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  1. nice one mate
  2. The bigfoot models have been replaced with Mercury Command Thrust (CT) motors. They do have a larger and stronger gear case and they are designed for pushing larger heavier boats. They can also run larger diameter props. Nothing wrong with them depending on the boat and its use...
  3. yes I saw a video of the structures moving through the harbour on big punts yesterday. I'm guessing they were heading south to Jibbon area
  4. what area of the shire was the boat mate?
  5. Quicksilver is the Mercury brand. No problem at all
  6. interesting john, I'm yet do do the software update....
  7. nice one, looks like a Horizon Scorpion 525???
  8. I think there will be no fishing signs up in no time!
  9. pretty tough this time of year mate
  11. just south of the hacking ive heard. Dont know co-ords yet
  12. well done mate, particularly on the release...
  13. the dragster
  14. they are a great bait mate
  15. I was near molli point when this happened. I could see the chopper overhead and marine rescue flew past with sirens blaring...
  16. i'll drink to that!
  17. I'm running the new Mercury 90hp 4 stroke on my boat. From the 75hp - 115hp they are a 2.1L block (2065cc)
  18. yeah mate, very happy with them. Rapala at Milperra deal with them now. They look the goods too.. Cant wait to get out and use them as they are only for the boat. That may change after using them though....
  19. Hey Savit, thought I would add my 2 cents in and share my costa experience ive had over the last week. Ive had the Costa Blackfin with grey 580 glass lens for about 3 years. Last week after being out in the boat I grabbed my fishing bag out of the boat along with some other bits and pieces and my costas which were in their case fell out of my bag with out me knowing. It was dark and I accidently trod on the case and smashed one of the lenses to pieces. Over the last week or so I have been deciding weather to repair them or buy a new set. I spoke to the guys at Repala (Costa Australia) and decided to get the lense replaced. They don't do single lenses so I agreed to get 2 new lenses but I changed from the Grey to the green mirror. Part of the rubber on the arm had deteriorated and they said they will replace the rubber under warranty and i'll just have to pay for the replacement lenses. Yesterday I received a call from them saying they don't do the same colour frame as what I have but they will put the new lenses into a brand new frame under warranty! So I decided on the realrtree camo frame and just got them delivered to me at work this morning. So in the end it cost me about $160 for a full new pair of glasses as opposed to the $370 - $400 cost to buy new ones. Absolutely stoked with their after sales service and the outcome. As someone mentioned earlier their customer service and warranty policy is second to none. Cant recommend them enough. Heres a pic of my new glasses but obviously I'm yet to try the new green mirror lenses... A very happy customer...
  20. yeah you can use the remote for the GPS functionallity. I'm running the xi5 80ld with 60" on my boat and its connected to my HDS7. But I rarely use the sounder to control the lecky.
  21. catch and release squid! Now that's a first!!!
  22. we caught a 45cm tailor near lilli pilli on sunday. It grabbed a live squid with twin 7/0's aimed for Kings. Tasted good on the BBQ
  23. Yeah, craig has done my covers and clears for my last 4 boats. Good bloke too...
  24. mainly rivers, estuaries etc. but my Xi5 has been perfect over the last 18 months since new
  25. I'm running a Motor Guide Xi5 80lb on my 485