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  1. Hi Neil, I measured with a steel ruler: they are about 27 mm in length and 12 mm in width. Charles
  2. Port Hacking mixed bag

    I won't be too surprised if you pull a barramundi out of hacking! I will spread the news if you do not catch a good bag next time!
  3. Thanks! It takes a while for the excitement to wear
  4. As Bruce posted earlier: I will take a break until I have some room in the freezer
  5. Hope this comes as consistent as your hackings routine!
  6. Hi Rick, I harvested one pair in 2010 and used in my profile photo. I did not look for them on later fish, until you reminded me this time. I found them on this fish, they are a lot bigger!
  7. Yes, I also took home a good flathead about 50cm, one tailor about 40cm. Those were caught around 7:30 pm. In addition to the three fish I took home, I caught 6 or 7 just legal (31-33cm) tailor all went back but one gut hooked fish was kept for the jewbait. Turned out this small investment did win a decent return!
  8. Thanks guys! This fish put up a very tough fight. I had to walk along the beach with it quite a bit before I could wash it up. Took about 10 minutes Roland it. I did manage to put on my glove while I was fighting the fish so there was no injury this time! Last time I had to fight a fish this hard was when I got eagled at Mona Vale beach!
  9. Caught this one off Cronulla/ Wanda beach last night right on high tide. Tailor fillet was the bait. 30 lb mainline, 40 pound leader, single 4/0 suicide hook, usual setup for my beach sessions length was 123 cm. this made my last PB of 1 meter (caught on 21/10/2017) stood for only two months Charles
  10. Botany Bay Tuesday

    I always see people fishing along Brighton/ramsgate beach but rarely see them catching anything. Your catch is by far the best result I have ever seen! Well done!
  11. Tough Night. Anyone else?

    I was fishing Maroubra beach last night and had the whole beach to myself. Wind and a bit of rain cut the session short, but managed one bream, one flathead and one tailor. Got back to Cronulla beach this morning, caught many 30-32cm blue spotted flathead. Only one legal dusky of 45cm came home with me. Some weeds in the water otherwise condition was OK.
  12. Too bad to lose the big one. Great result on the other fish by all means!
  13. 30lb mainline, 30lb leader and the 2# hook put me at the lower side of confidence level. I had no issue to beach the fish setting the light/medium drag but was very mindfull not to pull once the fish touched sand. Due to I was solo, I had to put the rod on the sand and handled the fish bare handed. I must have put my hand very close to the mouth if not into it. The whole process made 3 of my fingers a total mess. Lessen learnt: always wear a glove as a minimum, better still have the gaff handy.
  14. Meter bream ? That must be very rare. I am yet to crack the 50 cm mark as the larger one of the two I caught on 40 lb leader two weeks ago went only 44 cm and refreshed my previous bream PB by 3 cm. 40 lb and 80lb leader are two of the choices I use on the beach. I normally use 40lb with a section (about 20 cm ) of 80 lb in the front. This conmbination minimises tangle of lines , handles the biggest tailor OK and I found fish from the beach do not mind leader size that much. I even caught whiting on 80 lb leader. It must have been the wave action made the stiffness of bigger leader less noticeable?