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  1. Dart any good to eat

    Are the swallowtail dart on the Central Coast any good to eat. sometimes they seem to be all I catch. So has anyone tried one ? cheers arron
  2. Lures to replace whitebait

    Small ‘eyes’ fly behind a sinker. when they get fussy sometimes nothing will make them strike, especially at this time year when they’e been hammered for a while.
  3. Whiting, worms and longshank hooks

    Ok, thanks for all the advice. must buy some Gulps tomorrow. Maybe some spray on scent too. cheers arron
  4. Anyone else into Gyotaku

    Anyone else given Gyotaku a try ? Japanese style fish printing,that is. Basically, you ink up a dead fish, then press ricepaper over it to give a positive image that is usually enhanced and then coloured. ive done a few - example of a flounder attached more here : https://pin.it/qpbq6kqlljgwy2 cheers arron
  5. I’ve been targeting whiting, in the surf. Using frozen beach worms, size 4 worm hooks, light line and small ball sinker. I need to sharpen up my approach. Im wondering; 1. How much beach worm do you use? 2. Do you just thread the worm over the hook, or is there a smarter way to do it ? 3. Does it matter if the bulk of the hook shank is exposed. I find that after it’s been out in the surf for a few minutes the worm tends to simply ball up in the bend of the hook. Is this Ok, or are they wary of a long steel hook shank poking out? 4. Has anyone used the artificial worms by Gulp or whoever? Any success? 5. What’s the current thinking on the little red beads and tube. Anyone use them? i appreciate all answers cheers arron
  6. Jewfish - Advice please

    Have you thought about whether the culprit could be a crab. A big one can pull line - they swim quite well. Can shred bait quickly. Usually don’t hook up - they drop off as soon as you start the retrieve.
  7. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    I don’t think the local marine life has much to fear. Those kingies have never had to catch their own prey in their lives. They would be too fat and slow and clueless to catch anything except pellets.
  8. Why use long shanked hooks for whiting

    Yep, I thought it was something like that. It just seemed hard to reconcile with the fact the same fish is also keen to smash poppers and sugar pens on the surface.
  9. I’ve never targeted whiting but I’ve read a bit about them and always wondered why people always use long shanked hooks when fishing for them. I googled it a bit but no convincing explanation found. cheers arron
  10. Box Head land based

    Ok, thanks for the replies arron
  11. Anyone fish the pelagics at Broken Bay today

    Thanks guys. what size are the Mac tuna ? Are they the little ones about same size as frigates? cheers arron
  12. I walked out to Box Head today and saw some big schools of pelagics in the Lower Hawkesbury between Box Head, Barrenjoey and Lion Island. They were attended by big flocks of shearwaters. Anyone fish these and able to see what species they were? there was also some schools of smaller pelagics, perhaps frigates, which were ignored completely by the shearwaters. cheers arron
  13. Box Head land based

    Hi. Has anyone fished Box Head land based. It looks like a good spot to intercept passing pelagics and fairly deep in close, but doing a search I come up with not much. cheers arron
  14. Anyone know why? - Failed past 4 trips

    I find fishing hard over the Xmas/new Year period because everyone is on holidays and so many people are fishing. Where I fish, I believe I can tell if the place has been flogged by other fishos in the last few days. The fish are shyer, and it takes them a few weeks to get back to being their old selves.
  15. Maitland Bay

    How does Maitland bay compare to other beaches nearby - fishwise? just wondering, with Maitland bay being a marine reserve cheers arron