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    G’day raiders, Some of you may have seen this footage on other social media that my kids have put out there but this is actually filmed by me with my boys! Most amazing day and not something that happens to many of us whilst out fishing!!! This footage goes with the report I put in earlier! Enjoy....... cheers scratchie!!!
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    hi raiders decided to check avoca today hoping to catch a bonito or two. mate pick me up around 330am and got to avoca around 5am rigged one rod with whole pilly on float and another rod with squid skirt on float after 10 mins the rod with pilly went off but by the time i got to the rod the hook came off quickly put another pilly on the float and cast it to about 15-20 from the ledge decided to spin the squid skirt on float and after the 3rd cast i landed our first bonito for 2018 hi 5s with my mate the bonito bit my middle finger while i was removing the hook from its mouth while i was putting the bonito to the esky the other rod with the pilly went off so i told my mate to grab it and landed our 2nd bonito for the day in the next hour or so we had bites on pillys on float lost a few with the hook coming off or the trace got bitten off we only had about 20pcs of pillys and we run out of bait by 7am we landed 2 kingys 63cm and 67cm quickly release the 63cm to fight another day the kingys were both caught on the pilly we decided to use a chrome lure my mate got from kmart and fought over a dozen bonito and only landed around half a dozen the big bonito up to 60cm preferred the pilly while the small ones preferred the chrome lures by 830 me n my mate landed 13 bonito and only 1 kingy decided to pack up around 9am due to our arms and shoulders starting to hurt home around 11am thanks for reading
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    Like button now available on all posts Raiders can now like, hahah, be sad or confused please make sure you keep posting - we don’t want to just look Facebook Enjoy!
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    G’day raiders, Decided to forego a hangover today and start the year off with an early morning fish! Hit the usual spots but the water was cold, dirty, big tides and full moon aren’t a good combination for snapper! Thought we’d give it a go anyway! Beautiful morning although it was so nice there was no drift at all I managed one snaps on sps before we thought we’d change tact and go find some kings. It took a while to find them too but I managed to get the nephew onto 2 legals just under 70 before we pulled the pin and headed for Home! A nice start to the year and all the best to you raiders this year! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Hi all Thought I’d share my day fishing Me and two of my friends had a fews hours free in the morning and thought what better way to kill a few hours than go fishing. We were land based and just going after standard bread and butter species armed with nippers, beach worms and prawns at one of our usually spots. We started fishing 8.30am with high tide scheduled for 10.30am. It started with business as usual with us catching a few undersized bream, whiting and snapper. Around 9.30am one of my mates yelled out to me “there’s a big fish cruising by”. We usually see a lot of bull mullet around so I didn’t pay much attention. That was until it swam past me and I saw it was a kingfish. What happened next will be something I’ll never forget. About 20-30 kingfish started to bust up a school of bait fish literally at our feet! It was incredible, as up to this time I had only seen this online. One of my mates actually managed to hook up to them. Twice! While me and my other mate couldn’t hook up. So much hate! Lol After about 5mins the commotion was over and the kingys were gone. I was gutted I missed the opportunity to hook up to my first kingfish. Or so I thought. 5mins later I latched on something that was smoking me. And when you’re fishing with bream gear the fight is even more intense! Took about 15-20mins but managed to land it.Stoked! They came back for a second run about 11.30am. The boys managed another one while I lost one. All in all we landed 4 kingfish and 2 flatheads Absolutely stoked I landed my first kingy. A little small but still legal at 68cm. What a great day Fufu
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    Nice little bite going on off Sydney yesterday we went 2-1-1 with a small striped for my mate Henk- his first and missed a small black. Bite was in 30-40 m of water inside the close FAD off Nth head and up to Longie- bait was really starting to thicken up when the change came through and belted the hell out of us.Seemed to be plenty of action North and South of us too all along the 20 fathom line . First beak for 2018- more to come laterIMG_0934.MOV
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    Mean Nurses AM "Of course I won't laugh," said the nurse. "I'm a professional. In over twenty years I've never laughed at a patient.""Okay then," said Fred, a big man almost 60 years old, as he proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing the tiniest 'man thingy' the nurse had ever seen. It's length and width, it couldn't have been bigger than a AAA battery. Unable to control herself, the nurse started giggling, then fell to the floor laughing. Five minutes later she was able to struggle to her feet and regain her composure. "I am so sorry," she said. "I don't know what came over me. On my honor as a nurse and a lady, I promise it won't happen again. Now, tell me, what seems to be the problem?" "It's swollen," Fred replied. She ran out of the room.
