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    Gday raiders Still a few flatties around the estuaries these two were caught drifting round moorings on 5 inch samaki bomb shads and 3/8 jig heads as it was deep water Fish were caught at about 40 mins after high The bigger one put up a decent struggle on the light gear They Also cooked up nicely Had scaled one before thinking of putting up a report Long time since last report sorry Cheers
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    I headed over the beach to see if I could spin up some tailor late afternoon after hearing reports of tailor to 50cm being caught - conditions were very good with low tide just on dusk so I was optimistic about getting amongst the fish. My usual approach is to walk the beach casting into the gutters and holes and I was using light gear throwing a 10g chromie. I drew a blank on the tailor but picked up a 67cm jewie. A pretty good session and definitely put a smile on my face this evening!!
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    Snapper were simply not to be found in our area over the weekend. The regular snapper marks were loaded with toads, these little piranha type buggers destroyed every plastic but even micro jigs couldn't locate a red. We had plenty of fun searching the headlands for the odd salmon on 6lb line. The shallow reefs had no end of sergeant bakers and other reef species but the good thing was that there were plenty of good sized squid. Jumped in for a few lobsters to top up the dinner variety.
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    Haven't posted for a while in the report section. The weather forecast for the weekend was meant to be very 'promising'. A the same time my 'kayak itch' was developing, so snelling hooks, checking the gear or similar 'housework' was not an option. Decided to seek sheltered waters and went to Cowan for a yak session on a Sat morning. Took pilchards (as a backup plan) and a plenty of lures. It was windy however more gusts than permanent wind, kayak handled it with ease even without the rudder. So I continued to paddle. Regular showers in a waterproof hat (thanks to @HenryR old advice) in a cool wet weather did not bother me. At the spot I rigged a piece of pilchard on a weighted hook and put a rod in a back rod holder hoping for some lure action. Once I took a 2nd/lure rod in a hand - I felt a 'vibro call' through the body of a yak. I thought - young bream pickers, and casted my SP. Then I felt a weight on a bait rod behind me, so I reeled the SP quickly back. Started winching the bait rod - something heavy on a line. Soon I saw a close to 1 meter white log in a water. I thought - finally Jew from kayak ! , then a log turned over and I saw big square head (bloody PJ!? in Cowan??? ) , then I managed to pull it closer to the 'boat' and a saw a flat head of the fish. Big girl had 5 or so runs. A few times a I weakened and re-tightened the drag hoping that Big W 4 size hook will not let me down. When the big girl was exhausted I had a dilemma whether to pull the fish to the shore or try to take it aboard. A shore was a bit away, so paddling and pulling the fish in a water probably would take a while. I managed to put a fish in landing net when the fish was a bit quiet, and pulled it in a yak. The last thing that I wanted - was a big girl lap dance in a 65 cm narrow tippy kayak with all the head spikes and usual flathead landing 'fun'. The girl was unusually quiet in a kayak (unlike her 60cm brother a few weeks ago). So I paddled to the shore to measure the fish, make some photos and bring the fish back. The flathead was 88 cm ( PB for me ). The big girl was released in the same spot to multiply and harass local bait fish population. A few bites, however no catches later. Alvey 500 size and very Ugly Stik did the job. No feed, cold and wet a$$, a smile for the day, new PB , a few pictures and plenty of good memories. Tight lines!
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    G’day all, had a very small window to fish a tide change in a well known location in Brisbane Waters and marked some good fish on the sounder. Managed a nice soapie on a 4inch zman swimmerz in Pearl White my pretty much go to lure at the moment. Have had a couple of sessions now with not a fish boated but that is fishing for Jew on lures very frustrating, good to get that smell on the boat. Hearing good reports out of the Hawkes so I hope it’s a better few months then this time last year.
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    G’day raiders, Headed out yesterday for a short late arvo sesh with fellow raider Woodsy. We left little beach at 230. Headed out and picked up a few bonito for bait and burley. Went up to Broughton in his new ride cruising at 25 knots on his awesome bar crusher! Hit the mark and dropped anchor. The current was raging uphill, so we start to burley and deploy our lines. It took a while but the bites starting coming thick and fast. Got a feed of pannies and got done by a couple of larger models. The tailor moved into the trail and we caught and released easy over 20 legal sized ones! After getting snipped a few times we called it quits and left just after dark. Thanks for the arvo Woodsy! It was a pretty good sesh with constant action and very comfortable on your new ride! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    After a couple of trips to Jindabyne fishing from the bank with minimal success I decided that it was time to drag the boat down and have a go trolling at the lake.... This turned out to be a great decision. Before the trip I used a great article from Fishraider to learn how to service the bearings on the trailer, or more accurately put in a new set, in preparation for the 500 k tow down from Sydney. Also spent days preparing fishing gear including making up my own downrigger by casting a 4lb bomb out of some old roofing lead which I hung of an old Abu overhead reel loaded with 120lb mono, a short heavy boat rod and a release clip that I bought online. Got up early on the Tuesday and left Sydney at 6.30am for the drive down. Had a good run and was in Jindabyne in time to get the boat in by 1.30 for an afternoon fish. As I drove into Jindabyne I stopped in at Snowy Mountain Sports and spoke to Richard, owner, and Liam, son of owner, who were great in providing some advice on where I might get onto a fish, so I headed to East Jindabyne and started trolling some Tassie Devil lures. Turned out that their advice was good and I found myself connected to a lovely 40cm Brown Trout. Not a bad start and my best Trout to date. The rest of the afternoon was quiet with no more fish but I was more than happy with just the one. Day 2. Early start, out of bed by 5.30 and boat on the water by 6.15am. It was a fantastic day with hardly a breath of wind so the lake was glassy flat. I