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  2. Starting an old outboard

    Sorry buddy... I'm not familiar with Johnno/Evinrude dealers or mechanics. Perhaps you could PM our site sponsor @1stMateMobileMarine. ===> Charlie and Nathan from 1st Mate Mobile Marine Services. CONTACT: Nathan Struck MOBILE: 0416 542 243 FISHRAIDER name 1stMateMobileMarine WEBSITE: www.1stmatemarine.com.au Also, if you browse around the link that @raging shared earlier ... you can see links to schematics and part numbers for the whole engine. If it was me, iI would browse through that site to get the most current part number (sometimes there is also an aftermarket compatible part) ... then I would search eBay for those parts, or start ringing Evinrude and/or outboard wreckers for a 2nd hand part. http://www.marineengine.com/parts/johnson-evinrude-parts.php?year=1981&hp=50&model=E50BECIC Cheers Zoran
  3. Kingfish Round 2

    His dad will never forget it either when I give him the bill for the rod!!! only joking! Great fun!
  4. Kingfish Round 2

    Nice one Jeff, you love putting people onto fish mate, I'll bet young Scratchie's mate will never forget it... Awesome stuff
  5. Starting an old outboard

    Thanks Zoran....will check the cables hopefully when I get home. Do you know if you can buy these parts locally somewhere? Cheers mate
  6. Kingfish Round 2

    Should have dove in and pulled out his bungs.....
  7. Today
  8. Hawkesbury River Blue Swimmers

    sounds like the kids had a ball...crabbing is nice n easy for them...good times...rick
  9. Broughton reds

    after many years of comp spearfishing..you would be amazed where I have seen big reds in the middle of the day....this led me to knowing spots to fish burley n floaters...there are lots of shallow reefs up n down the coast..find a spot to try anchor up current and fish back to the face of the reef and onto the top of it.....looking on google or any of the mapping sites with satellite..you can pick hundreds of reefs just off headlands..from barrenjoey to north head there are dozens of reefs that look good on satellite...how many people ever try them.???rick
  10. Sussex Inlet - Update

    Hey fishers, Heading to south to Sussex Inlet and fishing the basin over the Australia Day long weekend, was wondering if anyone has been fishing the basin lately and if any Snapper or Mulloway have been caught. I have had pretty good success with catching decent bream and flathead as well as whiting along with some legal snapper but would love to get onto some bigger snapper and jewfish inside the Basin. I have heard they have been caught before and would love to hear from my fellow raiders if you know of anything been caught recently and what area of the basin, bait etc. Any information will be appreciated. Tight Lines
  11. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    We do quite the same by bleeding them and putting them on ice. Sounds like a great dish!
  12. Kingfish Round 2

    Still plenty mate! Although a commercial boat picked up 4 tonne over last two days!
  13. Kingfish Round 2

    nice work jeff they are the weirdest mongo shaped kings ive ever seen...is there any left.??
  14. SP's DO WORK!!

    Persistence pays, and yes Sp's certainly do work. Good job on such a good cherry popping fish.
  15. Kingfish Round 2

    cheers scratchie!!!
  16. Kingfish Round 2

    G’day raiders, Junior scratchie wanted to head out today and take a mate with him! Another great excuse to go fishing. The fish were still there and still biting hard! Got our bag and headed home! Juniors mate was a little inexperienced which cost me a rod (high sticked) and a few lures but watching his wrist lock on a good king was priceless!!! little boy helping big boy....... the result.........
  17. Broughton reds

    There is one more question I had (actually I have lots :)..) I was under the illusion that mature snapper headed out to deeper water 40+ during the summer months and were only in shallow water during the winter months to breed and eat cuttlefish. You have obviously blown that myth out of the water - are these resident PS snapper? Any thoughts on this?
  18. Kingfish- no bait needed!!! (Video)

    Now ur just showing off bro!
  19. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Excellent Video !!!!! KINGY !!!!! Great_White
  20. Kingfish- no bait needed!!! (Video)

    Hi Rick, The devil is in the details.... Scratchie said "chewing" gum.... I believe Hubba Bubba is "bubble" gum..... You might be on to something but better check with Scratchie if there is a brand or flavour which works better than others. Regards, Derek
  21. need some advice

    You can use a handline if you wanted to but depends where you fish and what you're fishing for. For me, I would use a light rod of that length mainly around/on wharfs. I have ones longer then that but those I use off the rocks more but a more of a mid to heavy setup. I have seen some people use a 6 foot rod around the rocks but I wouldn't recommend it. The extra length helps a lot mostly towards the end fishing off the rocks.
  22. Port Hacking again

    Fished early near the mouth of Yowie Bay. A couple of little tailor at first, then later on a couple over the limit on fish strips. Same for the reddies. Several of the reddie throwbacks were just undersized, so they are getting bigger than the last few months. The jewie was 2mm over the limit, and I released it as I had enough fish. It was a male and squirting out milt. It swam off then a short time later floated belly up out from the boat. It put up a good fight for it's size, and I was expecting a bigger fish to come up. I suspect it's bladder sucked in too much air during the fight and it could not release it. I finished fishing, motored over to the jewie, and pushed it down with the long handled landing net many times, but it kept floating back top the top. After 15 or 20 minutes, it became rather weak and I thought it was going to die, so I fished it out and took it home. Better me to have it than let some other fisho wiz past, spot it and scoop it out.
  23. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Nice one.🤣👍
  24. need some advice

    hi all, i am new and need some help mainly land fishing around botany areas i am currently using a 6.6 rod, for land fishing is there recommendations in terms of rod length works best? also new to fishing as well, thank you in advance
  25. SP's DO WORK!!

    Nice work Love catching flatties on SP
  26. Great write up Shame about the fish
  27. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    I release most of mine too... before they get to the boat! 😂
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