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  1. surface lures

    What fish do you want to target?
  2. Daiwa reel parts

    You should be able to call Daiwa Australia and order over the phone. Otherwise, measure the bearings size and you can get them from a bearing store. Try to get rust resistant if possible.
  3. Livebait tank with livebait tank

    I always have squid together with Slimies and Yakkas and never have any issue with squid chewing or harming the fish.
  4. Mounting of Electric Motor

    That's a nicely done fabrication there mate. One thing I can offer when mounting the Minn Kota is to level it with rubber washer packing on the 4 bolts. That way if the boat is level the shaft will be level. It will work most efficiently that way. You can't change it now, but another thing which makes it more efficient is mounting so the shaft is as close to the centre line of the boat as possible. Try pulling your boat from where you have the mount welded compared to the centre of the boat to get an idea of the extra effort needed.
  5. Big bass

    That is a very good size wild Bass. Nice picture too.
  6. Newest Site Sponsor DINGA.com.au

    Free shipping on all orders... I’ll be looking there first up next time I need something.
  7. albright knot questions

    Wind a length of line between your hands and try snapping it. If it breaks just the same then the line is worn. If you can’t break it, then it’s your knot tying that is damaging the line.
  8. Battery charging question

    I think an MX5 is a 5 amp charger right? That will do it. You don’t have to disconnect or take out the battery to charge it. Just connect to the terminals. If that is difficult, you can even connect to the main positive and negative lead ends from the battery, wherever they go to.
  9. Battery charging question

    First, how old is the battery and how long has it been dead flat for?
  10. Cold starting problems 1999 Yamaha 60 HP

    Yeah, I’m thinking it’s something other than a choke problem because it should still start pretty easily without it. It’s not that cold this time of year either. I’m thinking fuel is not getting from the tank to the engine properly after it has been sitting for a while, or 2 stroke oil build up inside. Do a test. Next time you get it started, let the engine sit for 2 days. It will be stone cold my then. Try starting it and if it starts easy then you know it’s not the choke.
  11. Sydney Harbour - Balmain, Barangaroo

    Wrong side of the bridge mate! You should have tried persuading them to just over the other side then you could have ate them.
  12. albright knot questions

    It should last longer than that. What braid are you using? The last few ‘working’ meters need to be trimmed every now and then, but the rest should last for years. I have 5 year old Fireline still on reels.
  13. albright knot questions

    My (normal) Albright knots get weak and snap where the mono leader enters the knot. Opposite to the braid tag end. The mono breaks. Its cause is the mono constantly ‘wriggling’ back and forth in the exact same position during casting. Kind of like when you get a piece of wire and bend it back and forth on the same spot until It eventually breaks. The Albright does not spread out this back and forth movement. It’s concentrated in one spot.
  14. Cold starting problems 1999 Yamaha 60 HP

    One question. If you leave the engine for just a day or 2 is it still hard to start from cold or is it just when you leave it for a longer time?
  15. Cold starting problems 1999 Yamaha 60 HP

    I reckon even without choke it should still start fairly easily from cold. Definitely not after 5 minutes of trying, especially in this sort of weather. I would check the general condition of everything, starting with the spark plugs and fuel filters. When you say the bulb is hard, make sure it’s not just old and deteriorated and actually hard from fuel pressure. I would try getting someone to pump pressure on the bulb while you crank it over and see if that makes a difference.