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  1. Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    At the waterfall. There are pools above it with bass, But I am going back 30 years !!!! The creek in front of the Crosslands boat ramp has a pool at the end , have caught Flathead there. Howard.

    Rated to 10 kg. Regards Howard.
  3. Jew Rod

    Thank You.
  4. Ultra Light Bream Reel

    I have stradic fa, fb, fk and Daiwa Aegis on my 1 to 3 and 2 to 4 rods, the ci4+1000 fb is the lightest but the 2006 Aegis feels so good. But the tournament drag is a pain, so many turns to get some decent drag. And a max of only 2 kg. Stradic FK 195 grams, if it is too heavy then the fb at 160 gram is your best choice. Luvias 2004 is 175 grams ? Howard.
  5. Flathead on light leader

    I fish almost exclusively for Flathead on lures. I use 4 lb leader With about 30 c/m of 12 lb tied as a bite trace on the end. I use 4 or 6 lb leader to cast further. It probably reduces the bream by catch, but the Jew by catch is covered !!! I was fishing with the local Guide last week, and he uses 8 lb leader with no problems. We caught over 12 flathead that day without loosing any to bite offs. We were using 1 to 3 and 2 to 4 kg rods with a firm drag. Not too tight so the fish could run a bit ! Howard.
  6. Jew Rod

    Thanks Captain, Will look at the Terez.
  7. Jew Rod

    I need a Jew rod, 7'. single handed. Cast weight up to 45 grams, 1 1/2 0z. 6 to 8 kg . And light weight. The only one I can find is a Veritas. 3. Any comments on this rod? Thanks Howard.
  8. Different type of Hooks

    The angle of the eye to the shank is deliberate. The eye of the hook and the point of the hook are parallel for a reason.! A straight eye would need a different point design. So a different hook Design.
  9. Different type of Hooks

    A lot of these are a re Named , Modified Suicide hook.. I have been using this hook for 60 years for bait fishing, NOT snelled. They are designed NOT to snell. The eye is in line with the point when pulled. Super effective. Hence the name !! Not good For catch and release. These days I use Black Magic KL circle hooks, especially with grandkids. Super effective, but don't strike!! let the fish swim away and the hook will lock into it's jaw!! Some say these are better snelled, but I don't bother !! Howard.
  10. Cod i.d. please. "Black Cod"

    Estuary Cod, Regards Howard.
  11. Help with surf/rocks rod reel set-up

    If you want light weight, Wilson live fibre rod, Shimano Ultegra ci4+ 5500 surf reel. Howard.
  12. These look very impressive, but I haven't seen any comments about them. Anyone using them? thanks Howard.
  13. Painful fish revenge

  14. Rigging your own gang hooks for Tailor?

    I buy books designed to de ganged with open eyes, and I use a swivel between each hook. Prevents the fish from getting leverage and throwing the hooks. Especially Salmon. Howard.
  15. Electric trolling motor questions

    I have had an XI5 for 2 years now, no issues, Has changed the way I fish with Anchor Lock. Could not be without it. Howard.