started by trolling the clay pits but nothing was cooperating so around 9.00 I headed to East Jindabyne again. Things then picked up, the first fish hooked was a nice 38cm Brown followed an hour later by a 37cm Brown, then the bite went off. I trolled around till around 4.00 and decided to call it a day. The weather had been so good with so little wind that even though I only got 2 it made it a wonderful day. Day 3. Up and on the water by 6.15am again, 1/2 before sun up, this time with a Jindabyne local, Mick, who suggested that we start again at the Claypits. Within 20 minutes we had the first bite, a nice Brown 35cm, 1/2 later on again with another nice Brown at 32cm, then again an hour later a nice Rainbow at 32cm. After that Mick had to go to work so I dropped him off and kept going. By 9.30 that day I had another Brown at 38cm and another Rainbow at 36cm. For the first time ever I had bagged out on Trout.... One very happy fisherman. Day 4. Friday the 18th of May a date that will be etched into my mind for many years.... It was another early start and on the water by 6.15 with no wind . Trolled away from the boat ramp and across the front of the Claypits in about 25 foot of water with 1 Tassie on a down rigger and 1 running on the surface. About 15 minutes later the rod with the Tassie on the surface bent over and line started flying off the reel, I grabbed the rod and the fight was on, I got line, then the fish took it back, but slowly I started getting him towards the boat. As I was on my own I leave the boat in gear to keep the other lure straight out the back and out of the way of the fish I am fighting. That worked fine until he was about 15 foot from the boat and just refused to come any closer so I knocked the engine out of gear and got him close. When I saw the fish I nearly wet myself, it was a HUGE Brown.. There I was rod in 1 hand and landing net in the other and this fish was kicking all over the place.. Eventually I managed to coax him into the net at which stage I let out a big Ye Ha and he was on the deck. I put him on the scales and he came in at around 4 1/2 lb and measured 60cm I continued fishing and had the best day ever, landing another 7 fish, 1 Brown and 6 Rainbows including a pair where I landed one, dropped the lure back in and as I was about to clip the downrigger onto the line it went of with another fish on. Day 5 and 6 were nothing special, weather was good but the fish were not so cooperative. having said that I still managed a 33cm Brown and small Rainbow on the Saturday and a 34cm Rainbow on the Sunday. Also it was cold, on the way to the boat ramp it was showing as -3 on the car and there was frost on everything...... It was so cold that I had trouble getting the boat off the trailer as the rollers were frozen up...Even the esky was frozen. Day 7, the last day. Forecast was not too good, with Willyweather forecasting quite a bit of wind, however as it was the last day there I was at 6.15am putting the boat in again.... Just call me a sucker for punishment. I ended up all over the lake, East Jindy, up into the mouth of the Snowy River up towards the North of the lake. Generally exploring and trying to stay out of the wind. It was so cold that I was driving along wearing my Ski jacket and Ski gloves to try and keep warm. Eventually I did get a strike. At first I thought I had snagged the bottom but then realised that the line was disappearing off fasted than the boat was going and it was kicking so had to be a fish. Turned out to be a really nice 43cm Rainbow. For those who have caught Trout before you'll know that the Rainbows fight harder than the Browns and this one put up more of a fight that the big Brown that I caught on the Friday. That was the only fish that day, however it did round out the numbers nicely to make it 20 fish for the week and every one of them over the minimum size limit. So overall I would say that it was a successful week. Dragging the boat all the way from Sydney was well worthwhile and something that I will do again. I hear that there is a big Trout festival after the Ski season so I just might have to start preparing my gear for that one. Now off to start cooking up that 43 Rainbow for tonight dinner. :-) Does anyone know how to update my PB's below, I need to update those trout sizes..
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    Hi everyone We decided to take our boat out to botany bay on Saturday and see if we could catch a few fish for a feed. We loaded up on yakkas and then proceeded to downrig them around a few markers, Mollineoux Pt and the Bare Island bommie. We had no luck at any of these spots. At this stage we found a spot to anchor up and soak a few baits. After we got a good burley trail going we started to get some hits. Most fish were undersize Trevs and Snapper with the odd Bream thrown in the mix. We had a live yakkas out but something kept biting their heads off. I decided to not waste our headless yakkas and filleted them up. We sent yakka fillets down into our berley trail. We started to get takes form Kingies every now and again as the school would pass by. Sometimes we had double hook ups. We landed a few and lost few. The biggest for the day was lost on the anchor rope. We kept four legals 65-68cm and released 8 or 9 just undersize models. We also landed a 54cm Tailor. We lost a few more Tailor due to being bitten off near the hook. We called it a day after that and headed back to the ramp. Here is a couple of pics. The little guy is my godson Thomo.
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    Went out early this morning at Port Stephens for a quick bottom bash as I had some appointments this afternoon. Weather was ok with sight breeze from the north west. Found a few fish and left them biting as I had to get home . Got a couple of Trag, Perlies, small snapper and bonito. Found skinning the Trag a bit difficult as its so soft. Worked out my technique by the time I did the last one. Photos of fish and smoked bonito i did up yesterday.
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    Got to berowa marina yesterday at around 8am, hired a kayak and set off. First stop was around the moored boats and 3rd cast with a zman 2.5inch grub came up with a small bream. Few more cast and no hits, so moved further upstream to the flats, manages a few small flatties and bream. Kayak had to be returned at 1.30pm and it was about 1pm at the time so i started heading back, i decided a few more cast on the way back on the rocky shoreline. I was getting desperate so i chucked a prawn on my 1/16 jighead, 5mins in and a few small bream.....then last cast got nailed, my drag was screamin, towing the kayak around trying to bust me off on the nearby rocks...after about 5mins a stonka bream came to the surface, went 44cm my new pb!! All in all a sucessful day out on the water!
