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    Snapper were simply not to be found in our area over the weekend. The regular snapper marks were loaded with toads, these little piranha type buggers destroyed every plastic but even micro jigs couldn't locate a red. We had plenty of fun searching the headlands for the odd salmon on 6lb line. The shallow reefs had no end of sergeant bakers and other reef species but the good thing was that there were plenty of good sized squid. Jumped in for a few lobsters to top up the dinner variety.
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    After a couple of trips to Jindabyne fishing from the bank with minimal success I decided that it was time to drag the boat down and have a go trolling at the lake.... This turned out to be a great decision. Before the trip I used a great article from Fishraider to learn how to service the bearings on the trailer, or more accurately put in a new set, in preparation for the 500 k tow down from Sydney. Also spent days preparing fishing gear including making up my own downrigger by casting a 4lb bomb out of some old roofing lead which I hung of an old Abu overhead reel loaded with 120lb mono, a short heavy boat rod and a release clip that I bought online. Got up early on the Tuesday and left Sydney at 6.30am for the drive down. Had a good run and was in Jindabyne in time to get the boat in by 1.30 for an afternoon fish. As I drove into Jindabyne I stopped in at Snowy Mountain Sports and spoke to Richard, owner, and Liam, son of owner, who were great in providing some advice on where I might get onto a fish, so I headed to East Jindabyne and started trolling some Tassie Devil lures. Turned out that their advice was good and I found myself connected to a lovely 40cm Brown Trout. Not a bad start and my best Trout to date. The rest of the afternoon was quiet with no more fish but I was more than happy with just the one. Day 2. Early start, out of bed by 5.30 and boat on the water by 6.15am. It was a fantastic day with hardly a breath of wind so the lake was glassy flat. I started by trolling the clay pits but nothing was cooperating so around 9.00 I headed to East Jindabyne again. Things then picked up, the first fish hooked was a nice 38cm Brown followed an hour later by a 37cm Brown, then the bite went off. I trolled around till around 4.00 and decided to call it a day. The weather had been so good with so little wind that even though I only got 2 it made it a wonderful day. Day 3. Up and on the water by 6.15am again, 1/2 before sun up, this time with a Jindabyne local, Mick, who suggested that we start again at the Claypits. Within 20 minutes we had the first bite, a nice Brown 35cm, 1/2 later on again with another nice Brown at 32cm, then again an hour later a nice Rainbow at 32cm. After that Mick had to go to work so I dropped him off and kept going. By 9.30 that day I had another Brown at 38cm and another Rainbow at 36cm. For the first time ever I had bagged out on Trout.... One very happy fisherman. Day 4. Friday the 18th of May a date that will be etched into my mind for many years.... It was another early start and on the water by 6.15 with no wind . Trolled away from the boat ramp and across the front of the Claypits in about 25 foot of water with 1 Tassie on a down rigger and 1 running on the surface. About 15 minutes later the rod with the Tassie on the surface bent over and line started flying off the reel, I grabbed the rod and the fight was on, I got line, then the fish took it back, but slowly I started getting him towards the boat. As I was on my own I leave the boat in gear to keep the other lure straight out the back and out of the way of the fish I am fighting. That worked fine until he was about 15 foot from the boat and just refused to come any closer so I knocked the engine out of gear and got him close. When I saw the fish I nearly wet myself, it was a HUGE Brown.. There I was rod in 1 hand and landing net in the other and this fish was kicking all over the place.. Eventually I managed to coax him into the net at which stage I let out a big Ye Ha and he was on the deck. I put him on the scales and he came in at around 4 1/2 lb and measured 60cm I continued fishing and had the best day ever, landing another 7 fish, 1 Brown and 6 Rainbows including a pair where I landed one, dropped the lure back in and as I was about to clip the downrigger onto the line it went of with another fish on. Day 5 and 6 were nothing special, weather was good but the fish were not so cooperative. having said that I still managed a 33cm Brown and small Rainbow on the Saturday and a 34cm Rainbow on the Sunday. Also it was cold, on the way to the boat ramp it was showing as -3 on the car and there was frost on everything...... It was so cold that I had trouble getting the boat off the trailer as the rollers were frozen up...Even the esky was frozen. Day 7, the last day. Forecast was not too good, with Willyweather forecasting quite a bit of wind, however as it was the last day there I was at 6.15am putting the boat in again.... Just call me a sucker for punishment. I ended up all over the lake, East Jindy, up into the mouth of the Snowy River up towards the North of the lake. Generally exploring and trying to stay out of the wind. It was so cold that I was driving along wearing my Ski jacket and Ski gloves to try and keep warm. Eventually I did get a strike. At first I thought I had snagged the bottom but then realised that the line was disappearing off fasted than the boat was going and it was kicking so had to be a fish. Turned out to be a really nice 43cm Rainbow. For those who have caught Trout before you'll know that the Rainbows fight harder than the Browns and this one put up more of a fight that the big Brown that I caught on the Friday. That was the only fish that day, however it did round out the numbers nicely to make it 20 fish for the week and every one of them over the minimum size limit. So overall I would say that it was a successful week. Dragging the boat all the way from Sydney was well worthwhile and something that I will do again. I hear that there is a big Trout festival after the Ski season so I just might have to start preparing my gear for that one. Now off to start cooking up that 43 Rainbow for tonight dinner. :-) Does anyone know how to update my PB's below, I need to update those trout sizes..
