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  1. Few BREAM

    geez didn’t take you long to get back into it 😂 swano might be onto something about the cod being bad juju
  2. Welcome Mike and team! looking forward to seeing some of your ideas for Fishraider. A big thank you to the swordies for everything they have done with/for Fishraider until now, and it’s great to see you guys staying on, wouldn’t be the same without you! cheers jonno
  3. First Jewfish

    Congrats on your first Jew
  4. Port Stephens- Weekend report

    better than being at work that’s for sure, sounds like you had an eventful weekend!
  5. Suburban Sydney Bass

    Top fish mate, congrats! which system were you fishing?
  6. Tough loss, but sounds like a rewarding trip, well done 👍🏼
  7. Before work fun

    Top effort, well done!
  8. First outing - plus report

    Here are the other pics, had sizing issues
  9. First outing - plus report

    No, it’s a molix brand, thought it looked good, gave it a try, got the Jew on the same one, but in pink
  10. Georges Jew

    That’s a top effort!
  11. First outing - plus report

    Cant load any more pics, perhaps stew can upload them if he is feeling kind 🙏
  12. Hey folks Went and purchased myself my first boat just over a week ago, and after itching to get it out on the water, today was the day 😃 Tried to find someone to come out with me, but couldn’t find any takers. After a very late start, after getting the little one off to school, packed up the car and boat and headed off, with a few nerves, but mainly excitement. Got to the boat ramp just before 12 for the run out ride, and realised I have left the boat keys on the kitchen bench 😂 but thankfully for some reason took a bunch of keys that came with the boat, that had a key on it, even though I thought the key was for an older motor the previous owner had. After failing to trouble the scorers on my last 3 outings, hopes were not really high, but was happy just to be on the water. Motored to my first spot, and after playing around with the electric for a bit, wanting to know the ins and outs, started casting soft plastics. After a while managed a little flatty, that was returned to the water. Awhile later and I have a big hit, strike, heavy weight, and thinking I have tied a new knot, don’t know if it’s done 100% and will it hold, I’m calling it as a Jew early, After a lot of runs and head shakes, I spot a nice big flatty. Had some fun tryin to net it by myself, but managed, and landed a pb 76cm flatty. Swam it After a few snaps and swam away happy. Went back to the same spot, changed colours with the soft plastic, and 2nd cast after the flatty another good hit, strike and some good weight, again calling it (hoping) for a few. After a bit of fight, I see silver, and not too bad for size, and the confidence on the self netting is not so high now 😬 Thankfully betting wasn’t a problem, and a nice 70cm Jew is on board, and to say I had a smile on my face would be and under statement! Had a few more casts and called it a day, great couple hours on the water! I would like to also take the opportunity to thank Stewie for not only taking me out a few times, but for the teachings and guidance with all things fishing, and the advice with choosing my first boat. I am sure I have annoyed the hell out of you, but seriously I thank you for your time, patience, and knowledge, and I am sure you have regretted being so kind at some stage, because I know I have probably pestered alot😂 pics!