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  1. Confused about which boat to buy

    Matt, you should also consider Polycraft boats. Cheers Deek
  2. Pre Purchase inspection

    Morning Raiders, I'm after recommendations for a pre purchase inspection and a boat transport mob. Now, here's the catch. They need to be in the Townsville area. Thanks in Advance deek
  3. Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    This is my second boat. But like some of you on this post, I had a Yammie as well and loved it. That's why I'm not sure about the Merc
  4. Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    I would always get an independent inspection anyway.
  5. G'Day Raiders, I'm interested in a buying a secondhand boat that has a 40HP Mercury Lightning XR, 2010 or 2011 with approximately 300 hours on it. The boat looks well looked after and the owner informs me he has the motor serviced annually. My concern is I've heard some bad stories about these outboards. So, I'm putting out there to all the outboard gurus. Thanks Deek
  6. Wavebreaker cost

    Thank God someone else asked the question. I thought it was just me.
  7. Fitting A Portable Fuel Tank As A Spare

    Light a fag and find out
  8. Caravanning - anyone into this?

    They'd have to be brothers in the first photo wouldn't they?
  9. Battery

    Dear Fellow Raiders, I have a 40hp outboard and it appears the battery is kaput. I've tried charging it without any luck. I'm just wondering what you would recommend. I only have a sounder and standard Navigation lights to run, Thanks Deek
  10. Jack safety

    That's a sexy bit of welding too Fab1.
  11. Please suggest a boat

    fRuItCaKe is right, they are a great boat. I also have a 4.55 bowrider. They are a bit wet in a chop, but you don't need a kidney belt when going it. Mine's a bit under powered also, but looking to either sell it or upgrade the outboard. Cheers Deek
  12. Hibernated Boat

    don't forget to check your winch as well
  13. Bream Fishing Team Name

    Brecko Brothers
  14. Honda CRV and Aluminum 5.5 boat towing capacity.

    Diesel came out in the 2013 model. Mines a 2015 6 speed manual.
  15. Honda CRV and Aluminum 5.5 boat towing capacity.

    I have a Honda CRV Diesel. I tow a 4.55 polycraft without too much fuss. The CRV has a towing capacity of 2,ooo kilos. So, I'm pretty sure if you got the diesel you'd be ok.