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  1. or bbq spit roast motor
  2. shore jigging lures tend to flutter more than twisties/ raider type lures as they sink so can be more effective when "jigged" you can let your twisty sink to the bottom and "jig" retrieve it but you will most probably lose a few lures buy getting snagged on rocks doing this (single hooks may reduce this) get to know the depth of the area you fish and count as the lure sinks to regulate the different depths you want the lure to be as with any lure casting you can impart many different actions by using the rod and reel to jerk, twitch, pause, sink, drag and crank to name a few. experiment until you get a bite or your arms fall off trying
  3. Daiwa BG 4000 Spin Reel 5.7:1 PE 2.5/300m 404g 6kg 6+1
  4. I've got the 9 foot RVLI902SP and 10 foot RVLC1002SP (this is a heavier rod than you mentioned. rated at 8-15kg) I can't fault either of them never had a catana so can't comment if you can afford the t curve get it what reel and line will you use with it if you're casting metals more than baits maybe consider a 9 foot rod (unless you defo need the 10)
  5. I'm saying Painted sweetlip aka slatey bream, QLD morwong, blackall. (Mother-in-law fish) Location caught might help I.D
  6. "UP TO" 50% off
  7. the only confusion was date of original post. All else was kosher
  8. small minnows, soft plastics and vibes could all work if you have lures for bream/flathead they should do or the humble old garden worm either on the bottom or under a float
  9. I thought they were supposed to be very tasty to eat. Have you had a bad experience Jon or just don't rate them?
  10. yeah that was me If you got one on a metal its a wonder those lads didn't get one even if using a sinker the squids were angry that night
  11. When for a quick flick after work last night at Bondi after seeing ink all over the rocks down there on the weekend. There was a backpacker already there with a K-mart combo and squid jig just packing up I got a squid first cast and he wasn't happy Jan, he had been there 3 hours for a doughnut I ended up keeping 5 good ones let some babies go and missed a few as well sorry for the kitchen sink photo but it was dark as a coal miner when I left the rocks gotta be happy with some hoods for a feed and heads for bait
  12. I went fishing with my dad 2 weeks ago in the bidgee. We got 2 cod 58cm and 50cm. 3 trout cod all little 20cm ish and a big carp about 60cm all on bait raw chicken or prawns never use such "exotic" baits before always used worms, grubs, shrip and yabbies then cheese was the fad and now this fancy stuff fish get better fed than we do! the water was 13 C and had been up a bit then down a bit and clean and steady. since then dad tells me it's dropped right down
  13. so you don't use it anymore? and it's not strong enough for 5oz
  14. how do you like using the casting cannon?
  15. I think there are many different strains of "carp" in Australia and some interbreed creating lots of different colour and shape variations.