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    Caught this one off Cronulla/ Wanda beach last night right on high tide. Tailor fillet was the bait. 30 lb mainline, 40 pound leader, single 4/0 suicide hook, usual setup for my beach sessions length was 123 cm. this made my last PB of 1 meter (caught on 21/10/2017) stood for only two months Charles
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    After a couple of hours swimming I snuck a line out right where we had been and stuck it in the sand. Pottered off to check shrimp traps when DD calls out " Dad I'm on! " After a couple of minutes on 8lb line amid much screaming this beautiful fella comes in. Lightly pinned by the No.8 long shank it was a quick photo and straight back in top condition.
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    Hi raiders, I was on the water before sun up at 4:45am to target some squid on the way out from the hacking. I got one on the first cast and another in about 6 casts so I decided two were enough as I was to be back at the wharf by 9am. I was out rounding jibbon at about 5:15am and headed south to Marley. Got to Marley and I put out one squid and I was flicking a sinking stick bait. I was sounding some kings but had no hits on first 3 passes. Then my stick bait got hammered. A first it felt like a Bonnie with the tail vibrations and then it took some good runs like a king. I was unsure as to what was on the line! The livie then has a run but dropped!!(bugger) I got it boat side and noticed I had hooked a bonito and a king on the one lure. Only a rat about 50-60. It popped the leader as it wrapping around both fish and I was trying to play them and get the net. Then I realised I still had 10lb leader on from my last little session (Rookie error) I followed them for the next 15mins as they kept surfacing and going back down when I got the boat near, I wanted my lure back! So if anyone hooks a king with a rapala stick bait hanging out I would greatly appreciate it back. I persisted with the 10lb and soft plastics and had multiple hook ups but either got reefed or spat the lure at the boat as I didn’t want to play then too hard. The second squid was beheaded and not really touched. I had enough and tied on 20lb(my usual leader for kings) but I started to feel unwell, probably because I had lost so many fish!! So 8am I headed for home and picked up the wife and child for a day on the hacking!! All in all hooked a few, lost them all. But my son had his first day on the boat and absolutely loved it! Next time I’ll pack him a fishing rod!!
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    Hi Guys When out yesterday late afternoon with the aim to catch a jewfish in port hacking, with only same frozen squid that I had caught a few weeks ago, I decided to try and catch some live bait, we first tried trolling some lures trying for a tailor or two but no luck, so we to headed out to Jibbon for a squid but it was just to rough with the wind hitting close to 20 knots and the swell push in hard & fast we started heading back in to find a spot to fish for the night, as we were heading back in we saw a 10ft tinny struggling to towing a 18ft half cabin back in, I when up beside him and took over the tow, so for the next hour or so we were towing these guy back to the boat ramp at Swallow rock reserve, after getting them back to the ramp safely we looked at the time and it was a little bit past 7pm, so we hurried back to a spot to start fishing and make sure we didn't miss the sunset, we anchored up and through out a few strips of squid and sat back a relaxed waiting for that big hit, about 40min had pasted and not much was happening, I pulled out the 2min noodles for dinner and as soon as I put the first spoon in my mouth the rod started screaming off I jumped up to grab the rod and dropped my noodles all over the floor so I was slipping a sliding as i was fighting the fish and after 5 min of fighting a nice size jew came to the surface & straight in the net, I was over the moon but before I could measure the fish my other rod when off and the reel was screaming it took a nice big run and kept on going I tightened up the drag but nothing was stopping it, it headed around the other side of the boat a started slowing down I got back as much line as I could before it went for another big run with some big head shakes i tightened up the drag a bit more a bag I was off brought up the line to see that it had pulled the knot, this is the first time I have ever had a knot pull on me before but seeing that we had one in the boat I was more then happy, we measuring the fish in at 83cm not the biggest jew in the world but I was happy to see my spot paid off and a good deed rewarder with a good fish.
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    I finally learnt how to load stuff to YouTube!