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    As John Dory season approaches, I thought Raiders might be interested in a couple of methods of catching these extra tasty fish. The following information is generally intended for those who fish the wharves and shoreline, although the basic ideas could also be applied by boat fishers. There are no doubt, other methods, this is what has worked for my mates and I. We fished Taronga Park Wharf and originally, Tailor and Larger Flathead were the intended quarry. We all used 2 'big' lines each, one with a live yakka and the other a fillet. A third, much lighter line was also used to fish for yellowtail. Even though we all had rods and reels, everybody chose hand-lines for fishing the wharf, because you could have one each side of you plus your yakka line and space was fairly limited as it was such a popular fishing spot. At first, nobody used any lead on either line, simply letting the bait sink slowly to the bottom, covering the entire water-column. However, when using live yellowtail, if you didn't keep an eye on them, "monumental" tangles would often occur. It was due to one of these tangles, involving about 10 lines that caused us to add a sinker to the live bait. I have to admit, the sinker was only added so as to keep everybody's 'livie' in close proximity to 'their' own space on the wharf. All of a sudden we started catching a few John Dory, not many at first, but considering we'd all been fishing there regularly with live bait and had probably only seen less than a dozen caught over a couple of years, it was quite significant. Over the space of the next month, we worked out some 'vital' pieces of information, which lead to John Dory becoming a genuinely "targeted" species, instead of just a "lucky" by-catch. Firstly, for the most part, Dory seemed to live no more than about a metre or so off the bottom(or so we thought) Secondly, they only took live bait(we thought yellowtail) and Thirdly, they would only bite at high tide. So by using live yellowtail, well weighted down at high tide you stood a reasonable chance of getting one. This information greatly increased the amount of Dory being landed,and over the next few cold winter months a Dory rig was "developed"- it is still the same rig we are using some 40 years on and is as follows: Instead of a rod, a 6 to 8 inch(15-20 cm) plastic handcaster filled with 12-15 lb(5-7 kg) mono)- a ball sinker about the size of a ten cent coin is fed on, then a swivel, From the swivel an 18 inch(45 cm) leader of 7-10 lb(3.2-4.5 kg- we used mono but fluorocarbon is probably best) and then a 2/0 suicide('octopus') pattern hook. That's it, simple. The live bait is then hooked through the mouth by inserting the hook point in through the mouth and pulling the hook point out in the base of the eye-socket, being careful you don't puncture the eye itself, It's much easier than it sounds and can be done very quickly. The reasons for doing this? 1) John Dory always swallow the bait head first and are better hooked 'deep' rather than in the membrane of their mouths, this way they are usually hooked in the entrance to their gullet. 2) After hooking a Dory, your bait-fish will slide up the line often relatively unharmed(well seemingly, considering they've just been swallowed!)-which enables them to be used again,after removing the hook from the Dory you slide the bait back into original position. At this point people often ask "why not just use a new 'fresher' bait fish? Again 2 main reasons, 1)John Dory readily take injured or slower moving bait and a less active one is very attractive to the opportunistic and fairly slow moving Dory 2) As Dory often travel in pairs or very small schools in the harbour, getting the bait back down to the location you've just got one from, can quickly result in secondary or even multiple catches on the one bait. I have both caught myself and watched two others land 4 Dory on a single live -bait, and seen 2 caught on the same bait multiple times. Each time the bait has slid up the line, fish unhooked and bait quickly re-positioned and another fish has taken it almost immediately. Bear this in mind when you land one! The 2/0 suicide is the best 'match' for the small baitfish and results in a more positive deeper hook-up. Note I haven't used circle hooks for Dory and as the strike to hook-up ratio is usually near enough to 100%(as they completely swallow the bait) and have no intention of releasing them when caught, I doubt I would even try them. If anyone does, I would be most interested to hear their opinion. Once the bait has been hooked-up it is then lowered straight down from the wharf until the sinker hits the bottom,then the sinker is raised no more than 60 cm- having your bait in the "strike -zone" close to the bottom but not on it. The reason for the large sinker size? Keeps the bait hanging straight down, with a limited range of movement, making it easy for Dory to catch and also positions your bait in the exact area you have chosen for it. This is a really important factor when there are several others fishing the same way- you want your bait to be the first one noticed. The other reason is Dory love to sneak up on their prey, often coming out from behind a pylon, or kelp patch. In the case of locations that have saltwater fenced-off baths like Balmoral,Watsons Bay,Gunnamatta Bay and Forty Baskets, which are all well known Dory spots, the Dory will often "float" along or "sail" almost motionless along the pool fence or net, before launching the strike at their selected prey. When wharf fishing, having your bait within a metre from a pylon always seems to be the best,affording the Dory a vantage point from which to sneak up on the bait. After positioning the bait, if you can(without causing a 'trip-hazard' for others) move your hand-caster/line at least a metre or 2 back from the edge,as although they aren't renown for either speed (or stamina) they grab and inhale the bait in the blink of an eye,sending many a spool over the edge into the harbour. Also be careful not to interfere with the depth you've just set it,remember you want the bait to be only just off the bottom. Upon receiving a bite, you can strike straight away, as the fish pretty much swallows the bait fish down in one motion, no need to give it any line. The other rig is a small running bobby cork, about the size of a small egg, followed by a ball sinker(size 01,1,or 2-basically enough weight to keep your bait down )sitting on top of a swivel, followed by a 60-70 cm leader of same strength as rig 1. The cork is set to a depth of 3 to 4 metres and baited the same as previous method. This method is preferred when fishing shallower areas like Balmoral Wharf, Clifton Gardens and most saltwater baths like those mentioned above. The reason? you can drift your bait close to the bottom over a wider area. The only time we use this rig when fishing deeper locations like the old zoo wharf (fishing is no longer allowed there)and Cremorne Wharf for example is when the schools of bait-fish are holding close to the surface and well within sight. The general 'rule of thumb' is -when you can see the bait, you use a bobby cork, and when you can't see them you use the sinker rig, as like most predatory species, John Dory are usually lurking close to their food. Other things to note are: Dory actively feed on the slack-water periods of both high and low tide, with a high tide an hour or so after sunrise my favourite time to fish for them, but can be caught on these slack tides at pretty much any time of day. A common misconception is that they mainly eat yellowtail. After examining the gut contents of heaps of Dory over many years, I've come to the conclusion that pretty much any small bait-fish are likely 'prey candidates', however , there are some that the Dory genuinely seem to prefer. My favourite live bait for them would be 1) Mado(black and white horizontal lines and yellow tail)- Dory love them! 2)Small Trumpeters 3) Yakkas. In conclusion, they are not a species that are known for great size(averaging 700gms to about a kilo, with a biggish one over 1.5 kg) nor are they caught in large numbers. They also aren't in any way regarded as a sports-fish, fighting only marginally harder than a Fantail-Leatherjacket! I have had success using both "Glowbait" and Fluoroscene(plumbers drain marking powder) which is applied to the bait-fish's "slime", making them really stand out visually. The only time I ever used these bait 'enhancers' was when there were quite a few others fishing same bait and rig, at these times, and with limited Dory available, it was wise to gain the 'advantage' of having a bait so easily seen. AREA: I've fished purposely for and caught Dory at all of the following locations: Taronga(fishing no longer allowed) Cremorne, Musgrave St, Kuraba, Clifton Gardens, Balmoral, Forty Baskets and Watsons Bay wharves; the eastern side of the 'Gasworks' point at Manly, White Rock and Elizabeth Bay from the shore. In the boat from both "Wedding Cakes", Clifton Gardens 'trench' and the deep hole on the eastern side of Shark Island. In Cowan, as 'by-catch' Hairtail fishing Akuna, Waratah AND Jerusalem Bays and in Port Hacking at Gunnamatta Bay and Lilli Pilli. The largest haul of Dory I've ever seen was caught outside at "The Colours" off South Head and I caught a couple out at the Peak when live-baiting for Kingfish. What keeps you getting out after them on freezing cold winter mornings is how they taste. Mmmm Delicious. Hope this helps you catch a few!
