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  2. Different type of Hooks

    Aren’t these straight eye Octopus Hook?
  3. Trip Dilemma + Live Bait Hook Set

    Thanks for all the info. I guess we will never know. That’s fishing for ya.....
  4. I had a short window to head out after murray cod again Dad decided to come with me to suss out the spot. I had a pre plan of being dropped upstream and kayaking down to the campsite about 2.2km of river I'd seen most of the bottom end on foot last time I was out there and had most of the rapids sussed as a nice easy run. Launched the kayak full of confidance water was looking good except I didn't realise the river had dropped atleast 1.2m since I was out there last. The first couple of holes didn't produce but they were a bit shallow with short portages at the end of each one, after an hour came to a decent portage with there being 20m of boulders with a tricle of water through them after a bit of teeth gritting the kaya was dragged into a beautiful looking pool Wasn't long before I hooked a fish only small he fell off beside the yak, now filled with some confidance kept hitting the snags with casts an eternity passes before a "hail mary" cast into a log gets smashed had to fight the fish hanging over the back of the kayak but managed to extract a beautiful little cod measuring up 50cm excuse the photography its hard to use auto timer and a tripod on a aya with an angry cod now full of confidance kept casting and casting reaching the end of the pool with no result then I saw a nasty looking portage through low branches and boulders still the fish kept me motivated. Onto the next pool again no fish and another nasty portage this was the case for the next couple of pools and finally I coud see the cliff opposite the campsite the portages were nearly over. That was the moment I realised the river was down and the nice easy rapids were a atleast 300m section of boulders with a trickle around them so what was meant to take 10 minutes took about 1.5 hours so after loads of lost skin a broken rod and falling in a freezing pool of water I finally reached the end and chanted a great HALLEF#*@KINGLEAYAH and turn to see a family who had been walking the riverside trail and apparently the kids had taken great amusement in watching me curse my way along the river. With every muscle aching it was food beer and sleep for the evening. Up early the next morning for another crack this time heading downstream luckily only one small portage to the pool I wanted to fish and it wasn't long before a cod charged the spinnerbait down he put on quite a fight for a small fish never get sick of these fish beside the kayak kept casting for a few miss hits and then spent about 20 minutes watching a platypus go about his business with basic pain from head to toe and a 5 hour drive home decided to call it quits. I have never worked so hard for 2 fish and despite the pain and frustration all I can think about is when can I get back out there and have another go cheers for reading Dave
  5. Fishing State of Origin 2018

    Almost sounds as good as the real thing.😀
  6. Last 2 trips to the Murrumbidgee

    Nice cods there Neil 😛
  7. A message from your wife/partner

    Displayed in local tackle stores
  8. Last 2 trips to the Murrumbidgee

    Great shots mate and good fish to go with the beautiful surroundings. thanks for sharing with us. Frank
  9. Last 2 trips to the Murrumbidgee

    Nice work BN. Persistence pays off! Gotta give that type of fishing a go one day! Cheers scratchie!!!
  10. Today
  11. Last 2 trips to the Murrumbidgee

    couple of nice cod there Neil
  12. Surprise Catch

  13. Jervis Bay Bonnies, Mack Tuna and Kingies

    I just moved here. So haven’t fished much. Any advice would be great please!
  14. Free battery charging

