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  1. Tamworth cod

    Hey mate keepit is down to its lowest level in many years. Its so low you can see the original namoi river, the fish are still there but haven't heard any good reporys for a few weeks. Give it a go mate what can you lose. Chaffey dam has more water in it but the cod seem to shut down this time of year as the water has got cold realy quick,like i said before you probably have more chance in the peel river, you can access it straight below the dam wall and bush bash down stream. Cheers Scotty
  2. Tamworth cod

    Surface lures like the savage ninja frog i use in first and last 2hrs of daylight and spinner bait during the day.
  3. Tamworth cod

    Hey mate i live in Tamworth. Fishing for cod is going great around town at the moment. Any where upstream of the town to chaffey dam has good fish.Down stream to keepit is a reel struggle. Unfortunately you need permission by the local farmers to acsess the good water .
  4. Mullet+New moon=JEWS

    We had the first westerly winds here today in Tamworth.If it made it to the coast then tomorrow's run out tide should see them moving out to sea.
  5. The island again

    Nice tuna rick,bet it went hard.Great to see you getting amongst it mate. Did you cook it up or have sashimi. Bit easier catching from a boat than the rocks.Great post mate 👍🐟🐟
  6. Jervis Bay Bonnies, Mack Tuna and Kingies

    Your livin the dream mate. Great work. Ive done the reverse,now im landlocked ,keep the reports and photos coming Wish i was there Scotty🐟🐟🐟
  7. Northen beaches pelagics from the rocks

    Like waza said, south whale is the go.The ovens can't be reached these days unless you know a homeowner on rayner drive and are a good rockclimber.That been said many a good northern bluefin,10kg kingy and even marlin were caught from both ledges back in the day.You just need to dedicate time to find what works best for each species you ate targeting. I haven't fished northern sydney ledges for over 12 year's now but a rising tide into evening always worked for me. Best of luck mate all comes down to time on the rocks. Let us know how you get on. Cheers Scotty
  8. Hawkesbury fishing from the shoreline

    Before the bridge l/h side mate
  9. Hawkesbury fishing from the shoreline

    If you try during daylight you will see what your bait does as the tide goes out.There is a deep channel next to the rock wall ,follow your bait as it goes down the wall if you don't get a hit repeat the process. Good luck Scotty
  10. Hawkesbury fishing from the shoreline

    Hey mate,try the south easten rockwall near the roadbrige at bobbin head at night on the last 2 hours of the run out tide.use the freshest mullet strips or garfish fillets cast out with 6lb line and a tiny split shot and you will be in luck.This has worked for me many times over, mind you that was 10 years ago but caught plenty of o/s bream,school jew,and even a big eye trevally from that spot. Let me know how you get on. Cheers Scotty
  11. finally happened after 20 years

    Well done mate,looks like your showing the first symptoms of Cod fever. That first strick will be etched in your mind forever. Hope there are many more to come. Cheers Scotty ✋👍
  12. Cod

    They are the bomb. Only problem is that the cod tend to deep throat them which means delicate surgery for speedy release and recovery, and also cod fingers. Zoom in on my right hand index finger and you will see what i mean. Just another of the many symptoms of cod fever. Cheers Scotty
  13. Cod

    Heres a photo of the most successful lure neil
  14. Cod

    At the moment mate they all seem to have a beautiful pattern, there not big fish by any mean but super aggressive. Theres flow in the peel river and it looks really healthy. Whether its dam realise or the occasion storm in the catchment area thats turning one i don't know. The lures are surface oones from a camping and fishing store. There weedless so they won't get hung up on tree branches and logs .the best colours seem to be black body ,yellow sides,white under carriage. Hope this helps mate.ill admit ive got cod fever ,it has become an addiction mate,just ask my wife. Let me know how you go👍
  15. Cod

    Come to Tamworth mate.upstream of the town is doing well at the moment towards chaffey dam. Ive been using savage ninja frogs about 1-2 hours before dark. Use Google maps mate,ask a farmer if can fish on there property, most are good blokes and enjoy fishing too.good luck mate, the surface strike is unforgettable and has me hooked after years fishing the salt cod