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  1. Yep, for squid a reel with very smooth drag and small increments to the setting at lower drag levels is far more important than the rod its sitting on. For me these days, get a shimano sonic pro for under $50 and you've got a great little rod for squiding. You should be able to get one with a sienna real for about $60. I use these as my light weight set up for fun on pretty much everything from squid to dolphin fish. Great set ups and who cares if you eventually break it or such at that price. Just silly how good some of the cheaper gear is now. Cheers Rich
  2. Some seriously impressive adventures there mate, top stuff and thanks for the reports. Cheers, R
  3. Thanks Volitan, great info there for everyone.
  4. Epic. I'm guessing Lord Howe Island, they get some big tuna of the stones there pretty regularly. Cheers Rich
  5. Hard to complain that the rules are too harsh when we have huge stretches of beach in Sydney where they are practically extinct. Rich
  6. Yeah, Bream love an unweighted slowly sinking bait, reckon your rig would have had it wafting down perfectly for em. R
  7. Good on ya bojulabah!!
  8. Great fish, love those soft plastic vibes, absolute killers...
  9. Top Stuff Yowie.
  10. Spotlights are best avoided imo as they really dont show you that much more that you can travel at speed, all they do is blind the guy in the boat coming the other way. Just keep your speed down to a sensible level . Rich
  11. Great footage mate, thanks for sharing.
  12. Great stuff as always Yowie, you never miss a feed. Was out there a week or so back and got a few watson's leaping bonito along with a heap of tailor so they may have been surface fish you were spotting rather than frigates. Rich
  13. That looks an awesome trip mate!! Great work in making the effort and and thanks for the interesting report. Maybe the site should start a section or thread for most interesting places members have fished? great for travel ideas and I'm sure there are a million amazing fishing spots i'm still yet to hear about. Rich
  14. Been a few things with big teeth abouts the Hacking recently. As you say, not sure I'd be dressing up like a seal and splashing about outside the baths there at the moment. Rich
  15. Great fish on 6lb mate, especially landing her solo, well done. Rich