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  1. Eel-Tailed Catfish?

    Thank you very much!
  2. Eel-Tailed Catfish?

    Thanks Pete, I was just taking a stab in the dark, no one has been really able to tell me for sure what they are.. Keira.
  3. Eel-Tailed Catfish?

    Could not agree more!! We caught a couple of them and released them pretty much straight away. Unfortunately one of the boys learnt that they sting the hard way! Between them and the toadfish we just couldn't win on sunday, not a great day out
  4. just 3 1/2 days 'til I'm out on the water again!

  5. Eel-Tailed Catfish?

    Also, see attached.
  6. Eel-Tailed Catfish?

    Hi All Went out on the weekend to Wiseman's Ferry (lovely spot, felt like i was going back in time a little though!). I know these are terrible photos but we were curious as to what these little buggers were..
  7. My First Jewies :)

    exactly! Rum in one hand and rod in the other - makes for the perfect day out
  8. My First Jewies :)

    As far as I know legal is 45cm (may be wrong here??). Fish all taste the same to me! They were nice I'd rather just catch them than eat them though
  9. My First Jewies :)

    Would love to head back there! Unfortunately the boat I was on is going to be out of order for the next few months so no more off shore fishing for me
  10. My First Jewies :)

    Hopefully lots more to come! and bigger too wannabefisho - fixed it now!!! should be less confusing
  11. My First Jewies :)

    Thanks guys Completely forgot to measure! I'm going to est. at mid 40's or close to. Not bad for my first time.. I'm still at the point where fish just smell fishy to me haha.
  12. My First Jewies :)

    Not entirely sure how to do a fishing report so here goes! Left home (Blue mountains) around 9am for a 10:30am start. Headed in on the Hawkesbury at the mooney mooney bridge ramp after watching the races for a bit. Never seen boats go so fast!!! Weather was BEAUTIFUL! Fine, sunny, slight breeze, half a metre swell and temps around 25-27 degrees.. We headed out towards Palm Beach where you can see the open waters and set up camp. Within minutes we were getting bites from a couple of bream and whiting which was good fun. Tried using Squidgee lures for the first time and was impressed with the result, landing a couple of bream. Changed back to squid and got a decent bite. Before I knew it I was on and was expecting another baby bream - to my surprise it was my first Jewie!! Was great fun and happy to beat my old man in getting our first Jewies!
  13. Melbourne Storm Convicted Of Cheating

    Haha nice Peter! What's the difference between Melbourne Storm and a tooth pick? A tooth pick has 2 points..
  14. Which Raider Is The Smartest........

    YAYY!!! 9TH! lol. I'll take that
  15. Melbourne Storm Convicted Of Cheating

    Let's face it - all the NRL teams are probably in on it, Storm were just silly enough to get caught! Regardless - Bulldogs are still the best