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    G’day raiders, Its been a while between posts. I have been out fishing but mainly just catching a few flatty etc. I did hook up to a marlin the other day but got busted off. Today, I manage to get out with the nephew and Jnr. We headed straight to Broughton Island and fish the sisters. Had the place to ourselves for the whole morning. Fished with sps only for snapper and managed a few with a couple of good ones! Plenty of bait there mainly yakkas, but underneath them were the snaps! Caught a pearlie on sps too! Then we went and picked up some flatty for lunch. Nephew started feeling sick so we decided to troll one of the islands. Landed 5 bonito in 5 mins plus a just undersized king! Headed for Home and was back at the ramp in no time due to the glass like conditions. Great day on the water with the team! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Fished livies for kings at Seaforth Bluff this am. Unfortunately no kings but after a torrid 50 minute fight on an 8lb spin stick managed this lovely longtail tuna!
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    Took the kayak down bonville on Monday morning for the last of the the run in, was a pretty nice easy paddle with the tide pushing up so fast. Just trolling a hardbody along the edge of the bank while flicking a surface lure around the snags hoping to find a jack. I always pick up more fish on the trolled lure though lol. Managed a few anyway, couple of throwback flatties trolling a double clutch, a few baby trevally, and finally a little 25cm jack on surface. He's only small but it's pretty satisfying when one finally hits your lure after hundreds of casts 😂 made the morning worth while anyway! The creeks pretty wide most of the way down so it's not the best for a kayak if you want to fish the snags, would have been heaps better in a boat where you can move about easier. I tried again Wednesday up boambee where I got one last week abit bigger, but no action at all, just a little bream and another baby Trevor on surface. Was out there for 5 hours too!... Had enough of the yak for the week, and Thursday looked alright for a jew off the beach so went down and got half a dozen worms that arvo. High was 10:30 that night so we got down there around 8:00 and hooked up just on 9:00. He was 1cm short of the meter mark. Got some pics then sent him back, and he took off like a train! Pretty sick week of fishing, not complaining at all cheers
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    With the fishing obsessed elder sister some 350km down the coast fishing I took the oportunity to head out with my middle daughter (not a die hard fisher but more of a wildlife lover and photographer). We enjoyed about half hour of photographing seals before the rocking action and staring through a big lens started making her feel a little off colour. We decided to head away from the seals to try and locate a giant loggerhead turtle I had seen a few days before (not normally found in our area). On our way we spotted kingfish smashing through schools of bonita with hammerheads also getting in on the action. My daughter put one surface lure cast right on top of around 20 reasonable looking fish and isntantly got a solid hook-up. After luckily dodging a few seals and sharks she had a solid kingfish of around 90cm. During the fight I turned off the engine, which wouldn't start under the key turn meaning I had to result to pull cord starting. It was quite funny as I notified marine rescues straight away of our engine fail, during the radio conversation I stated we were happily drifting south from the offshore island, my conversation became distracted as the hamerheads decided to take a close look at our boat!!! We decided to pull the pin and head home in order to find the issue with the engine. Another fun little trip and one where my younger girl can tease her big sister who is bream fishing today.
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    I don't have any info only that my daughter is out chassing bream and just sent a photo of a thumping tailor. The fact she's only using very small plastics on 4lb line will no doubt have her bouncing around with excitement ( doesn't take much to make her that way ). She's also managed to catch a flounder and gurnard on the plastics.
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from this morning. Took junior and his mate out this morning for a quick session. Fished my usual snapper grounds and they didn’t disappoint! Sps only! Managed 6 legal snapper on the first drift ranging from 45-65cm. Lost a beauty boat side to a failed net attempt! We realeased the rest on the following drifts. I still have 10kg of Spanish Mack in the freezer. Thought it would be fun for the boys if we trolled for a bit. They ended landing more than 12 bonito and some big buggers too. We had plenty double hook ups! Call it’s quits after 2 hours and headed home! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Kings are so fickle at times, the last few days they've been hellbent on smashing jigs. Still plenty down here around Montague if anyone is heading this way but my advice would be to head north as the amount of boats and comercial operators can make what should be an enjoyable day out rather stressful. We often just take one fish as thats more than enough for us, yesterday it was race for first fish between my son as the loser had to do chores at home, I won on my second drop then he fell seasick. We sneaked into the protection of the island for a few pics of the seals before he drove home (the faster you go the less sick you feel he claims!!!)
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    G’day raiders, just a quick report for today because I’m completely stuffed. Left the bay at 130am with mate Dom and Bevy. Arrived at Wooli at 7am. Boat in the water by 730 and headed out the bar. For anyone who hasn’t done that, take a change of undies! Anyway, we collected bait, headed to our mark. Trolled live bait for a while then we seen a whoosh. The boys threw some sticky’s and we’re on! Long story short, managed one big Spanish each (12kg range) a couple a Mac tuna released and made it back to the cabin safely! Bring on day two!!!!!!