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    Got this rat trolling Balmoral today was a surprise as I was chasing Taylor.
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    G'day people of fishraider I have just returned from a fishing trip to Weipa with 3 mates. We left on Friday 13th with no mishaps at all, for all those superstitious people, tied up on the mooring at the mouth of the channel by 5:30 pm with all supplies & fishing gear at the ready. We decided to head north towards the Nomonade & Pines rivers to try for barra & jacks this year as we had never been that way before. Unfortunately the barra & the jacks weren't to be found but I did manage to hook a 1.24mt spanish mackeral it was about 13kg on my Barra spin gear (5-8KG) spinning for qeenies. After a few days of trying we decided to head south to Pera Head our normal hunting grounds which was agreed to by all the boys & it was the right choice as we caught many Cobia, long tail Tuna busting up, more queenies, black jew, reef sharks & many Tusk fish one being over legal which was our first. The 2 cobia's in the photo are 1.03 & 1.2 mts each,the jewie was 96cm & 6 kg the quennie was 97cm & very fat through the middle. The locals rave about the taste of Tuskies & after eating it we now know what they are talking about it is absolutely delicious as was all our fish. We only eat what we can on the boat not choosing to bring stuff back & a lot of the fish we loose to the grey tax man. We have learnt over the years that if you can see the sharks actually attacking your fish we free spool & the fish out runs the sharks then we chase the fish to get line back then if we don't need any more to eat we release them which does work but not all the time. We returned home on Sunday the 22nd April & we all had withdrawals for fishing straight up so myself & one of the other guys went out the week after at Bellambi just doesn't compare to Weipa were the water temp was 30 deg compared to 19 here. I hope you all enjoy this short but hopefully interesting little story of our trip. Cheers Indepth
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    As my last report said I've been getting quite a few bream just no real size to them. Headed down to the river this morning for a bit of a landbased session to have a bit of fun with some more feisty little bream. Probably casting for about 40 minutes with no sign of a fish when a familiar tap came during a pause on the lure and the rod loaded up allowing for how hard the bream have been fighting lately felt like a better quality fish than I've been getting, gave me a good run around the structure then came ashore, still not big but a better quality fish than I've been getting lately a couple more small fish landed and the clear water came with the run in tide and the fish were off, back in the car and headed to a spot further upstream. Stopped for a quick cast at a footbridge home to some very wise fish but always worth a shot, as soon as the lure hit the water it was smashed again fish went hard going for submerged shopping trolleys and again a reasonable fish a bit smaller than the first these urban fish wise up really fast you generally get one shot and this was no exception. Decided to finish the session casting a spot I haven't fished for awhile the cormorants have started nesting again above the water for some reason bream love cormorant crap. First cast went wide with nothing second cast landed inches from a fresh cormorant crap two twitches and the black shapes were allover it. The take was brutal and straight away no doubt it was a quality fish nothing like fighting a solid bream from a 2.5m embankment covered in branches but unbelievably manged to keep him clear and bring him up the bank a beautiful mid 30's fish not overly long but solid for his length, been awhile since I've caught a solid bream certainly brought a smile to my face Just to give an idea of how fickle these urban bream can be I've marked where the cast landed and fish hooked basically I'm behind overhanging vegetation so the bream don't spot me as they cruise around that's it for another breaming session can't wait for the next one cheers for reading Dave
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    Recently got into fishing with switch rods, the evil two handed version of fly fishing! Well two hands is better than one! The beauty is you can Spey cast or overhead cast. Just gives so much more versatility. So out I went with the new toy last weekend and landed two nice fish off a lower harbour rock shelf. A few fish about but takes were tentative. Still a load of fun.