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    Hi guys been gathering information and techniques for a while now on the old cod and this morning I cracked my first cod was only small but a pretty fat lachlan river cod and healthy and all up I caught 4 but all smaller than my first feel a bit bad I left the Lil blokes in bed this morning but must say it did end in results😔... Tasty no name cheese did the damage and I got 1 on parmesan marinated chicken breast.... Special thanks to big Neil for all the useful info, now there might be another report very soon I'm after a big one even the Lil ones feel real solid could only imagine a metery
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    Took advantage of the perfect conditions yesterday and decided to give the fad a crack. Cruised out at 20 knots with glass like conditions. On the way out water temp was reading 23.4, with big schools of bait holding in close. My mate had never got a Dollie so insisted on hitting the Fad, once we got out there water had dropped to around 22.4, plenty of small dollies holding on the Terrigal Fad, we managed a couple of just legals before all the other boats arrived and they shut right down. Coming in spoke to a few mates who both scored blacks off those bait balls mentioned, the oldest saying in the world find the bait find the fish. Still a good session regardless
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    Hi all, I went out Friday morning with the aim of catching my first dolphinfish as I’ve heard there are a few around the Fad at the moment. I’ve never been to the fad before and as I have a 460 Coastrunner I wanted to follow some mates out in a bigger boat. Unfortunately they pulled the pin at the 11th hour, but the conditions looked perfect and the morning of we decided to head out. We picked up some live squid of the way out of the hacking, only managed 2 lollipops. We found a heap of yakkas but they weren’t taking the sabiki jigs. So we decided to head out with 2 squid and flick plastics if all else fails. Well to say I was impressed with how the boat travelled out and back was an understatement! We got out to the port hacking fad in about 35mins, I thought it would have been longer. Had the two squid out and they both got hit in the first 10mins! A double hook up, not to massive bulls, but they put on a good display. Our very first dollies!! One went 68cm and the other 64cm, so in the esky they went for a feed. With no more livies I turned to throwing a stickbait, I had one follow in about 20mins. Then my mate was jigging hooked a rope (must have been an old anchor line or something as it was 60m down. While he fought that back for his jig (and won) I hooked a Dollie on stickbait on my 4000 reel. Great fun on light gear and was just on 60cm so I returned it to the deep blue. After about another 30mins we called it quits and headed home. Trolled a few skirts on the way back just in case but nothing. All up it was a ripping day on the water and it’s always good when a plan comes together!! Most pics are on my camera but I’ll put up what’s on my phone. Cheers, Stu
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    The forecast was good and the bar flat so headed out the macleay to catch a feed things were a bit quiet so decided on a bottom bash. Ended up with a morwong a flathead and 5 pearl perch. Then went for a troll after about 15 min the rod with the small lumo pusher started to scream. And the ocean out the back of the boat turned to foam with a very angry marlin about 60-70 kg out of the water more than in it. The battle only lasted 3 min before the line fouled around the fish on one of it's charges. I was just at the point of working out how to get a photo when the line parted. Would be easier if I hadn't been on my own. Will try again tomorrow.
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    A good story and a common one oldfella. That is one of the reasons we took fishraider on. When we first started we had a very nasty group on here that used to harass and bully members mercilessly about disclosing all the "good secret spots". They made threats to many. When Stewy and I bought this site it was my personal project to make fishraider a safe and happy place for ALL people, races, genders and levels of angling ability and experience to share information for all to enjoy. Women and young folk have always been welcomed. You would not believe the bullying and bad mouthing we got initially. I had emails, anonymous of course telling me to "get back in the kitchen and bedroom and stay out of men's business"! They did not like a woman owning a fishing website hmmmm. Well look now where we are - the "other" fishing sites have all closed down and we remain! Oldfella I was a member of almost every fishing forum and I reckon I know the site you got banned from. It was full of all the rejects from here that we banned and removed because of their disgusting behaviour and trouble they caused on our forum. People also continuously posted pics that had backgrounds and faces of the angler obliterated. These fishing reports consisted of these pics and said "look what I caught today". A fishing report is NOT a brag board pic. Sometimes they even photoshopped someone else's captures. Go play in facebook or insta if you just want to brag I reckon. There are NO secret spots - our fathers, grandfathers, gmothers etc have all fished them for years. Nobody owns any fishing areas. Our country has so many wonderful areas to fish and enjoy the outdoors. You will never be removed from here for helping others and sharing information. This is embedded in our site rules, mentor badge, adopt a learner, all the workshops we held over the years to teach others etc etc. Those that do not like sharing and helping may leave anytime. Sadly I have seen a few comments by a member on a recent post that really astounded me considering he himself was targeted many years ago for disclosing a fishing spot. By the way if you as a member are harrassed or bullied on here please let Admin or Mods know and we can deal with this. Posts can be reported or brought to our attention by pressing the "report post" on any post. This will come straight though to us to look at. We don't see much of this sort of report to us but the opportunity is there if needed. Well that is my rant (will put soapbox away). Enjoy fishraider for what it is folks - lets all help and share and enjoy the sport, fishraider spirit lives on!
