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    G’day raiders, Some of you may have seen this footage on other social media that my kids have put out there but this is actually filmed by me with my boys! Most amazing day and not something that happens to many of us whilst out fishing!!! This footage goes with the report I put in earlier! Enjoy....... cheers scratchie!!!
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    Hi Raiders, Went down to the local Jetty with my daughter yesterday to let her have some fun with some little snapper etc... she did well bringing in bream, taylor and snapper, but when something took hold of her little piece of prawn and ran 50m, nearly pulling her and her kids combo into the water, I realised she was in trouble. Unfortunately it ran into some moorings and snapped off... Luckily I had my Stradic 4000 there just incase, so seeing they had a taste for prawn, i floated out another piece and straight away was on... a quick fight, with a ferry full of tourists watching and had a just legal king... was surprised at how many of his mates followed him up too!! anyway was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with my daughter. As you can see from the photo, she was pretty happy too! Mrollo
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    The plan today was to chase a few dolphin fish, which was going very slow and frustrating - the dollies were not wanting to play (in the end, three did). We found a big bait ball with some pretty hefty whaler sharks near the surface. Down deeper at around 110m, there looked to be some big fish hanging off the bait. My daughter soon had a bait jig down among the bait, successfully hooking into a string of mackerel. As she got the mackerel to the boat, a large striped marlin grabbed the lot, leaving her with nothing but roughed up line from the abrasive bill. I didn't have any heavy gear, so quickly cut a lure from a skirted rig, giving me a 1.5m 130lb trace (a little on the light side). Without a fresh live bait, she simply tossed out a large whole dead mackerel which was instantly taken. Allowing the fish to get the 8/0 mustad circle into the corner of its mouth, she flicked the bail arm over and allowed the fish to take up the strain. All hell broke lose as the fish leapt from the water, ripping off plenty of line from the big saragosa. The fight went from the surface to down deep, and kept heading further and further offshore. After a gruelling 2hrs -which she mostly spent on one leg, due to all the gear in the boat - we finally had a splendid striped marlin of 3.69m (longside) alongside the boat. After a few photos, the fish was released and we headed for home. A big congrats to Georgia; a fantastic effort, especially after ranking 8th (in her age category) in a major triathlon yesterday, where over 4000 crazy people swam, ran and biked for no reason other than all being mad.
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    A great morning crabbing at Lake Illawarra. Mrsswordie bagged out on these beauties. Swordie is almost at his bag limit. A couple of flatties has made it a great trip.
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    Hi Raiders. Just a quick report. Headed down to Evans Head for the long weekend. We had a big crowd in a hired house of 4 adults & 7 kids. Friday arvo we hit the beach for some pipis & a total of 5 rays. My mate took his Tabs tinny down & Saturday was the pick of the days to head offshore at sun up. Unfortunately his sounder packed it in & we couldn't pick up any bottom structure. The gps was still working, so we dropped as close to the marks we had & burleyed hard. Scored a few squire to 40cm & then jigged up some yakkas. Moved to another mark in 30m of water & I tossed the livie out on 30lb braid. As I was free spooling it down line started ripping off the reel. Set the hook & after an epic fight nailed my pb dolly. Fought it right out, so managed a few pics while it still had colour. Home by 1pm, cleaned the fish & then hit the beach in the 4wd's again & fished a nice gutter for a bag of dart. My young fella was stoked to score his 1st fish off the beach & we had a massive feed of crab, calamari & dolly that night. Action packed 48hrs. It felt like we were away for a week! Pic attached. Cheers, Grant.
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    When my son was about 8, I took him fishing in Swansea channel in my 10ft punt. We launched at the ramp on the north side of the channel and east of the bridge. I got him to sit on the rock wall and hold onto the boat while I parked the trailer. I got back to the water to find him hanging onto the boat for dear life... I’d left the bung out and the boat had about 8 inches of water in it... the tackle box was floating around! I had to drag it up the rocks to let the water drain out. Somehow he didn’t believe me that the inside of the boat needed a good wash anyway!
