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  1. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    I have a a wild and a wicked, Very light , very power full. Pick one up and have a feel. My go to if not using 1 to 3 kg. Howard.
  2. Not what we planned for

    Amazing again JonD!!! Thank You. Howard.
  3. surface lures

    70 m/m Sugarpen.
  4. Whiting, worms and longshank hooks

    Sax Scent in Bloodworm or crab flavour. Howard.
  5. Avoca Rocks, Bonito Bonanza. Help!

    Speed is tde key to Bonito. He who has the fastest moving lure catches the fish. Howard.
  6. Big Bream

    Very well done, Not a lot of people have caught a Bream that big, you are in an elite group!! Howard.
  7. Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    Derek, I have a version one and a two. Fishing wise no difference. I also have a one that has been re built after loosing 3" off the tip. Now throws 20 gram lures well ! Howard.
  8. Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    Derek, Your Wicked Weasel Is Weak. Mine is 6 kg and 14 gram. Howard.
  9. Silly fishing

    A lot of these rods are built on the Howel Process? I think ? process . which is the same as un ugly stick. Extremely Strong and bendy. Howard.
  10. Charters that do single spots?

    What type of fishing are you looking for? And how far do you want to travel ? Howard.
  11. Port Macquarie fishing

    I was down at Settlement point yesterday on a family picnic, saw a bloke walk down back creek on the falling tide and back again on the rising , Had a good bag of Whiting. Howard.
  12. Is lake cathie open to the sea?

    No. Prawns are better when it is closed too. Wade the flats. Howard.
  13. Port Macquarie fishing

    Pump some yabbies at Blackmans point and fish the sand flat there, Grab some Tomatoes and Strawberries at Ricardo's on the way, Cross the "creek" at Settlement Point, Pump some Yabbies and fish all the way back down the main river sand flats. Wade back down the "creek" a bit too. Or lure fish these spots. Talk to the local tackle store, they also sell Beach Worms! Cathie is closed, but well worth wading. Have a look at the Perch Hole. Off to the right a few k port side of Cathie off lake road. Whiting on poppers !!! Howard PS Google Earth !
  14. Can soft plastics be re used??

    I use Sax Scent, Crab , Bloodworm and Prawn. Every 10 or so casts, It adds the benefit of smell and taste to the lure. They hang on longer making it easier to set the hook! Howard.
  15. Jig heads !

    Good Idea ! What ever Z man are made of, they warp most tackle boxes including Plano ! Howard.