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  2. Rod to match with Stradic 1000 for bream

    1-3kg rods are so much for fun than a 2-4kg rod. I own 4 2-4kg rods but i always pick my 1-3kg. Couple of rods on the top of my head are the gen blacks itchy twitchy or scratchy 2pc. and tcurve revo inshore has 2x 1-3kg rods, a 7'3" and a 6'"6. thats my 2c. flame away if anyone disagrees
  3. Rod to match with Stradic 1000 for bream

    Hi Aardvarking, I'd suggest another approach to your initial issue. Contact the people at Shimano in Taren point and then get an extra spool or two for your Stradic. You can set up one spool for ultralight and the second for your normal fishing. No leader change required. Years ago I took it to the extreme. I bought a Shimano Symetre 1500 back in the good days when it came with a spare spool. Even better was that the body for the 1500 was the same as the 2500 and the spool capacity (and handle shape) was where the difference was. I liked the reel so much that I bought another two at a really good price. I now have a glut of spools with different line ratings. The extra bodies live in the cupboard till I need to service the primary unit then one comes out. I have had to retire one but I should still get plenty of fishing with the remaining Symetres. I store the spools in baby socks to stop them banging against each other. As for the second part of your email now that you have a reel looking for a home I'd suggest looking at the Shimano Bream Finesse (I am totally biased). They do a 1-3kg as well as the 2-4kg in various lengths and well within your budget. I find them to be a very responsive rod. Regards, Derek
  4. Glenbawn Trip

    Fished Glenbawn again yesterday - took my other daughter's boyfriend, he doesn't fish much and we managed to get him his first bass and yellowbelly, and he christened a Loomis rod he won from a tackle shop in Tamworth a year ago! I've offered to mind it for him but no joy there. 5 bass with 2 at 40cm, both on the surface and 3 yellowbelly including this 51cm model so I was pretty happy with the day!
  5. Today
  6. I have been fishing a Shimano T-Curve 2-4kg 7' rod for ages for all my lightweight spinning needs and it has tackled anything from bream to flathead to trevally with ease, a great rod which never serves me wrong. The problem I have had is that having one rod for all those purposes means I have to either put on a 10lb leader for flathead or a 4lb leader for bream, and have to chose what I target at the start of the session or waste a ton of leader. I decided to get a lighter outfit for bream and bought a stradic 1000 with 4lb line I want to pair with a 1-3kg rod for all ultralight applications. I had an Okuma Precision X I bought on Gumtree to pair with it, but I accidentally stepped on it and broke it in half, oops... Seeing the rod I accidentally broke was a fairly low-mid range rod, I figure I may as well upgrade so I don't feel like as much of an idiot paying money to replace a rod with another rod of equal or worse quality. My budget is about 150-200 dollars, and I'm looking for something to cast ultra light lures as far as possible, as I often cast out small poppers on the flats for whiting and bream. Sensitivity is also a concern, I'm sure anyone knows how annoying bream hits on plastics can be. I'm looking for a 2 piece between 6'6" and 7'6". Any advice helps, thanks. Also, if anyone is selling anything I'm a fan of buying 2nd hand, so dms are accepted.
  7. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    Hi Again All; Firstly I want to apologise re the gentleman that made the observations on the bite. I saw him on the news last night and he is certainly NOT a book boffin. BUT no apologies to the media!! It seems the great white has taken over as the medias favourite A few years ago any shark that was sighted was "a "12 foot grey nurse.:" Any reptile sighted was a "6 foot black snake." Hopefully in the media these two veterans have ben given a well deserved retirement. I have been involved in motor sports as an official for over 40 years. And I can assure you any serious racing incidents I attended were NOT the ones reported in the media. A bit of sticking to the facts would go a long way. Cheers. OLdfella. .
  8. Hi, just thought I'd ask for any thoughts on the quality of this rod, the Savage Gear Purpose Predator. I've taken a few not so great photos of the rod but hopefully it isn't too obscured. Does anybody know whether this is a good rod or not? Is the Shimano Sonic Pro better? How would it compare to this? Thanks Images should show in the link below: https://imgur.com/a/4wKiU
  9. Port Hacking

