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  1. I'd be in again as long as dates work for mw with work.
  2. Thanks mate, that helps greatly, i appreciate it.
  3. Hi Guys, Just after a bit of help when it comes to poddy mullet. Im new to this, and want to take some out on friday. Im in the Gosford area and was hoping that someone could steer me n the right direction as to where to start. thanks in advance. Noel
  4. Ive seen them anywhere from $1400-$1600. was hoping someone had one laying around not being used.
  5. If anyone knows of a second hand chair, id be more than interested. Thanks. Noel.
  6. Ha ha' thanks for the info guys. Where is the best place to get large amounts of markets?
  7. Typically, how much burley would you go through?
  8. Thanks for the info, looking forward to giving it a crack.
  9. Im seriously thinking of having a crack at sharks this season of Broken Bay. A couple of the many questions I have is for those that fish over the shelf for sharks. Is there a prefered depth or is it manily dependent on your burley, and the second Q, do you guys turn your engine off, or do you keep it running all day considering how far off shore you are. Thanks in advance.
  10. Nice fish Sean, well done mate....
  11. Mate if your free on friday, ive got a spot availiable, heading over the shelf chasing marlin with another raider.
  12. Better to save the fuel and wait for a better day, it's only early in the season and will be plenty of good days to head out.
  13. Your right, looks like Saturday now. Bloody wind..........
  14. Your proberly right mate, Sunday is the day. Are you still heading south mate.
  15. Yeah thats what i was thinking Ed, still cant make up my mind!!!!