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    I took “the boss” out today and she was quite excited to catch a legal king (“ almost better than shopping”). The Squid were a bit slow today, but heaps of Yakkas at all the common spots and Kings we’re slow too. All the kings were either outside (12 mile) and Long Reef. A few rats in middle harbour though. Ive been getting XXL cuttlefish (2 at Long Reef = 9.7 kg) and the candles from these are the hot shot, youbeaut bait for Kings - like Tim Tams.
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    Trying conditions today! I don’t normally fish weekends as I often work them and when I do get a weekend off, I normally spend it with the family. However, my wife is away in Thailand with my son so I thought I’d head out. Headed for Little Beach ramp, stopping in for boat fuel on the way. Got to the service at 5 but it wasn’t open yet. They’ve been a few minutes late before. Due to the forecast, I wasn’t intending to go to Broughton, just the closer islands so figured 2/3 tank was OK anyway. Got to the ramp and the tide was well out with deep sand on the ramp so I figured I’ll launch at Soldiers Point and keep my feet dry. Also, it was heaps windier than I’d expected so I thought I’d fish in the Bay instead. Stopped in at the servo again (10 past 5) and someone was just arriving to open up. “We don’t open ‘til 6”, she said. “You opened at 5 the other week”, I said. “That’s on weekdays. Weekends we open at 6”. A bit inconvenient... if I decide to fish a weekend, I’m going to have to haul the trailer up the driveway and make a special trip during the week. Or fill up on the way home from a trip, I guess. I was so used to a 24 hour servo down the road in Sydney! Anyway, I launched at Soldiers and headed down the Bay to a mark I’d been considering for jew and, I’ve heard, a sneaky inside red. The current was racing and the spot lock was working overtime to hold position. Would be better on the tide change, I reckon. The wind didn’t seem so bad so I decided to head outside . Tried a drift flicking plastics near Boondelbah (made it for sunrise) but it seemed worse than the other day when I fished there with Scratchie. The wind picked up again and I decided to troll for bonito. The gannets were dive bombing in a number of locations but predominately on the western (windward) side. No bonito but picked up 2 tailor on the trusty XRap. Promising. I want to get a decent length salmon for my club comp... maybe soon. Next pass, I heard the ratchet scream and I looked back to the lure but I couldn’t see it. Then I looked up... sure enough, it was in the air... attached to a friggin’ gannet! I played that sucker for about 5 minutes on 6kg mono, got him into the boat with some difficulty, threw a towel over his head and managed to get the treble out of his beak. However, another treble was stuck in his wing and I had trouble budging it. He bit me (just a bit) and took off again. I eventually got him back into the boat and finally got the treble out of his wing and he took off again. I saw him dive bombing on some bait so I hope he’s OK! It was no mean feat dealing with that sucker solo in a lot of slop and spray! The wind was really picking up now, so I headed back towards the entrance but could only do 5 or 6 knots. Any faster and I’d get soaked! (Might have to get a cabin boat!). Found a bit of shelter in the lee of Tomaree Head around to Flyroads and Fingal Spit. Tried trolling and drifting for flathead but no luck... it was too uncomfortable and I headed back in. A very wet ride punching back into the westerly all the way back to Soldiers - not good when you’re battling a cold! Back at home by 11:15 to thoroughly clean the boat, have a shower and swallow some cold and flu tablets. A trying day but, still, I enjoyed myself. The conditions don’t look so good outside for the rest of the week (typical - the rest of my holidays!) but maybe I can manage a session in the Bay.
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    Hello raiders - a combined report from a few morning trips this week. Some big tides have washed a lot of weed & garbage up on to the beaches, but it hasn’t deterred the fish at all. The whiting have been the pick, most of them 40cm+ and not very fussy! Most beaches have have been producing, and tide seems to matter more than time of day. Fishing the upcoming tide seems to be producing the goods. Live/fresh bait is key, and contrary to most beach fishing - fish AWAY from the gutters! I’ve been having most success fishing right up on the sand bars, right where the waves are breaking. There’s some nice bream & dart in the mix, and also some stud flathead - although this time of year through March those are mostly really big jenny’s that we’d do well to release. Breaks my heart seeing some of those big flatties being kept, they are our breeding stock & there’s no shortage of “plate sized” fish to keep for a feed. Tight lines all, it’s a lovely time of year to be out fishing!