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    We are in England at present at my daughter’s wedding, a grand and beautiful event in Welwyn Garden City about 30 mins out of London. Wedding over and Swordfisherman Stewy decides to try fishing. As “luck” has it there just happened to be a tackle shop 2 streets away from our hotel! Loaded with a new rod, reel etc etc he went to a local lake. Of course he met up with some local young folk camping there and fished with them. Hello to young anglers Charlie and Lauren and Dylan. Look at his first capture and the smile says it all. On another note thank you Stewy for your support and helping behind the scenes at the wedding. You earned your fishing day enjoy it and tight lines xxx
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    got bored last nite and went to the locsl jetty again stocking up on bait bit slow but ended up with a few
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    With a few great looking clouds about I pulled out the little Sony again for a few shots. The shot of Montague was pretty special as I had just set the tripod up for a time exposure of 10 seconds when the sun lit it for 15 seconds, talk about timing and once in a lifetime shots. There was fishing over the weekend also but it was a case of dropping two of my kids up in the mountains for a 7hr kayak paddle and bass smash.
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    My best fishing mate ran off with my wife ........................ Gee I miss him .
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    Took Johnno out for a shot at his first EP and luck was on our side with a double hook up and a cracking 43cm EP for Johnno.... well done bud and thanks for a top day again with plenty of bream,perch and breambos all caught on 65 ml squidgee wasabi with 2g jig heads
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    Headed out this morning with a short window of opportunity. Up at 4:50am at the spot and lines in water before first light. Before long the hand reel starts spooling, first crab let got before the surface 😡 fished from first light to 7am and managed three 😃 a monster let go at the boat. back home and, cleaned the boat and had the boy at the pool for swimming lessons 8:30am. Thanks for reading
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    Last week we headed up to the Nymboida full of confidance that we were going to hit some fish. As soon as we pulled up I knew we were in trouble the river was up not by much but it only takes a 6 inch rise to make the Nymboida basically unfishable. After the mandatory swear words plan B was formed and a quic phone call and it was off to chase some trout. The trout creek was also up a bit, but atleast it was fishable It certainly is a magic looking spot The fishing started slow and I mean worryingly slow but after some persistance casting the runs a decent rainbow came from nowhere and smashed my lure I nice 30cm fish good sized for the creek with a bit more confidance kept working my way up the creek with some hits and dropped hookups and finally the hoos stayed in again for another rainbow apologies for the crappy picture quality I kept hooking fish but couldn't keep the hooks in the hits were far between so dropping the fish was frustrating, nearing the top of the property with only 2 fish on the board I pinned the hooks in something more solid the fish didn't flail around like a rainbow and sure enough out came a nice brown a prize capture in this creek measured up at 32cm a new pb and a quality brown for this area not a lot of fish landed and wored hard for them but avoided driving 2 hours for a doughnut and a new pb on a tough day always feels more satisfying cheers fro reading Dave
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    Today is a big day for Fishraider! I’m excited to let you all know that Fishraider has been acquired by Deckee, Australia’s leading reviews and recommendations website for marine enthusiasts, to provide more helpful tools and services to everyone that loves getting out on the water. Whilst Deckee is now the owner of Fishraider, I want to firstly assure you that the Fishraider forum will not be going anywhere, and neither will I. Fishraider will continue to operate as a standalone website, and I am thrilled to be continuing on as your Community Manager. It will also remain 100% free to use. Fishraider will still be your favourite place to come and post about your fishing adventures, share your tips and fish recipes and chat about latest tackle and boating. Our moderating team will still be as obliging and attentive as usual! Deckee is revolutionising the marine industry here in Australia with their broad range of free tools and services for anyone that enjoys being on the water. Their vision, values and approach mirror what Fishraider has been focused on since 2004. Stewy and I are thrilled to join forces with the Deckee crew with a continued commitment to helping fishing and boating enthusiasts learn, discuss and connect with one another in a safe and welcoming environment online. So a big welcome Mike and the Deckee team, and I sincerely thank you all for making Fishraider the amazing community and resource it has become. Exciting times ahead!
