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  1. FAD Update

    the fads for wollongong to jervis bay have all been deployed, ill see if i can find the news paper article with the co-ords
  2. How to store caught fish?

    no idea mate, i hear what your saying but i honestly dont know how fish end up like that, maybe its just there age before they reach the table ?
  3. How to store caught fish?

    fished off the rocks for years and done exactly that and still ate plenty of decent fish, could always take a couple of freeze blocks to throw in a chiller bag with the fish, might work well.
  4. haha yeah thats a fair point, i dont always fish offshore though thats only a recent thing, grew up fishing the ledges all around the place using frozen bait and had plenty of success. As for slimeys as bait i find them great, nice and oily and find plenty of fish love them, they can become a bit soapy and flakey after being frozen so definetely recommend that you salt them down if your going to freeze them
  5. i catch plenty of good fish on servo pilchards find IQF ones normally the best condition and whatever i dont use i salt down and freeze, find that it toughens them up and makes the pretty good bait next time round. In terms of fresh baits nothing is as fresh as bait caught and used same day, often when the slimeys are on i will catch a few and put them in the slurry, fillet them and salt them down and freeze for use later on, only freeze 2 or 3 fillets in the same bag that way i just grab 1 or 2 bags when i head out that way it doesnt go to waste.
  6. When/why did you decide to buy a boat?

    wanted to buy a boat for years after fishing out of everyone elses and spending so much time fishing the rocks of the south coast, couldnt ever see myself without a boat now love it and the versatility it gives me with fishing. Biggest bit of advice i can give is take your time looking for something you want, you would be surprised what you can get for a reasonable price, if you dont know anything about boats get someone who does to come check out the boat with you before you buy
  7. How to store caught fish?

    dunno were you get that idea from, i worked on a boat for years and we had to ice all the fish as soon as they came on board.....dpi would do a number on any boat they boarded that doesnt comply, just my 2 cents. Anyways back to the topic at hand if you look after your fish, ice them and keep the chilled they will be fine for at least a few days, i regularly eat fish a few days after catching them and they still taste great. As mentioned above some fish like tailor dont freeze at all and i find bonito to not be great after a few days but otherwise i find everything else freezes up pretty good, personally i use vacum sealed bags and it keeps the fish in far better condition then just standard freezing
  8. Advice on electrical overhaul in 4.3m tinny

    Hey mate, In regards to busbars etc if I was doing it the way you are planning to I would make my bus bars out of terminals mounted to din rail with connector strip all in a waterproof junction box of suitable size, and then just mount that, no need to make a junction box, that's just my opinion though, busbars will work as well, just make sure you screw them down and all will be sweet. You might even be able to make up some sort of bracket so you can mount your terminal box in the piece of ply so it can be accessed from the front, oh also run all your cables into the bottom of the panel, makes it harder for water to get in the way
  9. Blue movie

    epic will have to get my hands on that to give it a watch and great that your daughter can provide a view for us anglers, bet you must be proud
  10. Advice on electrical overhaul in 4.3m tinny

    Following on from what sigma has said, if you use a single bus for positive and a single bus for negative you can run all your required connections to that point, not only is it neater it also provides you with the abiltiy to expand or shrink the amount of connections you have at once (make the bus bigger then needed when making your initial one up) and also makes it a million times easier to trouble shoot issues. In regards to your fuses, your almost right, if a 15A fuse is protecting 2 switches the total current drawn by 1 or both switches to blow the fuse would need to be greater then 15A before the fuse blows this means that 1 switch has the potential to cause a problem, personally i would calculate the total current required by both the switches and change out the fuse to the size required. As for a single in line fuse in the supply why not do it, you can buy cheap in line fuses setups and put a fuse in right after your battery connection to protect you supply cable and everything downstream.
  11. Advice on electrical overhaul in 4.3m tinny

    heres a chart that shows some cable sizing, use it for a guide if you want, you will notice the cabling sizes are way smaller then what your looking at, just my 2 cents cable-table-web.pdfcable-table-web.pdf
  12. Advice on electrical overhaul in 4.3m tinny

    Sure change them down to the fuses to sizes to suit the piece of equipment being switched will suit them better, maybe put a in line fuse on the supply cable if your that worried. Why the need for such excessive sizes of cabling ?? 6-8mm is good for over 40A i mean sure pay for it and run it and try deal with it if you must it wont hurt but its way way way to excessive. As for the negative, if your going to run 1 negative, run it to 1 point and then run all the negative cables from the accessories back to that point, dont bother splicing thats just way to much work and way to many chances for bad joints etc. Once again why then need for such excessive sizes of the same size cable as you do for the active, or just get the cable as a twin pair saves running 2 cables. Rozza
  13. Quintrex Boat ID

    haha to be fair im not complaining about the boat name just wouldnt mind know what model it actually is
  14. Quintrex Boat ID

    Hi All, So im trying to ID my quintrex, its a 1994 4.88m centre console, the boat has previously been re-painted and stickered, it has fish raider stickers on it but im pretty sure thats not the model, i have been looking at photos online and im thinking it might possibly be a lazeabout, whats peoples opinions ? photos are below,
  15. Release Clip

    Some great bits of info there for the unsuspecting fisho, fortunately i have played the game before and managed to keep my fingers, cheers for the input though Rozza