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    Over the last month I’ve been fishing berowra creek from the ferry up to the scouts hall fairly regularly in the kayak. I’m compiling a large report as the fishing has been really good on the flattys and bream working either strike pro blades, 4.6gm in shallows and the 9.6gm in deeper water around the boats. My other go too lure has been the 100mm squidgy biotough wriggler in bloodworm which has nailed me a lot of flathead over 40 and a cracking bream I got today that went 43cm. Its all been a major learning curve for me after a disappointing bass season, and I’ve found it most productive working mangrove edges and the drop offs from the sand flats. One day from memory I had a hot bite for thirty minutes where I waded the flat and was getting fish a cast. Today I launched at the ferry on the west side (around 9:30) and worked around the moorings to start the day. Was frustrating to say the least, snapping line, and then losing a 70cm+ flatty next to the yak in the first half hour was hard to take. Was pretty quiet for a while with the drop of the tide so I made the decision to work up the creek to the begining of the flats where the waters quite deep and lots of weed beds. This paid off with some good mid 30s flathead around but was highlighted by a 43cm bream I caught on previous mentioned squidgy wriggler. Was a very solid fight and had my fears I’d pull the hooks on it, quick picture and I released him for another day. Called it not long after this to finish the day on a high, back in time to start work at 4. Thanks for reading. Will put up another report after the weekend.
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    Hi Gents, Any preferences as to where to fish? I normally fish the Neutral bay to Mosman area of Sydney harbour with trips up to Middle Harbour and Pittwater. I can pick Waza up from Croydon if the preference is to fish the South side of Sydney but locations would need to be suggested - something with a few options within an easy drive. I don't have the benefit of local knowledge down that way as I rarely fish South of the bridge. Balmain might be a nice compromise geographically. There are a few locations which can be fished. There are blackfish in that area. There are also kings and passing squid. With Big Neil here for a few days we can try a few different locations. Two weeks to lock something down and I plan to apply for leave on Friday the 8th of June. Regards, Derek
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    Think the first ones a crimson banded wrasse and second is a black spot goat fish
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    My mate convinced me to got target some flathead around South West Rocks, I don't normally target them as I get kind of narrow sighted on targeting bream. We headed to the main river first and it still looks aweful, the water is black from recent rains and not likely to clear up anytime soon. Hit one of the small creeks instead with flathead lays everywhere it looked like a sure thing and of course the fish played hard to get. The first hour saw us land a couple of fish each the biggest about 20cm. Then I pulled out the "secret weapon" being a sinking stickbait and 3rd cast finally some weight on the other end, he fought hard for his size Kept casting my mate finally landed a reasonable fish on fly, and another solid take and again long hard runs I was thinking a big fish but again another average size fish in the low 50's that was it for the decent fish a few more miniscule flatties, whiting and bream finished the session off cheers for reading Dave
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    Very true. I caught my first and only hartail in the middle of summer in the middle of the day in a spot known for kingfish not hairtails. A year earlier we went on a week long trip to catch hairtail, and ended up with a kingfish by-catch in the middle of the night in the middle of winter, in a spot known for hairtail.