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    Hi Siesta; You do not have to travel all round Pittwater to find kingies this time of the year. They love structure, So any wharf , marina , or large moored boat is worth a look. You usually get a strike where the light changes. A troll around Towlers Bay is always worth a go. Not only for kings , you can pick up nearly anything in there. The entrance to Mc Carrs creek is another spot to try. along with Browns Bay. Only thing is with the water being still and clear they are awfully choosey.. Fish too heavy and you will not get at touch fish too light and you will be around a mooring chain like a shot!! Same applies to the Naval wharf at Taylors point There are usually quite a few kingies in the shadows under the wharf. But if you hook one Best of British luck trying to keep it out of the piles!! I have often seen them on the flats around Rowland reserve chasing baitfish when I have been spinning for flatties. As I use a 2kg outfit for this as far as I am concerned Discretion is the Better part of Valour Hope this bit of info is of use to you. Cheers. Oldfella.
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    Why anyone would take the safety chain or winchstrap off before the boat is in place and ready to launch is beyond me.How much time if any do you save?I've had people mumble under their breath "Oh he leaves the safety chain on that little tinny "And I think to myself if this "little tinny"prematurely launches itself your going to wait a while longer to retrieve your boat you halfwit.I can tell you now if I take my safety chain and winch strap off even on a slight graded ramp my "little tinny" will be lying on the ramp with no water under it due to the way I have my trailer set up and having rollers that actually roll. Chain/winch strap on before and after retrieval for me every time. I recommend safety chain and winchstrap always on on any vessel regardless of size.Hopefull he's learnt with that expensive mistake.
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    I for sure am not nearly as good as many other anglers at catching quality Flathead on soft plastics but here are some tip top tips to lead you in the right way. Flathead are a very lazy fish, often making them are very rare catch on bait, as they often wait till the bait reaches them. This is why soft plastics can be much more effective as you can simply deliver the food to them. Think of a human, why get up and drive to pizza hut and you can just order one. The typical flathead outfit: 3-5kg 6-7ft graphite rod (3-5kg because you will often find Jews like to hop on as well 😉, also ep's depending which area your fishing) spooled with 8-12lb braid,with a good 2 meters of 12lb fleurocarbon topshotted. This will keep you safe for flatties and will allow your outfit to also be used to target Jews and many other small pelagics. The number one rule is, the lighter you go, the more bites you'll get. And braid, is a must! As you will often find that as you commence your retrieve you will be hooked onto a fish without even knowing it had already engulfed the plastic. When to fish: Fishing around tide changes and fishing the runout tide is the best go, nevertheless flathead can be caught all day, many target them at night producing good quality fish. But as I said, flathead are easily accessed all day. What to look for when fishing:The typical flathead country consists of drop offs, sand, and mud. Another key point is if there is plenty of baitfish around, which will often come with what I stated in the previous sentence, and some tailor. If your fishing off a boat and have a working sounder, water temperature plays a big part. You'll find many pros deciding between on fishing spots just because the water temp is a degree higher. Not because there will be no fish, but because there is a much higher chance of them congregating in one area. Where to cast: Flathead will face into the current, leaving stray baitfish lost in the current and easy target for flathead. This will mean you would probably want to cast your lure and retrieve it the opposite way the current is going. This is not a key aspect but could play apart of catching a flatty, people often say a lure retrieved with the current is much more natural looking underwater. As I said earlier, look for drop offs surrounded by weed beds, baitfish and sand. Although many quiet places are also fond of holding some flathead. Flathead will also like color change in the water. DO NOT BE DETERRED BY DIRTY WATER, flathead are an ambush predator, like perch, bass and mulloway, they would prefer murkier water as this helps their ambushing ability. What soft plastics to use: Do not stray away from using large plastics, to flathead,it means much less effort for a more appetizing meal. Match the hook size to the plastic size, but a general purpose flathead hook will probably be a 1/8ounce with a size 1/0hook. 2/0's are still perfect don't be afraid to go big. I like using the TT LURES HEADLOCKZ Jigheads as they clinch onto the soft plastic much better. And I'd definietly opt for Zman Plastics as you'll find tailor will sometimes get in the way so the durability is a must. Flathead will take anything, from prawn imitations, grubz, even a simple paddletail. For god sake if you dropped a metal lure at their face they will probably take it. This is how I choose my lures: -At night when there is light (e.g. full moon, lights) use dark lures as this will create a great silhouette. Think of a flattie staring up at a lure, as the light shines around the lure casting a big black tasty figure. Bright lures could still be a choice -At night and there is no light(also murky and dark water) opt for brightly colored lures. -During daylight, and good water quality, opt for natural colored lures. Don't be