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    Hey Raiders, It was my first time putting the boat in the water since moving down to Gerringong 6 weeks ago. My mate drove down Friday night for an early start in the morning. Our plan was to hit the Kiama Fad then chase either kings or snapper on the way back in. I received a message off another mate saying the fad doesn’t fish that well, but we decided to stick to our original plan. We launched and Gerringong at 5:45am to see only two trailers in the car park. We found some bait not too far from the boat ramp. The yakkas were thick in numbers! We had about 10-12 so decided to call it and head out to the fad. The wind and swell made it a bit of a lumpy and bumpy trip out, be we arrived smack on 7am. Only about 4 other boats out there at this stage. We put out a few livies and threw stickbaits on the first few drifts. The stick baits only caught the smaller speciemens ranging from 50-60cm. Great fun on light gear, especially when they get aerial. However the livies did the trick on the bigger models. My mate caught his fist ever Dollie going 66cm that went in the esky and about 4-5 others, all released. I managed a keeper, my biggest going 77cm and about 3-4 rats. The wind was picking up and we were down to our last two livies so we decided to to one last run. About 100m past the fad, I start losing line quickly. I saw this one come out of the water and it was the biggest of the day... I tightened up the drag a little as it was heading towards another boat after some solid runs! After a 10minute fight, a failed gaff shot, a failed tail grab we netted her!! She went 102cm and went into the esky for a feed. My mate stil had his last Yakka and we did two more drifts for nothing. Decided to head in to a spot at the back of Rangoon island for some kings. We threw plastics and jigs for some rock species them my mates livie got hammered! He had two really solid runs and he couldn’t stop it and it ended busting him off on the reef. We called it for a good king, even though we didn’t get a look at it. The wind started to get up so we called it quits and headed back into the ramp to clean the fish. Pulled the boat out at 11:30am. Dinner was sorted for our family, my friends family and the neighbours for last night and tonight!! Absolutely loving the south coast! Tight lines, Stu.
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    Hearing mixed reports lately of some Jew poking around I thought it was about time I gave them another crack with a high change just after dark. Threw a combination of plastics and soft vibes and marked some good fish but could not tempt them. Landed this cracker flatty though as a by catch which was 2cms shy of my PB but was well and truely heavier. She was released after a quick photo. Kept a few smaller models for some beer battered flathead tails tomorrow night!!!
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    One decent red one longtail report tmrw
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    So Jewdreamer (aka "stuff up record holder") finally arrived at my place to go fishing. He was very late and full of excuses, like the generator blew up and they had to get another one (as if). Anyway, benefit of the doubt, here's a picture of him arriving into my back yard. I must admit one thing...he certainly looked the part. He had one of these suave, city slicker angling shirts on and a rod and reel that were last seen in the movie JAWS. Being the kindly country dude that I am, I let it ride without comment. After some pleasantries, we headed to the river where the water level was LOW and the current was NIL. Talk about being ill-prepared, he'd also forgotten the carton of beer and the case of wine. I thought to myself "this city slicker has no idea how hot it gets out here, we'll probably die of thirst and be found drifting around, in a few months time". So I let that ride too. Undeterred we launched the boat into the shallows and set of to the Murrumbidgee FADS. More to follow...WATCH THIS SPACE. (Over to you city slicker) bn
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    G'day mate fished the shoreline of Bradleys Head area for over 40yrs, from childhood and whenever it was too rough to go ocean rockfishing. The old stone wall near the mast of The Sydney facing up harbour is a reasonable spot for casting out wide(abt 70 mtr's to channel) for bream with a long rod, big lead and long trace- only bait to use is live worms due to long cast as they don't come off. Closer to the wall are a few flathead & lots of leatherjackets. It has also long been a top luderick spot,even after the destruction of the old wharf. Flathead caught here have often had heaps of small seahorses in their gut, so I guess there are plenty of them as well. There is a much better spot on the eastern front between Bradleys Head and Taylor Bay with access from either end. To get there from the Southern end,go down the road past the fort and the road turns left then back towards the city, you'll see a railing with steps. At the bottom of the steps you will be looking towards Sydney Heads. If the steps lead to a lighthouse you've gone too far,go back up and towards the heads. At the bottom walk to your left and about 250-300 mtr's north you will see a low platform Walk along the shoreline and there will be a white cliff face behind you when you get to the spot. This is "white rock or white wall" and