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  1. Yeah, maybe, but there could be a big difference between fishing offshore at Gerringong and land-based at Brisbane Water.
  2. how do you rate slimey mackerel fillets as bait?
  3. Shallow water species, land based. Flathead, bream, whiting, flounder. Brisbane Water mainly. Also on the ocean beaches, salmon, tailor, bream etc. cheers arron
  4. I should also point out that the best solution is probably soft plastics. They would work well in the local waters but hand injuries mean I can’t use them. I’ve also tried searching the area for some local fresh bait I can gather but haven’t come up with much. No beach worms, pippies or anything else except nippers which are ok but not ideal because of the casting distance required and the number of littlepickers. Maybe I’m overlooking something?
  5. I’m well aware that my lack of fishing success over the last year or so is down to my addiction to servo bait. I know that stuff is no good, but where we live it’s a fairly long drive to somewhere I can buy anything fresh to use, so a trip there and back to the nearest tackle or fish shop kind of eliminates any chance of slipping out for a late evening fish. So I’ve been wondering how I can get around this. If I go to the local fishing coop and buy a heap of Hawkesbury squid - the stuff that they call ‘fresh’ because it’s in an ice slurry and has never been frozen. Then if I freeze that myself, and pull it out immediately before going fishing - will that be any good? Is that any better then the stuff from a servo? Both are just frozen in plastic, but will mine be better in some way? Alternatively, what if I don’t freeze it, but leave it in ice, in the fridge, for a few days? I’d probably use some the same day, then more a couple of days later, then maybe the remainder a couple of days after that. Will it be any good after the first day, or is it no longer fresh as the fish see it?? Another question - is the frozen bait (like Tweed Bait) bought at a shop or a tackle shop any better then the same thing from the local servo? What do other people do? cheers arron
  6. Thanks. Where was that ? Arron
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I should clarify that I’m not interested in targeting them in Brisbane Water (I’ll go over to Pittwater for that) I’m just interested in the whole question of where they occur and their biology generally. thanks arron
  8. Ok, 74 views and no one seen one, which doesn’t surprise me. what about that area from Half Tide Rocks to Box Head ? one time I was chucking a popper around one of those navigation buoys near half tide rocks and a black shape about the same size as a rat king came up to investigate. It was too quick though so I don’t really know what it was.
  9. This is just out of curiosity. Has anyone caught or seen a kingfish in Brisbane Water? I know it’s not ideal country for them but I wondered whether stragglers get up there? Same question applies to that channel that runs from the Rip Bridge to Ettalong/Umina - I’m not sure what it’s called but I assume it has some name other then Brisbane Water. cheers arron
  10. Yep, the weight slides freely along the wire. Placement of the swivel is the same too. So it looks pretty much identical. i still find it hard to picture it working. I guess I’ll have to try it and then maybe all will be revealed. Japanese tackle I’d expect to work well, even if it doesn’t exactly suit our environment. in the picture above, is that the mainline or the trace coiled to the right? If it’s the trace then it all makes sense - swivel on the mainline side to stop twist in mainline, plus plastic vane above sinker to minimise resistance and twist on retrieve. Cheers arron
  11. Yeah, but why. What was the advantage. Stopping tangles somehow maybe?
  12. Hi. I know this is a fishing sinker of some sort, but I can’t remember how it was supposed to be used. Can anyone explain it for me please? Bought from Daiso a few years back. cheers Arron
  13. Hey HookedUp, can you pm me the charters name too. thanks arron
  14. Ok.many thanks cheers
  15. Hey Dave, I’m thinking of travelling up there. Which beaches would give me the best chance of coming across a school ? I’m not seeing any down here on central coast beaches, though I have caught a few stragglers on bait.