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  2. I have a few freezer bricks that go in a small esky. This just goes in the car on fishing days and stays there while fishing. Keep fish alive in keeper net, kill and fillet at end of fishing, chuck fillets in snap lock bags that go straight into the esky. Stays cold for hours. Eat fish that night or freeze em for later.
  3. ps neil pm me your details and address as I have something I want to send down to you mate..cheers rick
  4. good stuff neil glad all is well on the boat front..the fish sound like they are getting fussy mate...hope the yellowbelly was good company on the trip home haha..rick
  5. +1 for the keeper net when land based. Have an ice slurry in a poly box in the car, the fish will still probably be alive when they hit the ice.
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  7. Point taken re. fishing being close in, I have gotten my few jewys within 20m of the shorebreak. There are some situations though when distance is needed such as casting out beyond rocky ground to sand or needing to get past the outer bank on low tide. Can always cast short with a long rod if needed. And no I'm not looking to cast big whole baits, live or dead, that's what the slide set up is for. Wing out a 350gm grapnel sinker and slide them out instead. Not too bad throwing a whole yakka plus sinker though. I'm not necessarily saying which approach is right or wrong, better or worse, everything has it's place and virtues. It just really surprises me that OH surf casting gear is so popular elsewhere in the world and is largely unheard of and not possible to buy domestically in Aus Cheers
  8. Having an all purpose rod for bream, trevally, snapper and kings isn't necessarily the best idea. Where would you be fishing, and what style fishing would it be? I would have entirely different advice for beach fishing vs land based lure flicking for example. If you want to have one multi purpose rod for every situation and every fish you will never be happy, so it's a good idea to narrow down what you want to do with the rod before deciding how to rig it.
  9. The Stradic 5000 fk is a good little reel for land based too if you want to keep the weight down, I've had one since they first came out which has been fantastic ( if only the kids would let me use it occasionally).
  10. Hi mate, Usually the independant tackle stores have cheaper stuff, but the larger chain stores have a bigger variety. As Rob81 said, the stocked tackle boxes tend to be cheap tackle, and I wouldn't recommend buying that. Work out what you need, and build up your tackle from there. Cheers, Wellzy
  11. Very hot down here in the Riverina, at the moment. Cod season is imminent so I took the boat out for a spin to check that all is well. Water depth in the river is still on the low side but enough to motor around a bit. Hadn't been to the river for a while in my boat and had to (guesswork) effect repairs to the new transducer and old sounder. Fresh fuel, a tune up, new impeller along with new bearings on the trailer, and I'm happy to say that everything worked well. Spotted a few fish on the sounder and put some worms in their face. Waited till I was getting burned and decided to try for some shrimp. After about 3/4 hour the net produced 4 measly shrimps. In a matter of 15 mins I had 3 small (immature) Cod which were quickly released to get bigger. All caught on shrimp. No more shrimps so back to worms = NO MORE BITES. Managed another few smallish shrimps which netted me a 50cm Cod, which looked very ill and a perfectly sized Yellowbelly, who wanted to come home with me... The last shrimp I put on with some worms (usually a deadly cocktail), yet again NOTHING. So all systems go for Dec 1st, then I can go target the Cod. Thanks for reading, bn
  12. Hi guys, Got a few questions to ask about catching live baits etc.... 1) When trying to catch live baits land based like Yellowtail, Mullet and all those good stuff. What are the best bait to use? 2) What bait setup rig should I use? No sinker and a hook onto the line? Please list a few ways. 3) What type and size hook do I use? I assume something really small but not sure. 4) Where is the best place to fish for land based live bait? Are they usually everywhere? What spot to look for when trying to catch them etc? Thanks guys, hope some of you can help me!
  13. Anyone else know or can guide me to the right place?
  14. Reel is 8-240, 10-200, 12-160 (LB-Yards) and Rod is 6-8kg. Still dont know what I should be using. Can someone help me out?
  15. Nah already tried. Went to a shop before and tried asking them for more info and they don’t even know. I rather do my research on forums as that is what it is for. - If anyone can help me answer my questions would be appreciated. I will lost down the specs of my reel and rod soon.
