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  1. Been listening to Ch.21 this arvo. Not much action at all. Will call up some mates who are currently cubing shortly. Was going to go tomorrow, but will now probably give it a miss.
  2. 15nm - try double that now. We (14yo son on the rod) went 1-1-0 there yesterday.
  3. Thanks for the update Damo. We're fishin the next two days. Can't wait!
  4. Hi all, Just got home. Went as far as Heatons today, turned north then north west and back past Browns on dark. Zeros for us - and everyone else. On 21 no SBT reported, only 1 20kg YFT and 1 boat got some Albacore amongst ALL of the boats that fished today. Bloody tough. Going again to stock up on Gemmies tomorrow.
  5. A charter boat whose name I don't think I am supposed to mention here huntered down 5 fish to 100kg 20nm east of Browns. My mate who was onboard said when they got to Heatons there were a stack of boats all hooked up. They trolled for an hour for zeros in that area then heading west came across a school busting up in front of them and all 4 80s on the boat went off. All landed. I'm only spending a few hours on land over the weekend to sleep, otherwise will be offshore. Killing me being at work today.
  6. Yep, planning to be out fishing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of next week. Not sure exactly where yet, depends upon water temp and colour and intel over the next few days. Bruce.
  7. Thanks Billseeker.
  8. Does anyone know if the Laggers Point Ramp is open at present? Or does everyone have to come out of Back Creek or across the Macleay River Bar? Great work on the fish guys.
  9. Pretty good day. Using the electrics and standing back with arms folded as the fish came up was a new experience for us!
  10. We've got 3 boats out of Port Hacking tomorrow, will be on 21.
  11. Thanks for the tips Damo, much appreciated.
  12. U goin out Squiz?
  13. Motivation!!!!
  14. We're heading out tomorrow, not sure which direction yet. We'll be on Avalon on 21.
  15. Geez I've got poor timing. Trolled all day yesterday in the same area for zip.