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  1. pm sent mate
  2. +1 for me, came from SA retailer in less than 2 days
  3. i guess it comes down to what fishing you do. when i drive the boat into botany bay from the upper georges river, i tend to do 25-30knots when i can, my ram has never comes loose. I like the one you showed in the pic though, but i cant easily tilt the screen with that, id have to undo the screen mounting screws to tilt
  4. JonD, ive never had a problem with mine if i tighten it up. When im at speed, i always return it to the position in the photo. Curious to see what the swing arm models are though
  5. i got my gen 2 hds10 on one mate.........awesome bit of gear
  6. Yellowtail are all year mate
  7. dont have time to catch bait......said no jewfisherman ever mate. Learn the skill and you'll get your jew
  8. I agree with Dave, flathead are way easier to target when learning the ropes. Im guessing you fish the Georges river being so close. If you wanted to meet up somewhere send us a pm mate. Im in Campbelltown, and fish the Georges regularly. I should be able to help you out man.....so long as your not one of those "what the best place, whats the best lure, whats the biggest" type of guys
  9. I have two saltiga surf 6000 reels. Extremely light reels. I team them with 13foot live fibre trophy surf and snyder mt8144. Obviously that for beach. Also use them on the boat with 8-15kg texaliums. The reels havnt really been strectched yet, biggest jew to date 12kg and bronzie about the 1.5m mark. Handled both relatively easily though. Had them for about 6 years now mate i wash them after use, dry them and oil as necessary and they both still feel great. Never had them back to daiwa for service, but i have replaced line roller bearings and somehow i bent one of the bail arms(which i dont recommend you do$$$). Other than that i just oil them id say on average 3 times a year......they do get plenty of use so i make sure i wash them regularly in the shower. While ive never dropped them in sand while beaching, there have been times where my hands have been covered in bait and sand and after washing off, they have been fine.
  10. Have you played around with any of them? Sometimes you need to have a feel of how they navigate through menus etc for ease of use. Do you want to split the screen, maybe one of them will let you split the screen and then change how much of each is showing. Personally id go the one with the biggest display(by that i mean the screen size not the overall unit size). Dont forget to factor in a mapping card and perhaps a second slot for a sd card if you wanted to save any gps data. I cant comment on these units as i have a hds12 gen 2 with lss2 (i know i know old - but fricken massive and i love it)
  11. 1. keep a diary. Eventually youll have enough data to not waste time chasing them. Believe me it actually works 2. read any article in magazines or online about them, They are published for good reason, though you will figure out after 30 or so that its not gospel. All depends on your choice of estuary. 3. Bait - fresh/live - yakkas, squid, mullet, i prefer using whole baits but a lot of people use strip baits with much success. 4. Rigs - a simple 6/0 - 8/0 live bait hook for live yakkas is all that you will need. Depending on where youre fishing 30-60lb leader, about 70cm is plenty. I use fixed snells for whole squid bait (and live yakkas also), i use 6/0 - 8/0 gamakatsu occy circle hooks for my snells. 5. Be prepared for long cold nights with nil fish when you start, dont give up!!!! There is a pinned post that will tell you most of what you need to know, and will give you a great idea of what you should be doing. One day mate, you will realise that jewie fishing is not for the faint hearted and you wont tell anyone about your spot "x" hahahaha
  12. what would be your recommendation for flatties then mate? This wont be my "go to" combo for jews as I have a heavier combo (stella4000fe and nrx 842s mr) to take care of that. Call it a fun combo for jews if you like, but will predominantly be used for targeting flatties
  13. Hey fellas, As the title says, im after a nice rod for targeting flatties and for use a light jew rod. Using plastics of course. Last week I purchased a daiwa certate16 2500 size, planning on running 8lb braid of some brand. Looking for a rod to match it. I bought the reel online from coffs while it was on special, and while i was planning on running it with my gloomis nrx 802s jwr, i wouldnt have a rod for my daiwa sol2500 (series1). I honestly dont know why people hate loomis so much? To be brutally honest, i have been away working and have not had a chance of of trying the new certate on the loomis rod, so i cant comment on how they feel together. Not too fussed on brand or price. Its killing me being away and not being able to play with some new gear!!! Recommend away please, i have been looking at the higher end of rods. Cheers Mick
  14. I know a little different circumstances since i have no missus and kids, but my 2009 bt50 single cab trayed ute tows my rig easily......its the boat in my avatar pic. I have towed my r32 skyline on a trailer with it, it did what i needed it to do, though i reckon it struggled a little. Ive heard good things about the newer model 4x4 bt50. Try and get your trailer/boat/gear thats usually in it to a weigh station and then see the specs of the car your looking at to work out if your tow weights will be ok. I've only ever driven a triton years ago (10 years atleast)as a work vehicle and the turning circle was pathetic
  15. RIP Gabe