afraid and not go out on a fishing trip because you don't have natural lures, the bright and funky ones should be able to get out a bite. Good lures to start at: zman slim swimz in pink, I caught my first flattie on a gulp saltwater pogy 3inch. Zman 2.5in grubz. Other4 inch swimmerz should do the job. The retrieve: Right as your lure hits the water, engage the reel and keep very wary of your line as flathead will often take your plastic on the first drop. You can very slowroll the plastic just above the surface or, the most familiar and probably the best retrieve is a double hop. When the lure hits the bottom, use two hops of the rod tip and wind in the slack as the lure falls to the ground. Depending where and what lures used, you might come across, mulloway, estuary perch(ep),bream, tailor(pesky bastards), trevally and also kingfish and salmon(most likely during sunrise and sunset hours). Thanks for reading this article and I hope I helped you on your way to that cracking flathead you've been dreaming about. Stay safe out on the water and tight lines! P.s I caught my first flattie on sp with the braid connected directly to lure(murky water, still wouldn't recommend it because big flatties have abrasive mouths) because I didn't know what a leader was 😂
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here! I’ve headed out with my two eldest boys and what a great session on the kings! Bagged out in 30mins, all over 70cm! Couldn’t let rickmarlin have all the fun! Good to see you on the water champ! Gave the boys a challenge to hook a king with whatever they wanted, the chewy gum won the day! Haha Hopefully some snapper tonight! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Hi there Scroll up and read the post and the pic that shows the leaderboard. if you have a community rep of 2 it means that you have had members give you 2 reaction (likes, thank you, blah blah). The leaderboard shows rickmarlin with 91, fab1 48 then me with 47. so cmon folks like some posts and get up the board
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    The rule they should intruduce - when taking trailer in, you need to pass a reversing test
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    hi raiders decided to fish sydney harbour today with 2 of my bff got to the ramp around 8am with about half a dozen trailers parked wind was still blowing around 15-20kph plan a was to bottombash sow n pigs plan b was to bottombash around goat island up to birkehead point trolled from balls head to shark island for zeros using the halco redhead rapala redhead got to sow n pigs but cant anchor so decided to go to clifton instead anchor around the navy wharf and started to burley with pillys mixed with pellets we were using chicken/mullet/prawns/pillys for bait we were using our bream snapper combo 10lb trace using paternoster and running sinker rig we caught around half a dozen legal bream half dozen legal flattys dozens baby snapper bream flattys hightlight of the day was me hooking up a 61cm kingy on my daiwa 2500 combo using a paternoster with chicken strips the fight took forever (5-10mins) lol the kingy took 3-4 runs before we netted it took a quick pic and let the kingy go to fight another day hi 5s all round my biggest fish i have caught on my daiwa 2500 combo my mate also caught a 60cm kingy but took longer to land due to the kingy wrapped around three of our lines lol had to cut all the three lines hoping the kingy was legal but had to let it go to grew more decided to move to watsons bay to get fish and chips for lunch while were having lunch we fished near the moorings and caught a monster bream (39cm) on my first cast using a running sinker rig with chicken strips maritime came and told us that we can not use the yellow bouys and only use the pink ones someone must have rang maritime and complain that were using the yellow bouys cant find any pink ones thats free so decided to move around the balmain area trolled around the bridge for zeros and anchored around the pylons near birchgrove caught another monster bream (37cm) on my first cast on my daiwa 2500 on chicken strips for the next hour caught plenty of baby snapper and bream so decided to move around birkenhead point fished birkenhead point for about 1hr for 2 legal bream and decided to head back to the ramp home around 8pm thanks for reading
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    Hi Raiders Had a fish on the boat in the harbour last week. Arrived before sunrise to the boat ramp, we launched and we were on our way. Plan was to get some livies and head to north head and maybe long reef to target some kingies. Could not get any live bait whatsoever and conditions outside the heads a bit rough, we changed our tactics and decided to troll around north head for a Bonnie or a kingy. Managed to get a couple bonito and a salmon as well. Caught on trolled halo twisty and Xmas skirts. Also got a few casting into busting up schools. As my brother was reeling a bonito in, there were a few kingys following it. Told my brother to leave the bonito in the water and I quickly got a light plastics outfit and dropped it over the side to try and hook onto the kingy. After maybe 3 secs of the plastic being in the water a fish takes it and goes for a screaming run. I was only using 6lb line and leader so i didnt have much hope of stopping this fish. The fish kept running with a lot of headshakes so I knew it was a kingfish. But after a couple mins into the fight my leader had snapped and the fish was gone. Overall still a good day and got a feed . At the boat ramp while I was filleting the fish, there was quite a few people looking at what I had caught. One person said if they tasted nice, So I cut some up into sashimi pieces and gave it to a few people there with a bit of soy sauce and they all loved it.
