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  2. Just want to catch some keepers

    Used to fish all the time, just getting back into it. Struggling to get on to some legal fish. Using 1-3kg rod., 8lb line, sinker swivel and 1/0 long shank usually. Fishing only off land. Using Hawkesbury prawn, tried fresh mullet and bottle squid. Only thing I catch stuff on is the prawns tried Swansea, found the water too quick. Wangi - great water, nice and deep, no fish. Stockton break wall. -Got two keeper flat head there that’s it happy for any hints and tips, locations or anything else cheers. need to find a spot, and any rigging info. thanks
  3. Looking for spots
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  5. South creek

    Sweet thanks mate
  6. South creek

    Bass are probably on their way downstream- check in with WB&T- or look up their FB page or Sth Creek bass club FB page- if you can get hold of Aaron (and he is hard to get hold of) then he will fill you in
  7. Looking for spots

    head over to the fishing articles page and there are articles about certain spots that are commonly fished.
  8. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Cant beat some calamari rings for dinner
  9. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Nice Baz, I want to go have a crack at the squid myself have never caught one but would love to and I love my calamari!
  10. Looking for spots

    Hey guys I've just gotten into fishing I was wondering if anyone knows if any good land spots in Sydney near public transport or if anyone would like a fishing mate I'm keen!
  11. Looking for spots

    Hey guys I've just gotten into fishing I was wondering if anyone knows if any good land spots in Sydney near public transport or if anyone would like a fishing mate I'm keen!
  12. ID Fish. (Weedfish and Eastern Kelpfish)

    First fish. Ok, this one is hard because of Colour variations. I've heard back from the Uni and the only definite thing it's a Weedfish. Their closest guess is either, 1) Whitley's Weedfish, Heteroclinus or 2) Ogilby's Weedfish, Heteroclinus heptaeolus Second fish is a Eastern Kelpfish, Chironemus marmoratus Thanks for posting this up CT.
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  14. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    😂😂😂 15-20 minutes?! Holy crap! I wouldn’t even cook a 2” steak that long! I must admit though, I like my meat rare. And I do like sashimi - raw squid’s OK, too! Dipped the rings in seasoned flour. Cooked in oil for 1 minute. Yummo! 😋
  15. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Had calamari rings for dinner! Yum! He would have made a HUGE live bait! I like the smaller ones as livies. Last one caught a jew. Only a small one but I plan a trip back to that same hole with some live squid, among other selections, including live yakkas, tailor fillets and plastics. Gonna make it a mission!
  16. Jindabyne Trout trip

  17. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush eat it catch some more for bait. Out of all the live squid Ive used to target a certain species only 1 worked most have been picked to pieces, Mind you only been fishing out of a boat for 2 years.
  18. Jindabyne Trout trip

    Great report Gordo. I met you at the ramp in the dark on the Wednesday morning. I stayed until Saturday, fishing early like you each day and again later in the day. Managed 14 trout in total. Best day was on the Friday when I got three rainbows all around 35 cm in the morning up at Kalkite. I returned there in the afternoon with my wife and her sister (who had never caught a fish of any description). She managed to bring a very fat 58cm rainbow to the boat (I estimated it at about 2.5 kg) and my wife boated a 48cm brown then a 35cm rainbow. An evening to remember. Didn't fish on Saturday.
  19. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Cook for one minute!!! Don't do what I did the first time and cook them for 15 to 20 thinking "nah not eating raw squid". Rubber bands are hard to digest and chew ha ha .
  20. Self centering rollers

    I agree with frankS.... V-skids or V-guides are the way to go. On my trailer the last set of rollers are mounted on a gimballed cross member. With this design the rollers grab the bow of the boat as you power up, center the hull and then roll under the hull as the boat moves up the trailer. But with a bit of cross wind or current the hull could still get pushed to one side and miss the first keel roller. So I designed and welded up a variation of the V-skids which I mounted onto the rollers to guide the bow dead straight - this has virtually eliminated hull misalignment in my rig. The pictures should explain it better than the words ..... Hope this gives you some ideas. Cheers Zoran
  21. 4.1m tinnie going to five island

    Yeah you will be fine. Just pick the weather and be aware of the swell around the islands on some days. Can be some really good squidding off the islands, especially in a small boat. You will need to make sure you have all the right lawful gear for safety and as there is a lot of activity with police, rescue and Pilots around there. Had a lot of fun in a 4.2m boat fishing 5 Islands
  22. Old and new

    Very happy with the result. Cheers
  23. Old and new

    We used single foot Fuji guides starting at 30mm to give some casting distance. All the guides were underbound to protect the old bank and give the colour contrast. 8 guides plus the tip
  24. Old and new

    Hi Raiders When I took the old Glassmaster to the rod builder I took along another old blank I'd been sitting on for a while. I found it in an antique/ junk shop in Huskisson last year. All the bindings were shot, the grips were gone, but the action grabbed my attention. It's a real noodle, light and whippy as can be. I showed it to some mates who reckon it's a very early Sportex in wood grain finish. Jim, the rod builder was pretty excited when he saw it, he loves Sportex rods and from the pattern in the glass he's 90% sure. I wanted to have it made into a rod I could use for Blackfish in the estuary and Whiting and Bream on the beach. We kept the original wooden butt cap, added cork grips and reused the original bind on reel seat. The seat was reversed so not to interfere with a sidecast reel
  25. 4.1m tinnie going to five island

    Years ago, maybe 35(?), I fished there with a mate in a 12ft tinny with a 6hp outboard. Launched somewhere near Port Kembla. (It was a car topper, so I think we just launched off a beach. Can’t remember exactly - it was the 80s.😏). We chased rat kings on 1 or 2kg casting little Stingsildas and had the time of our lives. The boat was named “SS Silastic” and we had to keep bailing all the time. I’m sure your boat will manage it a lot better than we did!
  26. Vintage Len Butterworth Glassmaster

    The ferrule took a bit of fiddling, then I decided to go for the full resto. Turned out nice.
  27. 4.1m tinnie going to five island

    Hi guys, i have a 4.1m tinnie with 40hp, wanting to chase some snappers this winter. Would it be ok for me to take my boat out to the five islands in Wollongong? Or is my boat too small?
  28. Salmon oil as burley?

    Guys, I cooked atlantic salmon and there's a lot of oil from the fish. Wife hates oil (any kind) and asked me to throw away the salmon oil. I'm thinking ... would it make an effective burley? Has anyone tried?
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