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  1. what braid to buy

    Hi all, For my 40th a couple of days ago, i decided to buy myself a couple of 8000sw stellas for chasing mulloway with bait and boat based. I havnt had the need to buy braid for a couple of years now and was wondering what braid you guys would be buying these days to chase the ghost. Open to any brand in the 30-50lb range. I currently use 30lb on my older reels Cheers Mick
  2. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Ill keep an eye out
  3. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    The 68cm didnt have a lure(squidgy wriggler 70mm) in its mouth with a piece of 4lb flouro did it lol?
  4. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    I thought there were rumours of freshwater varieties
  5. Different type of Hooks

    What are you targeting mate, and what baits would you be using. +1 What fragmeister said
  6. Trip Dilemma + Live Bait Hook Set

    Have you thought of trying occy circles? I use them for jews all the time. Rod and reel(either land based or boat based) has drag set accordingly. The rod loads, the hooks set(most of the time 😉😭😡) then the reel does the work for me. Even when im using plain occy 5/0 snelled the reel does the work. I reckon ive lost more jews by trying to set hooks after they run with either type of hook. Also when i use live bait, I use snelled occy circles. I place one hook before the first part of the dorsal fin and the second down the rear end of the dorsal fin.
  7. Sydney harbour mulloway spots

    Rig would be size 6/0 hook minimum tied to 60-100cm of trace material. Personally I use enough weight to get the bait to the bottom and I leave this as a running type of sinker above a swivel. I live bait with snells and rarely use single hooks. I have caught on both singles and snells, i just prefer snells. As for spots, try around structure, outside of river bends, somewhere that has access to deeper water. for a start. And im assuming youve done a little research about where to target jews, try spots that have been mentioned. Im not talking about this suburb or that suburb, but what areas of a waterway you should try and find like the ones I mentioned above. It wont be to hard to find some of these spots by simply looking at maps. Its exactly how I started my passion for mulloway.
  8. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    As an update, today I went to a tackle shop that had the reels I wanted to check out on my rods. Im glad I did. Looks like another spanner has been thrown into the works lol. While the 8000stella felt great, the 14000stella seemed a better feel to me. I did try the saltigas I originally had my heart set on, but both the stella's felt nicer than the 5000 and 6500 saltiga on the rod. My 40th in a couple of weeks, so will go and toss a coin to make my decision on which size stella's ill be getting myself for my birthday.
  9. Daiwa TD Battler vs Certate 16

    Make sure you go and try the reel on the intended rod prior to purchase. Nothing worse than buying blind off a website and finding out the reel doesnt fit the reel seat of the rod or just feels plain weird. 95% of the time, any reputable tackle shop will price match anyway and you get face to face service should something go wrong. Personally id pay full rrp from a tackle shop that i can actually go and check out a few reels im interested in and test fit on rods i own. Decent tackle shops are a dying breed. Internet shops popping up all over the place selling for less than brick and mortar shops usually have shite customer service, repsond to emails/messages in exteremely poor time and thats if you can understand the chinglish/aralish they respond to you with. Recently bought some gear off a well known site - well i actually drove 60+km one way to the brick and mortar shop they have and guess what....i paid more than the website stated. When queried on the price they said they couldnt offer the same price off the website to me. I said fine, just refund the money and ill buy elsewhere. They pretty much told me to get the f out!!!! Fantastic customer service!!!!
  10. Daiwa TD Battler vs Certate 16

    Recently bought a 2500 certate 16. Last trip I used it for targeting jews and it performed as expected. Smooth as silk drag and handles jews up to 80cm with ease(thats the biggest ive caught on it so far) when teamed with a loomis nrx 802s jwr. I cant comment on the battler, but i can compare my 'tate16 to a sol type 1 in 2500 and sol type 1 in 3000. The 'tate feels better than both of those reels, but they are getting a bit old these days hence the purchase of the 'tate. I absolutley trash my type 1 sols and they have stood up to any challenge. Im expecting the tate to cop many years of abuse. What species are you looking at targeting, or whats the use going to be?
  11. Green slip refund

    Burglars should be refunding more than just one year in nsw. Happy wirh the 115 im getting back for two vehicles though
  12. Live bait spots in the Georges?

    The squid I catch I glad wrap and freeze the same night for use later. I have caught multiple jews on squid that would be frozen for 3 or 4 months. The squid I freeze have been taken up and down the coast (from Narooma to Forster) when I go on holidays and use them and have never had a problem either
  13. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    Cheers fellas. I have read AH reviews and statement etc. My major concern is about servicing. I can speak from experience with Daiwa service department taking more than 3 months in the past to service my sol 3000 and tierra 2500. While I comfortable performing general maintenance after each trip, servicing drags and line rollers, I don't have the ability to completely strip down a reel to service myself, so this will be a major part of my decision.
  14. Live bait spots in the Georges?

    Try any wharf/ramp in the Hacking, yakkas are there most times of the year. Squid can also be caught here. Its not too much further from the Georges. Also if you dont have yakkas, why not use lures, they are just as effective IMO. As for the squid, you might get lucky and snag a squid in the Georges, but like I said, you'd be lucky because they are pretty much non-existent. Pafisho08 is also correct about he yakkas too, they show up every now and then around CC bridge on the north side. I have never targeted yakkas or squid in the Georges because they are just not there, a lot of other places are better to catch bait. I know there are plenty of mullet in the Georges, but I never seem to catch any so I rarely try. Ive tried unweighted size 12 hook and bread, a float with a size 12 hook and bread, even mullet traps and I never succeed. I dont know what im doing wrong to be honest. All the mulloway I catch in the Georges are caught on squid and live yakkas, the only problem with the squid is that it does, at times, get picked to death. Having said that, Ive caught some stonker bream as a jew by catch using live yakkas. I've sometimes used live herring that I have caught in the Georges or Hacking and that works too. Dont underestimate a legal sized tailor also.....yes 30cm......legal size. I always open the stomach of Mulloway on the rare occasion I don't release them and Ive found bits of squid, prawns, vertebrae(obviously from fish), crabs, worms, even small bream. On a side note, last year I was fortunate enough to find an accoustic tracker inside(not in the stomach) a mulloway. I did track down who fitted the tracker and we exchanged notes. It was placed in the fish 1.5 years earlier when the fish was 40cm and released at Abbortsford. In that year and a half it made its way out of Parramatta river/Sydney harbour and then into Botany bay and the Georges river(well upstream). From memory it was just over 80cm when I caught it. Keep at it man, you just gotta put in the hours for Mulloway unfortunately. Keep a dairy of your catches noting everything including weather conditions and a pattern does eventually present itself in every system for them with makes them easier to target years down the track. Hope some of this helps, happy to help those who try, try and try again using their own knowledge first!!! Mick
  15. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    One of the reasons im leaning towards the stellas xerotao