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  1. Bate Bay

    Nice yowie, they certainly are around at the moment.
  2. Fishing to the south of Sydney

    You get flatties north or south, doesnt really matter. Just have to know where they are. Trawlers arnt allowed to trawl east of Sydney. None of the sydney fleet trawl off the beaches, so the pros arnt to blame.
  3. Sydney Sunday.

    Gday all, good day on the water today but jeez it was cold this morning and a nice sou wester to back it up. Got out the heads to a great looking 2-3M southerly swell and went north . Stopped in 60M and basically drifted south but only around half a knot wind held us up a bit and by 1030 wind and current equalised and we went nowhere lol. Anyway the flatties are heavily on the chew and we had them all day, biggest at 50. They are also in roe. Thank god the barracuda have sort of moved on, only managed to decapitate two today, they have been in plague proportiin over the last few weeks. Also 2 yowie fish and 4 pan sized snapper and a couple of trevs. Water was a nice blue and sat at 17.3 all day although the fish were coming up warm. Most of the fish were all caught on squid.
  4. Sydney Sunday.

    Wizza, nah dont clean as i go. Just drop em in a slurry. Generally clean everything at sea, dont like doing it at the ramp, too many eyes and questions.
  5. Darling Harbour Fishing

    Landbased, used to fish the southern end near imax and west side , harbourside.
  6. Sydney Sunday.

    Reel' em in, the system is known as the Tasman Sea. That big ocean off Sydney­čść. ARC H, just pillies, prawns and a fresh occy.
  7. any tuna news?

    Dont get ya knixkers in a knot, 1yellowfin caught today nothing special.
  8. Sydney Sunday.

    Thanks boys wasnt tooo bad, just kept the two sambos. Might have to start catch and release for a while as cases of Carlton Draught are looking scary.
  9. Darling Harbour Fishing

    I have fished Darling Harbour for years, please do not beleive the hype over "Do not eat fish West of the bridge" What a load of sh!#. If you truly beleive fish sit in one area all their lives then keep beleiving, you will win lotto tomorrow. All this crap started when they wanted to move the pros out, now you are unable to get the best school prawn in Australia, Sydney Harbour Schoolies. If the Bastar#s dont have two heada then eat them. The amount of Mud Crabs, bream and kingies i have taken home to eat from the Southern and Western sides of DH going by the dont eat fish BS i should be dead!. People tend to read and believe to much, without the full picture.
  10. Sydney Sunday.

    Morning all, another great morning to be out but my god still cant feel my fingers. Wind has finally dropped after blowing all morning easy 10knots from the west. Not a great deal of current or swell, half a metre from the south and a bit of wind chop across the top, as i type everything is dropping. Fish are here but very slow on the bite and water temp has been steady all morning at 19.3 and greeny blue. Have managed to pull a feed of snapper, mowies, flatties, pig fish, trevally and 2 small samsons. Big Snapper went 61. Just fishing in the 50s had to move around a bit due to toads.
  11. Sydney Sunday.

    DaveBM, nah m8 a catamaran. Saw the red one steamin home. Farvos, yes m8 keeps the neighbours happy. The bloke i fish with, his missus hates us fishing. Yet shell ring him up about an hour into things and ask if shes got dinner yet. Loves her fish but hates us getting them.. go figure. Regan, just no courtesy.If he had of lost steering we were gone! ARC H, thanks m8. blaxland, nah we were fishin 50M just off Manly. Went deeper first but came in closer because of toads.
  12. Sydney Sunday.

    Gday all, late report. Sunday morning was a bit on the chilly side with little swell about, and not much current to boot either. We just drifted with the wind. Things were slow all day especially with the moon, but the fish were there. Some pan sized snapper about a few Yowie fish and stumbled across a patch of nice blue spots. Literally caught them all in one drift. Still a few whales about, at one stage we had 2 headed towards us with a number of boats that descended upon us. One whale boat and a trailer boat passed by within 10M of us. Both getting a mouthful about how close they were to us let alone their close proximity to the whales which was far less than the min of 100M. Anyway nice morning out, the wind getting stronger from the west as the day wore.
  13. Sydney Deep

    Nah rick , .8-1kn south. Was a dead whale called over the radio. Just saw the footage last night, thresher and a quite a few tigers off it. Just off Sydney.
  14. Sydney Deep

    Gemmies and a dory.