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    Hi guys, first post for me, so will try and make it informative. I bought a new rod and reel with the intention of getting into some nice king fish if I could find them. Around 11am me and a mate set off in a 4.2m tinny from “the hole in the wall” boat ramp heading into Botany Bay. As the is no fish finder in the little tinny it was always going to be a back to basics trip. We headed over to Molineaux Point and did a number of drifts using hard body and soft plastic lures with no luck. It started getting a bit windy so we went around the western side near the runways to escape the wind. Our very first fish was a yakka that my mate hooked on a micro jig. I quickly set up the new rod for our little catch to see if we could turn it into a bigger catch. After 10-15min we noticed the police boat cruising over to us, our little live bait was still in the water and everything was in order with us so we were not stressed. Just as the police boat got to us the unmistakable scream of the new reel. As I was the operator of the boat and just happened to be the one holding the rod and screaming reel I probably could have passed the rod to my mate while I attend to getting my boat license out of my wallet...............HELL NO! I kept fighting the fish, swapped seats with my mate and told him where to find the license in my wallet. All was good with the check and the boys in blue decided to stick with us out of curiosity to see what we had. 20min later and not even close to landing the fish they left. A total of 45min and some bloody awesome teamwork with my mate keeping us right near the monster as it traveled all over the bay it came to the surface with a big jump!!! F*#k me it’s a big shark (a conservative estimate of 3m) I said in a calm voice hahaha. With the GoPro on and my mate holding it and driving (still doing a bloody awesome job) it came up for another massive jump, this time cutting the line with its first spin. What a christening of the rod. Rod was 15-30 terez, reel 5000 twin power, line 30lb braid with 30lb leader. audio left off for good reason as we my have been a bit excited lol enjoy the video oh and after we settled down we also got onto a large school of Taylor and had a heap more fun, and my hands never touched the water again to get the fish slime and smell off them hahaha 03F9430B-BB1B-4DC9-8990-69A8DF4A8C8B.mov
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    Lookin thru some old fotos for a laugh port stephens 1987 stardrag senator 50lb line home made bent butt js980 72kg
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    The ramp at Tunks on Saturday was pretty busy and only roadway parking left at daybreak. Trolled around Dobroyd and Washaway for 3 nice Tailor in quick succession but then lost contact. Tried the troll around North Headbut no takers there. Headed out through sloppy seas to DY wide and started the drift at the hard stuff drop off where the snapper hit every drop but unfortunately they were all about 25cm, so stuck to the gravel patches. The seas smoothed out a bit and we kept a few small spikeys and then managed 5 larger bluespots and marbled flathead. Got a medium sized cuttle which may mate likes for Kingfish bait. Coming back through the harbour noticed the charters pulling Kings so anchored and used the cuttle for bait we got 6 between 65cm and 73cm but lost a few to the reefy bottom as they were hard to stop. A few months ago most seemed to be around 62cm but they must have grown as they were a good size and only 1 less than legal; went back. They liked the fresh cuttlefish. Picked these out of the ice for a quick photo.
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    G’day raiders, Junior scratchie wanted to head out today and take a mate with him! Another great excuse to go fishing. The fish were still there and still biting hard! Got our bag and headed home! Juniors mate was a little inexperienced which cost me a rod (high sticked) and a few lures but watching his wrist lock on a good king was priceless!!! little boy helping big boy....... the result.........
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    Had a good day out from Terrigal yesterday, fish were taking the smaller shotgun lure further away from the boat, was some nice blue water out at the Terrigal Fad reading 24.2, didn’t spot too much bait out there, all the bait is still in close. On the way back in spotted some Stripeys and Macs working and spent forty minutes chasing them for only a couple of bonito so called it a day.
