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  2. Not what we planned for

    that's awesome. the last pic
  3. Not what we planned for

    Hey jonD what an awesome read thanks for your intel , I'll definitely be on the look out for seals / a seal next trip out . Cheers m8 🍻
  4. Confused about which boat to buy

    Hi all, So I've had my current boat for about 7 years now and have been pretty happy with it, however am looking to upgrade. Current boat is a fibreglass runabout 1980's BFG neptune with 90HP yamaha. I mainly use it for fishing headlands for kings, going to the FADS, and occasionally water skiing. My current boat serves the purpose, however deck space is a problem when fishing with 3, and also gets me a bit nervous when taking on messy seas, with the sharp nose it has. So with all the boats out there, i'm struggling to know where to start. some help/advice would be great. my requirements: 1. 5-5.5m 2. Cuddy or small cabin to maximise deck space & shelter from weather. want to be able to fish with 3 people comfortably 3. Towable by Prado (2.5t max) 4. under $40k total package 5. high gunwales 6. smooth ride (for the wife particularly) Big questions: 1.Aluminium vs Glass; *Are the new tin boats as smooth as the boat makers are saying? also should i be concerned about long term maintenance costs or a glass boat? 2. new vs used? 3.. models to look at or to avoid?? If anyone could give me any advice these points it would be great. Thanks in advance Matt
  5. Not what we planned for

    There are plenty of marlin right the way down the coast, even across the border. This one was straight off Narooma along the 140m line, this is where the lobster traps are layed and often dolphin fish off the trap buoys which we prefer to target. This depths seems to hold good amounts of bait, in saying that there is heaps of bait from just a few km out at the moment. The plan was to just motor at speed looking for fish trap buoys for dolphin fish. I spotted one seal which looked to be rather active and not just basking at the surface. As soon as we reached the seal the sounder showed bait from 40m to 110m with what looked like big arches hanging off the side. I love the way something as simple as one seagul can give the whole game away on where fish might be, in this case it was a seal. I often think people get to hooked up on the tec side of things like temp charts and depth contours and miss something as simple as one bird hanging around a spot in a vast ocean.
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  7. Not what we planned for

    Shes caught a few on that 25000 saragosa and some pretty big bluefin on a 10000 gosa. I put a few metres of mamoi diamond mono 50lb against the spool ( mamoi 50 is closer to 80lb in reality ). Then using a pr knot I have 400m of ocea braid which I'm pretty certain was also about the 80lb which fills the spool to about 3/4. Using the same mamoi with another pr I then fill the spool top, this pretty much lets her go to almost full drag or at least 12-15kg. The mono and trace turned white after running through the guides under such pressure, so will need changing before the next challenge. The hardest thing is not having a low gear to drop down to which makes getting small amounts of line back slow going when the fish goes deep.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Fishing and more fishing...

    Ricardo , some Excellent Fish there !!! Loved the Video ... Great_White
  10. Wollongong Blackfish PB and tragedy

    Nice report and some fine Luderick great to see the young fellow getting it to it also sorry to hear about your rod it is hard when this happens
  11. Pre Purchase inspection

    Morning Raiders, I'm after recommendations for a pre purchase inspection and a boat transport mob. Now, here's the catch. They need to be in the Townsville area. Thanks in Advance deek
  12. Wollongong Blackfish PB and tragedy