it a great spot for many of the harbour's species. From the other end there is a track down that is adjacent to the entrance gate,walk straight down, don't turn left at the bisecting track as turning left it goes all the way around to Clifton Gardens and right goes to Bradleys Head, Just go straight ahead past the bench seat and follow the narrow track down to the water, which is the mouth of Taylor Bay, then go back towards the city. This way is a bit harder and you need to clamber around a huge boulder at high tide but quicker once you've done it a few times. Looking towards the water, the spot is made up of 4 main flat ledges covering about 35-40 mtr's of frontage with about a metre wide 'gutter' dividing these from the shoreline, to simplify things, from left A,B,C,D. SPOT 'A'- Only fishable from far left end as visible reef in front. Leatherjackets,Black Trevally(Spinefoot) in close and few luderick and odd Rock Blackfish at high tide. Long cast towards the heads with big sinker lands you on sand in about 5 mtr's of water. Mainly Bream off this end. SPOT"B'- Largest rock with a small pool on left end. This is the main spot for general fishing,with kelp patches on a sand bottom. You can either fish with small ball sinker(size 0,01,1)straight onto hook or a large sinker above a half mtr trace(leader) and 'long-cast' to marginally deeper water-roughly 6-7 mtr's at high tide. There are 3 chiselled rod holes on this rock and the small pool will accommodate about 4 yellowtail(live-bait) which can be caught here also. From this spot you can get Bream,Legal Snapper(Feb-May ) Flathead,Tailor,Trevally and Leatherjackets. I have caught and seen others catch Spangled Emperor here plenty of times & Live-bait on the bottom has produced Mulloway,Kingfish,Salmon.bigger Tailor and some good sized Flathead. Also the odd Hairtail and John Dory. Spinning here early morning often produces Tailor with occasional visits from Bonito and Frigates(Feb-Apr) I caught my largest (harbour-shore based) lure-caught Kingfish here also. SPOT 'C' - Not quite as big a rock with kelp covered 'slabs' on bottom both left and right with a 2 mtr wide 'gutter' in the middle.3 rod holes(2 in pools) on this rock. Long cast from here for Bream,Trevally,Flatties and Tailor. Odd better size Luderick and some mean Sawtail Surgeons behind kelp slabs. This is best Leatherjacket rock use paternoster rig size 6-10 longshank. Small Silver Drummer and heaps of Black Spinefoot usually spoil this as a Luderick spot. SPOT 'D' "The crack"- the far right-hand rock slopes into the water with a kelp-covered ledge only about a mtr lower and only half a mtr out. The "L" shaped gutter here is only 3 mtr's long and 2 wide. It is under 3 mtr's deep at dead low tide, but both kelp ledge and rock you stand on are 'undercut' and the entrance to a labyrinth of unseen cracks,gutters and holes. This is an excellent Luderick spot on the run-out tide only. The run -in see's BIG "EVIL" Surgeonfish "muscle" the Luderick away along with a few Rock Blackfish(Black Drummer). Night fishing here you can get same species plus Bream Red Morwong and a variety of 'crack dwellers'. Only drawback to this spot is you must stand in the water to fish the crack and most fish are there while water is thigh-deep-to-ankle deep. I've had some epic battles with Surgeons here and landed a couple of dozen over the years including a beautiful all blue one and plenty of Sawtails, although you lose about 9 out of 10 due to the terrain. Also if Luderick fishing here DON'T USE BERLEY! There's no need to as the fish are almost always in the crack on the outgoing tide and berley will penetrate the underneath Labyrinth attracting plenty of less desirable species,particularly Spinefoot(Black Trevally) Surgeons and both varieties of Drummer.- If you are new to Luderick fishing, the Bradleys Head stone wall is a much "friendlier" spot as there aren't any obstacles like at the "Crack" and there are heaps more fish. Although (Sept-Oct)- see's some trophy sized fish, you'll only get 4 or 5 maximum and importantly The Crack only fishes 2 guys if luderick fishing. The spot is so small, twice I've caught the same Luderick as the guy I've been fishing with when the fish took both our baits! GENERAL- The area of White-Wall/Rock fishes best from just on high tide until just before low tide, it isn't a run-in tide spot(except for evil lurking Surgeon's!) and if you fish the run-in you'll be disappointed. The only 'drawback' to 'The rock' is you have to get there at high tide which is ok on smaller tides,but anything over 1.5 mtrs you'll get your feet wet- it isn't at all dangerous but a little slippery in places. The spot goes just under water on tides of 1.65 mtr's and above, meaning ferry waves will flow over also, however these tides are generally more productive here due to this area is not affected by current. Other things of note are the Black Drummer can be numerous sometimes but always smell and taste like kelp, not at all tasty like their ocean brothers,but are always challenging to catch. There are crayfish along this shoreline in September-October, but as fishing laws have changed,they should be returned to the water if line-caught(we used to hand-line them back in the seventies) In May-June Tailor often school up out from here of a night and whole ganged pillies fished on the sand bottom will get a few. I hope this information is useful to you & anyone venturing to the area.
