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  1. Installing Rod Holders

    I have seen people make the mistake of attaching rod holders on tinnies with rivets and seen the result of ripping them off the boat when a big fish hits with a heavy drag setting. Attach holders with bolt and locking nut and using largest washer that will fit under nut.
  2. Fluorocarbon Leader

    I think it's very unusual to have the braid consistantly break like that. I would be replacing the braid or at the least reversing the braid and putting unused end of braid on top. FG knot is definitely the way to go. Ron
  3. Flatty and jew

    Fished Botany bay 4 nights ago with low expectations as I prefer run in tides rather than run out. Livies were hard with only 5 yakkas and 3 sqid caught all night, no legal tailor but 2 large pike took live yakkas. Besides usual rays and banjoes only managed one flathead at 73cm which like all big girls I catch was released. My mate managed one jew at 79cm which was kept. We saw a couple of baby hammerheads follow baits to boat and suffered a couple of bite offs from bigger ones with one little fellow of about 60cm caught and released.
  4. Fishing goal this summer

    Asking a bit much but I would like to catch a 1 meter flathead on 1kg pretest line. I have caught 2 at 97cm and dropped a bigger one next to the boat when the swivel came apart. Tried the sussex basin and port hacking and thinking now of trying the northern rivers. Ron.
  5. Live Yakkas - Please Help

    Yakkas are available during the day but can rarely be seen unless they rise in your burly. I get them off wharves and inshore reefs when in my boat. Best method is to burly with well mashed wet bread or mashed pilliies. I usually use small pieces of chicken breast for bait with a tiny split shot sinker that allows the bait to sink slowly. Throw out about same distance as depth so you fish the whole water column. Bites usually come as bait sinks out of sight. Liverpool area is a bit too far upstream for yakkas. Good luck. Ron
  6. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    There are small split ring pliers that do an excellent job. There are also fine sets on ebay for making jewellery. Ron *
  7. Octopus on SP

    Had a weird day on botany bay about 6 months ago as we caught 9 small ockies. Wat was strange was 5 were not on bait but were hanging on to sinker. Also dropped about 5 more next to boat when they let go of sinker.
  8. Slimies & Yakkas vs. Sweep etc

    I belive any small live fish of legal size is usually better than a dead bait. When using undersize poddy mulet don't forget you must keep them alive as you can be fined if caught with dead ones. Dont be afraid of using large baits either. This can reduce the number of small fish you catch, but you get more big ones. As examples, last year I dropped a near metre flathead next to my boat when it let go of a 40cm flathead I had hooked and 2 months ago I caught and released an 80cm flatty that took a live 40cm mullet I had set out for a mulloway. My preferred baits are sqid, slimies, yakkas, pike legal size tailor and mullet in that order due to their availability and ease of keeping alive if you have a decent size recirculating live bait tank. But as I said, if nothing else available I will use anythinglive and legal.
  9. How to store caught fish?

    I'm all for quick kill and into ice slurry. When land based I use a keeper net or wet hessian bag kept in shade and in a breeze can help. As nobody answered re beach worms, best method for a day or 2 is to roll/mix them in DRY cool sand and place in a tin can or similar with a little more dry sand on top then keep in a cool spot. Worms will keep alive this way and are easyer to handle when sanded. If you don't have a shady spot at back of beach with cool dry sand you will have to keep some for this. Remember sand must by both dry and cool or worms will quickly die. Ron
  10. Bunch of Newbie Questions

    Best way to increase your catch rate is use best baits. There is an old fisho saying. Fresh is better but live is best. Learning to catch your own bait not only provides bait and saves money but you learn more about how the world of fishes works and you will be a better fisherman. Learn to catch yellowtail, slimies and poddy mulet and squid. And also buy a yabbie pump. You will also need good buckets and an airator to keep bait alive. You can freeze left overs for future tripsmain problem sometimes is its so much fun catching the bait you forget to stop and actually fish. Ron
  11. Newbie - Reel Question

    The little flick switch disengages the anti reverse and will allow the handle to spin backwards. This has no practicle use that I can see and will only result in loose or tangled line. This feature usually isn't on larger heavy duty reels. Ron
  12. Does size make a difference

    Four years ago I upgraded from a 4.5m quintrex lazeabout to a 5.6m quinnie classic. Best move I've made with masses more room stability and comfort in the ride helped by the millennium hull. I'm 71 years old and have no trouble handling by myself. Bought with intention of going wider to browns mountain etc, but so far only been to same areas as I did in smaller boat such as the peak, 12 mile etc. My bad back apreciated the upgrade as well. Yes, bigger is better. Ron
  13. Newbie - Reel Question

    You should always have your drag set at about one third of the lines breaking strain to prevent snapping your line when a fish runs. There are 2 types of drags on spinning reals front and back. In my opinion the best way to set a rear drag is to throw it in the bin. Front drags are adjusted with cross knob on the front of your spool. Anticlockwise loosens drag and clockwise tightens it. Best way to adjust is with a set of spring scales. Tie or hook end of line to scales. Set rod at about 45 degrees to ground by placing in a holder or get someone to hold rod firmly. Start with about 3 meters of line from rod tip and drag loose enough to slip and move at walking pace holding and watching scale reading. Adjust drag knob till it reads about 1/3 of breking strain. You can take the easy way and just loosen off the drag until it slips where you feel it is ok but do this through the rod with it hooked to something solid, dont set pulling line directly off the reel. Ron
  14. What line weight for flathead fishing?

    Hi. 6lb braid or nylon is plenty heavy enough, however you should fish a heavier trace to avoid abrasion by their teeth should a big one take the jig right down. I would use a rod length of leader 8 to 10lb when using braid. You also have the option of adding a short trace of 10 to 17lb fluro only about 6-8 inches long when using braid or nylon to avoid bite offs.. I fish ANSA comps for flathead mostly using bait and only use 1kg Platypus pretest line but use a heavy fluro trace to avoid bite offs. My best 2 flathead on 1kg were both 97cm long weighing 5.64kg and 5.66kg, so your 6lb should be no worries if your drag is set at 1.5 to 2lb. You may get some long runs should you hook a big one but lots of fun. Ron
  15. Chasing Electrolysis

    I think the chromed brass cap is causing the problem with the filler. Brass and aluminum are the worst combo for electrolysis. I would clean filler back to bare metal, prime and paint then replace cap with plastic one. Good luck. Ron