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    While my wife is working in Perth, I flew over to join her for a week We visited Rottnest Island and Fremantle on the weekend and did other “touristy” stuff but the weekdays are all mine... So... I booked a fishing charter and went chasing snapper on plastics. We left Fremantle fishing harbour about 5:45am with first light around 6:30. The wind was blowing 18-20 knots from the east against a 2m westerly swell, which made fishing difficult. I was very happy that there were only 2 of us on the charter! We fished plastics on 1oz jig heads and 1st drop down, around first light, I hooked up and boated a 77cm red. I was absolutely stoked to say the least! Of course, the skipper said he starts to get excited around 1.2m! Minimum length here is 50cm wth a bag limit of 2. I had a few more hits and dropped a nice one but my fish was the only one boated all morning. We got back to the Harbour about 11:30 and I am currently on the train back to Perth CBD with a fish wrapped in garbage bags! I am going to have to do my best to clean it in the serviced apartment with whatever crappy knives they give us then give it to my wife’s boss to take home as we fly back to the east coast tomorrow! 🙄😎 All in all I had a great morning. My first decent red and on plastics too! Woo hoo! Now to replicate it back in Port Stephens!
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    Just back from Weipa Was a different trip this year as no bait schools or pelagics. Made up for it with barra jacks and reef fish. I caught over 30 barra about a third legal best 70 cm Similar number of jacks.Queen fish to a meter were common and the reef fish joined in for some tasty meals. Fished the beaches a lot as sheltered from the wind even found a couple of nice muddies up in the shallows just a few photos
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    After the last three days in the ocean it was back to the pool for my daughter this morning. Rather than drive home I kick around with the camera trying for a few early shots as the sun comes up. I wished I'd taken a tripod this morning but still managed a few keepers regardless.
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    We had been thinking of doing a Luderick trip, cause we hadn't been dabbling in the dark arts for quite some time, So when Stewie rang with " I've got some great weed man ", It was on. Arrived and were set up ready to go just before daylight with the last few hours of the runout tide. We could hardly see our floats for the first ten minutes, and were not sure if we were getting downs. Soon enough we found out for sure, they were on.... a red hot bite for the first 1/2 hour, slowing to a steady pace till bottom of the tide. We had bagged out by 10 o'clock. What a cracker of a morning! Was such a beautiful day on the water we decided to stay and practice some catch and release for couple of hours. The bite was a lot slower on the run in, but there was still some good fish being set free to fight another day. (and boy can some of them fight. LOVE IT). Stewy decided to experiment with some new float set ups. After a few trials and some choice words, I'm here to say some of them poor floats may never see the light of day again! He was back with old faithful and once again hooking up. His fishing brain must never stop. Did,nt take too many pics but sent a few to Stew to post ( It takes me too long---dont ask ) Thanks again Stewie for a great day fishing. See Ya Deano.
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    G'day people of fishraider I have just returned from a fishing trip to Weipa with 3 mates. We left on Friday 13th with no mishaps at all, for all those superstitious people, tied up on the mooring at the mouth of the channel by 5:30 pm with all supplies & fishing gear at the ready. We decided to head north towards the Nomonade & Pines rivers to try for barra & jacks this year as we had never been that way before. Unfortunately the barra & the jacks weren't to be found but I did manage to hook a 1.24mt spanish mackeral it was about 13kg on my Barra spin gear (5-8KG) spinning for qeenies. After a few days of trying we decided to head south to Pera Head our normal hunting grounds which was agreed to by all the boys & it was the right choice as we caught many Cobia, long tail Tuna busting up, more queenies, black jew, reef sharks & many Tusk fish one being over legal which was our first. The 2 cobia's in the photo are 1.03 & 1.2 mts each,the jewie was 96cm & 6 kg the quennie was 97cm & very fat through the middle. The locals rave about the taste of Tuskies & after eating it we now know what they are talking about it is absolutely delicious as was all our fish. We only eat what we can on the boat not choosing to bring stuff back & a lot of the fish we loose to the grey tax man. We have learnt over the years that if you can see the sharks actually attacking your fish we free spool & the fish out runs the sharks then we chase the fish to get line back then if we don't need any more to eat we release them which does work but not all the time. We returned home on Sunday the 22nd April & we all had withdrawals for fishing straight up so myself & one of the other guys went out the week after at Bellambi just doesn't compare to Weipa were the water temp was 30 deg compared to 19 here. I hope you all enjoy this short but hopefully interesting little story of our trip. Cheers Indepth
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    Got this rat trolling Balmoral today was a surprise as I was chasing Taylor.
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    Hi Raiders Took the boat out a couple of nights ago and went to target some bread and butter species around middle harbour Caught 3 fatties with one going 60cm. Caught 2 legal Bream as well. Flatties caught down deep on a paternoster rig with squid Bream was caught on lightly weighted pillies and prawns. Threw a live yakka down but the tailor kept biting it to pieces. Ended up hooking one but lost it boat side. Would of been about 45-50cm So not too bad for a couple hours fishing. Caught a lot of those spotted big eyes again. Once we started burleying, they would be everywhere, became a bit annoying. Also got some drone footage around Long reef just before sunset and made a short video. Hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers
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    I took “the boss” out today and she was quite excited to catch a legal king (“ almost better than shopping”). The Squid were a bit slow today, but heaps of Yakkas at all the common spots and Kings we’re slow too. All the kings were either outside (12 mile) and Long Reef. A few rats in middle harbour though. Ive been getting XXL cuttlefish (2 at Long Reef = 9.7 kg) and the candles from these are the hot shot, youbeaut bait for Kings - like Tim Tams.