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    Hey raiders friday arvo -noticed on the drive down there was no wind and very little swell .so by 6pm we were at the boat ramp stocked with squid from the frezzer from the last trip boost over to the king grounds to find there was bait everywhere , squid strips down and the first rod goes off like a freight train! Expect to see a rat king but instead we are met with a 60cm snapper with much excitement I managed to snap my other light outfit by stepping on it, this was followed by 4 other snapper then back to the boat ramp by 7:30 very happy with a hour and half fish Saturday morning- Morning start as usual at the boat ramp at 6am chuck the boat in as I was parking up the car apparently the water all around the boat erupted with splashes, I arrive at the wharf then they pick me up drive about 10m from the boat ramp get the light outfit out with a soft plastic vibe within 5 mins we have 2 bonito on board, dads fish and barely sorted we head over to the bait grounds within 10 mins we had 20+ yakkas the proceed to head over to squid grounds within 30 mins we have 8 squid on board so within a hour we are heading to the kings stocked with fresh bait After a hour or so we found the kings are in quite close to the cliffs every drift we would hook up to some decent models and then boost away into deeper water only problem with this is that we knew the first 4-5 we hooked up to where the bigger kings that unfortunately we would loose the the local seal once he was full we started stocking the boat..in the 3 hours that followed we managed 4 just short of legal kings and 6 in the 70-80cm range keeping 4 and releasing the rest the boys very happy they smashed there pbs cheers Tdogz tight lines
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    This one was 41cm and went nuts. Top fun 👍👍.
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    My mate convinced me to got target some flathead around South West Rocks, I don't normally target them as I get kind of narrow sighted on targeting bream. We headed to the main river first and it still looks aweful, the water is black from recent rains and not likely to clear up anytime soon. Hit one of the small creeks instead with flathead lays everywhere it looked like a sure thing and of course the fish played hard to get. The first hour saw us land a couple of fish each the biggest about 20cm. Then I pulled out the "secret weapon" being a sinking stickbait and 3rd cast finally some weight on the other end, he fought hard for his size Kept casting my mate finally landed a reasonable fish on fly, and another solid take and again long hard runs I was thinking a big fish but again another average size fish in the low 50's that was it for the decent fish a few more miniscule flatties, whiting and bream finished the session off cheers for reading Dave
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    Hey GoingFishing, we're certainly aware of the passion and camaraderie here in the forum and we'll only be looking to strengthen those qualities in the future. I don't want to give away too much right now because I don't want to spoil any surprises, but you can rest assured knowing the forum itself will always keep its current format that everyone loves If you have any ideas for Fishraider that you would like to see come to life, please let me know. We're listening!
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    Swano and I had a quick chuck today landing a few nice ones but no jewies again but managed to catch my friend the black cod for a second time at the same spot
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    G’day all, and thank you for the warm welcome Donna! It’s great to be here and I’m looking forward to answering any questions you all have, so please feel free to fire away. A bit about me... my pathway into the marine industry began after high school as a humble dockmaster at a local marina. Over a period of nine years I met and assisted several thousand anglers and boaters in that time. Lots of different personalities, nationalities and ages. And plenty of different boats! Powerboats, trailerboats, yachts, cruisers... you name it, I’ve probably tied one to a dock or refuelled it... All the conversations I had during that time eventually sparked the idea for Deckee, a free website that would function as a ‘TripAdvisor for Boaters’. Anyone could read and write reviews and recommendations of local marine businesses, boats, anchorages, fishing spots, insurance, gear and equipment to help them make better decisions. One thing lead to another, and I met my eventual co-founder Jessica Watson, who I am sure many of you will remember sailing around the world solo at age 16 back in 2010. Jess shared my passion to help Aussies who love the water share advice and information with one another. When we launched Deckee in 2015, initially we spent a lot of time focusing on how we can help the cruising and sailing community in Australia. Fast forward to today, over 2000 reviews have been contributed to Deckee by our awesome members! We have a extensive marine directory, dozens of location guides, and the world’s first boat insurance comparison tool. Plus much more to come... By welcoming Fishraider to our extended community, we can now start to help a much larger group of Aussies that enjoy the marine lifestyle in a variety of ways. In other words - all of you.... the fishos! As Donna mentioned, she’ll be staying on as Community Manager. I’ve spent many months talking with Donna and Stewy and seen firsthand their passion and dedication to fostering a helpful and respectful community here on Fishraider. We share a lot of the same values and I’m excited to combine forces with them to serve you all. As you may have noticed, we’ve refreshed the look and feel of Fishraider to make it more modern, fun, and inviting for new anglers visiting the forum. Over coming weeks we’ll be sharing some cool new ideas that we think you will love too. Along the way we’ll be asking you all for feedback and you will have the opportunity to share your opinion on different features. Fishraider will always remain free to use and we are working hard to bring great advertising partners on board (along with our existing ones) which will help us invest in the long term future of Fishraider! We are also aiming to organise a special Fishraider community meet up, which will be held in Sydney in the next few months. I'm hoping to have more details on that for you soon.... Thanks again Fishraiders, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. Cheers, Mike (The Pilchard)