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    Well done Steve
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    Hi all, was just thinking about the amount Ive spent on fishing related expenditure and thought it would be good to start a topic on spending tips to save a few bucks here and there, hopefully to curb off the ever increasing total spent! I'll share some of my tips: * Subscribe to mailing lists for popular fishing sites - check out the weekly emails most send out and see if gear you've been eyeing appears on sale! * I often shop on eBay for really cheap consumables but look for the signs of quality amongst the sea of crap - e.g. split rings (look for flattened and with a weight rating), swivels (look for stainless steel with a weight rating). Other accessories like knot hooks, small tackle boxes etc... are pretty basic so not much that can go wrong - buy these as cheap as possible. Having said that, I also check against Dinga as a general point of reference (free Australia based shipping with no minimum spend really levels things). When buying of AliExpress, I also use my cashrewards account to accrue 5% off every purchase made - factor this in the price comparison. I should say here that for sinkers , I usually buy from dinga as shipping contributes greatly to pricing for eBay, as we know, shipping is free on dinga, so often works out cheaper to buy heavy consumables from dinga. * For fluoro leader, Ive gone cheap and expensive - I haven't really had a positive experience in the cheap arena, hence what I use exclusively is FC Rock for all ranges up to 40LB. I stock up when dinga have (quarterly?) 'Leader and line x% off sale'. * For braid, Ive found the kastking kastpro braid to be really good - breaks about 20% above stated strength and fairly accurate thin diameter. Goes for about 20aud for 300m on AE. Before that, have used a combination of 100-150m spools bought on sale from Australian stores (gallant brand, mainly) as well as kastking mega8, which has been fairly consistent but a little bit thicker than what's stated(going for about $14aud (whilst on sale) for 270/300m ATM on AE. * For reels - it's really a personal choice. See below: For cheap cheap reels that are gonna get abused or passed around, I get cheap cheap Chinese reels. I only pick from kastking and piscifun brands, these are the only ones that have made an impact globally with positive independent reviews frequently made on YouTube. Given I fish saltwater, I generally look for good carbon disc drag, sealed design and (sometimes) metal body. You can go with the popular brands, but I've found these two Chinese brands usually beat the popular branded reels in the sub $60 price point. For more expensive reels (i.e. above $60 :P) it's up to you. I really like the Daiwa BG for durability and smoothness, though a bit heavy. I often check a shop (us, not au) along with camelcamelcamel - I picked up a few Daiwa bgs around the $90-100 each, shipped. Otherwise, the Shimano nasci has better drag, similar sealing and is lighter (but that's because it's not a metal body). Otherwise, eBay with the frequent 20% of specific seller groups (outdoors types) might include fishing shops - so you might be able to pickup a clearance item with an additional 20% off. Applies to all types of fishing gear. * For rods, Ive had poor experiences buying chinese brands from the Chinese version of ebay, though the brand kuying has really nice rods but are pricier as a result. Definitely only for consideration when we are stronger against the USD and there coupons available on AE. eBay - Ive found the graphite rods from the Sambo brand to be acceptable for when you don't want to lose a rod overboard or passing it around - have caught a kingy on their 7' 5-10kg on max drag, the bend was like a jogging rod and it performed well). Great service aswell - they will consider "offers" made via the eBay "make an offer" function - e.g. 20% saved if I buy two. They also shipped out a new rod when I received a rod with a broken eyelet. All it took was a photo and I got a new rod in a few days. I sometime buy off adore tackle, the owner is really helpful via email, I feel the rods end up averagely priced when comparing the price of the rods in their home country (usually European). Good if you want a particular rod spec. For the majority of my rods, though, have gotten them through the weekly promotional emails - dinga has been the source of quite a few my rods, well done on pricing, dinga! * For boating gear, eBay for small components, wiring, electronic bits. Dinga for some parts and then RTM and whitworths for the rest. Don't cheap out on safety related gear. Having said all that, have I saved a fortune? I think I have. Have I SPENT a fortune? DEFINITELY!
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    Here you go. Don't know if you've used Dinga before but I can guarantee you'll be blown away by the price and service Hi Fishraiders, Thank you for the warm welcome, and great to hear many of you have already experienced the benefits and advantages of DINGA Online, and why it unanimously considered the #1 for Fishing Tackle by Australia's Angling Community In addition to our already low prices (if not the lowest prices in Australia), we would like to offer all Fishraider members (new & existing), an additional 5% discount on all their orders. Before placing an order please email us at info@dinga.com.au with the below details and we will assign you to a special customer group which will provide you with an additional 5% discount off our already low prices. Plus we will deliver every order to you within Australia free. All you need to do is email us with the following details: 1. Email address 2. Fishraider "Display Name" ... and we will apply this special extra discount offer to all of your orders from that time on. If you are not already a DINGA Club member, just go to this page and join (free) and fill in your details before you emails us with your details. https://www.dinga.com.au/dinga-club.html At DINGA Online we don’t offer discounts on inflated prices. Our special offers are truly special offers. We pride ourselves on being a cut above the competition, but what really sets us apart is what we like to call "The DINGA Difference". • Super fast, FREE shipping (Signed in DINGA Club Members) • All products backed by the DINGA 100% Guarantee (Easy Returns) • Best Value Guarantee (We will beat any advertised online price that an Australian competitor has in stock) • Protect your purchase from Click to Delivery • DINGA Buyer Protection (On all Transactions) • Enjoy 5 Star Service (Before & After Purchase) We are always happy to help you if you require assistance - please let us know by email, or call us during business hours on 02 4960 8840.
