else. A few whiting to be seen, but if you can see the whiting, they can see you and will not bite. Headed to Maianbar flats, pumped a few more nippers and found a few whiting, and a just legal bream that was sent back to grow bigger. Water less then knee deep. A few thrown backs amongst them, but some keepers as well. A long day but something to take home. Do not like going home with no fish.
  26. Awesome ! ... best of luck. I love live bait downrigging but if you're doing it in close to the headlands it needs a crew that knows what to do and how to handle the gear... I'm still training mine and unfortunately I tend to be at the helm on the tighter trolls. We had the second feed of flattie fillets tonight (from the last trip) and they were just delish ...and I'll be out chasing flatties again tomorrow accompanied by my dear missus, my buddy and his wife - plan is launch Parsley Bay and head east off Barrenjoey until we find them. I will be carrying the trolling gear just in case.... so if you are getting smashed and need help managing the school --- my call sign is BARRYCUDA on VHF16 ! Cheers Zoran
  27. Thatโ€™s a solid Trev. Heaps of fun catching them.
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