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    Hi all, was just thinking about the amount Ive spent on fishing related expenditure and thought it would be good to start a topic on spending tips to save a few bucks here and there, hopefully to curb off the ever increasing total spent! I'll share some of my tips: * Subscribe to mailing lists for popular fishing sites - check out the weekly emails most send out and see if gear you've been eyeing appears on sale! * I often shop on eBay for really cheap consumables but look for the signs of quality amongst the sea of crap - e.g. split rings (look for flattened and with a weight rating), swivels (look for stainless steel with a weight rating). Other accessories like knot hooks, small tackle boxes etc... are pretty basic so not much that can go wrong - buy these as cheap as possible. Having said that, I also check against Dinga as a general point of reference (free Australia based shipping with no minimum spend really levels things). When buying of AliExpress, I also use my cashrewards account to accrue 5% off every purchase made - factor this in the price comparison. I should say here that for sinkers , I usually buy from dinga as shipping contributes greatly to pricing for eBay, as we know, shipping is free on dinga, so often works out cheaper to buy heavy consumables from dinga. * For fluoro leader, Ive gone cheap and expensive - I haven't really had a positive experience in the cheap arena, hence what I use exclusively is FC Rock for all ranges up to 40LB. I stock up when dinga have (quarterly?) 'Leader and line x% off sale'. * For braid, Ive found the kastking kastpro braid to be really good - breaks about 20% above stated strength and fairly accurate thin diameter. Goes for about 20aud for 300m on AE. Before that, have used a combination of 100-150m spools bought on sale from Australian stores (gallant brand, mainly) as well as kastking mega8, which has been fairly consistent but a little bit thicker than what's stated(going for about $14aud (whilst on sale) for 270/300m ATM on AE. * For reels - it's really a personal choice. See below: For cheap cheap reels that are gonna get abused or passed around, I get cheap cheap Chinese reels. I only pick from kastking and piscifun brands, these are the only ones that have made an impact globally with positive independent reviews frequently made on YouTube. Given I fish saltwater, I generally look for good carbon disc drag, sealed design and (sometimes) metal body. You can go with the popular brands, but I've found these two Chinese brands usually beat the popular branded reels in the sub $60 price point. For more expensive reels (i.e. above $60 :P) it's up to you. I really like the Daiwa BG for durability and smoothness, though a bit heavy. I often check a shop (us, not au) along with camelcamelcamel - I picked up a few Daiwa bgs around the $90-100 each, shipped. Otherwise, the Shimano nasci has better drag, similar sealing and is lighter (but that's because it's not a metal body). Otherwise, eBay with the frequent 20% of specific seller groups (outdoors types) might include fishing shops - so you might be able to pickup a clearance item with an additional 20% off. Applies to all types of fishing gear. * For rods, Ive had poor experiences buying chinese brands from the Chinese version of ebay, though the brand kuying has really nice rods but are pricier as a result. Definitely only for consideration when we are stronger against the USD and there coupons available on AE. eBay - Ive found the graphite rods from the Sambo brand to be acceptable for when you don't want to lose a rod overboard or passing it around - have caught a kingy on their 7' 5-10kg on max drag, the bend was like a jogging rod and it performed well). Great service aswell - they will consider "offers" made via the eBay "make an offer" function - e.g. 20% saved if I buy two. They also shipped out a new rod when I received a rod with a broken eyelet. All it took was a photo and I got a new rod in a few days. I sometime buy off adore tackle, the owner is really helpful via email, I feel the rods end up averagely priced when comparing the price of the rods in their home country (usually European). Good if you want a particular rod spec. For the majority of my rods, though, have gotten them through the weekly promotional emails - dinga has been the source of quite a few my rods, well done on pricing, dinga! * For boating gear, eBay for small components, wiring, electronic bits. Dinga for some parts and then RTM and whitworths for the rest. Don't cheap out on safety related gear. Having said all that, have I saved a fortune? I think I have. Have I SPENT a fortune? DEFINITELY!
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    hey guys fished brisbane waters for a few nice bream, and 2 snapper one of which measured 45cm which was a huge suprise never thought they grew that big in those waters.
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    Hi Raiders, 1st post. Late arvo shore based flick at Port Stephens yesterday. Hightide, clean water and no swell or wind. Looked promising. Started with a black/purple 3.5 but no luck after plenty of casts and a few moves. Changed to a 3.0 fluro orange yamishita and on! The biggest was taking line. I thought it was a fish to start with until i felt it start to pulse. Lost my orange jig a few casts later but was content to go home. Keeping the heads and the big one for snapper/jew baits. Eating the rest with my brother tonight. Just moved permanently up here so hopefully plenty more posts to come.
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    Did a late one last night on local jetty managed bag limit of twenty and the night before bagged out as well hope the reds are hungry wont be chasin em this wknd with 40knot winds forecast ggrrr comp wknd of course.rick
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    Got to the ramp at 5am this morning for a nice early start but didn’t get away til 5:30 because I couldn’t log in to the Marine Rescue app. I had to delete and download it again, which means setting up contacts and details like EPIRB serial no, trailer rego etc. 😱 Grabbed some slimies and yakkas at Cabbage Tree and headed straight for Broughton Island. Tried the Sisters and Middle Rock, flicking plastics for snapper for zilch. I know I’m in the right spots but they just don’t want to cooperate! Wasn’t much run. Tried baits and got a couple of undersized reds and a couple of good blue spot flathead. Trolled up a bonito then headed back to my fallback flathead drift. Got a 50cm on the first drop, on the drop. After that it was double and triple hookups on nearly every drop. Got my bag limit and headed in but while I was there, I watched the Huon guys feeding the kingfish in the pens. It was inspiring to watch the kingies go crazy as the pellets were scattered across the water. The workers told me there are still kingies around outside the pens but I couldn’t get them to play today. The only fish my son will usually eat is flathead, so I’ll mix up some beer batter and get to it!... which... gives me an excuse to buy more beer! 😂
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    A stockman named Bruce was overseeing his herd on the stock route in Western Queensland when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust. The driver, a young man in a Brioni® suit, Gucci® shoes, RayBan® sunglasses and YSL® tie, leaned out the window and asked the stockman, "If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you give me a calf?" Bruce looks at the man, who obviously is a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing herd and calmly answers, "Sure, why not?" The yuppie parks his car, whips out his Dell® notebook computer, connects it to his Cingular RAZR V3® cell phone, and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo. The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop® and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg, Germany ...Within seconds, he receives an email on his Palm Pilot® that the image has been processed and the data stored. He then accesses an MS-SQL® database through an ODBC connected Excel® spreadsheet with email on his Blackberry® and, after a few minutes, receives a response. Finally, he prints out a full-color, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP LaserJet® printer, turns to the stockman and says, "You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves." "That's right. Well, I guess you can take one of my calves," says Bruce. He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on with amusement as the young man stuffs it into the trunk of his car. Then Bruce says to the young man, "Hey, if I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you give me back my calf?" The young man thinks about it for a second and then says, "Okay, why not?" "You're a Senator from Canberra", says Bruce. "Wow! That's correct," says the yuppie, "but how did you guess that?" "No guessing required." answered the stockman. "You showed up here even though nobody called you; you want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. You used millions of dollars worth of equipment trying to show me how much smarter than me you are; and you don't know a thing about how working people make a living - or about cows, for that matter. This is a herd of sheep. Now give me back my dog."