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    This post is aimed at someone starting out chasing Bream and flathead on fly who doesn't know how to tie their own. I'm cleaning out my fly box ( really an excuse to tie more flies) and have quite a few to pass on to a beginner for free. These are Crazy Charlie variants plus a few experimental patterns. Please only reply if you meet the criteria. I know how expensive it can be purchasing flies. There are 50 odd flies in total. I'll divide them into 4 piles. I've been chasing Bream on fly for over 30 years, so I know most of these flies will take fish. Posted free to the first 4 novice angles to contact me. regards Rob
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    Cool and stormy today so not sure what expect from the bass scene. I'm certainly no bass fisherman so leave them to my daughter who has just become addicted to hunting them down. She's chassing them using her cheap kids rod which her and her buddy have set themselves fish challenges on. Today she was determined to stick with surface lures even after her pal was 9 fish ahead of her. She told me she was just being polite and letting him have a head start . A few fish in the mid 40's had them pretty excited but when my daughter pulled this chunky 51cm fish ( or should I say it pulled her and her kayak ) she was over the moon. I honestly don't remember her ever being so excited over any tuna or marlin etc. Three bananas were taken on today's yak trip. What is it with these bass fishers that get so high on catching them
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    First fish of the new year began at 530 from terrigal boat ramp with the old man. Water looked clean and the water was sitting at 22.7 degrees. Biggest mistake of the day was not picking up yakkers before heading out. Steamed out a little and landed on reef. Trolled around marking big schools of bait but after a hour of trawling, couldn’t tempt a fish. Water here bumped to 23.4 degrees and the bluest I’ve seen in a while. Decided to bash the bottom (25 - 30 m)and bang into a school of teraglin! Fishing was great for the first half hour and then it hit the bottom of the tide. Fishing went slack with pesky reef rubbish chewing on our baits. Half hour later, it went bang and soon we bagged out on teraglin, biggest 90cm. The reef was pumping and bonito’s made a show, and the birds were working. Strippies were mixed in there and were fussy as not taking interest in what we threw at them. Managed to get three in the boat. Min the mix of it all managed to get a few mowies in the boat also. getting ready to pack up and decided to float a pillie down around the 15meter mark and it got hit by a frieght train. The Saltiga was getting smoked but eventually got it turned. It ran down then out then down again. After a 20 minute fight got it up to 10 meters or so and it shot back down breaking my 30lb Fluor leader. Not sure what it was and it will bug me for weeks wondering. It was a heavy weight but when it ran, was getting massive head shakes and when it dove it went down like a bullet. Been struggling to get a king in the boat this season and this could of been it!! any ways not being greedy we packed up and tried to pull up the anchor and we were stuck. After a long wrestle and a broken anchor guide we got it off (serves me right using a sand anchor on a reef). Headed home with a bag of trag, Bonnie’s and mowies. Great day fishing. Best part of the day was fishing with old man having fun reeling in fish.
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    Big low tide yesterday afternoon so hit the rocks with soft plastics. The southerly was blowing hard but Ide recently bought a new rod and was heaps keen to use it so off we went..Started with on a 5" zman streakz curly tail in pink and first cast was onto a nice bream about 35, right in close in about a foot of water. The plastic only just fit in its mouth lol. Chucked him back then snagged the zman a few casts later so rigged up a storm 4" minnow and walked further out. It was real snaggy so I was just cranking the lure just under the surface and managed a tailer after just a few casts, about 40cm. Threw him back too. It absolutely destroyed the plastic so I headed back before the tide came up too high. bream on the 5' zman The wind died off heaps around 7:30 so packed the gear back in the car and drove down the back beach looking for a gutter. High was at 10:00 so plenty of time. Ive been keen to try some gulp sandworms off the beach instead of baits, and see if anything likes em. So rigged up the new rod with a 6" sandworm in camo and lobbed it out. Launched out a worm bait as well on my bigger rod and waited to see which got hit first. Don't normally use two rods in case of tangles but thought it should be right.. About 9:30 the jew came on the chew, first fish a 68cm soapy then a 95cm straight after, both on the preserved worms. Nearly got tangled in the other line on both fish lol, Also managed to miss two good fish as well that definitely weren't bream.. all up two tarwhine two bream and two jew, all released. The gulp! ended up catching a decent bream as well, was an epic night. First time using the GoPro so will try upload footage once I figure it out 😣 Littler one 68cm 95cm cheers!