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    So the plan was to fish the last of the run in and high change chasing Jewys around Brisbane Waters this morning. Water was super clear and warm and we found some good likely looking bait schools on the sounder. Threw everything at them for a good three hours with one dropped fish which I was suspect was a king anyway. Plan B my mate suggested some top water action for some bream in some nearby racks. If anybody knows me I’m the biggest bream critic ever and was not keen. Run out tide we caught some good sized bream and lost a few stonkers to the right structure. Something I would never do I could not wipe the smile of my face after was so stoked something different that I would not normally do paid off. All fish off small stickbairs and surface lures in the middle of the day
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    Another 168kg blue from norah canyons
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    Spent today and last Sunday doing some light lure trolling and live baiting out wide off broken bay. With great water about we had some good success. In the 2 days we got 10 skipjacks 4-8kg range. Great fun on the lighter gear. Also there are good numbers off mahi about. We picked up 6 keepers with a new pb for me at 1.13m. So have dinner sorted for the family for a few weeks.
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    Went to clifton this afternoon hoping to catch the 4:00 tide at clifton gardens. Caught a small yakka about 4 inches whick went out under the float for live bait. I was hoping for a kingy (maybe next time) but the bonitos strength and stamina should not be taken for granted even on heavy gear. Took it to a friends restaurant and sashimied it up. Yummy. Happy australia day
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    Hi all Thought I’d share my day fishing Me and two of my friends had a fews hours free in the morning and thought what better way to kill a few hours than go fishing. We were land based and just going after standard bread and butter species armed with nippers, beach worms and prawns at one of our usually spots. We started fishing 8.30am with high tide scheduled for 10.30am. It started with business as usual with us catching a few undersized bream, whiting and snapper. Around 9.30am one of my mates yelled out to me “there’s a big fish cruising by”. We usually see a lot of bull mullet around so I didn’t pay much attention. That was until it swam past me and I saw it was a kingfish. What happened next will be something I’ll never forget. About 20-30 kingfish started to bust up a school of bait fish literally at our feet! It was incredible, as up to this time I had only seen this online. One of my mates actually managed to hook up to them. Twice! While me and my other mate couldn’t hook up. So much hate! Lol After about 5mins the commotion was over and the kingys were gone. I was gutted I missed the opportunity to hook up to my first kingfish. Or so I thought. 5mins later I latched on something that was smoking me. And when you’re fishing with bream gear the fight is even more intense! Took about 15-20mins but managed to land it.Stoked! They came back for a second run about 11.30am. The boys managed another one while I lost one. All in all we landed 4 kingfish and 2 flatheads Absolutely stoked I landed my first kingy. A little small but still legal at 68cm. What a great day Fufu
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    Guys, you may of been reading my posts and seen some of my videos however I really need to reiterate the flathead are very consistent around St Huberts island. Pick any sand bar, inlet or shallow channel and run with soft plastics and you will hit them hard. Pick your tides and keep an eye out for water traffic. I find once the leaf blower boats and average family joe is out and about the water moves to much and can make fishing a little harder. I went out the other day and picked up a few in a short session before it rained. Embedded I have a short VLOG that will show you where to go. I look forward to seeing you out there!
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    Just a quick little update for you guys, We headed out on the 10th of Feb to Botany, with a plan to catch kingies. Unfortunately the wind was too strong to head outside so we had settle for fishing inside the bay Hit the usual squid grounds to no avail only managing one small candy squid, Then bounced around to all other locations that produce squid, still nothing. Downrigged along the Bare Island Bombie seeing crazy activity on the sounder as we were positioning the boat to anchor, WE HOOKED UP!! The water temp on the run in was at 22. The kingie put up a tough fight on the 50lb gear. He Measured in at 82cm weighing just over 5kg. Heres the vid enjoy
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    Fished a local bream n flathead comp yday 1 hit on sp for7hrs of sunburn 1 fish 63.5 flatty hard day at the office biggest for comp was 78cm biggest bream 43cm
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    Got to rosebay boat ramp around 3pm. Did not start off to well as I left the boat key in the shed back home which was 1 hour away. Luckily I have a pull start Yamaha also. Got in amongst the boats at rose bay for yellow tail as usual, but they were not there. My theory is the current and wind was strong. Never the less fished with baits near Clifton and the wedding cake closest to it. For not much result. Refusing to accept defeat, at around 5pm I headed back to rosebay to try again for yakkas to try and have livies down at sunset which was also a change in tide. Got to rosebay, and noticed swarms of baitfish on the sounder in amongst the boats. The yakkas were back!! Managed to fill the live bait tank up with 8-10 and headed out to a reefy bottom near the first yellow bell as you go out towards the heads from rosebay. As soon as the first yakka hit the water, within minutes I was on, and landed my first jewfish at 73cm. we continued on landing a nice tailor and several spat hooks with scaled or skinned yakkas, we knew the jewfish were on the hunt below us. At sunset with a little light left, my last yakka got smashed. After a short fight I winched it our slob for the night. My PB jew at 82cm. What started off as bit of a disaster with the boat key and no yakkas or fish for a few hours ended up paying off really well!!
