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    My best fishing mate ran off with my wife ........................ Gee I miss him .
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    Well, I must have sucked up enough now... she’s going to Perth for work in a couple of weeks and I’m joining her for a week. We’ll do Rottnest Island and Fremantle on the weekend, I guess and dinners at night etc. but she said while she’s working, “Why not go on a fishing charter?” I’ve found a likely charter and told her and she said, “Well, you can fish Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday”. 😎😃 I’m sure she said “and”, not “or”...! 😉
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    That’s exactly right, Donna. Hence why I just say, “Yes, dear”, when I get that look. I love fishing but there are more important things. It’s just a shame that sometimes she doesn’t see that I try to reserve those jobs around the house etc. for the days when the snapper/longtail etc. aren’t on fire, the weather’s not so good or the tides aren’t perfect! 😂
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    Thank god I have all of the above in multiples and a very understanding lady 💕
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    Last weekend I finished my self-sufficient solar setup to keep my batteries topped up during the week. Boat (Quintrex 475 Freedom Sport) has 3 batteries - (1) main starting & bilge, (2) accessories radio and sounder, (3) for leccie on order. 3 panels on the roof, one for each battery. Located roof brackets from Melbourne off fleabay @ $5 each and ran Unistrut as my panel support frame. Each panel feeds into a 10A MPPT charger and then 3 cables sleeved together to the boat charging rig with one slot to spare. Charging rig to batteries connected with 50A mini Andersons for a bit of battery redundancy or swapping if required. May need a 75A for the leccie later.. Cabling to be tidied tomorrow. Wire is heavy duty speaker wire (the good stuff) and terminated on Neutrik PowerCon 30A connectors, on a SS316 plate, housed in a waterproof IP65 box. All connections soldered and finished with triple-shrink for extra piece of mind. Wire coming into the housing is through 16mm glands. I'm going to have to design something for the front cover - maybe a Count morphed Fishraider logo .. .. .. .. .. .. No more wires in or around the boat or charging one battery at a time with the CTek - everything is neatly behind the scenes now. So now when I'm home from my adventures the last task is to insert the connectors and turn, job done. Cheers, TC.
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    Nice ...yep they are definately there just smarter than the lil ones I think ...right place, right time ,right snag ,right lure or bait ,right barometric pressure ,right attitude ,right shoes And it's on Now to go find that perfect pair of shoes 😁
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    You're kidding Baz. Better take your boat over there if you're allowed out 4 times in 1 week. HAHA, bn
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    Toughen up Baz! Your sounding embarrassing. You obviously haven’t learnt to suck up as good as I have! Haha
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    I shot a spotted boarfish at 80ft on the front of green cape many years ago and ralph walley swam past gave me the thumbs up then dissapeated over the next ledge he came up with a tassie and a banded mowie best ive seen...rick
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    There are lots of divorced and separated and lonely old fishos! Good idea to balance it out folks
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    Yep. I bleed and gill them straight away and get them on ice as soon as possible. Cut the fillets off at the boat ramp and remove the blood line and the flesh comes up a treat. Quite white with maybe a touch of very pale pink colour
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    Took Johnno out for a shot at his first EP and luck was on our side with a double hook up and a cracking 43cm EP for Johnno.... well done bud and thanks for a top day again with plenty of bream,perch and breambos all caught on 65 ml squidgee wasabi with 2g jig heads
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    Me too! Had to cancel a trip with Scratchie on Tuesday for just that reason!
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