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    Last month I told the story of a kayak trip to Narrabeen lake, fishing for flatties on hardbodies and soft plastics. On that occasion I’d forgotten my landing net and this oversight came back to haunt me when I hooked a significant croc and tried to bring him/her up onto the yak. The minute the head breached the surface massive head shakes saw the flathead wear through the 12lb leader and escape to the depths. My stupidity served as a great lesson and a number of raiders offered their suggestions for what I should have done differently, specifically I should have paddled to the shallows and beached the flathead. Fast forward to yesterday, fishing a jetty in Pittwater around sunset on the run in tide. Chasing bream with pillies suspended under an iso float I hooked a large flattie, this time on 8lb leader. Once again no landing net and the jetty was a good metre above the water line. This time I resisted the rush of blood to try and lift the fish out of the water and instead walked slowly back along the length of the jetty to the beach. The flathead meekly came along until we reached the shallows only a few feet from shore. In the shallow water it figured out what was going on and started thrashing its head. A quick final tug on the line brought the fish far enough onto the beach just as the leader finally parted. The fish was now only in a couple of inches of water and with a swipe with my foot (wearing shoes fortunately) I flicked it further up on to the sand so I could subdue it without getting spiked. Not the whopper I lost in Narrabeen but at 54cm a respectable substitute. Lesson learned. Thanks to all the raiders whose advice made landing this fish possible. Tight lines.
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    G’day raiders, Well yesterday we spent the day land locked due to 2m swell and 25 knot southerlys (well sort of). We used the day to make rigs, respool, re-tie etc until about 3pm when we thought we’d go have a look at the bar. We all agreed that it was possible, even if a little dodgy. Made it out and was greeted by a chopped 2m swell and the wind had died to 15 knots. Not pleasant but fishable. Threw stick baits for an hour to cure the soul and headed on as the light faded. Today, we headed out at first light, collected our live bait and headed for the grounds. The boys threw sticks whilst I watched over the livies. It was a great morning session with another solid Spanish on a livie and a jellybean yft on a popper! On the way home now from an awesome trip with our mission completed! A big thanks to Dom and Bevy. And to Dom for keeping us safe on his weapon of a boat the Edgewater 188c cheers scratchie!!!
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    Hi Raiders, I just want to relate my experiences from the last few outings on the Murrumbidgee. I've been trying a lot of different techniques of late, with some success. A few weeks back I went out for a night session off the beach. We arrived about 2 hours before dark and lugged all the gear to the water's edge. It was very low water level as we each cast our 2 rods into the deeper water located along the far bank. I had cheese on 1 rod and shrimps on a paternoster rig on the other. The area has been noted for some fine Yellas, over the years. 2 hours later and pitch dark all 6 rods go off at the same time. Sounded like someone playing "jingle bells". The other guys each had 2 small yellas and I landed 2 small Cod. NOT BAD...6 fish in a few hours. As suddenly as the bites started, they stopped and after a further hour and a half we started to pack up. Last thing to be packed up was the rods and one guy had a nice, solid 50cm Yella on which must have attached while we were loading the car. Pic of the larger Cod which I caught. Didn't get a pic of the Yella as we were packed up. . The next session saw me casting spinnerbaits for hours with no result. Settled down for a bite and coffee and lobbed some bait rods in. Nothing for half an hour and then these 2 keepers at the same time. The other day I spent 5 hrs with a mate casting lures. We tried some trolling of deep divers, Nothing doing. Casting lures and spinnerbaits into the snags brought the same result. We agreed that we'd give it another half hour and moved further upstream. There was a promising stretch ahead of us on both sides of the river so we lobbed the electric in and started cruising, adjacent to the snags. I got a nice Cod of 58cm on a spinnerbait and our enthusiasm lifted immediately. Then nothing for about 20 minutes as we crossed to the other bank. Luke had a lure on and was just about to drag it out of the water when it was absolutely hammered by a good fish, which took off for home like a rocket. A nice battle pursued, for about 5 mins, the fish pulling line desperately, before a very healthy, feisty Cod of 72cm joined us on board. Conclusion from the past month or so is that the fish are feeding, but only for short periods of time and the times are very variable. Water levels are getting very low and there's no current, so bait fishing will be extremely difficult. Time to get some serious lure fishing done while I can still launch the boat. Cheers, bn
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    Sorry for the lack of reports, it's not from lack of being out or catching but more a time thing. My daughter has seemingly become obsessed these days with all the watersports, to a point she now has sponsors squabbling over her ( both spearing and fishing ). With that in mind she now fishes almost daily, she's also at an age I don't have to tag along anymore either. The bass and bream fishing seem to be high on her list as she can fit a session in most days around school and exams. Still using her little $20 outfit she bought at Xmas for a challenge to see what she can catch on it. She's mostly using surface lures as she loves seeing the action of bream and bass take lures tha way. The bass have gone a little quiet now towards the end of the season where they head downstream to the salt for spawning, though she did catch and release 10 on Sunday. After walking into a tackle store on Monday to grab a $15 lure she walked out with around $500 of gear for free, with the condition she mentions the store and tackle with her Facebook posts ( fair deal in my opinion). I dropped her in Mallacoota yesterday where she will hopefully be working her new outfit hard for a few days. Sorry about the lack of pics but without me along it can often be hard for her to get a good shot by herself.