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    Hi Raiders. My youngest boy, Lucas, 12, had been hassling me to go bass fishing. My partners eldest boy, Taylor, 10, is a very keen young fisherman & had never fished with lures before. I made the call & a nice Sunday morning saw us heading up into the fresh of the Tweed River to some of the best bass water on the far North Coast. Living 10mins away from where we launch makes it easy. So with light spin rods & 3 of us loaded into the 'dog dish' as Slinkymalinky kindly named my bass boat, we headed off for a morning session. This trip wasn't about me, so positioning the boat, teaching the boys about bass & where they live, untangling spinnerbaits from trees & being what turned out to be an awesome guide, I didn't pick up the rod for the first couple of hours. Taylor, (great name for a kid that loves fishing!) picked up the cast & retrieve side of things quickly & it didn't take long to get whacked by a nice bass. It was fat & healthy & really gave him some curry, but he handled it like a pro & I slipped the net under his 1st ever lure caught fish. At 40cm fork length it was a cracking way to start his lure fishing career. He then followed it up with a 39cm fish that had one of the fattest heads I've seen on a bass! Not to be out done Lucas then scored a 39cm fish. It went a bit quiet after that so I changed spots up into a side river & it was on again. Lucas missed 3 hits in a row, while Taylor scored another fish at 37cm. I was itching the cast by now, so fired a few casts into likely looking snags & pulled a couple of 37cm & 39cm fish in quick succession. Taylor got another, being the smallest fish of the trip at 32cm's. So all in all it was another great session up in one of my fave bass spots. 7 bass in 3 hrs, all released of course, & back home for a nice brunch. The kids haven't stopped talking about it. Hope you enjoy the pics.
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    Finished product
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    Great time had when I went out in the Bay yesterday for a few hours with my 18 yo son. It has just been like hitting a switch for him in discovering fishing over the last few months. Two x reasonable flatties. One x good Bream. One x great Trev. Two x good sized blue swimmers. Not bad considering the wind. We were blown all over that place and could not get any rhythm at my usual spots.
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    well its Australia day again...not all raiders are aussies...but..we are all fishos..enjoy the day and the weekend..but above all ..BE SAFE..have a good day tmrw guys...rick
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    hey cjay..since being on raider I have not only chatted with other raiders onsite but met some really great people.have fished with big neil and met up with others on water..hopefully soon to fish with and meet more raiders...I have been and still am on other sites but I always turn on raider first..the information and good will is above any site I have been involved with..any bad eggs are dropped in the bin..there is good humour and laughs amongst members and..there is a lot of people constantly learning from others myself included...good to see you are reading thru all aspects of topics and hope you have a great experience being a raider...rick
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    Hi All; Nothing suspicious going on. Just a normal thing for the Northern Beaches. As you may be aware there are huge kelp beds out off the coast. Also there is a huge sandbar that stretches basically from North Head to Nobby,s. That is why vessels waiting for a berth in Sydney or Newcastle moor out there. Good holding ground for anchors. There can at times. be a combination of big seas and ships swinging round the anchor break off the kelp and if an on shore wind it ends up on the beaches. When it gets half buried in the sand especially in hot humid weather it ferments (goes half rotten ) and gets fly blown. Result , kelp maggots in huge numbers. All the real old hands used to make a bee line to fish the beaches. Would be the best natural berley going (maybe a dead heat between these and rotten cunjie.) All fish love them. Just a normal part of nature. Media or do gooders yelling and screaming can do absolutely bugger all. Probably been going on for thousands of years. Hope this may be of help. Cheers. Oldfella.
