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  1. awesome report Dave, that water looks drink worthy (if i didnt see those catties come out lol).
  2. Sounds good Dave
  3. Hi Guys, Picked up the new 4X4 last weekend and itching to do some sand driving/fishing. Do you guys know any beaches QLD/Noth-Mid NSW Beaches you can drive on (other than moreton/fraser). Thanks guys
  4. nice mate thanks for that info. Cheers, Stan
  5. thanks fellas
  6. Hey Raiders, GC weather has been terrible lately, if its not the torrential rain, its the wind (which still hasn't calmed down). There was a window where the wind was down to reasonable conditions so hit my pontoon and the beach at the end of street. Pontoon is currently holding small jacks, moses, big bream and the odd cod. Beach is absolutely plagued with yellowtail barracuda right. Every cast was one of these things or tiny bream. Really hoping the warmer weather sticks around, a couple of blokes have caught small queenies and some really big red dogs. Enjoy the pics Raiders, In terms of lures, ive been using ecogear grass minnows, atomic hardz, jackson vibs, baitbreath plastics, berkley powerbait minnows, ecogear zx30's and have bumped up from 4 to 6lb. Cheers, Stan
  7. those 2 bass are monsters! catch of the month for sure!
  8. Bought the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
  9. Thanks Jew Hunter, Evans head sounds interesting, i dont think im confident enough to hit that beach yet though. Any beaches you are aware of that i can drive straight onto (no ferries etc.) Cheers!
  10. hey mate i live on the GC so happy to come along. i dont know any good spots off the rocks though lol
  11. nice report mate! we get heaps of them pike up here, they are suckers for blades. keep up the great work!
  12. ^^ i think it got mentioned above, the last tip i have is dont waste your chubbies on them (im talking about lures here). Those lures are too short, and you run the risk of gut booking or them rubbing you off. Longer minnows like 70mm or longer are much easier to de-hook
  13. hey Jeff, RMG Scorpions in purple or Black with the read head, look for the ones with P50 Bibs, they dont seem to snag up much. Or El Cheapo Berkley Flicker shads in black/gold, mullet. Troll them along drop off's and if you hook one, troll in a figure 8 around that area you will prob pick up more - i do this from the kayak all the time. I find they work best when they are actually digging up the sand, this seems to really peak their interest. With regard to speed, whatever is going to get the lure digging is all you need IMO.
  14. congratulations mate!
  15. AWESOME REPORT! Mate im on the gold coast so not too far from you, we should tee up a session soon if your keen. Cheers
  16. 6-10 LB is all i use for them. just keep their head below the water when landing them, otherwise they are likely to rub/bite you off
  17. nice yella mate! havent fished copeton but heard its very difficult to crack
  18. great to catch up and meet the scratchie crew! Spewing about the fish mate, they were on fire a few weeks back hope the rest of your holiday is magic mate, a pleasure to meet you! I'll bring the beers next time!
  19. Hi Guys, Here is a pic of a cod i caught, flicking ecogear grass minnows for bream. This cod smashed the lure and when i netted him and let him settle down, a crab casually walked out of his mouth! these fish are so greedy, everytime i bring one in, its spitting some type of meal out. This crab owes me big time! Stan
  20. sounds like you've got a good patch of water there mate, well done!
  21. one word mate AWESOME!
  22. hey guys, Do you use those tackle boxes that have small holes for air/water to come in/out? ive been thinking about getting a few so i can just hose my tackle box down. Im all about that lazy life. Cheers
  23. hey mate, As PomPom said, those rigs worl really well with boilies or dog/cat food. In Lake parramatta however, the carp follow the ducks. so wherever the ducks are, they will be carp - just be careful not to hook a duck! Most of my success came from just burleying with bread then pitching a bread fly at them. Also, the hotter the weather, the harder they fight! Use light leader, small hooks - i use mosquito hooks, let them take the bait on loose drag then tighten, burley a spot for a few days. Cheers
  24. Hi Raiders, Not sure if i already put these pics up, just a few catches from August so far. Winter has been producing some amazingly calm days, with heaps of water visibility. I have been focusing on flathead, bigger bream on big lures and tailor off the stones. No beans on the tailor so far, but a lot of Pike and the bream/flatties have been playing ball too. Most of the lures i have been using are plastics (berkley minnows), jackson vibes, ghillies baitfish, rapala x-wrap (the ones you can cast), samaki vibalicious and atomic hardz. Enjoy the pics guys!