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    I'm a 40 year old dude, but can I be your fourth daughter and you take me out fishing?
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    Got a couple of new lures in the mail yesterday, so took the kayak down to a local creek this morning and fished the run in. No wind and clear water it was perfect for a flick, the high was only just over a meter so it was really shallow through most of the paddle, perfect for some of the flats further upstream. I tried the duel longbill hardcore 90sp first, and slowly drifted along the edge of the sand flat casting toward the bank in water about knee deep just bumping it along the bottom. Only took a few casts and this nice flatty smashed it, put up a good fight too. Measured her at 76cm and was released Saw a couple of huge lays in the sand too alot bigger than this one, ill be back for sure. They say big flathead will come back to their usual spot so it's only a matter of time The other lure I got was a yozuri crystal minnow but I never got around to trying it! Always next time clip from the GoPro - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=biYaRO7D-To Yeww
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    Took Monday off work as it was my little boys Easter hat parade/concert at preschool. Day was off to a poor start with Baxter getting upset and distressed at the thought of the concert and not even making it to dropoff. We tried all sorts of encouragement and support to help him but he was having none it. Decided to offer up the biggest carrot we have, wife told him " if you go to preschool and just try, daddy will take you fishing ". He reluctantly agreed and off we went. Not only did he try, he went great and sung/dancedto all the songs. Now it was time for a fishing trip, with 20 knots of westerly and run in tide it was going to be challenging. Had to wait till his brother was asleep, 2 year old hates seeing the boat leave without him. Launched at Grays Point, only one trailer in the carpark. Started off pumping nippers, where he managed to trip and fall in the water moments after I put him down, always happens when you don't have a change of clothes. Dried his face and started pumping nippers and he soon forgot about being wet. Found a spot where tide and wind were kind of together and started to fish. First thing in the burly trail was a school of mullet, fishing unweighted bread at least the wind helped cast. First fish a legal mullet which he was excited about, he had caught heaps of poddies previously, but this was his first legal size one. Caught more mullet till he was bored of them, with just one more legal the rest going back. Also picked up a few bream, garfish and a mid 40's flathead in that spot, with alot undersize. He was tired of catching fish so swapped to just netting my fish, including the flathead which on 6lb trace tested my nerves. Also caught 2 big blue swimmers (60 & 62 cm claw tip to tip), which he was disappointed i wouldn't let him help. He asked why and i said it takes alot of practice to do, so he followed up with "then how did you learn" very astute for a 4 year old. I learned by my dad letting me practice on the female crabs, which we planned to release and smaller crabs. With the wind dropping we moved to another spot. Had a drift hoping for whiting but no bites, anchored up again and burley this spot produced a few more bream that went back, a good whiting and a 50cm flathead. Was nearly home time when Baxter confidently told me there was a crab on the handline. He was right, another blue swimmer, decided to let him have it. Told him to pull it in slowly at steady speed don't rush, he did it perfect stopping just below the surface where i could net it. Home time after that, pulled the boat out around 6ish and headed home with a very tired excited boy. Thanks for reading Ash
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    Small yamashita jigs 1.8 most colours work orange natural browns and green are my prefered .i fish two jigs about 45 cm apart 80 to 90 cm under small float of a night under the jetty lights ...daytime drifting in boat two jigs paternoster style near bottom...rick
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    Hey guys, havent much luck fishing my usually spots on the northern beaches, in fact I’d say I’ve none at all. Nevertheless I had the day off so I thought I’d get cracking and see if today might be the day, partially because fishingreminder.com told me today was supposed to be good, but mainly becaus I’m sick of my girlfriend laughing that I never bring anything home for a feed. anyway, within about five minutes of burlying up I think I see a flash of something green, so I chuck an unweighted pillie down on my 2-3 kilo bream rod and watch it slowly sink about a foot below the surface... and bang! I was on to a nice Watson’s leaping bonito!! It was a super fun fight on such light gear! He gave three or four epic runs each time I got him close to the jetty, before I finally got him up. And then it was on. For about 20 minutes this huge school of Bonnie’s just went nuts for every pillie I chucked it. I pulled up 8, and kept 6 for dinner. They ranged between 40 and 50 centimetres, and all of them gave ridiculously good accounts of themselves. some kings eventually turned up and I tried unweighted Bonnie fillets and flicking metals at them, but apparently learned from the bonitos mistakes and they kept clear. just a really fun day ending my two year bonito drought it style! thanks for reading, cody