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    Spent a couple of hours drifting in the yak over some sand flats..landed one flattie from 3 half a doz bream and probably 2 doz whiting .a lot of small whiting they luv gulp sandworms..went thru half a pack in two hrs nothing big but heaps of fun
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    While the tourists are shoulder to shoulder at my local ledges, I decided to make up a few new floats that are a little different to the norm. The top section of the stem is made from 6mm dowel and extends through the body of the float. The bottom section is 3mm carbon fibre rod and epoxied 60mm into the dowel. The 3 different size bodies are made from western red cedar and will suit all conditions my area can dish out. I'll add weight to the bottom of the shafts to suit appropriate sinkers when I get a chance and instead of using lead, I simply wrap a length of cord solder around the shaft and hold in place with heat shrink. I know there's a thread somewhere like "show us your floats" on here. I searched and damned if I could find it.
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    If you disclose spots please add pictures and a 🗺 map
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    Unweighted fresh squid floated with the current at the end of the outer breakwall and your a real chance! Get there early before the boat traffic, especially this time of year! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Fished the deep near Lilli Pilli early, hoping for a tailor or 2 but not a bite from them. Caught a couple of yakkas for strip bait, and one as a livey. Burleyed for the yakkas, and the gars turned up in the bread burley. Pulled out 5, dropped a couple and they disappeared by half light.. The flattie and flounder on yakka strips, the crabs on the same bait. Was nearing time to move, when the little cobia grabbed a pillie. Thought I had my tailor. A quick snappie (he would not sit still for the photo) then released. My second cobia in the Hacking, bigger than the first one, but not big enough to keep. Moved to Maianbar flats, pumped some nippers and pulled out the whiting. Bites were few and far between. Released the tarwhine, but it floated belly up a short time later, so retrieved it. Not a big one at all, but it is legal size.
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    Fished Botany bay 4 nights ago with low expectations as I prefer run in tides rather than run out. Livies were hard with only 5 yakkas and 3 sqid caught all night, no legal tailor but 2 large pike took live yakkas. Besides usual rays and banjoes only managed one flathead at 73cm which like all big girls I catch was released. My mate managed one jew at 79cm which was kept. We saw a couple of baby hammerheads follow baits to boat and suffered a couple of bite offs from bigger ones with one little fellow of about 60cm caught and released.
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    Very dangerous eating Bonito sashimi. On more than one occasion I’ve eaten too many delicious sliceswith soy, wasabi, ginger and beer.
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    Hi Raiders, Just thought id share a story that happened yesterday. I was walking through Rhodes with a mate and decided to stop by the boat ramp there and watch all the people take there boats out for the first time in a year to try and get on the water on new years eve. The chaos was amazing with multiple arguments. There was one guy who particularly stood out because he had no idea what he was doing, He had an old fibreglass half cab with a 50hp mercury engine that looked like it hadnt started in years. After about 15 mins of not being able to reverse down the ramp, I went over to help him out. I guided him down the ramp and asked a few questions. He said he had bought the boat a couple days ago and this was his first time ever reversing a trailer. Apparently he took the boat to a mechanic the day before and they said everything was in good working condition. It was about 6pm and conditions were getting really windy and there was a lot of current pushing the boat. He rolled the boat off the trailer and tried to start the boat but the boat wouldnt start. At the same time the boat was being pushed down the ramp by the wind and crashed into the jetty and sort of got jammed under the walkway and the ramp itself, sort of beaching itself. I got on the boat and saw that the fuel line was half ripped and wasn't connected to the fuel tank. I sort tried to connect it as best i could and started it up for him to get it into deeper water and try to dock it on the jetty. I started it up after a few attempts but realised that his steering was not working so had no control of the boat. The boat had taken on a lot of water as well, I look at the bung hole and there is no bung. I asked him where the bung was and he had no idea what a bung was. By this stage i was standing in about shin deep water. The boat had to get back on the trailer ASAP. I started the engine again because it had cut out and drove the boat to ramp and told a few people to hold the boat there while i put the trailer in a better position to retrieve the boat. The wind made it very difficult to push the boat into a good position to put it on the first roller and winch it in, but after a couple attempts and a few people holding the boat we were able to winch it back on the boat. Honestly if we weren't there, He would of definitely lost the boat and maybe even his car because at one stage he had reversed his car so far down the trailer his entire back wheel was submerged. It still amazes me how people have no common sense and have done no research as to how to use a boat, yet they want to try and get on the water during the busiest time of year. I don't know what kind of mechanic he went to but the boat was definitely not in good working condition
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    Cheap and very effective
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    Went down to Ettalong/Ocean beach this morning for a fish. Arrived at 6am and back to the car at 9am. Result 4 flathead around the 40cm's and 1@53cm. Not a bad start to the day Tim
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    Some people are discussing they have no respect for other peoples property, I reckon if someone gets caught stealing other peoples crab pot they should have there boat & fishing license suspended for a period of time.
