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  1. After some Leatherjacket tips

    Small squid pieces on a small hook are better. Size 10 or 8 longshank hooks, squid strips 5 or 6 mm wide and 10 to 12 mm long. Sometimes just moving the bait slightly up and down can help with a hook up. When about in numbers, the jackets will quickly swim to the bait and try to scoff it down before the others get to it. When only one or 2 about, they will be a bit more cautious in eating your bait, especially the larger fantail jackets.
  2. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    What you can also try in a situation like this is a strip of fish bait slid up the line (puncture the strip a couple of times and thread the line through) then tie a treble on the line so the hook points stick out, no sinker needed, and throw it out and retrieve with a stop/start motion. Squid are aggressive feeders at times, and I have also seen them become rather timid in shallow or clear water during the daytime.
  3. Broken Bay - spur of the moment

    Many years ago in Port Hacking, at a few secrets spots, the school jewies would come on the bite, and I mean 20 or more in one session (the best was 42 in one night - no, did not keep them all) Mainly my usual fishing mate, and the fish could be at either end of the boat at times. Another mate's father kept on pestering me to take him out in the boat, so I did. I gave him one of my handlines to use, baited the hook and threw it out. Also a line for myself. Well, I pulled up jewies one after another, and the mates father did not get one bite. He kept whinging (as I knew he would) and he wanted to swap position, so I sat in his seat and used his line, and he sat in my seat and used my line. As soon as we swapped, I was pulling up fish and he again did not catch one. So more whinging, take me home now, etc. So I packed up, took him home and gave him a couple of fish. He never wanted to go fishing with me again. But as a bonus, his wife baked me a chocolate cake (they were delicious), so when I had a spare jewie I would swap it for another cake.
  4. Flathead outside and Harbour Kings

    Good work on a great feed.
  5. Lures to replace whitebait

    Amazing what works, and does not work , at times. Sometimes I catch the kingies on a yakka line, small piece of bait on a small hook and light line, when a well presented bait does not attract a sniff. White bread moulded around a hook also works well at times.
  6. Broken Bay - spur of the moment

    Nothing wrong with those flatties (I mean the 50's and 60's ) Could have been worse, with you not catching a legal one, and the missus really giving you a fishing lesson. At least you headed home with some good sized flatties. The whiting may have been a red spot whiting, found in the deeper off shore waters. Should get you some brownie points.
  7. Lake mac

    a nice fish. Don't know about the sunburn though, have had more than my fair share of that.
  8. Lures to replace whitebait

    You can see who are the cheapskates (Rick and Berleyguts) using barrel sinkers and not spending money on a good lure. Yes, it sometimes does work. As for a cheap tailor lure, a long shank hook on a small piece of wire trace, and a piece of white cloth wrapped around the hook.
  9. Urgent help required

    Al that for fishy fingers, scrubbing and cleaning? What happens if you have smelly jatz crackers, do you do all that scrubbing and cleaning?
  10. Newcastle Beaches

    Good sized whiting when they hit the 40 mark.
  11. Whiting, worms and longshank hooks

    What Jewhunter said. The same with nippers on a longshank hook, a half hitch of line over the tail to keep the nipper straight and not bunched up.
  12. Port Hacking again

    Think it is my biggest fantail.
  13. Any Ideas on this Reef critter?

    Never seen one before in my time of fishing and scuba diving
  14. Just put up with the yelling for a few days, and buy a new rod and reel.
  15. Port Hacking again

    The tailor were a bit late this summer. There have been kingies getting stuck into the bait schools, and a few bonnies as well, but on the last couple of trips I have not seen a decent fish splashing about any where near me. Not even any rat kingies in the burley trail or following up a hooked fish. Maybe they have moved further up river with the clear water.