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    G’day raiders, I was supposed to head out with berleyguts today but after an exchange of texts baz couldn’t make it after the storm we had the other day! I got up at 6am (usual) and had a look off the balcony. A bit blowy but beautiful seas. Finished my coffee, woke the kids up and said, that’s it we’re going fishing! Was on the water by 8am. The plan for today was to just troll the snapper sticks around and introduce the youngest two to the ocean. Normally I don’t take them outside but today was the day to do it. Not knowing whether they suffer from sea sickness or not, I only troll the islands out the front. But what a session it was!!! The kids hooked up 16 times, dropped 4 fish, landed 10 bonito two Big Mac tuna and the eldest lost a good longtail boatside when it seen his head and took one last run and snapped him off. He was devastated but with sore arms it was time to call it quits! I did NOT touch a rod and reel all day! Quite happy with my little munchkins! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Donna and Stewy Sad to hear that you have handed over the lines of Fishraider. I joined in October 2005 and Geoff soon followed. We have loved being a part of such a successful group. We would never have met and become such good friends if it wasn’t for Fishraider. We hope you have an exciting future ahead of you both. PS: I didn’t include the most important thing. Thank you to Donna and Stewy for all their hard work making Fishraider what it is now.
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    Welcome Mike and team! looking forward to seeing some of your ideas for Fishraider. A big thank you to the swordies for everything they have done with/for Fishraider until now, and it’s great to see you guys staying on, wouldn’t be the same without you! cheers jonno
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    Welcome to Deckee, Mike and the team. I logged on early this morning (not unusual for an insomniac) and noticed the "new format". So I start scrolling through points of interest and am greeted by the news that has been announced. Firstly I want to say that Donna and Stewy, along with the team of moderators, have built this site into the #1 forum that has spanned the test of time. Their passion and commitment knows no boundaries! At this point in time I'm a little bewildered, but know that Donna and Stewy have a plan. It involves keeping FISHRAIDER as a thriving community for anglers and boaters, of all levels. So I look forward to seeing how the site develops in the future and wish you every success Mike. To Donna and Stewy... I hope that you guys get to enjoy a little more time "smelling the roses". No doubt the future will hold lots of special memories for you both, just as the past has. Thank you for keeping Fishraider viable and I trust you will enjoy your new roles with Fishraider. Cheers, bn
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    Just love when they go ariel. Hope you enjoy the edited video!
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    Caught on a 3B Fat Dog this afternoon. It went 40cm.
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    Had a brief opportunity yesterday to head out at gentleman’s hours launched at Terrigal at 8.30am and was greeted by a southerly blowing at around 10-15 knots with not the best conditions. Marked a bit of bait but no matter what we did could not get them to eat so rather then wasting the short amount of time we had headed straight to Terrigal Bait. Water temp was still good around that 23 mark with slight current to the north, slight green tinge to it. Only boat out was thinking the dollies May have move on but first few casts we were on, majority were undersized rats and released. Few legals with the best going 75, so they are definately still out there but require a bit of effort. I think liveys are key to get the better fish
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    I finally bit the bullet and invested in some higher quality gear, the sienna started to pack it in so went for a stradic matched up with a 7"6 balistix rod. Of course as soon as I get soem new gear it floods so had to wait for the river but finally the water cleared up enough. The bream were on the chew for a change with lots of hits and misses but finally one stuck and the new rig up was blooded shortly after working some rocky edge lure gets nailed again this time a nice black spot almost required surgery to get the lure back but he was released unharmed managed another reasonable bream from some very nasty shallow rocks then after some bycatch of small flatties and pike it was off to the tree to try and find some more bream second cast and another bream caught a couple more small bream they were really having a go in the tanin water working along the sunken timber the lure was smashed I really like the drag on the stradic being so smooth I can fish much heavier drag and not pull hooks, after a terrifying tussle around the timber out came a solid moses perch another 27cm specimen they really pack a punch at this size that concluded the blooding can't wait to get out for another go cheers for reading Dave
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    Recently got into fishing with switch rods, the evil two handed version of fly fishing! Well two hands is better than one! The beauty is you can Spey cast or overhead cast. Just gives so much more versatility. So out I went with the new toy last weekend and landed two nice fish off a lower harbour rock shelf. A few fish about but takes were tentative. Still a load of fun.
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