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    Over the last month I’ve been fishing berowra creek from the ferry up to the scouts hall fairly regularly in the kayak. I’m compiling a large report as the fishing has been really good on the flattys and bream working either strike pro blades, 4.6gm in shallows and the 9.6gm in deeper water around the boats. My other go too lure has been the 100mm squidgy biotough wriggler in bloodworm which has nailed me a lot of flathead over 40 and a cracking bream I got today that went 43cm. Its all been a major learning curve for me after a disappointing bass season, and I’ve found it most productive working mangrove edges and the drop offs from the sand flats. One day from memory I had a hot bite for thirty minutes where I waded the flat and was getting fish a cast. Today I launched at the ferry on the west side (around 9:30) and worked around the moorings to start the day. Was frustrating to say the least, snapping line, and then losing a 70cm+ flatty next to the yak in the first half hour was hard to take. Was pretty quiet for a while with the drop of the tide so I made the decision to work up the creek to the begining of the flats where the waters quite deep and lots of weed beds. This paid off with some good mid 30s flathead around but was highlighted by a 43cm bream I caught on previous mentioned squidgy wriggler. Was a very solid fight and had my fears I’d pull the hooks on it, quick picture and I released him for another day. Called it not long after this to finish the day on a high, back in time to start work at 4. Thanks for reading. Will put up another report after the weekend.
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    As my last report said I've been getting quite a few bream just no real size to them. Headed down to the river this morning for a bit of a landbased session to have a bit of fun with some more feisty little bream. Probably casting for about 40 minutes with no sign of a fish when a familiar tap came during a pause on the lure and the rod loaded up allowing for how hard the bream have been fighting lately felt like a better quality fish than I've been getting, gave me a good run around the structure then came ashore, still not big but a better quality fish than I've been getting lately a couple more small fish landed and the clear water came with the run in tide and the fish were off, back in the car and headed to a spot further upstream. Stopped for a quick cast at a footbridge home to some very wise fish but always worth a shot, as soon as the lure hit the water it was smashed again fish went hard going for submerged shopping trolleys and again a reasonable fish a bit smaller than the first these urban fish wise up really fast you generally get one shot and this was no exception. Decided to finish the session casting a spot I haven't fished for awhile the cormorants have started nesting again above the water for some reason bream love cormorant crap. First cast went wide with nothing second cast landed inches from a fresh cormorant crap two twitches and the black shapes were allover it. The take was brutal and straight away no doubt it was a quality fish nothing like fighting a solid bream from a 2.5m embankment covered in branches but unbelievably manged to keep him clear and bring him up the bank a beautiful mid 30's fish not overly long but solid for his length, been awhile since I've caught a solid bream certainly brought a smile to my face Just to give an idea of how fickle these urban bream can be I've marked where the cast landed and fish hooked basically I'm behind overhanging vegetation so the bream don't spot me as they cruise around that's it for another breaming session can't wait for the next one cheers for reading Dave
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    Recently got into fishing with switch rods, the evil two handed version of fly fishing! Well two hands is better than one! The beauty is you can Spey cast or overhead cast. Just gives so much more versatility. So out I went with the new toy last weekend and landed two nice fish off a lower harbour rock shelf. A few fish about but takes were tentative. Still a load of fun.
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    Trying conditions today! I don’t normally fish weekends as I often work them and when I do get a weekend off, I normally spend it with the family. However, my wife is away in Thailand with my son so I thought I’d head out. Headed for Little Beach ramp, stopping in for boat fuel on the way. Got to the service at 5 but it wasn’t open yet. They’ve been a few minutes late before. Due to the forecast, I wasn’t intending to go to Broughton, just the closer islands so figured 2/3 tank was OK anyway. Got to the ramp and the tide was well out with deep sand on the ramp so I figured I’ll launch at Soldiers Point and keep my feet dry. Also, it was heaps windier than I’d expected so I thought I’d fish in the Bay instead. Stopped in at the servo again (10 past 5) and someone was just arriving to open up. “We don’t open ‘til 6”, she said. “You opened at 5 the other week”, I said. “That’s on weekdays. Weekends we open at 6”. A bit inconvenient... if I decide to fish a weekend, I’m going to have to haul the trailer up the driveway and make a special trip during the week. Or fill up on the way home from a trip, I guess. I was so used to a 24 hour servo down the road in Sydney! Anyway, I launched at Soldiers and headed down the Bay to a mark I’d been considering for jew and, I’ve heard, a sneaky inside red. The current was racing and the spot lock was working overtime to hold position. Would be better on the tide change, I reckon. The wind didn’t seem so bad so I decided to head outside . Tried a drift flicking plastics near Boondelbah (made it for sunrise) but it seemed worse than the other day when I fished there with Scratchie. The wind picked up again and I decided to troll for bonito. The gannets were dive bombing in a number of locations but predominately on the western (windward) side. No bonito but picked up 2 tailor on the trusty XRap. Promising. I want to get a decent length salmon for my club comp... maybe soon. Next pass, I heard the ratchet scream and I looked back to the lure but I couldn’t see it. Then I looked up... sure enough, it was in the air... attached to a friggin’ gannet! I played that sucker for about 5 minutes on 6kg mono, got him into the boat with some difficulty, threw a towel over his head and managed to get the treble out of his beak. However, another treble was stuck in his wing and I had trouble budging it. He bit me (just a bit) and took off again. I eventually got him back into the boat and finally got the treble out of his wing and he took off again. I saw him dive bombing on some bait so I hope he’s OK! It was no mean feat dealing with that sucker solo in a lot of slop and spray! The wind was really picking up now, so I headed back towards the entrance but could only do 5 or 6 knots. Any faster and I’d get soaked! (Might have to get a cabin boat!). Found a bit of shelter in the lee of Tomaree Head around to Flyroads and Fingal Spit. Tried trolling and drifting for flathead but no luck... it was too uncomfortable and I headed back in. A very wet ride punching back into the westerly all the way back to Soldiers - not good when you’re battling a cold! Back at home by 11:15 to thoroughly clean the boat, have a shower and swallow some cold and flu tablets. A trying day but, still, I enjoyed myself. The conditions don’t look so good outside for the rest of the week (typical - the rest of my holidays!) but maybe I can manage a session in the Bay.