    Just an older tinnie, still with most of the paint on it. Nothing fancy, I don't want to stand out like dog's b#lls so that everyone can see me. The previous one was almost paintless and 42 years old, held together with waterproof silastic but some of the holes were getting too hard to repair.
  10. PB Trevally From Middle Harbour

    Just did a bit of analysis of the photo for it's size, based on the photos I have the trevally is nearly exactly 2.5 times the length of my forearm from it's nose to the tip of it's tail. My forearm is 25cm, making it about 62cm, even bigger than I thought!
  11. Port Hacking

    Cmon Sam, haven’t you seen one of yowies thousand posts from the hacking? Its a full pimped out tinnie isn’t yowie???
  12. Not a bonito, but not dis-similar.(Watsons Leaping Bonito)

    lol 5 years too late
  13. should i get it?

    I have both a boat and yak. Both are good in their own ways. If i had a choice between either, I would go boat.
  14. Photos

    Take a screenshot of the photo in your gallery, the screen shot should be a reduced file size and should be able to upload. If not crop the screenshot smaller till it uploads
  15. PB Trevally From Middle Harbour

    Stonker trev Well done
  16. Zone Lasertag Australasian Championships 2018

    Good luck wellzy! I played with the family up at Coffs recently! I had an absolute ball. I followed this lady around and shot her every time her gun reenergised. It took her 10 minutes to realise where I was! I might have been my laughing that gave it away! Your stuff looks pretty serious though! Good luck with your goals!
  17. Balmain Blackfish

    Yes, weed is definitely the preferred bait.
  18. Reel for light gear

    I would see if you can find a used 2500 Stradic on Gumtree for the Shimano rod. I got one for 100 bucks in good condition, balances my 6'6" 5-10kg Shimano Jewel perfectly. Because that rod is longer you might need a 4000 though.
  19. Frustrating day

    We all have those days. Being out there on/by the water is what’s important to me... good for the soul! I look at the fish as a bonus! It’s been a while since I had a big bonus, though! 😂 I have to admit... getting a bonus is better for the soul! 😂
  20. Port Hacking

    Nice feed there Do you fish landbased or on boat?
  21. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    I know the guy who does the size and species estimate after an attack, He's originally from South Africa and has been studying shark attacks for decades.He has an amazing collection of jaws of great whites, bull sharks and tigers of many sizes, and others. His estimates of the size of the shark, and he always emphasizes they are estimates, are based on the size and shape of the wound(s): the arc, or curve of the bite mark(s) is a good guide to the size of the jaws (matched to his collection) and hence the size of the shark. The type of wound is an indicator of the species of shark. The type of wound signifies the style of teeth involved and hence the type of shark. Simplified,a great white leaves a clean cut and a bull shark leaves a nasty ragged cut because of their different shaped teeth. The way they bite and the way some sharks twist and shake their head when they bite is also something of an indicator of species involved in an attack. Location and water temp can also aid the determination of species. He's not a book boffin.
  22. Reel for light gear

    I just picked up a Daiwa rz4000c for $50 in a bargain box at my local tackle store. The Shimano Sienna's are extremely good value, they are also on one of the sponsors sites with free postage "Dinga". There are plenty of bargains on the dinga site if you just click the link at the top of the page.
  23. Brisbane Waters, Fat Flathead

    Nice fat lizard. Well done! They taste great at that size!
  24. Allworth boat ramp

    Hi all...it a good ramp from what i cann remember,it get shallow quickly up stream though.
  25. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    More than likely a damn "Bull Shark" Close relative to the GW's, but there has been Bull Shark attacks in Sydney Harbour before ... Anyone remember the Navy Clearance Diver that got attacked and lost limbs ...... We get a LOT of GW's down here in S.A .... and if it was that big, I doubt very much, that the lady would be talking to reporters !!!! Just MY observations from 'interstate' !! Here is one a bit smaller than described, that hung around the boat in less than 4 metres of water.... Great_White
  26. Allworth boat ramp

    Alworths a good ramp mate my uncle lives a stroud rd and uses it all time with 6mtr glass boat...rick
  27. Brisbane Waters, Fat Flathead

    Solid effort, Can't go wrong with some fresh Flattie fillets
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