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  1. Not a clue!

    Yep. I think rattail it is. Thanks for the correction.
  2. Any Ideas,

    Can you make it clear why it’s not a pearl perch ? thanks V.
  3. Not a clue!

    Have a google on ‘ratfish’ or ‘chimera’ or more accurately ‘chimaera’.
  4. Identification please

    my first thought as well, but I rejected it on the basis that: Pectoral fin on longfin perch is much longer - extends to midway of rear dorsal fin. Yellow fins are characteristic of Eastern orange perch both sexes, not female longfin. The Eastern orange has one or more darker lines paralleling and above the lateral line. The Eastern orange has a white trailing edge to the outer gill cover. Eastern orange http://fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/4380 female longfin http://fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/4380
  5. Bail arm snapping over on spinning reel

    I should also have pointed out that the reel that gives me trouble is my only baitrunner. I doubt this is relevant but maybe they are more prone to this issue.
  6. Bail arm snapping over on spinning reel

    Thanks Derek, but definitely not a technique issue. My other 5 spinning reels cast just fine, and I use it like in your second photo. cheers
  7. Fishing bags

    I know this isn’t likely to be much use to you unless you have access to someone who can sew and has a punchy machine, but maybe you do so here goes. i had the same issue as you, often walking long distances to fish, and then wading or keeping mobile along the beach once I got there so wanting something that I could reach all parts of while wearing it. My other requirements were that I wanted something fully machine washable, layed flat against the body and didn’t impede walking, had a separate optional bait bag for stinky bait and fish, had tailored compartments for everything including an ultra-safe one for wallet/phone/keys/etc, used commonly available tackle boxes as they wear out first, and - the real killer - was made to last. I looked in all the shops and googled heaps but found nothing that met my requirements so made my own. I have basic sewing skills, really just the ability to sew a straight line, so if I can do it anyone can. There are lots of plans and tutorials on making messenger bags on the net. It was just a matter of buying the tackle boxes first, then modifying the plans to suit them. Im very happy with the result. Photos attached. Lately I’ve realised I need something else though - for short trips . Really just a belt with one of those little bait buckets available in the shops, a compartment for minimal lures and tackle in a small clip box, a waterproof compartment for keys etc, and a pouch for a knife. That’s all I really need for a short trip to the beach. hope you have access to someone who enjoys sewing cheers arron
  8. Hi. I have a small spinning reel which has a problem: on a big cast, the bail arm snaps over mid-cast. It’s done it since new, though is out of warranty now. i tried tightening the screws holding the bail arm on with no improvement. Common problem I know. Is there a standard fix for this ? cheers arron
  9. Identification please

    Top one, Eastern Orange Perch, Lepidoperca pulchella. bottom one probably female bluethroat wrasse, Notolabrus tetricus, but would need a better photo to be sure. cheers
  10. Is it winter yet (underwater)

    I’m aware that in winter the estuaries shut down to a degree, and that there is a change in fish species. So I’m wondering, have people noticed a change in the fishing yet? I went to Putty Beach a couple of days ago and the usual plague of little dart seem to be gone. Otherwise, virtually no bites. has winter fishing pattern set in?
  11. Anyone bought braid on Ebay

    Having used these products for about a year now here goes... Actually, they are all good. If there is a shortcoming with them, I can’t see it. Perhaps I’m just not catching large enough fish. None seem to be prone to tangles, despite what I said in the posts above. i can’t remember any unexpected break offs. cheers
  12. Fish ID please (Starry toadfish. Arothron firmamentum.)

    Starry toadfish. Arothron firmamentum.
  13. Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Nice fish but ouch for the reel in the sand. cheers
  14. No squid

    Rip as in Rip Bridge ?.. cheers
  15. Zebra Fish? (Zebra Fish Girella zebra)

    Sorry, forgot. The same book rates zebra 2 out of 5 for eating. Luderick are 3 out of 5.