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    Hello raiders - a combined report from a few morning trips this week. Some big tides have washed a lot of weed & garbage up on to the beaches, but it hasn’t deterred the fish at all. The whiting have been the pick, most of them 40cm+ and not very fussy! Most beaches have have been producing, and tide seems to matter more than time of day. Fishing the upcoming tide seems to be producing the goods. Live/fresh bait is key, and contrary to most beach fishing - fish AWAY from the gutters! I’ve been having most success fishing right up on the sand bars, right where the waves are breaking. There’s some nice bream & dart in the mix, and also some stud flathead - although this time of year through March those are mostly really big jenny’s that we’d do well to release. Breaks my heart seeing some of those big flatties being kept, they are our breeding stock & there’s no shortage of “plate sized” fish to keep for a feed. Tight lines all, it’s a lovely time of year to be out fishing!
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    Those of you who want to go to Weipa it is doable for six people it costs just under $1500 each for a week plus airfare plus your alcohol. We found the action in Triluck was great lots of queenies all types of trevally plus a few barra and jacks Normon fished well for jacks l landed 15 one day plus big queenies and some barra. Just outside norman near the rock island we got a 5kg gt
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    Hi Raiders, had a chance to head outside for a fish which for me is pretty rare & also have a catch up with a mate I hadn't seen for a while. Saturday afternoon was a cracker, very little wind until late in the day when it picked up & again there in the morning which was unfortunate as we were going to head out to the 'banks' which I was really looking forward to but no go . Sunday went to all of my mates close in marks & got a few just legal snapper & plenty of nice flatties, went to another spot & I though I was onto a 5kg+ snapper but when I finely got it to the top it was a biggest squid I have ever seen in the flesh, caught it in the point of the body with one hook while there was a sweep on the other, I figure I had caught the sweep & it was trying to make a meal of it. Still a great weekend although I was hoping for a bit of wide out action. Sunday night salt & pepper squid with enoki & Asian green salad, cant get any fresher
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    First report in a while. Was meeting friends for lunch on Friday had a couple hours to spare before. Seabreeze predicted 30km/h westerlies. So I consulted google maps for a suitable place to fish. Ended up near Chiswick. Was dead low tide. I started with ol faithful 2.5in Zman motor oil grubz on 1/16th. The area was pretty flat and I saw a drain emptying into the bay which had dug out a deeper trough in front. A few casts in on onto the first fish of the day I've recently upped my leader to 10lb and was keen to see if it put off the bream. I must say it doesn't appear to have coz next fish Decide to try HB which I'm pretty new to. Casting with the wind I was sending a 4.5cm lure at least 25+ metres. I begin the retrieve. I've read you can tell when the lure is bumping the bottom but I couldn't tell whether I was bumping bottom or just feeling the natural action. it was fairly muddy bottom so was fairly confident I would get snagged up. Next minute the lure gets a big hit.. Pump and wind take your time. I see a silver flash. Near the shore there were exposed rocks with oysters After a few anxious moments and a great fight. .Tide was so low when I released him he was more than half out of the water, but a few tail flicks and he was on his way.. Thanks for reading. During the big fights it makes all the time you don't catch suddenly forgotten. cheers Richard
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    Hi Raiders, A quick report from last Sunday. Launched the kayak at about 6.30 from a local beach (Eastern Beaches) in conditions that were a lot worse than i thought they'd be. Hoping to drag some lures for a bonito or king, then flick plastics and float some pillies down a burley trail for a snapper or king. After 1 1/2 hours in wet and scrappy conditions, I'd nearly given up, so called my last drift and dropped back my last pilly on the bait runner.... a few seconds later it screamed off. i called it for a rat king at first but after a few solid head shakes, I realised it was a nice Snapper. Ended up measuring 60cm on the dot and my new Sydney PB. Tight lines
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    He doesn’t waste much, yum! 14Kg Wahoo, I’ve gaffed a few but never caught one ☝️ Done ✅
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    Had a interesting little paddle up a local creek today around the low tide. Flicking a weedless Zman along the bridge pylons trying to tempt a jack and hooked this tiny little soapy, way upstream spent the next two hours throwing surface lures and soft plastics for nothing, till the tide started running back in and got this baby jack on a sugapen. Would have been pushing 20cm lol, both the smallest Ive caught of either species. Love how aggressive even the little jacks are, the lure was half the size of him! Link below to some footage I got on the GoPro https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I27oS4K7gwE Cheers
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    Yeah, why not? There’s enough for an entree. I’ve never cooked any squid I’ve caught before. Always use them for bait. I’ve just made the rings. Kept the head, tentacles and flaps for bait (cryovacced). 😊
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    Gday Raiders We do most of our fishing off the Northern Beaches and that is largely because i have a good understanding of the under water terrain, fortunately this provides consitent success and finding a feed on almost all trips. That being said Botany is actually more convenient for me but gets set asife because i havent got around to collecting gps marks and coordinates for my fav eating fish . Having recently aquired some seabed charts for coogee to bondi I spent some time interogating the charts and marking likely gps coordinates to test out. Sunday was the day and the conditions were fantastic. Arrived at Foreshore boat ramp at 6am and the car park was almost full, with the que backed up all the way to the traffic lights! Id imagine they locked the gates at 7. Did anyone get in after that. It was interesting to see some big game boats getting launched and was curious to know what theyre chasing this time of year? Late season Marlin perhaps. There was an early morning breeze which made drifting a little difficult but that was resolved when we deployed the sea anchor. What a great little invention they are. This breeze died out around 9am and ironically around midday the breeze was entirely gone. I remember dropping the paternoster in 64m and the line went down in almost a straight line. Eventually the line started heading to the front of the boat as the under water current appeared to be moving north faster than we were stationary on the surface. Tried a whole bunch of new marks from Bate Bay all the way to Coogee wide and happy to report that we managed a nice mixed bag of a dozen red spot whiting and a dozen flathead. Also managed one pigfish. Couldnt find any legal snapper to take home but overall very happy with the result especially considering it was really an exploratory trip. Thanks for reading Sam
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    WD40 will break down the factory installed lubricants inside your reel, line roller bearing etc. It is a lubricant in itself but nowhere near as good as factory spec grease/oil. As well as being a lubricant it is a solvent which is why it eats grease/oil. You have effectively removed all factory grease/oil from your reel. Either re-install yourself or take to a decent shop to do it.
