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  1. The reason I use 6 lb leader with a ''Bite Trace '' on the end of 12 lb is for casting distance. I use 4 lb braid as the fight is the best part for me, besides a good feed! Howard.
  2. Agree with Iceman. I use 4 lb Braid, 6 lb leader, about 1 1/2 rod lengths, then around 25 c/m of 12 lb fluro. I lure fish almost exclusively, and mainly target Flathead. But the odd Jew livens things up! I sometimes chase Bream with straight 4 lb fluro, but my lure collection suffers too much. Hence the short 12 lb trace. Set your drag correctly, have fun, and take your time. A couple of weeks ago I got one into the net after a great fight in 50 c/m of water which would have been in the 90's. She thrashed around in the net , which I was holding with one hand, and I dropped the net in the water and lost the fish. Oh well. Howard.
  3. Bunnings, I think it's a 5 pack for $0.98 . If I had a choice I would use Super Glue Gel , Doesn't run everywhere. But expensive. Howard.
  4. I use Super Glue. I hate SP's slipping back after a hit, Just a tiny bit of glue is all thats needed. Howard.
  5. I have some Wlison Live Fibre and love them, I have 2 light 10'6" 6kg for the beach as a light combo. and 2 13'6'' as a heavier. Best rods I have used off the beach. Howard.
  6. Forget the Sausages, I want to see a Pig on the hand turned spit roast. Howard.
  7. Very Nice, Well Done. Howard.
  8. Well done. Howard.
  9. I don't chase them on bait. Talk to Jason at the local tackle shop. Howard.
  10. In the estuary, flathead numbers have been first class with plenty of fish ranging from juvenile to around a metre right throughout the Hastings. This action should continue over the coming weeks and months as the water warms, with the food and the flatties becoming even more active. Some reasonable whiting are beginning to show up around Blackmans Point and up the Maria, with live worms and yabbies being by far the best baits. Still the odd blackfish around for those putting in the time, with both break walls and Limeburners producing the odd nice fish. Bream numbers however have been down a little in the lower reaches, although those targeting structure up river on lures have been seeing consistent action. On the mulloway front, with the full moon phase now upon us, no doubt there will be plenty of effort around the break walls with either live bait or large lures over this weekend period. For crustacean enthusiasts, mud crab activity has certainly picked up, while next week will no doubt see a few keen prawners taking a close look at Lake Cathie.On the beaches, there has been a reasonable sprinkling of school mulloway off most stretches of sand, with the southern end of Lighthouse and North beach both giving up a few nice sized fish. The good tides at present should also assist. North beach has also been a producing the odd good bream, while most beaches are still holding varying numbers of chopper tailor. Look for the whiting action to improve once the water begins to warm, particularly in front of Lake Cathie.
  11. Boat in river , or Beach.
  12. Top Whiting ! Howard.
  13. Nice Photo Too. Howard
  14. Nice, Great area to live. Howard.
  15. Great, As usual Thank you. Howard.