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    I think you'll find its just a very thin, diluted residue from the oil and grease that came off the parts. I normally clean my reel parts in petrol and get the same. If you're pedantic about it you can resoak them in some fresh acetone. Personally I don't bother, just give them a wipe over with a lint free cloth.
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    Those of you who want to go to Weipa it is doable for six people it costs just under $1500 each for a week plus airfare plus your alcohol. We found the action in Triluck was great lots of queenies all types of trevally plus a few barra and jacks Normon fished well for jacks l landed 15 one day plus big queenies and some barra. Just outside norman near the rock island we got a 5kg gt
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    Good on you mate, great to see all the effort being rewarded . Top report.
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    G'day JonD: The tenders are part of the hiring of the houseboat which we tow behind. How big is your rib it may be fine to travel down to Pera. There are also a lot of locations closer than Pera that fire as well, you also have the massive river systems & what they call the sticks which are the channel markers for the ships which are very close to Evans landing boat ramp.
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    Another good tip is to berley off the beach. Sounds strange to some people but it helps. Two methods that i use work well Traditional berley, freeze into large blocks and then bury in the sand. As the wash comes in it washes the berley out slowly... Sock Method, make fresh berley and put i in a sock / stocking or hesh bag. Tie to a to a rope and rope to your rod holder. This lets you move the berley sock up and down the beach. Also if you're lucky you'll see where the worms are as well lol
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    That's awesome Gordo, probably like yourself, I have been fishing Jindy for ages (close on 50 years) and I know how hard a lot of days on the lake can be..........haven't been up recently but last time I think I got 2 or 3 one day trolling and then the next couple of days, never got a hit! But thats trout fishing and Jindabyne hey. I bet you were stoked at bagging out.......its that long ago that I last did that, that I've forgotten. Well done mate and great report. cheers Mullatt
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    Great report Dave and good tips
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    Great report Gordo some top trout also love the photos .
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    What a fantastic report and a perfect example of persistence paying off. Good onya Gordo and many thanks for the report. Cheers, bn
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    Thanks, I have updated now. :-)
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    Great fishing and great report! Well done! I haven’t been trout fishing for ages! Might have to do something about that! To update your PBs, go to your profile and edit “signature”... I think.
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    Good report Baz. So you thinking of getting a cabin boat now mate? I've pretty much decided to stick with mine for now and put a few dollars into some new seats and a couple other bits and pieces, for the money I don't think I'd get something as good as I have.... Just put up with the heavy tow and hopefully have my son on board a few more times to help launch.
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    Great report Gordo and some cracker fish - especially for what seemed to be an exploratory trip! Curious what depth you got most of your fish? Cheers Phil
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    Some nice bream there Dave.
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    I go wetsuit bottom half, wetsuit socks and shimano evairs. Waders are warmer/drier but mobility is restricted if youre walking a long way and are a hazard if you get in the water
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    Over at the Kurnell side of the bay between the sticks and the the oil wharf.
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    Nice work! Certainly a good area to fish. Well done 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
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    Thanks Dave that would be excellent. Might happen with a stopover on the way. Cheers and tight lines. Keep the posts happening, love reading them. bn
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    one of my favourite places to target I use hardbodies ecogear sx40 and strikepro pygmy being my 2 favourites working the water over weedbeds or off the edges I personally prefer a twitch pause retrieve to imitate a wounded baitfish or prawn poppers worked over shallow weed are also really effective in the warmer months
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    Just had bearings replaced by Shimano and a general service including internal seal replacment done on a Stradic 8000 that is about 14 years old- the entire job cost $70 including postage-the cost of new bearings will be $10-15 with original parts- ceramic bearings will not have any dramatic effect- Jack Erskine was changing the spool bearings on baitcasters and overheads a few years ago for casting performance to ceramic ones- I had a chat to him about it at the time and they were really only of benefit to high end baitcasters where they had extremely fine tolerances - the tolerances in a Stradic would be "sloppy" enough that you wouldnt notice any difference. As a general comment- a nice mid range reel like a Stradic is well enough made (certainly comared to the gear that i started with) that you dont really need to fiddle with anything to improve them, they are relatively water and idiot proof which means that service should really consist of a good clean and thats about it- unless something (like a bearing or a seal) wears out. I understand as a young bloke you want to play round with your gear and get a better understanding of it all but todays gear is FAR better than anything i started with 40 years ago. Just hose, wash with a mild detergent, hose again and dry and spray with a bit of Tackleguard and put it away.
