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  1. New Forum

    Brilliant! Thank you!
  2. Hairtail Social 2012

    I hope you are all having a ball! I have to stand you up though. My son may have fractured his elbow at rugby yesterday. He's in a cast and we find out tuesday. Sincerely, Rich.
  3. Hawkesbury/Cowan creek

    Hi Wilbaforce, I fish Cowan a lot. When I come across conditons where I can't see any fish (baitfish or otherwise) I put away the flick gear. One of the great things about using a kayak is if the fishing is slow you can enjoy a paddle! Pulling a lure behind of course. Kayak when you fish or fish when you kayak. Sincerely, Rich.
  4. Hairtail Social 2012

    I'm superkeen to get out there this Saturday! I'm a little wary of ol mother nature though, 40km/h wind and 30% chance of rain... I've paddled in worse but it wasn't on purpose. Hope to see you on the water. Cheers, Rich. For reference:
  5. Bobin head or Apple Tree bay

    Hi mate, To hit WB, Appletree bay is your ramp. You wouldn't be able to use the Bobbin Head ramp as it is for paddlecraft only. Cheers, Rich.
  6. 1. Top End - Barra 2. Christmas Island - Bonefish 3. Mongolia - Taimen Hopefully #1 will be done April next year! 2+3 is waiting on Mr Lotto.

    I dont know of any built in spots in google earth. I downloaded some google earth files in ".kmz" format from the net. Google "fishing locations on google earth" and you should find them. Just open them using Open from the File menu. Also worth enabling the "marine parks" under layers.
  8. Hairtail Social 2012

    Awesome! In my back yard! I'll bring the yak out and meet up on the Saturday and maybe the night too depending on how yaksafe it is. There is an awesome waterfall hidden in Waratah Bay and there is heaps of Aboriginal sites around the area too.
  9. Pittwater problems

    I noticed yesterday that Barry O'Farrell said, "Evidence should be basis of policy not the Bob Carr-style approach, which was whenever there was something that happened there would be another piece of legislation," (source: Considering the amazing rebound of Sydney Harbour and Tuross Lakes since the removal of commercial fishing (whilst still allowing recreational fishermen) there would be a strong case to push to get rid of these unsustainable practices from Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury. The money to buy back the licenses is supposedly part of the fishing license fee I think. This also make me look sideways at a marine park or two that have no evidence behind them. If you want to hit up your local member or the Minister for Primary Industries, NSW (Katrina Hodgkinson), have a quick google for "effective lobbying" or similar. Excuse the blurb, I haven't slept...
  10. Thanks for that Slinky. Lol, I'm not that retentive to try and align the gears like that. There is an elliptical gear and an eccentric one that needs to line up is all. I'm going to open it up tonight again to see if I can hunt down the noise. Is seems to originate from the AR bearing or maybe the pinion.
  11. Missed Hits on SPs

    Hi Mate, You answered your own question If you are talking about Wallis Lake, or particularly Smiths Lake, they can be a there in almost plague proportions at times. Now I'm kayak based I can move out of their zone. Cheers, Rich.
  12. I had a suspicion that was wrong. If the two elliptical gears dont line up, the gearbox just jams or freespins. There is a noise that I'm trying go get out of the thing, it seems to time with the bail rotor. It feels smooth though.
  13. I'm just putting on record in case anyone else has an Okuma Mystique reel and is looking for the schematics. You can use the schematics for the Okuma Ignite of the same size. I have a Mystique 2000 so the Ignite-IT20 is eqivalent Now I just need to work out an easy way to time the elliptical oscillating gears properly... Cheers, Rich.
  14. Daytime Bass?

    Thanks for the quick replies! I've got a River2Sea Bully I want to try... I saw one on an episode of River Monsters and thought it looked the goods as a bass lure. Cheers, Rich.
  15. Daytime Bass?

    I'm thinking of heading out to Yarramundi this weekend to chase after some bass on my kayak. I can only get access to the car after 10:30am and have to have it back by 6. This is a situation I face most weekends. Do bass still strike on the surface during the high sun? Is there anything I can do to be increase my chances? Cheers, -Rich.