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    first of all NEVER put WD40 on a fishing reel, it's a solvant that basically strips away the oil that lubricates the reel, hence the reel being stiff and rough wash your reel with a sray bottle and use a light mist of freshwater over the entire reel rather than hose it as a solid stream of water will just force salt and sand in deeper you can either get it serviced by a pro most tacle shops either service reels or no someone that does or you can strip and oil it yourself just use youtube thats how I learned but get proper reel oil and use it sparingly unfortunetly the reel may be cactus and you could be up for a new one ust depends if the bearings have worn because of the wd40 stripping the oil
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    Last crab report as I’ve posted three now. Think I’ve got them worked out. Put in early afternoon, fished the run in. Managed to boat 4, almost dropped one he let got boat side but quickly swam back and grabbed on again. Happy with 4 (wok size limit for one batch) so I moved and tried for bream. Caught a bunch of undersized bream, no legals unfortunately. I got two legal tailor bycatch (returned). I managed a legal snapper bycatch (that’s headed for the pan). Heaps of bait around at the moment, water has cooled I sounded 20 degrees. Very murky as well. Next challenge I might work out how to consistently catch mulloway when they get back. It could take a while!
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    I've been itching to get out on the river before the water levels drop to the "UNABLE TO USE BOAT " level. I've had the time, but 40 km /hr wind or the only rain for the past 6 months, has kept me home. Yesterday it all looked good although the weather here in the MIA has started to get a bit cold. I headed to Narrandera where Jewdreamer and I went recently, armed with a few repaired spinnerbaits and lures. The beach upstream of the boat ramp has left a very narrow channel which has a huge log plonked in it. Whether I could navigate past it crossed my mind but I played safe and went downstream. I trolled my favourite Stumpjumper for about half a km and passed another boat with a man, woman and child aboard. They had scored 1 Cod and were deeply engrossed in making it 2, so I crept past them, still trolling. NOTHING DOING! The river gets really shallow round the old railway bridge so I turned around and started casting a lure into the snags as I headed back upstream. I worked some of the snags that the other boat had worked, STILL NO LUCK. After I passed them, I crossed the river and changed to the old favourite red /black spinnerbait and my luck changed almost immediately. I love the challenge presented by spinnerbait casting. A few cms short and nothing. The best cast is one that hits the snag and the spinnerbait drops real close to the hidden structure below the water. Yesterday I was casting really well. One cast hit the fork of a branch where it entered the water. The spinnerbait teetered on the fork before slowly dropping into the water. I watched the blades slowly rotate as it started its descent then BOOF. The fish leapt from the water and landed in the forked space momentarily. A flick of its large tail and it was back in the snag. BUGGER, it has me snagged. I let line out but it didn't budge. Intent on getting my favourite spinnerbait back I attached the lure retriever pole and whacked the lure. Amazingly it came free and a somewhat stunned Murray Cod made its way into the boat (low 60s). I ended up with 4 Cod, 2 of which were keepers, but let them all go for another day. Here's a few pics from the day. Cheers, bn. These stumps are usually a metre under water. The boat ramp...
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    Well that time of year, up to SWR for a couple of weeks with the family. Arrive Friday, unpack and relax whilst prepping for a fish Saturday. Saturday dawns, bar was flat so up to Grassy we head to be greeted by green, cold water (21.5deg). Very dead on the wider grounds so headed in closer and the snaps were co-operative unlike the Mackerel! Went south the next day, big swell (3M+) and only a couple of small snapper. Fished real close up North and went well on the reds. Landed a 5 and 6kg red on light gear along with some great pan fish, bluefin and yellowfin and a couple of school mackerel. Great day TBC
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    Went down the local jetty last night chasin squid donuts water was that full of bait and small tailer there were none went home n got small scoop net with fine mesh and managed two buckets of whitebait for burley..as soon as you put headlight on aater they were rising to the light that thick it was incredible anyway they are now in freezer ready for next snapper trip..rick
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    Learn to catch luderick
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    Mate... I’m getting out there when I can and loving my time on the water! I usually get a feed even if I haven’t caught a big red yet. 😎 As Scratchie said yesterday, “A king and 5 bonito before 8:30 just outside the heads? Sydney blokes would be jealous!”. Got some holiday time coming up, so should really be able to put some time in! 😏
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    Hey raiders Little storm brewing on Wednesday afternoon so hit a new spot with some livies in hope for a Jack. Found out pretty quick they were there. First livie got crunched but spat the hook after a short battle. The commotion spooked another one nearby too that shot off in the other direction. Hands shaking, rebaited a bigger poddy mullet and he got hammered instantly and busted off even quicker. 20lb should be heavy enough surely? Having the drag set too tight caused the undoing. Last bait went untouched for 15 mins, the sun was almost down and I had a fair walk ahead so had to call it a day which sucked. Returned to the same spot this arvo, abit earlier though and with a few extra livies and a looser drag. Same story, first bait smashed by this 43cm jack. Chucked him back in his snag, and fished on till dark but no more jacks, still a damn good arvo I did have the GoPro on, but don't think I can upload the footage as it could give away the location 🤐 Thanks for reading!
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