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    No photos, chased a few reds in close this morning, started well. Reds in the berley straight away, all good till I pulled the hook on a nice one and shutdown time, doh! Out for a few flatskulls, good bite with a few doubles. Got my ten in just over an hour with a few upgrades. Nice bag of fillets! Gave the electric a run, all good. Cheers Marlin
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    Great fish, Rick! Here’s one of me from 1990. My last “real” fishing trip, 2 weeks before my wedding! 🤔 Gotta love Lord Howe Island.
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    His dad will never forget it either when I give him the bill for the rod!!! only joking! Great fun!
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    Sorry rick!!! Here’s the chewing gum video! Haha.....catching at its best!!!
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    I finally learnt how to load stuff to YouTube!
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    The rule they should intruduce - when taking trailer in, you need to pass a reversing test
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    Hi Jon Im putting myself up for adoption and was wondering if you have space at home for one more..... great report, great result ! I know you and your family are huge advocates for the environment. That good fishing karma must be just floating around you wherever you go!!
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    Hi all I got the chance to head outside with a mate from the fishing club to target snapper. I'd not managed a keeper before (in Aus),although I'd not really targeted them. So an early start and we headed off to a broken bay reef to see what we could find. I decided that I needed to test out my new travel rod. So I rigged up a paternoster and dropped it over. Something big picked it up, bent the rod and then it snapped. The little reel was struggling, the rod tip went over and the fish was still on. Then it broke off, so I figured I'd been bitten off and the rod tip had fallen off. I wound up and my rig was still there, along with my rod end and a very surprised Sargent baker that seemed to have lost it scales. We were thinking that I'd hooked the Sargent baker, that was then picked up by a shark, and when the rod tip ran down the line it surprised it, and it spat the baker out. Annoyed that I'd broken my rod on its first trip. We carried on fishing and I used my other rod. We got on to a couple of bonnys, and then I noticed that my rod tip had a bend in it, sure enough, a few minutes later, it broke off as well. No idea why this happened. The fish went quiet so we moved. Next place we started fishing again, and I was able to use my broken rod, with the tip missing. I got on to my first red, and it went 1kg clean, then I started picking up some morwongs, and my day was looking better, until the rod snapped again.On to rod number three and I stayed with that for the rest of the day. After that we came back in and picked up some more snapper and morwongs before calling it a day. Ended up with a good bag that I added to the next day with some mullet at the entrance. Sorry for the late notice @MainframeJames, the entrance was good, but there was a bit of a storm half way through. So I add three new keepers to my list,snapper, morwong and trevs. I used a paternoster rig, exactly the same as I would use for flathead drifting, the only difference being I had a smaller (snapper) lead. I also put on a soft plastic, as @zmk1962, taught me a while back. The blue and white (pilchard) one worked best, a plain white was was ok, but nothing else did any good. Morwongs were only picked up on a cut pilly and you were more likely to get a snapper on a whole pilly. My Navionics says that I went 88km and I filled up with 38.4 litres and used between 340-700 mls of oil. The navionics turned off for a while when the tablet over heated and also reported that the ETEC managed to get the boat to a max speed of 142 km/h! I think that for most of the time, I wasn't going any fast than 30km/h. It was a bit bumpy but I didn't get sick. I changed four things from that last vomit trip I did. I had company, I only had one beer on Friday night, I took my blue compound pill when I got up and I had a 1 1/2 litre bottle of ginger beer to drink during the day. I think that these combined with being quite busy for the 12 hours meant that I didn't have a chance to think about anything else. After that, I had to decide how to cook the snapper, and ended up going for a simple smoked paprika, lemon pepper seasoning and lightly floured pan fried in coconut oil, butter and a little olive oil, and I think they turned out pretty well and served with a salad. Thanks for reading!
