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  1. Just an update for all who have been so helpful. Boat went on the water yesterday and there was no sign of overheating problems during the trip! Thanks again.
  2. :(((( We spent the morning around flint and steel (along with about 20 other boats)and found nothing. Should have ventured further around obviously
  3. Hi guys. I know it's last minute but I'm hoping to find a couple of spots in and around Pittwater to have a fish tomorrow. Coming from Penrith I don't have much of an idea and the last trip was a bust. Any suggestions of where we can drop some livies for a king or Jew? Or failing that, a reef that might hold a couple snapper for dinner? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Just looking for a couple for a feed and the rest are catch and release.
  4. Replacing the impellor housing made a massive difference in the strength of the tell-tale so hopefully this has rectified the oheat issue for now. I do agree that the water channels are probably a mess. But perhaps its one of those cases of if it ain't broke.... We will be taking it for a run on Pittwater this Sunday, hopefully we have done enough for now to stop the alarm. Now if only I knew where to find fish in Pittwater!
  5. So we got round to installing the new thermostat yesterday and got most of the way through the impeller repair but found this little problem.. someone glued the impeller cover to the housing!! I didn't order a replacement housing but have picked one up today. The impeller wasnt actually in too bad of a condition but obviously the previous owner had some issues and though a bit of construction adhesive would do the trick. Hopefully with the stat change and a new housing the O/heating will be resolved. P.s. the Yamaha dealer advised against taking the head off, except as a last resort.
  6. Any recommendations on where to pick up a cylinder gasket and cover gasket? Or better still, where not to buy? I don't have a parts # list for this outboard.
  7. Thanks everyone. To do list: Change thermostat Change impeller and housing Flush with salt away/salt X Will let you know how it goes. So, just to confirm, am I right that poppet valve is not a thing on this outboard?
  8. Funny enough the alarm stopped when on the ear muffs.
  9. This was the state of the thermostat. I've given it a good clean out but will do more once the new stat arrives.
  10. No, it has to warm up.
  11. Has happened when idling while chasing a hookup and while waiting for the trailer to be backed down the ramp. It had 100hrs. Recently purchased. Was told we could go another 50hrs before changing, but that was before we knew about the overheating.
  12. Hey there We have a 1999 Yamaha 60hp 2 stroke that sets off the alarm at idle. I can only imagine this is the overheating alarm as it's using the oil no problem. Some research on forums mentioned thermostat, poppet valve and impeller. We've just pulled out the thermostat, a lot of gunk in there but when chucked in hot water it opened. I'm going to replace it anyway given the corrosion and I wasn't able to test if it was opening at 50deg. I went hunting for the poppet valve but after much searching and a bit of research on workshop manual etc, perhaps there isn't one on this outboard?? Does anyone know if it had a poppet valve and if so where would I find it? Any other recommendations to fix the overheat issue? I'm hoping the thermostat does the trick. But I guess it could be a worn impeller if at low speed it's not pushing enough water through. Oh, btw, no problem with the tell-tale, tho I heard that this isn't much of an indicator..