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      IMPORTANT SURVEY   03/18/2018

      PLEASE SEE THE EMAIL I RECEIVED BELOW - attached is a survey. All raiders please do the survey and there are several questions that ask about where you get information and what apps you use - MAKE SURE YOU ADD IN  www.fishraider.com.au This represents an opportunity to help Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime to identify key issues facing the boating public.  Results from the survey will help design programs that deliver more accurate and efficient outcomes in safety, services and infrastructure to the boating public.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All responses will remain anonymous.  The survey is at: https://www.ipsossurveys.com.au/O17Y0401/   The public who complete the survey are in with a chance to win:   Kannad Safelink sportpro+ GPS EPIRB and GMEGX800 Hand Held Marine Radio (combined value over $1,100) 1 of 10 L150N Auto Inflatable Pro Fit lifejackets (valued over $145 each)        


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    tides look good...looks like it might be abit windy though...
  2. Jewhunt

    Top catch mate! Hopefully you'll get the big one that got away! Btw...isn't dropping temperatures putting you guys off fishing? I'd love to wet a line around now but its too damn cold!
  3. Epic Battle - Man Vs Beast

    Thumpin' fish mate! Well done!
  4. Daily Telegraph Fishing Report

    Hey all, Just had a look at the fishing report in today's issue of The Daily Telegraph...and I don't understand a single word of what's written! I think its written in Latin...so much for getting an update on whats hot Cheers, Mick
  5. Bait: Fresh Squid

    Thanks for the info guys - its all great help! Grant, I agree with you 100%. I would love to catch my own squid (for bait or even my own consumption)...but at the moment, my squidding skills need refining and Im kinda looking for a quick solution... Say I do catch my own squid, is it only good to use it then and there or is freezing it and using it a few weeks later just as good? I know the answer seems obvious...but I wanted to get an idea of what "fresh" really means in a bait sense.
  6. Bait: Fresh Squid

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can buy some fresh squid (preferably snap frozen)? I'd like to go squiding myself, but it looks like I wont have the time + I aint too good at it! Cheers, Mick