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  1. Sweet 🖒 think it will pick up outwide when the water currents come , good luck in the future 😉
  2. were you solo and at north head in the arvo ? This was me 🤔
  3. Think we seen you ? , we got out there early ideal conditions birds everywhere ,bait jumping around water looked good temp a bit cool bit hit 21.8 and only picked up a couple of skippys
  4. Thanks m8 caught off the gold coast
  5. Hey fellow raiders can i get i fish id plz
  6. Great feedback and well done , cheers.
  7. Great report m8 sounds like a short action packed session . Ps...lovely snap snap 👍👍
  8. Well done m8 , might have to edit the name to snapper plus 😉
  9. Top report champ and a great feed for your efforts 🖒🖒🖒
  10. Infos pretty tight on this section lol
  11. Congrats m8 nice report and well done on cracking that (mmm) magic metre mark 👌
  12. Quality feed there m8 and nice size red....well done 🖒
  13. Cheers champ
  14. Fantastic job and well done m8 , im still after my reasonable new to the game fishing side of things and thought its close to the end of the marlin fishing and heading into tuna time ? ....any advice from more experienced gameos would be appreciated ?
  15. Great looking conditions in the background , well done on the king she must of been stoked 😊