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    Hello, fellow Raiders. Went out early today as the forecast was for a sunny day in the low 30s. Was on the water by 8am and a few others had the same idea. I was second to launch and saw that the guy ahead of me was headed downstream. He was taking his time, crawling along (maybe he didn't know the river?) so I scooted past him in the most courteous manner possible. Just as well really as he took ages getting to where I pulled up, at my new best spot. I tied up to a snag and put cheese on 1 rod and a juicy yabbie on the other rod. I cast in close to a good looking snag and set about arranging the landing net, lip grips and terminal tackle box. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one rod move...a bite? There was quite a lot of shade where I was fishing and the water was a bit murky...and quite a bit lower than usual. I focussed on the two rods and sure enough, there was an enquiry on the yabbie. Now, this is a bit strange because I've had about 15 yabbies in the garage since the season started (Dec 1st), I've been out probably 30 times and this was the first interest in the yabbie bait. With no further warning, the rod doubled over and it was game on. I'd only been fishing for a few minutes and had a nice Cod in the net, half a cm undersize. I unhooked the fish and noticed that the yabbie had moved up the line and was very much alive. I repositioned it on the hook and lobbed in at the same spot. Within about 2 minutes I had another Cod of 52 cm in the net...on the same yabbie. Alas, it had gone and the Cod swam away, no worse for wear, probably wondering how the yabbie managed to pull it out of the water. LOL. So months of no interest whatsoever in yabbies...to 2 Cod caught on the one yabbie. Strange hobby this fishing, eh? Ended up with 10 Murray Cod and a small Trout Cod in 5 hours. Pretty good session and any time spent in paradise is a reward in itself. Here's a few pics of the day...till next time Cheers bn Small Trout CodThe "lucky yabbie" that scored 2 Cod...
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here! I’ve headed out with my two eldest boys and what a great session on the kings! Bagged out in 30mins, all over 70cm! Couldn’t let rickmarlin have all the fun! Good to see you on the water champ! Gave the boys a challenge to hook a king with whatever they wanted, the chewy gum won the day! Haha Hopefully some snapper tonight! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Headed to broughton this morning with a quick stop at cabbage tree and got some huge slimmys. Tried a couple of spots(thanks to Rick).Only new to SP so it was more of an exploration morning, managed 1 Flathead. Decided to hit a few deeper reefs before the wind got up. Managed 3 small snapper and another Flathead. Tally 1 Flathead ,1 snapper on bait. 2 snapper, 1 Flathead on soft plastics. Got smashed by something on a big slab of slimmy but got dusted. The missus and kids will enjoy fish and chips tonight.😊
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    Hey man hows it going! Sounds like your well on the way to cracking the code Mulloway can be very cautious when fishing with dead baits, they can mouth a bait and if they feel any resistance they will just drop it and move on, one method is to always hold the rod and as soon as you think theres something taking interest free spool some line to them so they can move off with it. Always use the smallest sinker you can get away with at last a good meter of leader to allow the bait to present itself nicely, then i run two snelled 4/0-7/0 suicides depending on the bait size. I only use livebaits or softplastics for Jew (Sps when i cant catch any live bait) Baits; Mullet, Tailor,Squid,Yakkas,Pike Fresh is best but Live is better! If you can get a solid size mullet or tailor (30cm or more) then your chances of picking up a Double figure Jew will greatly increase, the smaller poddy/finger mullet and smaller herring will normally interest the Soapies before the big fellas. Tides & Location; Usually the first hour of the run in, the high , and then the first hour of the drop is the best time to target out of river mouths as they wait for all the bait to be pushed past with the current, any deeper holes you can find with some slack current is a great starting point, they move from hole to hole whilst hunting. Once the tide hits high i remove the sinker and let the live baits swim out by free spooling, I always set my drag to fighting pressure and once that Jew hits they dont mess around and you want those hooks set properly so you have the stopping power , ive lost many solid fish with the bait runner engaged and leaving the rod in holders. Which results in a run but no fun! Alot of fishos swear by moon phases and atmo pressure and so on but ive honestly found it doesnt make much difference, ive caught double figure fish in the middle of the day and also blanked on supposed 'perfect conditions' . However i do think that any tides at the 1.8m or above mark seem to hold more fish in the rivers here maybe due to the bar being so shallow and the mullet all school up together in the harbor making them easy picking for bait As an old salty once said to me ' Your ability to catch Jewfish is your ability to catch the bait' Good luck and hope to see that monster jew photo soon! Tight Lines...Cjay
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    Hi guys I know I'm not the only one that's gone to remove a safety chain from the boat to launch and found that the shackle pin is tighter than finger tight requiring the use of a shackle key or pair of pliers. Problem is I hate having to get pliers or having too much crap on my key ring so I made the next best thing that's always at the ready. A simple solution to a common problem. All i used was a cut down heavy duty R clip with a lanyard attached that fits the hole in the shackle perfectly and clips to the winch post until required. Sometimes the simple things are really the best. Cheers.