    Last weekend I finished my self-sufficient solar setup to keep my batteries topped up during the week. Boat (Quintrex 475 Freedom Sport) has 3 batteries - (1) main starting & bilge, (2) accessories radio and sounder, (3) for leccie on order. 3 panels on the roof, one for each battery. Located roof brackets from Melbourne off fleabay @ $5 each and ran Unistrut as my panel support frame. Each panel feeds into a 10A MPPT charger and then 3 cables sleeved together to the boat charging rig with one slot to spare. Charging rig to batteries connected with 50A mini Andersons for a bit of battery redundancy or swapping if required. May need a 75A for the leccie later.. Cabling to be tidied tomorrow. Wire is heavy duty speaker wire (the good stuff) and terminated on Neutrik PowerCon 30A connectors, on a SS316 plate, housed in a waterproof IP65 box. All connections soldered and finished with triple-shrink for extra piece of mind. Wire coming into the housing is through 16mm glands. I'm going to have to design something for the front cover - maybe a Count morphed Fishraider logo .. .. .. .. .. .. No more wires in or around the boat or charging one battery at a time with the CTek - everything is neatly behind the scenes now. So now when I'm home from my adventures the last task is to insert the connectors and turn, job done. Cheers, TC.
  15. Surprise Catch

    Great few fish there! Well done cheers scratchie!!!
  16. Gday Raiders I currently have copies of the seabed charts that public works carried out in 1989. They are very useful charts for diving and fishing. There are four sections of the chart. Gosford Broken Bay Sydney Heads Bate Bay Up until today i was not aware that one existed for Bate Bay. I have copies of the sydney heads and broken bay charts. Would anyone have a copy of the chart for Bate Bay? I would be willing to pick up/return the charts from your location. I will have the chart scanned in high resolution at my own cost and reprinted in A1/A0 and provide you with both electronic and hard copies for your troubles. Please PM if you have a copy and we can discuss further. Thanks Sam
  17. Morningstar Boats

    Yes, I read once (and agree) the journey to Browns Mountain is almost sacrificial in any boat under 6m and the weather would have to be very good at that!
  18. Fishing State of Origin 2018

    Awesome Derek! I’d be happy to take on any Queenslander on my home turf! cheers scratchie!!!
  19. Narrabeen

    Hows it going. In 2 weeks heading to narrabeen beach. Never fished the beach or rocks before. Was hoping to catch taylor and salmon on lures. I have alot of fishing experience fishing off rocks. Can any one tell me if there are any safe ledges on the northern side to fish off. If not i will fish off the beach. Thanks.
  20. Is this a live bait tank or what

    I have seen underfloor live bait tanks similar to this in large American boats, however as there is no way to circulate water I think more likely a kill tank or fish storage. Ron
  21. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    Worth the trip Jon! We released quite a few too! There was one larger model I would have liked a photo with though! But that’s fishing!
  22. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    I love snapper fishing, next school hols I plan to head north for a little catch and release.
  23. Fishing State of Origin 2018

    That is fantastic Derek. Love this idea.
  24. Different type of Hooks

    I fish for jewies a lot and wouldn't use anything but the Gamakatsu Octopus Hook in size 6/0 to 10/0 depending on size of bait. These can be Uni knotted on end of line but I always use double sliding hook rigs for jew so I can adjust to size of bait.. Hooks with a kirb or twist have a slightly better hook-up rate than straight hooks however can cause line twist in strong currents. Straight unkirbed hooks are used in strong currents and also when trolling baits or swimming livies and squid such as when downrigging or bridling baits. My preferred hook when drifting livies for flathead is the Kale or widemouth hooks which aren't kerbed. Ron
  25. Bradleys Head to Chowder Head

    Hi Burger glad you enjoyed it. "Wonder Wobblers" were a great part of our fishing history as they seemed to catch just about everything from Trout to Tuna! I bet there's many old fisho's out there that caught all sorts of weird and wonderful's as well as quality species on them. I'd love to hear of others 1) favourite and 2) most unusual fish caught on a Wonder Wobbler (or "Alpha Wobbler" for even more 'vintaged' fisho's) My Fav was of course my 1st lure caught Flathead it was about 15 inches long(38 cm) and I was told it was a "fluke" as Flathead DIDN'T take lures! Ha! I got another 1 at same spot the next week. 2) Unusual was a giant cuttlefish at Nielsen Park Wharf
  26. Jervis Bay Bonnies, Mack Tuna and Kingies

    I'm in Leeton. Where do u normally fish? bn
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