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  2. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Nice day out on the river for you. Thats one mean looking crab ! Good on the young fella getting a blackfish on plastic, something Ive not done. He,ll be hooked now.
  3. Site advertising and sponsers

    Hadn't noticed anyone complaining about the adds, just simply asking if the advertising structure had changed as there are adds not from the usual sponsors. I've got an add showing dog tick treatment on the top right at the moment, doesn't bother me either but I had noticed the change. It just goes to show advertising is working and we are noticing what's on the site, which has got to be good for the advertisers.
  4. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Well done some fine fish and a crab looks like the crap was good eating
  5. If anyone else is interested in these maps, it looks like they are available from Macquarie University library. Not sure what restrictions they have on copying etc. Sam, looking at the link below, it does indeed look like you have the whole set now. Search Engine&tab=books_more&query=any,contains,seabed information&sortby=rank&offset=0 Cheers, Ian
  6. First boat, pretty new to this.

    I highly recommend you go out in any you consider buying as some I've been in are quite wet, I often go out in an old fisheries 7m Gemini which is very wet, my zodiac is extremely dry. If you plan on keeping one outside you can get permenantly fitted covers which also help protect from sharp objects. You can also just use a normal boat cover. You have to be careful on what cleaners you use as silicon can damage glued seams. I use an inflatable boat cleaner followed by a UV protectant every now and then and the boat looks like new still (600hrs on ). There are still a few old ribs about from the 2000 Sydney Olympic's with the original tubes, so they can last if looked after. Some boats still have tubes that are much older, jump on the ribnet forum to see how old some of these are out there. There are plenty of aluminium boats with electrolysis issues or glass boats with rotten floor stringers and transoms within that age. A small leek can simply be fixed by deflating partly and dabbing a small spot of super glue over the hole. As for buying one secondhand there's been a few cracking deals where you could get the odd one bellow half new price at just 12 months old. For me the sheer fact I can use mine for far more days than any other boat I've ever owned simply outweighs any possible tube fail. I passed Narooma ramp today where there were just three vehicles parked with trailers, on down at Bermi where I launched there were just four boats out. When we returned with a strong southery behind us there were no boats out.
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  8. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Great report Ribs and especially the before and after shots of your catch. I hope that your son and yourself get to spend heaps of time together on the water. Life's good eh? Special thanks to all of the people past and present who have provided us with the freedom which we cherish today. bn
  9. I have Broken bay, sydney heads and bate bay. I Only used the Bate bay one as I fished out of Port Hacking all the time. In your above picture of the Bate bay chart there is a reef we called boomerang reef due to its shape on the chart, you can only see part of it in your picture it is outside the two smaller reefs east of the port hacking, we caught good reds and other reef fish there by anchoring and berlying or just drifting. The charts show Jibbon reef, osborne shoals, the wanderes, the merries, the hole off wanda beach (sand) and other reef stucture. Again not shown on your above picture is a couple of sand gutters that run into the reef off Cape Bailey lighthouse, this area was our go to spot as long as the current wasnt racing. We would anchor and fish floating baits with minimal lead and we pulled numerous snapper from there, if we didnt get a 5lb fish we had a bad day. The biggest from this spot 13.5lbs and on that day we also got a 13lb one. Some days we would get several good fish. We used full pillies with a single 4/0 hook with the small sinker running to the hook. We didnt berley as this attracted the sweep which were then a pain.. Sorry for carrying on but the above picture brought back some memerios. I dont fish outside anymore as I sold my seafarer viking which I still regret about 8 years ago. I reckon it would still fish the same as when I fished years ago (we fished this spot for around 10 years). Also hooked a thresher shark there which I think are rare catch. Cheers all Glenn.
  10. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    The 68cm didnt have a lure(squidgy wriggler 70mm) in its mouth with a piece of 4lb flouro did it lol?
  11. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Awesome job mate. I’m hitting the George’s over the weekend. System has been fishing well of late.
  12. FOUND .......Public Works NSW Seabed Charts 1989 - Bate Bay

    Heres a preview in very low resolution
  13. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Great report Craig. It’s so good to see the young fella following in his dads footsteps! You are very generous mate, giving up a feed to a fellow fisho! Although, I never got any crabs in the mail??? Keep the reports coming champ! Cheers scratchie!!!
  14. Site advertising and sponsers

    Hey xerotao, thanks for the question mate! We're working hard to secure the support of existing and new advertisers so we can keep investing in the future of Fishraider. At the moment, we're trying out some different ad styles and structures to see what works best for everyone. We're being very cautious not to go overboard, and over time we'll be making sure ads are relevant and interesting for raiders. If you have any feedback on this please let me know. We're all ears! Mike
  15. Went out yesterday on the last of the run out for a 3 hour flick with my young fella and my mate who has now been converted to using plastics, no bait on my boat ! We caught 4 flatys at 45 48 56 68, and my son caught a blacky on his lure, which got him excited, he will be 6 in 2weeks and he has now earned a decent new fishing rod/reel for his bday. He can now cast and retrieve so I'm proud he his developed the skills to flick lures and most importantly always keen for a qik flick with daddy! Gave the two smaller models to a family fishing from the shore, they were pleased to take home a feed. Also over the weekend we got 8 muddys, released 3 big Jenny's and kept 5 bucks, biggest at 2.3kg. Once again flatys fillets for the kids and srilankan style crab curry for the adults. Thanks to all the diggers for doing what they did so we can all enjoy what we do👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  16. ID Fish

    Thanks mate I think you are spot on. Happy to see him swim away when I released him back into the water as they are endangered.
  17. ID Fish

    no 1 is a handfish gets its name from the small hand like fins in front pectoral fins my guess is "Australian Spotted Handfish, Brachionichthys australis" happy to be corrected Dave
  18. insanity of cod fishing

    I used to fish Pindari with my Uncle when I was young thats where most of my yellowbelly have come from, the area I've been fishing is downstream from Ashford it's certainly no well guarded secret being in national park, the next time I'm out there I'm gonna take some bait and have a crack a yella
  19. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    I thawed some bonito fillets today and made Thai fish cakes for lunch. Yummo! My missus loved them!
  20. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    Scratchie loves his ZMan shads in coconut ice! 😎
  21. Site advertising and sponsers

    Thus far they have not and if that be the case in the future you will all be notified
  22. ID Fish

    Thanks for the answers guys. I was fishing of the rocks at Plantation Point, Jervis Bay. May have cast long enough to a drop off maybe.
  23. Site advertising and sponsers

    I just simply asked if sponsers have been to replaced by ads to fund the site. Nothing else. Never complained about the site not being for free.
  24. Successful day on Cowan creek + feeding frenzy

    Lots of reports of Longtail in that system over the last few weeks. Cheers Jim
  25. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    Slimy strips lightly weighted or a slimy head. The only plastic sp you will need for snapper is a 5 inch zman shad in coconut ice! Or the 7inch same colour. Match this with a nitro tt 1/4 5/0 XH
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