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    I don't know if there's any truth to this but I heard that because they're such voracious feeders they have eaten all the other fish in the ocean, and then they ate each other and now there's just one really big kingy.
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    CJay we seem to have survived most of the other fishing forums and those that are left are mere shells of what they were. We just keep using the tried and tested methods of ensuring a happy place for all men, women and young folk to share fishing experiences. To do this we quickly weed out troublemakers, have great a moderating team and fabulous members from all walks of life. Everyone can be proud to say they are a fishraider
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    Nth solitary 1979
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    R H I luv the look on peoples faces when you throw a good fish back in the drink.....lol..rick
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    @kAs-09 . Hi, and welcome to member. I am from Finland, but fishing often in Norway years a go. If you shorefishing, both chouse looks good. My opinion, that do not pay extra, take cheaper of this rods. Both is long enough, for loooong cast's. But where you plan fishing, how deep shores and hof strong underwater flows? , how often and how much you have experience torsk and maccerel fishing? I just wonder, that if you want looong casts, have to think right type line allso. I have 2 shorefishing rod. Other is 3m long for 20-40g lure. Other is about 270cm for 100-200g lure, and same rod other top piece is for 150-300g lure. That i use from boat fishing allso, for deeper water. Jani
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    thank you neil...its just as easy to help others as being secretive..im not giving away exact gps marks but general areas where fish can be caught more often than not...on one of my areas I fish anywhere in an area 250mtrs wide by 150mtrs...the fish are there..you just have to look and try..as I said before looking at google I have picked out spots where I have caught fish.in areas I normally would have drove past...I gave scratchie a heads up on an area and he got some nice reds there the other day..as he said we don't own the ocean so sharing it is the right thing to do....I have responded to some pms but its hard to give exact marks as I very rarely fish in the same spot ...I move around and fish dependant on what my hds shows me..my last three sessions the marks are 140mtrs apart and 60mtrs from that....looking at google and picking out shallow reef areas think like this..current generally runs nth to south.so find ground anchor out over sand and fish back to reef edge..if you sit on top of reef expect red rock cod/sergeant baker/wrasse and assorted crap...this simple approach should uncover dozens of spots off Sydney where a large percentage of our raiders live..not everyone can travel up or down the coast and lots of guys only go where other boats are like long reef try coming in shallower and fish first light or last light and you might get a big red surprise...rick
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    I for sure am not nearly as good as many other anglers at catching quality Flathead on soft plastics but here are some tip top tips to lead you in the right way. Flathead are a very lazy fish, often making them are very rare catch on bait, as they often wait till the bait reaches them. This is why soft plastics can be much more effective as you can simply deliver the food to them. Think of a human, why get up and drive to pizza hut and you can just order one. The typical flathead outfit: 3-5kg 6-7ft graphite rod (3-5kg because you will often find Jews like to hop on as well 😉, also ep's depending which area your fishing) spooled with 8-12lb braid,with a good 2 meters of 12lb fleurocarbon topshotted. This will keep you safe for flatties and will allow your outfit to also be used to target Jews and many other small pelagics. The number one rule is, the lighter you go, the more bites you'll get. And braid, is a must! As you will often find that as you commence your retrieve you will be hooked onto a fish without even knowing it had already engulfed the plastic. When to fish: Fishing around tide changes and fishing the runout tide is the best go, nevertheless flathead