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  1. Hey mate,the walking track behind bobbin head marina up to the back of north turramarra (think its called the shinx trail) is awesome for mobile flicking if you have someone one to meet you at the end, if not its a long walk back.Hope this helps 👌
  2. sorry only just saw this post,I live at edgeroi which as you know is just down the road.moved here 4years ago from Sydney for a tree change ,I fish the Namoi and the Gwydir rivers, pm me next time your up here ,.
  3. woohoo another dead carp!!!!
  4. im prety shore u can moor in one spot for 28 days.there,s plenty of public moorings in smiths creek which has plenty of spots out of the wind.
  5. yes it is ritchie.the southen corner of the bridge is where it starts. dont fish near the marina after dark as the rent a cop there thinks ever fisherman is trying to steal one of the boats.happy fishing,let us know how you go. cheers scotty
  6. hey ritchy i fish good old bobbo,s all the time.the big stone wall on the southen side of the bridge near the public toilet block is a good place to with little or no weight,if your fishing after dark why not try fishing 4 sharks as there are heaps around there atm. cheers scotty
  7. blue gum hotel 4 a bit of two up .
  8. hey ray looks like u had a great time. i camped at easter just south of u at big is still 1 of those untouched places.the rock fishing while i was there was unbelevable,bonito,tailer,macktunaand bream every morning.did u get a chance 2 fish the stones while u were there. cheers SCOTTY
  9. heading out with my mates on central coast fishing chaters on sunday.hope the fishing gods are weving there powers on us.wishing every fellow fishraider a safe and enjoyable weekend. cheers SCOTTY
  10. hi clem sorry 2 hear about the crappy not trying to add salt to the wound,but i spent easter just north of you at creasent head and the rock fishing was unbeliveable.every morning i caught tailer,bonito,macktuna,bream and lost quite a few fish to the local bronze wahlers.i fished a place called big hill,about 10km south of creasent head.great camping spot too.i will try to post some photos 2nite.
  11. hey big fella luv that second last photo u should have been a model. nice work on the bonies speak 2 u soon
  12. hey folks just a thought could the good old northen bluefins bee on there annual holiday to our waters
  13. hey big guy .some people just dont get it.a fish is not worth your lifew,no matter how big it is