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    holiday morons have no etiquette..i keep away from the crowds this time of year..my missus says I have a bad attitude towards idiots so I stay away from them..rick
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    Christmas present to myself, my first new boat Brooker 510 with Mercury 80 four stroke, goes well!!
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    sadly ive seen the same a dozen times..actually I was sitting at boat harbor boat ramp at lake mac yesterday with a esky of beer watching all the muppets trying to launch an retrieve...great afternoons entertainment.hahaha...putting a boat in or out is a simple process but its funny watching morons attempting it....rick
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    Hey Raiders, With all the hot fishing action being reported from Port Stephens and Broughton Is ... I thought I'd counter that with a report of a very forgettable Sunday here off Sydney ... just so that some of you don't start to think our sport is called "Catching" vs "Fishing". OK... so given the recent reports of small marlin off Sydney I gathered a crew for the weekend. Weather and Sea condition forecast: Sunday light seas 0.6m wave interval 14sec …and NW (4kts) 5am - N - NE winds (11kts) Noon. SST showing 23C water at about 100m. The Plan: Davidson Ramp - Balmoral (live bait) - down rig North Head - troll 12Mile - Sydney Fads - Wave Riders - North Head. Some bottom bash / jigging in-between at 12mile. Launch: 5.00am Davidson Park Boat Ramp. The Result: 9 yakkas in the tank by 550am. 6 -630am : Two runs downrigging along North Head at 12m... Zip. Decided to start our trip to 12mile. By now we were inline with North Head - dead calm water. Brought up the bomb and as I was unclipping the line felt a tug tug on the live bait...then nothing. Reeled in the livie (deadie) cleanly bitten off at the gills (tailor, bonito??). Ok so we dropped some skirts and shiny stuff and trolled North Head to Manly ... Zip. Hmmmm. Decided to call it and raced out to 12mile... about 3km out from 12mile came a cross a flutter of surface bait fish. Dropped the trolling skirts - 6" and 8" Pakulas, two metal head jet skirts (purple/pink, white/blue) and a lumo teaser in close to the stern. Trolled to 12mile, trolled around 12mile twice...Zip. Saw 10 boats and a charter there bottom bashing. So dropped down 2 livies on long leaders and 12oz lead (2.5kmh current)... livies taken but no strike no bite felt. Dropped down a paternoster with strips of yakka and another two livies. Livies gone, paternoster untouched. Still ZIP !!! Hmmmmm. 9am Boats started leaving. We called it as well and started our troll north. ... beautiful conditions offshore, water 23.8-24C and BLUE as per the video .. After 3-4hrs and without a single hit, decided to abandon continuing heading north and turned in toward Long Reef, did a couple of loops around each of the buoys and the close in Fad looking for some dollies (anything really!).... so after 6hrs and some 80+km on the water we ended up back at North Head... with 3 livies. Dropped two over the side - one weighted one free swimming .... still ZIP. So at 330pm we gave up ....and released the 3 livies as a token offering to the good karma god for the next trip….!!!! But some how I think this crew will INSIST on bottom bashing only. Cheers Zoran (PS - @Fab1...I must been taking fishing lessons from you through the week - I'll stick to reading your workshop posts only !!!! )
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    Thank you, but I have been fishing for near on 60 years. Not a youngster any more.
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    just standing there looking for them doesn't mean they aren't there..my local jetty holds squid..some nights you catch heaps some none..daytime never..bait can hide under jetties or they may be 40mtrs out over reef..if you want instant bait head for a shop or look around and fish for them like everyone else has to...none of us has been handed spots that work all the time..we have to try different spots at different times..its called learning and is part of fishing...rick
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