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  1. Warranty n Reel Care

    Also remember to back the drag off unless you like useless drag washers
  2. Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    The stradic FJs did not come with a spool bushing/bearing. So dont worry about it.
  3. Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    I do it to all my shimano reels with the plastic bushing on the worm gear. Do i feel a difference? The answer is no. But replacing a plastic bushing with a bearing has to have less friction right?
  4. Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    sorry about hearing about your reel. either buy from shimano or purchase off an ebay seller starting with a P. I use them to replace my bushings
  5. Disposing of acetone

    I find oil feels light when cranking a light spinning rod. I oil my 1000s 2000s 2500s and 3000s. But pack my rock and offshore reels with grease because they are more prone to saltwater splashes each to their own. We can talk about this until the cows come home. But in the ends its OPs reel
  6. Disposing of acetone

    Pour it into your fishtank to clean the filter KIDDING!!! Dont do that. I just leave it unopened in my garage and it just evaporates. Then hose the gunk at the bottom out in the garden
  7. TwinPower SW 5000

    This makes sense! And an excuse for 2 rods
  8. TwinPower SW 5000

    Realistically if you are going to catch the species mentioned then the 8000 is a good all rounder. Of are you hoping to catch these species? As JonD mentioned the pairing rod is also important. I can cast my 5000 and 6000 reels for 4-5hrs then get tired. but after an 1hr on my 8000 my arms ache. mind you i dont have the biggest arms.
  9. Where to buy Reelx

    Mx3 oil is food grade. From memory i purchased it from a store in wetherill park that has now changed names and ownership mx5 grease and shimano drag grease was bought from a big franchise in drummoyne pm me if you want to know thw exact name of stores
  10. 4000 Stradic CI4+ - Owners

    10kg drag would be quite painful after a couple of minutes. Drag numbers arent everything. Drag smoothness over rating
  11. Where to buy Reelx

    Same issue i came across. I personally use shimano ace2? for drags. mx3 oil for small reel bearings. mx5grease for grease and saltwater reel bearings. Some fellas on here use Vaseline.
  12. Marlin

    I am subscribed to 2 magazines, Hopefully the article is in one of them
  13. Shimano Stradic Handle Cap

    just get it from shimano, cant imagine it to be too expensive. +$5.50 flat rate shipping cant find the part number as it only lists complete handle assy. so you maybe be out o f luck
  14. Cork handles on rods - any maintenance needed?

    Give them a light sand to get rid of any discolouration and apply u40. I was looking into this a while back but then decided i did not like cork handles or the reel seatand went for eva grips and new reel seat
  15. what braid to buy

    Since your loading up stellas id say best would be ocea braid. But best bang for your buck 8strand would be daiwa jbraid 8x if looking at 4strand then it would be sunline super pe. Better than powerpro i currently use all 3 and others. But they are my recommendations