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  1. help with estuary fishing

    As they say Rome wasnt built in a day. Dont be disheartened! Remember even pros have dud days. Even television programmes film for 10 hours to make a half hour fishing programme. When you say estuary rod, what is the rating? Have you tried using lighter leader? Remember you are still catching fish. I can't begin to tell you how many all nighters I've done targeting mulloway to come home with doughnuts. Yes its frustrating, but im fishing still. Your time will come mate when all the stars and moons will align and youll achieve desired results
  2. Jewfish - Advice please

    I tend to agree with Volitan. Sounds like a crab was playing with your bait. Try circle hooks mate and set your drag accordingly. I only ever use circle hooks and never strike, they just pick up and run, with the drag set correctly the hook will do all the work.
  3. help with estuary fishing

    What line size have you been using? What have you been trying to target? What is the size of your terminal tackle?
  4. Urgent help required

    Solvol and if the smell remains i use dettol. 90% of the time its the bait that makes your hands smell, not freshly caught and filleted fish
  5. Underfloor tank

    Dont go hiding any extra gemfish under your decks mate
  6. Lowrance hook 7

    my hds gen 2 does this at times....i just turn it off then back on and the problem goes away
  7. Jewfishing

    Funny thing i usually target them up here and go to batemans for something different. I'll trade some info with ya mate
  8. Hi guys, looking to head to batemans in march and wondering if any of you have or know of someone that will hire their houseboat for a week. I know of cthe two main operators down there, just wanting to check if anyone has a private one they rent out. Cheers fellas Mick
  9. Circle Hooks - Info needed

    if you set your drag right, the hook will do all the work mate........you dont need to strike with circles
  10. Hi raiders, Ive been catching up on recorded tv programmes and i think now is time i wanna organize a trip for myself, my old man, a couple of mates and their fathers. After all we wouldnt have started fishing if it wasnt for them. I have been watching a lot of mothership with day tenders sort of programmes and not too sure how old the programmes are either so not sure if the viewed charters still exist. I keep seeing Weipa trips organized on fishraider and a lot of the fish i wanna cross off my bucket list are caught there, so perhaps there. I am open to other suggestions though. Fish i really wanna specifcally cross of my list are GT's and barramundi and perhaps with my passion for mulloway - black jew. Other species could include jacks, spaniards, tuna even. At the moment its definitely myself and my old man, with maybe 4 or 5 more people interested. If anyone has any suggestions on places to fish for these species and charters also could you reply the location and maybe pm the charter you chose to use. Like i said, this will more than likely be a once in a lifetime trip for most of us so dont really wanna hire a houseboat somewhere and venture off ourselves as I and most of us wouldnt have any idea how to target these species successfully. Looking forward to receiving some advice from all those that have been on a similar trip Cheers Mick
  11. Jewfish 😝

    I will crack that SP metre mulloway.....im determined to!!!!! As Humesy mentioned, fish at a spot that has produced before. There is plenty of literature available to buy that tells you what you can catch and where for most systems.....sydney harbour being no different. Check if your spot says mulloway on one of the maps. If it doesnt, then maybe try elsewhere. Thats not to say that they wont be there, but as a beginner you want to fish at known spots really. Also, as a beginner, do what you have read. ie find structure - pylons, rock walls with access to deep water. Drop offs are another great area to fish. Fish the tide changes(slack water period) to begin with, maybe 2 hours either side. Remember what you have read about mulloway, generally speaking they hole up and venture out when the tide slackens. I'll ask a question of you now. If there is more water ie high tide, do you think you'll find predatory fish easier? Read between the lines of the question i just asked of you....feel free to pm me your answer if your a bit embarrassed to answer on the page here. Dont be embarrassed though, i guarantee more stupid questions have been asked on these forums. Here is a hint though - when do most people who casually just throw a line in hoping for the fish of a lifetime fish? you wanna try the opposite to that. Ive had little success when fishing in crowds. These days, even if i drive all the way from campbelltown to cronulla to catch bait and then head to one of my spots and people are there, i dump the livies in the river and drive home Yes you could cheat and get someone to take you - well not cheating really, but you probably wont feel as though youve done it all yourself. Im a believer of trying your own thing. Not once did i ask anyone whats the best bait, whats the best spot etc etc. I first found a bridge in the georges river i could target them landbased - and i began my journey using plastics. After catching about a dozen of legals(back then it was 45cm) biggest during that period was 68cm, i started learning how to gather bait - squid and yakkas and then fished the same spot time and time again. It produced results with my biggest being 86cm from that same spot. That was probably over a 6 -12 month period. Happy with my efforts and captures, I then applied my novice theories to other bridges, then to other structure, then to other systems. Dont let work deter you mate, fish hard, dont sleep lol, go to work and then fish again lol. Feel free to pm any other questions. Im happy to help those who have been putting in effort themselves and trying for themself
  12. Jewfish 😝

    Mate your trying everything by yourself, spending the time catching yellowtail and squid and trying over and over and over. While it hasnt (at the moment) got you onto your first mulloway, your learning so much every trip. If you went elsewhere, you would always think "what if i tried my spot tonight instead of being here." Keep at it mate, the reward might be a day a way, it might be a year, hell it might not even be legal size, but at the end of your first capture of mulloway you'll come away with more than just a fish. My hat goes off to you for doing and learning for yourself. Keep at it man, you'll get what you want and then some. In the mean time, read my post. Still to this day id say 80% of my fishing revolves around mulloway fishing, whether that be specifically hunting them with plastics/bait or gathering live bait and squid for trips planned. I love it, the sleepless nights, tired workdays that usually follow, i dont care because i love the way i feel after i catch one - any size. Seeing them swim away is an even better feeling. One more thing, keep a diary, record everything, even the times you caught nothing - a pattern does exist for every system.
  13. Wilson Live Fibre RLFTX16 (Help)

    ive got a couple of texaliums mate that i use for jews - not overhead though. 8-15kg. were a good upgrade from my standard live fibres
  14. Snelling circle hooks

    ive snelled gamakatsu occy circles from 4/0 - 8/0 using them for live yakkas and squid, and dead baits like butterfly yakka, squidstrips, fillets of tailor and yakka and whole squid
  15. Rammount fishfinder

    pm sent mate