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    G’day raiders, Junior scratchie wanted to head out today and take a mate with him! Another great excuse to go fishing. The fish were still there and still biting hard! Got our bag and headed home! Juniors mate was a little inexperienced which cost me a rod (high sticked) and a few lures but watching his wrist lock on a good king was priceless!!! little boy helping big boy....... the result.........
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    His dad will never forget it either when I give him the bill for the rod!!! only joking! Great fun!
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    I've had people ask me where I fish, and I point 2 fingers in opposite directions.
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    Transport for NSW Media Release 24 JANUARY 2018 DON’T MIX ALCOHOL AND WATER OVER LONG WEEKEND Centre for Maritime Safety Executive Director Bernard Carlon today urged the NSW boating public to be responsible with alcohol over the Australia Day long weekend. Fine weather over recent weeks meant peak boating season was well and truly upon us, Mr Carlon said. “Summer long weekends are a time for people to enjoy our magnificent waterways, socialising with family and friends. “All skippers need to take extra care, observe the 0.05 blood alcohol limit and help ensure a good day out on the water remains a good memory. “Tragically, seven lives have been lost in boating related incidents since July, compared with four fatalities for the same period the previous year.” Mr Carlon said excess alcohol was one of the top five primary causes of fatal incidents on NSW waters. “Boating is a relatively safe activity and we all want it to stay that way but incidents caused by excess alcohol have a higher likelihood of being serious,” he said. “Police will be conducting random breath tests on people operating all types of vessels, from paddle craft and jetskis through to yachts and commercial vessels.” Police tested more than 6000 people for drink driving on NSW waterways between October 1 and December 31 last year, returning nine positive results. They also conducted 58 mobile drug tests, returning three positive results. “Results so far this season are encouraging, indicating a level of good behaviour among recreational boaters. But I would ask people to remain vigilant,” Mr Carlon said. “The skipper of every vessel is responsible for the safety of their craft and all those on board. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is only going to put their safety, and that of others, at risk. “Skippers need to keep under 0.05 and everyone should wear a lifejacket, especially in small craft which are more susceptible to capsize and swamping.” Alcohol was a factor in more than a quarter of boating and watercraft drowning deaths in Australia between 2005-2015, Royal Life Saving Society figures reveal. “Australia Day is a time of special events on our waterways, including Sydney Harbour,” Mr Carlon said. “It is important to not only keep under 0.05 but to observe special event restrictions on the water, and to keep a proper lookout and a safe speed for the conditions at all times.” For more information: https://www.australiaday.com.au/plan-your-trip/waterways/
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    Killing it Jeff , bad luck on the rod , but small price to pay to give your sons mate a day he will never forget, u tha man bro!
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    G’day raiders, Some of you may have seen this footage on other social media that my kids have put out there but this is actually filmed by me with my boys! Most amazing day and not something that happens to many of us whilst out fishing!!! This footage goes with the report I put in earlier! Enjoy....... cheers scratchie!!!
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    I release most of mine too... before they get to the boat! 😂
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    Hey Z, looks like a case of Sydney not wide enough!
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    Man, I hope they’re still there next week! Working all weekend. 😕
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    Tell him you have to work. Good work on the fish, enjoy them while they are about and biting.
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    Yes mate! They are the most productive hours but in saying that, my last two over 80’s, were in the same area in the middle of the day! With your setup, the main thing I’d change would be your reel size. A 4000 reel gives you that bit more grunt to turn the fish. Don’t worry about 10lb. Your jigs are fine with that depth. But in shallower water I use nitro tt 1/4oz 4/0xh matched with a 5inch and 1/4oz 5/0xh with 7inch and sometimes a 1/6 weight. My favourite go to lure is a zman 5 or 7 inch shad in coconut ice! Deadly! The other part of sps is keeping the lure in the “strike zone”. Believe it or not I actually don’t impart much action at all. A long cast is more important. Let it waft, then long high loops always maintaining close contact with the line. Once your close to the boat wind in fast and you’ll be surprised at the bycatch( kings, bonito, trevally etc) then repeat process! The other thing, is work those drop offs like rick suggested. Bait will either sit on top or push hard against the ledge. Snapper are opportunistic fish and will sit under waiting for an opportunity! A nicely presented sp or fresh bait and your on! Hope that all makes sense! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Headed up the river last weekend for a couple of days. 12 year old just got his boat licence so you can imagine he was pretty pumped at the thought of complete independence. We've never tried the whole blue swimmer thing and were staying around Bar Point. So we bought 4 witches hat nets and thought why not. How much fun. Baited em up on Saturday around lunchtime with mullet and some old frozen slimmies I had left from the last kingy trip. that was my job done. Sat there and watched as every hour the little guy took a crew of kids to check the nets. Was unreal. Bagged out on Saturday afternoon before 5pm - they were that good sitting around in the evening. Next morning he was up and gone at 5.30am to check the traps we foolishly left in overnight. they were massacred we believe my muddies. Literally nothing left. Great fun, and nothing better than seeing the kids out and about, driving boats, picking crabs out of a net and on the land. Gold.
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    Nice work Steve You'll crack the 60 next week:)
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    Hi Raiders It's been a while between posts however thought I'd share a great morning's fishing. Headed out about 7:30am armed with a dozen king worms, not knowing what to expect as the seas have been massive the past week. Plenty of action with almost a full bag of whiting between 29cm & 40cm by 9:30am decided to call it a day. They were biting on then the smallest piece of worm which is strange in my experience - must be hungry! Same old rig as always with a large ball sinker - 3ft trace down to a No.2 baitholder hook. Another point to mention, I've been buying the rather expensive vanish fluorocarbon 10lb leader. Today for the first time I tried the vanish fluorocarbon main-line as my leader with one rod and the usual on the other. Didn't seem to be any difference and it's roughly 4x cheaper by the metre. It was great with minimal knots and twists. I guess the leader line must be more abrasion resistant or something?? Anyway they're both 100% fluorocarbon and invisible under the water so I'm happy - just upped the strength to 12lb which should counter-act the loss in abrasion resistance hopefully. Cheers, James
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    Should have dove in and pulled out his bungs.....
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    Still plenty mate! Although a commercial boat picked up 4 tonne over last two days!
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    Persistence pays, and yes Sp's certainly do work. Good job on such a good cherry popping fish.
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    Excellent Video !!!!! KINGY !!!!! Great_White
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    Hi Rick, The devil is in the details.... Scratchie said "chewing" gum.... I believe Hubba Bubba is "bubble" gum..... You might be on to something but better check with Scratchie if there is a brand or flavour which works better than others. Regards, Derek
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    Nice work Love catching flatties on SP
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    HA HA HA Glen.... VERY GOOD !!! .....pay for that one! Cheers Z
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    Great report, You will get em next time.
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    Cheers scratchie.catch and release 95 percent of the fish i catch.
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    poppet valve pressure relief valve same thing 14..15..16..thats it..cold telltale is thermo closed..run for a few minutes till engine warms when thermo opens it will go warm...rick
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    Cold telltail means that the thermostats are open. Thats about the extent of my knowledge sorry :-(
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    the thermostat is built into the design of most motors to regulate the flow of water dependant on temperature..some engines have spring loaded relief or poppet valves to increase flow in high rev high temp situations...just cause you have water coming out telltale doesn't mean engine is running at optimal temp or may be overheating and doing damage that will cost heaps...thermostats are there for a reason..buy a new one and have peace of mind that its running right...cheaper than rebuild/being towed/smashing up on rocks after breaking down.????????????????????
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    I finally learnt how to load stuff to YouTube!
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