can be caught all day, many target them at night producing good quality fish. But as I said, flathead are easily accessed all day. What to look for when fishing:The typical flathead country consists of drop offs, sand, and mud. Another key point is if there is plenty of baitfish around, which will often come with what I stated in the previous sentence, and some tailor. If your fishing off a boat and have a working sounder, water temperature plays a big part. You'll find many pros deciding between on fishing spots just because the water temp is a degree higher. Not because there will be no fish, but because there is a much higher chance of them congregating in one area. Where to cast: Flathead will face into the current, leaving stray baitfish lost in the current and easy target for flathead. This will mean you would probably want to cast your lure and retrieve it the opposite way the current is going. This is not a key aspect but could play apart of catching a flatty, people often say a lure retrieved with the current is much more natural looking underwater. As I said earlier, look for drop offs surrounded by weed beds, baitfish and sand. Although many quiet places are also fond of holding some flathead. Flathead will also like color change in the water. DO NOT BE DETERRED BY DIRTY WATER, flathead are an ambush predator, like perch, bass and mulloway, they would prefer murkier water as this helps their ambushing ability. What soft plastics to use: Do not stray away from using large plastics, to flathead,it means much less effort for a more appetizing meal. Match the hook size to the plastic size, but a general purpose flathead hook will probably be a 1/8ounce with a size 1/0hook. 2/0's are still perfect don't be afraid to go big. I like using the TT LURES HEADLOCKZ Jigheads as they clinch onto the soft plastic much better. And I'd definietly opt for Zman Plastics as you'll find tailor will sometimes get in the way so the durability is a must. Flathead will take anything, from prawn imitations, grubz, even a simple paddletail. For god sake if you dropped a metal lure at their face they will probably take it. This is how I choose my lures: -At night when there is light (e.g. full moon, lights) use dark lures as this will create a great silhouette. Think of a flattie staring up at a lure, as the light shines around the lure casting a big black tasty figure. Bright lures could still be a choice -At night and there is no light(also murky and dark water) opt for brightly colored lures. -During daylight, and good water quality, opt for natural colored lures. Don't be afraid and not go out on a fishing trip because you don't have natural lures, the bright and funky ones should be able to get out a bite. Good lures to start at: zman slim swimz in pink, I caught my first flattie on a gulp saltwater pogy 3inch. Zman 2.5in grubz. Other4 inch swimmerz should do the job. The retrieve: Right as your lure hits the water, engage the reel and keep very wary of your line as flathead will often take your plastic on the first drop. You can very slowroll the plastic just above the surface or, the most familiar and probably the best retrieve is a double hop. When the lure hits the bottom, use two hops of the rod tip and wind in the slack as the lure falls to the ground. Depending where and what lures used, you might come across, mulloway, estuary perch(ep),bream, tailor(pesky bastards), trevally and also kingfish and salmon(most likely during sunrise and sunset hours). Thanks for reading this article and I hope I helped you on your way to that cracking flathead you've been dreaming about. Stay safe out on the water and tight lines! P.s I caught my first flattie on sp with the braid connected directly to lure(murky water, still wouldn't recommend it because big flatties have abrasive mouths) because I didn't know what a leader was 😂
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    About time it gets to fishraider Scratchie! The kids are having a ball with their fishing
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    I’m in whenever anyone wants to organise something! Maybe we could organise a few crews for the upcoming trailerboat tournament??? Tony Poole the owner of this tournament usually advertises with this site! Let’s see if we can get something going! March is the best time of year to fish up here!
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