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      IMPORTANT SURVEY   03/18/2018

      PLEASE SEE THE EMAIL I RECEIVED BELOW - attached is a survey. All raiders please do the survey and there are several questions that ask about where you get information and what apps you use - MAKE SURE YOU ADD IN  www.fishraider.com.au This represents an opportunity to help Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime to identify key issues facing the boating public.  Results from the survey will help design programs that deliver more accurate and efficient outcomes in safety, services and infrastructure to the boating public.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All responses will remain anonymous.  The survey is at: https://www.ipsossurveys.com.au/O17Y0401/   The public who complete the survey are in with a chance to win:   Kannad Safelink sportpro+ GPS EPIRB and GMEGX800 Hand Held Marine Radio (combined value over $1,100) 1 of 10 L150N Auto Inflatable Pro Fit lifejackets (valued over $145 each)        


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  1. Avoca 17-03-18

    Thanks. They both ate well. The usual crowdiness there. Annoying when i go up 10m to change a Lure only to see someone fish where i was fishing
  2. Avoca 17-03-18

    Cheers mate
  3. Avoca 17-03-18

    I hvnt been down since mid January. So cant tell you if there were
  4. Avoca 17-03-18

    Just a quick report fom yesterday Got to the ledge by 4:30am with plenty of fisherman already fishing. Waited for first light for 2hrs and started casting at 6:30am. after casting various metals and hardbodies. And about 200casts later landed a small bonito and a leaping bonito soon after. Both fish took the lure right at the ledge. On an xrap 120mm long cast in pink. Left around 8:30am. So a return trip of 4hrs for 2hrs of fishing was worth it
  5. Frequent break offs near sinker

    I never use a running sinker on braid as it tends to get tangled and wrapped.
  6. 77cm King on Bream rod

    Top effort mate
  7. Rod Repair

    Well you learn something new everyday cheers
  8. Rod Repair

    Maybe insert a fibreglass or graphite ferrule and epoxy it together? there is no way the rod will ever feel the same
  9. Show us your custom built rods

    Something im working at the moment
  10. Show us your custom built rods

    This says it all
  11. Show us your custom built rods

    Nice! keep them coming
  12. Show us your custom built rods

    Blue trim was built for a mate as a birthday gift Silver trim was what i caught the longtail on. Which iv stripped and will be rebuilding.
  13. Rod to match with Stradic 1000 for bream

    Better blanks and sic guides instead of alconites. Also a more comfortable real seat imho
  14. Show us your custom built rods

    Hi fellow raiders Show us your custom rod work or custom built rods. Im due for a few components to be delivered tomorrow. Ill start.