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  1. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Well done Swordies, Blue swimmers taste great. Cheers
  2. NZ Kingies & Snapper on fly

    Great result there, especially on a fly outfit. Cheers
  3. Swordies fish Glenbawn

    Looks like a great time was had out there. Congrats on your pb yellow belly Donna.
  4. Croc and Rat

    Nice looking Flattie there.
  5. Sydney Harbour & Long Reef Friday 10/11/2017

    Sounds like you had a great time on the water. Shame about the big trevor damaged by worms.
  6. Georges Jew

    Nice Jewy, congrats.
  7. Bluefin

    Bluefin tuna go great on the bbq, its just like cooking T-bone steak only ten times better. I can't bring myself to eat raw fish, puke. Lightly cooked and its a whole new ball game. Cheers
  8. Can't complain about our day!

    Great squid there, it's a feed on its own.
  9. Cooks metre jew

    Wow!!! A couple of top Jewies there Stew. Great work again. Cheers
  10. Kings at Long Reef

    Nicely done.
  11. Swano and swordy smack em in the Cooks

    Excellent fishing session there by the looks of it. Well done guys.
  12. Soft plastics session

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, and this was in Botany bay. Cheers
  13. Soft plastics session

    I went out this afternoon on my own for another quick session. I caught 2 Flatties, 60cm and 36cm respectively, and a couple of numb rays, that had me dancing around while trying to remove the hooks without getting zapped. The people on the beach must have been wondering what I was doing. One bloke walked up to have a look and asked me why I was releasing it and not eating it. I said to him your welcome to it, if you can pick it up. He looked at me weird and declined lol. Here's a pic of the larger of the two Flatties.