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  1. Looks like you've got a good set up for bass fishing. If that was your first i don't think it will be your last.. Where are you fishing? Just tell your mate to Zoom in a bit more while you hold the fish!
  2. Hi Swordies, Good to see you finally up there and into them already.. Shame about the Kiosk. Looks nice up there, hope the weather stays good for you all week. Cheers Deano
  3. Hi Jani, Love reading your reports from the other side of the world. Great fish in a very rugged looking environment.Good call on the chopper, would not like to walk 40km of that landscape.
  4. Beautiful fish there Stewie.. Looks like the tomato might be the new go to for a while. See, its not too bad fishing on the weekends with the rest of us working class. Ha. Hard luck Nathan, keep at it. You're not the first or last to take photos of Stewie holding Jewfish in the Cooks.
  5. Absolute champion, and to be releasing the big ones and just keeping a feed. The futures in good hands..
  6. Top morning on the Cooks with Stewie. Just had that feeling! Finally Christened my new Jewie stick. The big bonus was that there were so manyTailor knocking the plastics around we ran low on the usual powerbaits, So we started throwing all sorts of stuff. All the big flatties on something Stew gave me? And 3 of the Jewies on Squidgy Killer Tomato that i bought 2 years ago and never used. Totally different colour, go figure. Me thinks I'll be buying some more,and i reckon there might be a sneaky packet or 3 In Stewies box. Stewies face when he got smoked,priceless. Deano
  7. Oh well, no fish but a nice arvo out on the water. Tried our hardest with numerous baits of pillies, squid, live and slabbed yakkas and tailor but couldn't even raise a bite. There was one first for me, fishing with BAIT in Stewies boat. Tried to make as much mess as i could, But he'd covered everything in plastic.Ha. Yes, JohnDory that headpiece caught me out a few times.
  8. Yeah mate Id definately get the ecoodas
  9. Hey Wellzy94 Congrats on your PB's with the soft plastics, always a good day on the Cook's with Stew. But MAAATE cooking for him? Cheers Deano.
  10. Hi Jani, What a beautiful looking spot. I'm sure you'll eventually work out how to get onto the trout. Mate, That backpack, WOW.
  11. Hey Tara, Congrats on your first Jewie. Pressure was really on with Stewies recent run of success, but you smashed it. Especially after just watching the video, and he's made you hold his phone (TWICE) while you were tight on your first Jew., Beats fishing off the bank waving to him as he motors past. Good on ya. Deano.
  12. Hi Jani, Great photos, and I thought it was cold here winter fishing. Good to see the kids are getting into fishing with you. Take care Dean.
  13. Congrats Donna, You were only telling me last week how you were going to tick that one of your list. Gee that didn't take long,easy as. What a great catch. Stewie, great work, that would have been unreal on your bream gear, those ecoodas are unreal. Good on both of you.
  14. Congratulations Jonno on a cracking first Jewie.......on soft plastics too. Always a fun day on the Cooks with Stewie, Laughing that he mentioned food, You'll learn. I tend to keep mine close and hand out a bit at a time, Kinda like a reward system. Ha! Well done boys. Deano.
  15. Nice report, Gotta love bagging out with upgrades.