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  1. Heading out again this Tuesday

    We'll be out too "Pioneer" Cheers Tan
  2. Avoca Salmonathon

    bet those surfies are spewing the didnt have a rod. nice fish mate they are great sportfish
  3. Hawksbury 15/8/09

    nice to see you break that duck... bream and flounder yum!
  4. Botany Bay

    mate nice flatty aye i bet you've lost a few fish on that measuring sticker. my mate has the same setup with the same sticker..... now he has 2 stickers, one side next to the carpet!
  5. Bagging Out On Salmon

    mate my mum makes fish cakes.. next time you get some bring em over and ill get em fried up quick smart for a slow session.
  6. Bugatti Reef 09

    Whaaaoooo!!! i could imagine the high fives and back slapping carry on aboard that vessel
  7. 1 Magical Hour On The Tongariro River

    those pics are just magic mate...
  8. Georges River

    whoa nice eps boysdone really well!
  9. Salt And Pepper Squid.... Or, Bait!

    Nice haul mate... I'd say fry half and bait the other half. They are tasty buggers!
  10. Breambo

    thats pretty goodmate... I never catch anything on servo baits
  11. South Coast Estuary Trip (now With Video)

    sound like you guys will be there alot more often. no need to wait for summer.