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  1. Trailer bearings

    Fab what I forgot to ask in the other post, did any water get into the bearings after six months prior to you cleaning them. Great post.
  2. Slide Baiting For Kings and Jews

    I use to use this at at Brown Rock to catch some kings. The depth of the water there is 5-7m. Would cast as far as possible then clip on the fish and let it slide down. Yes it swam up and down BUT it works. I got reefed once by a big King to the rocks to the right where people sun bake nude. Good set up where there's sand and your on a medium height ledge. Mind u this was 8-9 years ago. You can really see when there's a big fish cashing the bait, the rod tip bouncing then bam
  3. Terrigal Skillion 2/05/16

    Nice session of the stones. Nice rat, the calamari would of been a good feed. Well done.
  4. Hand held Portable Jump starter's size of an IPHONE 6

    I've got the PowerAll mini battery pack. Works fine, have started a V8, and two small 4 cylinders and still had plenty off power left in it. I charge it every 3 months even if I don't use it (as per-instructions) for maximum life performance. Great little unit, got it on special at a car shop which starts with R and ends with O. It is a bit bigger than iphone 6 though.
  5. The Entrance nearly back to normal

    Wow nice haul you got.
  6. Pick Up for live bait tank

    Either flee bay or Led Adv*ntage has them. I was lucky my local had one at the time nobody else had them in stock.
  7. Live tank

    The switch you talk about you can buy at Mar*ne War*hous* online shop. I've installed one on my boat. Works a treat, switch and forget, unless I'm about to plane.
  8. Broken Bay - Massive school of salmon

    That's awesome man, what a site to see, you must of had fun on the light gear.
  9. Pick Up for live bait tank

    After installing my live bait tank a while ago I thought I'd add a pick up for it as well, that way the squid don't die so quickly and get a fresh dose of water when I'm going to another location. I was luckily enough to find this pick up from my local boat shop after waiting for about 2 months for sock from another place. But I see now that warehouse has them back in stock because I've seen them popping up on eBay from other shops. Anyway here's my result. Parts then Cut hole to feed hose through Use hot water to soften up the rubber hose's then join them via the 13mm to 19mm hose adaptor. Install the inlets Now its time to fit the adjustable pick up. I used Tef-Gel on the screws, although water should not even get close to the holes because I've used Sikaflex 291 (marine) around the whole fitting. Finished product, adjustable and outa the way when not in use.
  10. advice on julians and yellow rock

    Like fisholb said, be careful, I aways take a PFD and wear it if I think it calls for it. Seen many people wash of that ledge many times in the past. As for Yellow Rock, that's more for live baiting. Watch the high tide or a big swell because just down the bottom you don't wanna get caught when crossing the thin part of the ledge to get to the other side. Oh, and the walk back is a long awful one.
  11. Waterway closed at The Entrance

    If it was closed its because unfortunately two men have lost there lives prawning. Very sad to read about this. My condolences to the families of the two men. I was down there a couple of weeks ago and saw heaps of inexperienced people pawning, and probably couldn't swim either. Guys be careful it could happen to anyone.
  12. Marine Rescue volunteers risk lives in desperate rescue operation

    These guys need more recognition, their awesome. 👏👍👏👍
  13. Inspecting Towbar assembly

    Fab this has happen it me as well some years back. Same noises from the tow ball, when I did an inspection same thing. We were about to enter Hwy, luckily I checked and fixed before we proceeded.
  14. Changing wheel bearings-Final

    Thank for that detailed write up. Looks like I'll be doing my ones next time.
  15. Almost. 1st January

    We went to Botany Bay for a New Years fish with the plan to catch some live bait and then go looking for some kings. The plan almost, sort of, maybe not went to plan. Couldn't bring up the yakkas, bloody other little stripped fish kept on taking them. I was using my 2-4kg rod with 1000 size reel with a bait rig, the ones with the tiny tiny little hooks with prawns the size of my finger nail attached to them, all of a sudden my reel goes off like a freight train, took a least 1/4 of my line just like that, go to get some line back and again takes of like a rocket. It eventually turns back and I get some line back, now my son wants in on the action so since I've got some decent line back I hand him the rod. It's so much fun watching kids screaming when a fish takes line so hard but he eventually brings him up, At first I think it's a big trevalley then a big bonnie, but then we see that big yellow tail we start to cheer and hype each other up. We're amazed its hooked on a tiny hook. I miss netting him first go but it was enough time for him to spit the hook out. 😖. The rest to the day nothing much. Traveled to Browns rock with an octopus as live bait, but nothing. It was full land base though. Anyway as the saying goes, there's always next time.