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  1. Sounds like you are tying a Half Blood knot. I wouldn’t do less than 7 turns with that knot or you risk it slipping. If you are using stiff line and you find it’s not snugging down then try less twists. Just watch out because it can slip with less.
  2. For deeper, use a swivel, trace and sinker to suit depth. Some live baits you don’t need any weight as they will swim deep themselves.
  3. I think using line diameter is the best way to determine its strength and to compare to one another. If there are 2 different lines that are both stated as 10lb but one is thinner, you can generally assume it’s weaker as well. Don’t think they are the same strength just because the lb numbers are the same. What knot are you tying to the swivel? It usually gets caught and not snug down if you do too many turns. All lines are different. Try 1 or 2 less turns. It’s a balance with the amount of turns, from being able to tie neatly and not slipping. You still get the odd one and have to retie.
  4. Squid have been very slow for me for a while now. Atleast you found some action with the small Kings. Should have tried one of the Slimies as live bait.
  5. 8kg mono should get you started for Snapper and small Kings. Same size leader or slightly less so it breaks before the main line does. Once you learn more you can fine tune or even upgrade your gear.
  6. Compared to what they sell in the shop, leaving for 2 hours on the rocks you will still have awesone fresh fish.
  7. Maybe, but then how do you explain why they are nothing like the fish you catch and ice yourself? I can’t think of any other explaination other than they are left out in the open.
  8. Yep, I agree. Most fish after being kept on ice from capture are better to eat the next day.
  9. Love the boat mate and a feed of Flattys and Whiting = yum! Beer battered fish and chips is a favourite of mine with those.
  10. I’ve been using frozen 2lt fruit juice bottles for years. I have certainly saved a packet doing so. I like to use the bottles without any handles to save any wasted space in the esky.
  11. I put fish on ice as soon as it’s caught and it lasts for 4-5 days in the fridge and even on the 5th day it’s still way better than what they sell in the fish shop. For fish market fish to be how they are, I reckon they are never kept cool in any way until it gets to the shop days later. Then they put ice on it in the window to make it seem like they have been caring for it.
  12. Something else you can do besides the servo is go buy some frozen Hawkesbury prawns from a tackle shop and bring them home to freeze ready for your next trip. Only take what you need. That’s what I do and use. They are good.
  13. For the Flathead, bream and flounder live or fresh dead is best but frozen prawns are fine as long as they are not mushy and soft when peeled. You don’t necessarily have to peel them though. I like live or fresh dead worms or nippers for Whiting. Salmon and Tailor should take frozen Pillies. I’m not that experienced with getting them on bait so maybe someone else can add to that. If they are actively feeding use a lure anyway. (Edit) I didn’t realise you can’t use lures. Maybe you can still use small metals? You just have to wind them in. Nothing fancy. You were asking about buying the squid. I think frozen prawns and pillies are your best bet for your species if you need to buy from a servo or tacklo.
  14. I think it depends on what species you want to catch as to how fresh your bait needs to be. With Kings for example, squid needs to be caught and kept cool that day. Nothing else! Forget anything you buy unless it was caught by someone you know caught it in the last few hours. With say Trevally or Bream, I catch my fair share with frozen servo/ bait shop prawns (Tweed bait) but I think any half decent frozen prawns will be ok if you peel them. What are you wanting to catch?
  15. I just realised this and seeing your picture that you already chopped the rail off it’s too late but I think you could have left it, and the electric would fit underneath. When you lower or pull up the motor you just had to angle or slide it to fit under and clear the top rail. Everyone was thinking the rail is there so it can’t be done but I think it would have fit underneath without any problem Anyway, too late now lol.
  16. If I had to choose the rail or bow mount, the bow mount wins and the rail goes. I can't see what else you can do but to cut off the rail as it's very high. Fitting an electric to go over it won't work. You could cut out just one section of the rail but then the remaining parts will be weakened.
  17. You get excessive heat from charging with too many amps, maybe over 25%. Does anyone know what specifically is not good with charging at a rate slower than 10% other than it takes longer? Will the battery be damaged or lower capacity or something? I can’t find any information on that.
  18. Yeah good point with the heavy drag. It would be too difficult.
  19. To adjust distance from sinker or lure to rod tip, I pull the line in front of the reel off the drag. Much quicker and easier than switching the reverse switch.
  20. I like Willyweather. Willy has tides and moon as well.
  21. As far as I know, slower (less amps) is fine it just takes longer to charge. The charge voltage affects battery longevity. If you get a quality charger it will be fine.
  22. The switches are on high end reels as well. On reels with a one way bearing the switch disengages it, and it can then wind backwards. I have used the reverse switch to untangle my line that was wrapped around the rotor a few times before. I also find the switch handy when doing maintenance on the reel.
  23. I would get a Ctek 10amp charger for the batteries you said. I have 2 Cteks for about 6 years now and no problems at all.
  24. You could do what you are saying but it won’t work as well as a proper bait runner reel. Reasons are that if you loosen the drag right off, it will not be as light as a bait runner and the fish will feel some resistance. Also, tightening up the drag to set the hook is impractical and again not as good as flicking a switch like on a proper bait runner. But as I said, you could still do it if you wanted. Personally, I don’t let any fish run.
  25. Did you check the end of your line where it snapped? Was it a clean cut like it just snapped or maybe a little rough as if you got rubbed off? "One or two" clicks on the drag is very minimal and it is possible you just put too much pressure on it, but it's also possible you got reefed by the fish and it just seemed like you put on too much pressure. You said it went towards rocks as well. If you find the end is roughed up then you got reefed and I would say it was a Kingy.