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  1. Hey mate have just finished fabrication of my hardtop on my trailcraft 5.8 trailblazer. Getting ready to paint . How did you go with painting? What products did you use, has the paint lasted.


  2. Trailcraft Trailblazer Hardtop Completed

    Good question, I know it was 3mm, not sure of the grade but I will try to find out.
  3. Trailcraft Trailblazer Hardtop Completed

    Thanks Guys, We guesstimate the total weight around 70-80kg with glass, have been out in it about 6 times and have not noticed a difference in the handling of the boat at all. So far I have not had any conditions that have really tested it yet, no doubt that will come when the tuna season starts.
  4. Trailcraft Trailblazer Hardtop Completed

    Had a friend weld the hardtop up for $2000 for mates rates, I painted it and my mate got a guy to put glass in for $900, so all up a bit over $3000. Very happy with the job and the price considering I was up for a new Bimini anyway. Regards Nigel
  5. Trailcraft Trailblazer Hardtop Completed

    Thanks Onajewagain, No more having the Bimini deteriorate, much better view, something to hold onto when going up front, no more leaks in rough weather, stronger, more space, lowered the roof a little so I could reach the launchers, and most of all looks better. Regards Nigel
  6. The conversion is finally completed, the full screens make a massive difference. Seems like heaps of extra room. and I now have a fantastic view all round the boat, can finally berth the boat without bump parking lol
  7. Hardtop Conversion For My Trailcraft

    Now some white paint.
  8. Hardtop Conversion For My Trailcraft

    Winds dropped, now some primer. Bugger ran out of primer after I let my son use some on his car. Only about 80Ks each way to get more n then hope the wind dont pick up.
  9. Hardtop Conversion For My Trailcraft

    Boats at home n ready for cleaning up and primer.
  10. Hardtop Conversion For My Trailcraft

    My conversion is well underway while the fishing restrictions are in place in Tassie but I thought I would also share the progress. I opted for a full length windscreen in mine. Thats better
  11. Is A 5.8 Trailcraft Now A 6.1?

    Agree completely Reggie, Very confusing, some people must be reading the thread and thinking what the hell are they on about. lol We need someone that worked at the the factory to explain for sure what happened. Besides just wanting to know, a 6.1 would be worth more than a 5.8 and in the 6.1 you dont need to wear a life jacket in Tassie.
  12. Is A 5.8 Trailcraft Now A 6.1?

    Jeff, I was using the boat specs that came with my boat and comparing with Trailcraft web site but my understanding is using a straight line from the bow to the ground (not counting the sprite at the front)and measure to the rear of the bottom of boat at the transom. Regards Nigel
  13. Hardtop Conversion For My Trailcraft

    Hi Jeff, Never had that problem, are you carrying much weight up front of boat? Regards Nigel
  14. Is A 5.8 Trailcraft Now A 6.1?

    Hi Guys, I have a 5.8 2004 Trailcraft Trailblazer and I was told a few years ago that they remeasured them and that they should be 5.95, now I notice they are being called 6.1. and if so can my boat now be rebadged as the 6.1???? The specs seem the same, is there anyone in the know that is aware of the full story? Regards Nigel
  15. Hardtop Conversion For My Trailcraft

    Hi Reggie, I would still be trimming up a little n see how that goes.