    Should be able to take that to any "reasonable" tackle shop that has a resident rod builder, and get that fixed, it will end up 2 piece, but usable!! and a keeper .... Great_White
  13. Looked at the tides yesterday arvo, bottomed out around 1700 so decided to head south of Wollongong and hit my favourite spot, the river fishes well on the last hour of the run out. My son and I went to a local rock pool and gathered a heap of bait and he made a burley mix (which ended up being worth more than its weight in gold I found later on). We arrived and my son started the burley, nice balls of weed n sand dissolved on the water and showed me the run out was still going. I cast out and no sooners does the weed hit the water I see my float vanish, I set the hooks and pull in a 20 cms baby blackie, let him off cast again 10 cms blackie, let him of cast again and WHACK, 30 cm models this time.....I started to fish the deeper whole and got on to the larger ones. This went on for 30 mins with a total of 20 fish caught with 4 in the keeper net then I get hit by a monster. The fight lasts 5 mins resulting in the line snapping or the hook unthreading (which I would find odd given the fish it caught previously) and the force threw my line in the air creating a Christ almightly know. I spend the next 30 mins trying to fix then decided to cut it off and start again. By the time I restarted the flow had stopped and we were in the lull of the tide. I got two more keepers and decided to head to a spot that fishes well on the rise. AS per the first spot jnr starts the burley I cast out.....no drift. 10 mins later the tide is rising fast as is the drift and I am getting very very slow downs....I set the hook and the fish are on, I drop two and land two around the 40 cm mark. The beach side fish are more decided in their bites, slower in the down but huge!. Each fight is a fight for my balance and to steer the fish away from the rocks. I had 8 by this stage.......my PB for a take home I wanted to make it to 10 and the fish were there and I had bait and a little daylight still. I loaded up a cast and hear SNAP. The Wilson RFB 1206 Snapped near the hand grips. The line wasn't caught when I cast nor was the rod tip or any other part. I was gutted, 2 short of my pb and my favourite rod destroyed!. I have heard of blokes keeping rods for decades and was hoping to keep the Wilson for just as long. I don't believe they make the RFB 1206 anymore, they had a one or two piece 10 footer but its not the same. What would be a suitable replacement? I have already re rigged my Gary Howard which is a great rod but id like a good spare and a single piece. The GH has caught many fish for me and if I was to destroy that some how id lose my sh@#@$t. All in all it was a great trip and my son loved it. I have him a go when I hooked a small one and he said that was his favourite part. I want to teach him some casting next time but with a kids rod. Thanks for reading Steve I have already re-rigged my G
  14. Fishing and more fishing...

    Thanks friends...
  15. Not what we planned for

    Great work Georgia, Another great post Jon always a pleasure to read of your kids adventures
  16. Middle harbour King mushy

    I was out for a fish at Clontarf and there where schools of kings feeding at the shallows and on the drop-offs.
  17. Balmain Blackfish

    I must be strange as I never bled them or removed the black stomach lining. I think I like the weedy iodine taste they have like this.
  18. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    I use the 1-2kg drunken monkey but I'm thinking about getting the 1.5-3 kg scratchy gen black
  19. Not what we planned for

    What an amazing young lady your daughter is Jon, a lifetime of wonderful achievements at such a young age, I was 22 before I caught my first Marlin and it wasn't for the lack of trying. Congratulations to both of you, what a proud moment she must keep giving you over and over again. Frank
  20. Not what we planned for

    big congrats to both of you excellent team work just wondering how heavy was your mainline will that be some sort of record for a spin reel never seen a marlin caught on a spin reel before we always use 24kg tiagra combo chasing marlin and its mostly hard work when you hook a marlin so fighting one on a spin reel will be at least 5x harder i reckon what size was the spin reel sold my 12000sw saragosa combo recently this story made me want to buy another one lol very well done again to both of you excellent report
  21. Middle harbour King mushy

    Definitely not from the farm up here! They are the fattest kings you’ll ever see. Firm and taste amazing. Cheers scratchie!!!
  22. Not what we planned for

    Amazing team effort guys a huge congrats to you both , where and what depth did you pick it up ?
  23. Not what we planned for

    big stripe jon nice work on the threadline...rick
  24. Middle harbour King mushy

    We fished an area of heavy reef against the headland and on that first Wednesday we got smoked on the reef after about 6 seconds after being hit several times It was mayhem. Ironically my best king from that spot was 8 kg on 21 lb many years ago. But I think I got somewhat lucky cause I struggled to land them there since.
  25. Big shark Botany Bay

    I asked the experts and they came back with Bronze Whaler.
  26. Not what we planned for

    Congratulations on both the Triathlon and Marlin.
  27. Not what we planned for

    Would have pulled that zodiak around like a bobby cork. Great fish 😊
  28. Sunday king with my daughter

    which wharf is that? if you dont mind me asking. thanks
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