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    Brilliant catch Baz - I years ago, but Pretty rare off Sydney now. Well done mate.
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    Looks like a great session Dave,shame about the size but looks like fun. Better than work. Also the Trevally could be a Thicklip Trevally rather than a Bluefin. Good looking fish.
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    Haven't posted for a while in the report section. The weather forecast for the weekend was meant to be very 'promising'. A the same time my 'kayak itch' was developing, so snelling hooks, checking the gear or similar 'housework' was not an option. Decided to seek sheltered waters and went to Cowan for a yak session on a Sat morning. Took pilchards (as a backup plan) and a plenty of lures. It was windy however more gusts than permanent wind, kayak handled it with ease even without the rudder. So I continued to paddle. Regular showers in a waterproof hat (thanks to @HenryR old advice) in a cool wet weather did not bother me. At the spot I rigged a piece of pilchard on a weighted hook and put a rod in a back rod holder hoping for some lure action. Once I took a 2nd/lure rod in a hand - I felt a 'vibro call' through the body of a yak. I thought - young bream pickers, and casted my SP. Then I felt a weight on a bait rod behind me, so I reeled the SP quickly back. Started winching the bait rod - something heavy on a line. Soon I saw a close to 1 meter white log in a water. I thought - finally Jew from kayak ! , then a log turned over and I saw big square head (bloody PJ!? in Cowan??? ) , then I managed to pull it closer to the 'boat' and a saw a flat head of the fish. Big girl had 5 or so runs. A few times a I weakened and re-tightened the drag hoping that Big W 4 size hook will not let me down. When the big girl was exhausted I had a dilemma whether to pull the fish to the shore or try to take it aboard. A shore was a bit away, so paddling and pulling the fish in a water probably would take a while. I managed to put a fish in landing net when the fish was a bit quiet, and pulled it in a yak. The last thing that I wanted - was a big girl lap dance in a 65 cm narrow tippy kayak with all the head spikes and usual flathead landing 'fun'. The girl was unusually quiet in a kayak (unlike her 60cm brother a few weeks ago). So I paddled to the shore to measure the fish, make some photos and bring the fish back. The flathead was 88 cm ( PB for me ). The big girl was released in the same spot to multiply and harass local bait fish population. A few bites, however no catches later. Alvey 500 size and very Ugly Stik did the job. No feed, cold and wet a$$, a smile for the day, new PB , a few pictures and plenty of good memories. Tight lines!
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    You got plenty of options mate. I run a 1-3g NS Black Hole Avenger 7ft with a Stradic FK 2000 (FK because I like the rigidity instead of the Ci4+ which I find a little to flexible for tough fights. 2000 because I like the versatility, I used to fish 1000 size reels but i found it to light and unbalanced ona 7ft rod) My backup (currently for sale) is a Pflueger Trion Bream specialist 1-3 7ft (single piece) pair with a Pfluegar salt 2000. Great little rod for the boat and off shore. I don't use it much as prefer a 2 piece rod. The other setups that I've considered are G Loomis GLX 1-3kg 2 Piece. Its a fantastic rod, but you'll need to wait for a sale as they can cost up to 500+ just for the rod alone. I'd pair this with an Stradic FK or Abu Garcia Revo MGX both in the 2000 size. Nitro Vapor 60 / 70. the 60 I'd pair with a 1000 size reel and the 70 i'd pair with a 2000 size reel. This would fit your budget if you went with an FK
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    Nice fish, well done... you'd have to be happy with that!
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    Acetone stores well if sealed. Leave it for the next clean up
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    Yes, Neil, I thought I was in for a cracker day - I was already talking tag and release and having a go on a fly rod. It was far too windy, though!
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    That's what it says Spool. Who are we to argue with the manufacturer, especially when it doesn't matter what they are called...it's whether they are suited to a particular function. Our choice. Cheers, bn
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    I just line up a few trees or buildings on the shoreline. If you can see the bottom, it is too shallow. If your snapper lead hits the bottom in 10 seconds or so, it is flattie depth. Stick your finger in the water, if it feels cold then the water is cold. Who needs a sounder?
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