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  1. Hey raiders, So i've got a plan of going out on the harbour this friday and would like to know some info... How is the fishing at the moment, is there anything biting or are my efforts better pointed elsewhere (botany or hawkesbury brooklyn area?) Planning to launch at rose bay and be on the water by 530am to try catch some live bait squid and yakkas (not really sure where to look for it so if you are willing to share feel free to PM me). Going to make a day of it with my gf and 2 mates on board (one mate doesn't even fish lol). Will be using lure and bait, just hoping to stumble onto some fishing action. I am planning to just explore around the the port jackson area namely from taronga zoo area and east towards the heads and possibly to manly area. (I don't frequent these areas as often as if i launch from rhodes ramp and have never fished around manly area by boat so i'll be shooting blind in that area). Just a few more questions if anyone can answer them: Besides back at rose bay are there any other places that i can dock at to use restroom facilities? Are there any other places one can recommend getting lunch at besides at sydney fish markets (only place i know that I can go with a boat and get a feed in the harbour) as we plan on just buying lunch somewhere as opposed to packing or brining cooking equipment) as the fish markets are a bit to far for my agenda i think. How does one anchor their boat at a beach? Ive never known other than beaching it bow first then pulling it back into water ( i did that with my small tinny but not to game anymore trying that with the now bigger boat... ive always wanted to beach or anchor just off the beach at cliftons to go for a swim etc but everytime ive gone its already been fully anchored up and nowhere to find a spot to attempt. From what i saw everyone just anchored just off the beach and was stern facing the beach and nothing else at the stern it seemed, how do they stop their boats from swinging sideways, and do you just jump in from the boat and swim to shore? or do people drop their passengers off at the dock where people fish at cliftons then someone stays behind with the boat? ive had a read of some methods and have made a sand spike with rope hoping to try the anchor out then reverse in slowly till close enough to swim or wade to shore... is that the standard way of doing this? last thing i want is come to close and snap my transducer off or i dont know, sorry i might be overthinking this since ive never done it and have no clue. I'd greatly appreciate any help to my questions, i'm also interested in peeking outside the heads if weather/time/mood of passengers permits as I just finished mounting my first epirb (xmas pressie thanks mum :D) and its like a feeling of unlocking a new level or something in a game... I can now venture outside and explore places i haven't been yet (yes i know i need more than an epirb for open water, got them all already, epirb was the final piece for going 2nm out). if anyone's heading out on friday give us a wave. Also if anyone has any battery recommendations you have my attention as I've decided to finally bite the bullet and replace my 2nd (house battery) which powers all my electronics as i tried it today and its not even worth its own weight anymore. I am thinking of getting the Supercharge Sea Master MFM70. I want to install a dual battery system with VSR/ASR (ie blueseas add-a-battery) further down the track so want a battery that would suit both mainly powering electronics and helping crank in an emergency for redundancy sake. Will be picking one up sometime tomorrow for hopefully $194, if anyone has any better recommendations im all ears. Since this 2nd battery is mainly for powering my electrics would it be a better option to just get a deep cycle?... Cheers raiders.
  2. botany bay 26/12/2017

    Seems a bit lumpy in the bay by the sounds of it. Good report, gotta be in it to win it as they say.
  3. Jellyfish - do they matter?

    From my personal experience everytime i see a lot of jellyfish about (the clear glass looking ones which don't seem to have any stingers or trailing arms), I pretty much don't catch anything in that session or at the very least in my mind dont seem to get the frequency of 'action' if they were not around. This is fishing the harbour and parra river system.
  4. Spit Bridge disappointment

    Good read, as Neil already mentioned, thats fishing... If its any consolation my past 2 sessions out (yesterday and the day before) had all been for zilch, travelled to rose bay throwing lures for not even a touch between the times of 11am- 3pm. The day before i went to parsley bay for also zilch from 1230pm-330pm, then moved to rozelle bay for a fish from 415pm- 6pm for nothing. This was all land based btw and all these locations were new for me, bit of a mission to travel so i rarely am in this side of sydney and to think all i wanted was something to touch the line for a bit of catch and release fun.
  5. Which Reel Pflueger/ Shimano or Abu Garcia

    Wow that's a rotten bit of luck Jeff.
  6. Drummoyne Ramp

    I'm still amazed how they managed to strip the trailer without anyone even suspecting some foul play at work... i mean i know that ramp gets really busy as you have everyone and their dog launching there, not to mention all the general foot traffic with exercisers etc frequenting that location. By the photo to, the trailer was stripped right in front of the ramps... it wasn't even a trailer that was parked in the corner out of the way behind bushes with minimal eyes on etc. These thieves literally had zero f&%#$ to give, certainly makes me nervous about parking my trailer at any ramp.
  7. Free tender for coffee

    Thats awesome info to know, thanks for sharing.
  8. Fishing Botany bay (12 june 2017) with Video