  16. I have a couple of those soft cooler bags for cold shopping and about a dozen of the little lunchbox sized reusable ice blocks. I put a couple ice blocks in the bag and throw it in my backpack. Not as good as a slurry but definitely keeps things cool at a minimum of weight and bulk, backpack would make it very manageable to carry even if you catch quite a lot of fish. (I wouldn't know, I don't catch many fish yet.)
  17. Short answer is I believe there is negligible signal loss with a through the hull mount if properly installed. I actually bought two Humminbird units at the time. One for my boat and the other for the kayak. The transducer and mounting bracket for both units was the same but I spent more on one of the head units (larger screen and GPS). I switch the larger head unit between the vessels for saltwater and have the smaller unit set up for freshwater (less water density and on a river I don't need GPS). Where I am heading with this is on the boat the transducer is out the back and immersed in the water. On the kayak the same model transducer is through the hull. I use the same head unit on both so I have eliminated most other variables. It still amazes me the detail I can see and I have reduced the sensitivity so as to eliminate the really small stuff the unit picks up. On the kayak I can see down 36m comfortably (deepest part of Sydney harbour is about 46m just off pier 2) when I am near Clifton gardens. The deepest part of middle harbour that I know of is about 35m. When the kayak goes over waves the unit is sensitive enough to pick up a 10cm rise and fall by the kayak. I suspect that the down imaging (more detail but less sensitive than CHIRP sonar) is better (only slightly) when fully immersed. My reason for thinking this that I seem to see more detail of the mooring lines when head over them with the boat than with the kayak but I have never had the chance to look at the same object side by side. The details I get from down imaging is impressive. On the sonar I can see there is an object down there but on the down imaging I can see the cabin and curve of the roof of say the Middle harbour wreck.
  18. Outside of tangling, I've had braid fray quite visibly after a few hours in heavy surf. Another good reason to keep some tension on.
  19. I decided to buy a boat after going out in my brothers and have him disregard all my ideas/suggestions only to end up spending 5 hours on the water for zilch. Based on your requirements I wouldn’t rule out a deep bottom 4.5 tinny tiller steer. Bean bags on the floor and a good sized esky lashed on top of the casting platform turns it into a boat that’s both comfortable an also offers spray protection. Mines only 4.3 metres and has been an ideal all rounder/first boat for estuaries/bays/inshore.
  20. Right, I mean *not* being waterproof seems very silly.
  21. Great report Sam. Did you launch from Rose Bay? Pretty sure I saw this majestic machine launch just after we did and then power past us as the Wedding Cakes.
  22. Thanks mate. i'll drop in next time I go down that way and get a quote.
  23. It does help with accidental splashes and dunks and hence why its classed as a saltwater reel
  24. I know reels not being waterproof is common, but every time it's pointed out I have this moment where I think that makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.
  25. You are probably better off with a 6k if you are spinning lures. As an 8k would make your arms very sore as Towlersbay Boy also note that daiwa bg isnt waterproof
  26. Saragossa is a great reel but is very heavy with the 8000 being 680g. I had one for jigging & it lasted a long time but for spinning from the rocks it is a bad choice. If you are looking to put a good action on surface lures & also be able to cast for hours on end you need to keep the weight down. Have a look at the Biomaster 8000, at 550g it much lighter & has a faster 5.7:1 gear ratio for better retrieve. The Gossa has a 5.6:1 ratio which is slower & more powerful (great for jigging/deep water work) & a full metal body to stop flex but ^ weight. The new Saltists are ok but I would save the coin & buy a Black & Gold if you want Diawa but you have to be happy with the T handle as it is not interchangeable with other real 4 reel handles. As for MAG seal I have a lot of diawa reals with it & have not had an issue. For an example I have changed the line roller bearing twice in my shimano Sustain & not once in either of my Certates that see more work. Diawa Australia are in Brookvale & can do all the servicing. I would go down to a shop & pick up the reals before buying them.
  27. Great stuff, the extra weight is equal to 1 light person and it's in a good spot and doesn't move around the boat so I can't see it as being any sort of problem. The benefits of a good bow mount lecky is well worth the extra weight, you will love a whole new style of fishing. Frank
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