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  1. Here is a short clip of the Blue that we found inside 12 mile on Sunday in 23.4 purple water. After 1 hour fight the hooks pulled but we were still well away from winning at that stage, he was just too good. Reports from previous few days had fish holding closer to shelf but water seemed to have continued to push in and more fish were found now moved to 50-75 ftms
  2. All action appeared in morning we found the blue at 930 before tide change but it seemed quiet for most in arvo
  3. Saddle up boys the Bulls are back in town In 130 m off botany today lost a big blue marlin just inside 12 mile also in 23.4 after an hour battle popped hooks but he was not even close and too good ! almost spooled us on first run before lines even cleared water is purple blue
  4. Lumitec Seablaze X - the bright models vs their base version just google them there is plenty of info and their website and youtube videos too. got them from the US
  5. I did not want to drill thru transom and ever have to worry about hidden rot they mounted with 3M 5200 which will rip boat apart before it falls off they meant to be mounted flush thru transom tho
  6. If you want to bother installing underwater lights do it properly with rated LEDs not the pretend things or you will be very disappointed and won't even really know they are turned on like this
  7. Haha They been out but still too young how did Jon P become D?
  8. Tried to send you PM but doesn't work
  9. My boat
  10. Hey fellas I am looking for a boatless person to ideally become part of our regular crew. Mostly fish weekends but when weather and conditions are good try to get the occasional weekday in also to not let good opportunity go by do not fish BAD weather, I have better things to do with my time and dont have to boost my ego showing my toughness doing it sometime short notice as I have 2 young kids and have to work around this sometimes or if weather suddenly goes good or bad forecast My regular fishing mate (Rami) now came from exactly this forum section here when he posted 2 year ago It's not about money , my old regulars have dropped off due to commitments. You do not need to be professional but boating experience is preferred. i can handle boat fully myself at ramp already full drive on/drive off. I have EVERYTHNG, gear , big expensive pretty new 2300 Noosacat ( which if any of you use Botany ramp would have seen as its the only one). So no gear is to be brought, only food you may want. Fuel contribution great. NO cleaning required I do all when I return home, just help at dock setting up, packing down boat. Fish for everything from easy days flathead / reef fishing in close to chasing tuna in winter and blue eye /Gemfish at Browns and chasing marlin and Dollies in the summer coming now Only non smokers and no smart arses on boat, just easy good times MUST NOT get sea sick I always launch at foreshore drive botany I am 39 finance professional from Coke ( so free drinks too) Cheers Matt
  11. Those fish were taken on Sunday
  12. Thank you finin for such detailed knowledgeable reports yet again When you say too wide? Do u mean 60nm or less or more?
  13. Just all how you setup and your process you follow I can easily manage self launch and retrieve on my 7m 2.8 ton Noosacat Very simple with a boat catch device and drive on and off trailer In 4 years never a drama
  14. B164 Hole drilled in bottom of my boat Wet face flush mount
  15. Make sure you also on auto and don't have a depth range set or it will only try to reach that