    Thanks mate, kings are always good fun to catch. Thanks Neil, I'm glad you liked my report, really appreciate your kind words and words of encouragement. I hope my other vids are just as entertaining for you. The gear i'm using to film are: Camera 1. Gopro Hero 5 black mounted to a Gopro Chesty (the camera footage you see which is POV style). Camera 2. Gopro Hero 4 silver mounted to a UKPro Pole 54HDF (The camera used for underwater and 2nd perspective shots). Editing Software: 1. Adobe After Effects CC 2017 (pirated lol) 2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 (pirated) 3. Adobe Bridge CC 2017 (legit cos free from adobe) I'm still very new to this editing thing and as i'm learning as i go, its a pretty big learning curve using adobe stuff (compared to say Gopro studios - ive used that once). my editing software progression went from the tried & true yet very simple windows movie maker 2011 & microsoft paint ---> Gopro studios free software ---> Adobe. Thanks for that, I'm actually very flattered you recognise the effort and that comment means a lot to me. I don't post much on raiders, but when I do I like to think my posts are made with quality & effort, and will actually entertain people as they read as opposed to the same old same old. Its the least i think i can do as some of the people in this community have really helped me out in the past with their advice & actual physical help. Glad you like them Jeff Yeah i figured I'd try give as much information as possible on this latest vid to try and separate myself from the other plethora of fishing vids on youtube so its not only entertaining, but also informative. As mentioned to BN above I use the 5 black as my POV camera (this is usually always on me at all times ready to go when fishing) and its mounted to myself using the Chesty strap. I believe this is the better of the 2 strap styles as the head strap if not done right can give people motion sickness when viewing the footage. I also find it more visually pleasing to watch in the chest area as it gives your eyes a frame of reference with your arms and rod and reel in the shot. Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed. Please excuse my ignorance but what are air collectors? I actually have no idea what you are referring to haha. Thank you all for taking the time to comment on my post, glad you all seemed to have enjoyed, it lets me know i'm not wasting my time. Cheers OJ
  9. Fishing the long weekend in sydney

    1 king is fun, 30 is just ridiculous. would have been an absolute blast
  10. Flathead still on the chew

    nice haul at the end, good stuff.
  11. Hey Raiders, Just making a quick report fishing in botany a couple of days ago. I'll keep it short so here goes (skip to bottom if you lack an attention span, 3 variants for this report below): > Plan was to leave mine and be on the water by 7am, didn't end up leaving mine till 730am. Travelled 10 minutes down the road with boat in tow heading to botany bay, pulled into servo to get backup fuel (just in case 50L wasn't enough inside the bay lol), only to realize there that I didn't bring the boat keys =/. Made a phone call to mum to bring the boat keys as friend and I waited at the servo eating breakfast at the HJ's. > Went to a local tackle and bait store in kyeemah to buy backup bait (exorbitant pricing@ 1 fresh squid costing$6.30 & 1 small ziplock bag of frozen pilles ~ 10 igaf? pilles @ $10) Launched at Kyeemah boat ramp and headed off to gather live bait around where the tugs are usually parked. > Gathered yellowtail scad & slimey mackerel in a maritime security level 1 zone. (Not sure why no one told us to move along, port authority etc etc drove right past a handful of times, safety in numbers?). > Then went to squid grounds to try and find squid, none were found in the 20 minutes we tried (squidding is the bane of my fishing, i have no patience for it). > Went to oil wharf (my 'secret spot' is not so secret anymore after this vid, oh well) to drop some livies down and fresh squid strips (bought before launching as insurance). Caught 2 kings. 1@ 55cm on squid strip, 1@60cm on live yakka. Lost a few more livies and strips due to fish missing the hooks. Accessory battery couldn't keep fish finder alive anymore so was fishing blind for the 2nd half of the day ~1pm (its due for a replacement/ had spare older fully charged 12V battery on board but were to lazy to swap them around). > Things died down so moved to oil drums to try (without the aid of aforementioned fish finder), only caught pinkes, grinners, live bait tangles, & slimeys. Managed to catch 2 keeper flattys and 1 keeper bream though, so had something to take home. > Things weren't so hot at drums so went back to my secret spot as it got later in the day, no success. > Headed home on 'mood lighting' before it got to dark, earnt my paycheck driving back to the ramp from the oil wharf due to a decent wind blowing to the north east, pushing the boat from the port rear sideways the entire time and driving in an awkwardly angled sea/waves. > All in all a enjoyable day as that's the first time the Formosa has been taken to the bay and the weather cleared up nicely. Lots of bait schools around and the bay wasn't that busy with most people travelling elsewhere for the long weekend. For those who have a short attention span, here's a video instead (warning 10 minute video): Click here --> Fishing botany bay using live bait For those with no attention span: tl;dr version Went botany bay, caught fish, heres pics. Thanks for your attention. OJ
  12. Foreshore drive boat ramp

    Thanks for the heads up. I am planning to go to that ramp tomorrow morning for a launch. I guess i will need to time it so the tide isn't at peak low's, cheers. Ps how did your session today go? I am planning to fish around inside the bay.
  13. Honda CRV and Aluminum 5.5 boat towing capacity.

    Jeff is right, all crv's are more in line with being a front wheel drive till the FRONT wheels slip then they lock up the rear wheels to try give more traction. I think their buzz word/term is 'real time four wheel drive - RT4WD'
  14. Sounder Recommendations

    The general saying is get the biggest you can afford and be justified/comfortable with your decision at the end of the day haha... That being said I run a 7 inch unit and am perfectly happy with the size, that being said I wouldn't say no to a free size upgrade at the time of purchase lol.
  15. Lowrance Elite ti 9

    Yeah total scan for me to