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  1. Good stuff mate. would be perfect for those species Good luck sleeping till christmas
  2. Daiwa Generation Black advice needed

    I doubt there would be much difference in casting distance with a slight shorter rod
  3. YFT from stones

    I would up the braid to 50lb other than that good combo for livies and lures
  4. Pebbly Beach / Station Creek

    Great stuff mate Cant wait for feb when ill be taking the family to Lake Conjola
  5. albright knot questions

    My experience with albright is that it slips or breaks after a lot of casting 30g to 60g slugs my go to are fg when i pretie the night before a sessions. And slim beauty while im out fishing
  6. Shovelnose Sharks - Good Eating?

    I batter the tails they are flake, so make nice fish and chips
  7. New camera

    What type of camera is it? my wife has a beginner canon 600d with the standard 55-115mm (i think) lens and its massive step up from normal point and shoot digital cameras
  8. New camera

    You sir are no amateur. Great shots
  9. Eagle rays

    He isnt breaking the law. Can target whatever he chooses
  10. Rust on inside my guides

    Im not sure if this would of happened in a trip it looks as tho the monster mesh is also underbound also. So cleaning wouldnt do anything. I would leave it. But you are anal about it. Then strip it off and rebound it
  11. Surf Casting Overheads

    My bad, this topic is about overhead/surf cast reels and just assumed we were talking about the lethal overheads
  12. Surf Casting Overheads

    Thats a whole different reel........
  13. First ever bass and lure catch!

    Nice one buddy
  14. Slimies & Yakkas vs. Sweep etc

    Only took me a quick look at the nsw fisheries size guide to find find sizing for mullet. and yes poodies are small mullets https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/fishing-rules-and-regs/saltwater-bag-and-size-limits
  15. Slimies & Yakkas vs. Sweep etc

    All depends on the target species. Iv personally never used sweep as live bait i have used mullet and herring for jewies in the estuary systems also seen a kingie take a live trevally set out as live bait