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  1. Daughter no.2 caught 1 too

    Great photos!!
  2. Electric trolling motor questions

    The only anchor I like is the one on the button on my remote!!
  3. Electric trolling motor questions

    JonD, I agree re tackle, spending more money doesn't always get you more fish or even a more durable product over a long period of fishing. Care and maintenance has a lot to do with the usable life of a reel. However with the electric motors, and its been a while since I bought mine, to get GPS in a Watersnake, you had to buy 80lb 24V. I think that is still the case. For me, the real benefit comes from the GPS related features and the manufacturers definitely understand that as there is a big price difference between non-GPS and GPS models in their pricing.
  4. Best GT Fishery ?

    Google Kiritimati - its a coral attoll in the Pacific, on the equator south of Hawaii, the GT in my profile photo was caught there. We caught quite a few, all good size, that one was from a coral pancake fishing into channels in the coral shoals , the others were from a wooden outrigger - its very basic. Its a noted GT and Bonefish location but we also caught big yellowfin, barracudas and some big varieties of reef fish. Also I've caught some good sized ones just off the tip of Cape York but a lot more issues with being sharked if it takes too long to land them.
  5. Flatty on hardbody in the shallows

    Nice spot for a drift and it paid off, good sized flathead ... it looks fishy especially with all those yabby holes in the flats.
  6. Electric trolling motor questions

    Hi Nick I have a MotorGuide Xi5, its a 54lb 12volt and I use it on a 420 Quintrex Renegade. To go for a bigger thrust motor, I would have needed to go to 24volt and I didn't want to go down that path (more batteries, new charger etc). The Xi5 has a wireless remote and GPS so does anchor mode, cruise control, saves tracks etc. In most conditions, it holds the boat on anchor but does struggle if there is a strong current particularly where the wind is also blowing the same direction. With just me in the boat, in good conditions, I can get just over 2knots under full power. I use a 105aH battery and I can hammer the motor all day and its still going, although the battery charge level is pretty sad by the end of day ... I have the motor battery separate to my crank battery and don't run an aux. items off it or charge it from the boat motor. I rely on a charger at home or charge it off the car alternator when towing. When I bought my boat, it had an old Watersnake on it with a foot pedal, no GPS - I replaced it within a few weeks and there is no comparision between the motors. From shopping around, the MotorGuide was about $300 cheaper than the equivalent Minn Kota. I can't imagine not having one now, I carry an anchor but don't remember the last time I used it and particularly if you lure fish, the anchor mode and cruise control are features I couldn't live without. Happy to discuss if you want more info, PM me and I'll send you my number if interested. steve
  7. Depth of water at entrance to Patonga Creek

    Excellent, thanks Regan. I'll give it a go on high tide so I can get some idea of the depth. cheers
  8. Buying first kayak!

    I've been thinking about a Riot Quest 9.5 - mainly because its very light at 14kgs so easy to handle but I'm concerned it may not stand up to being dragged over snags etc. I'm not really interested in paddling longer distances, I'd use it for short sessions in Wyong River and Ourimbah Creek. Does any-one have any experience with the Riot Quest?
  9. blooding the new gear

    A few nice fish there Dave, I think there's always a bit of extra pressure to catch something on new gear, helps justify the investment. You'll be very happy with the Stradic, they do have a nice smooth drag.
  10. I occasionally fish Broken Bay and Pittwater by launching at Patonga Beach ramp - its fine if I'm with a mate, I haven't tried it solo but if there is any surge or if the wind is into it, I think it would be a handful. Does any-one know the depth into Patonga Creek at the moment, if its deep enough, I can launch at the ramp in the creek - I've got a Renegade 420 so don't need a lot of water but would prefer to be able to go in and out regardless of the tide? thanks steve
  11. Interesting Read For Anyone That Fishes Tuggerah Lakes

    I think its a bit quiet at the moment, I picked up one 38cm flathead this morning, conditions weren't great with a gusty westerly blowing. They were bringing the dredge across so hopefully they'll get started this week on opening the channel up and removing some of the sand east of the bridge.
  12. Interesting Read For Anyone That Fishes Tuggerah Lakes

    I had breakfast down The Entrance this morning, looked like about mid-tide - good flow but fairly shallow particularly compared to a couple of years back. How did you go this morning - I've been away overseas for a few weeks, planning to put the boat in tomorrow morning and see if the flatties are still around.
  13. Interesting Read For Anyone That Fishes Tuggerah Lakes

    The trip up to Myall lakes must have been crazy, you'd have to pick your weathert since it took them two days. Just getting out the Channel must have been interesting, its not like they had decent horsepower to accelerate between waves.
  14. For any Raiders who fish Tuggerah Lakes, here's an interesting ( and long) article about the history of commercial fishing Tuggerah Lakes from the 1920's, prepared from the journals of a commercial fisherman. http://www.clw.csiro.au/publications/technical98/tr1-98.pdf It provides an intertesting insight over a long period to the relationship between weed in the lake, abundance of fish/prawns and the opening at the Channel - mention of 100lb mulloway and snapper in the lake in years gone by highlight the potential but wiith the Channel nearly closed at the moment, we could be in for a lean few years.
  15. Leaking Tiled Roof - Any Ideas?

    Is there a valley in the roof - sometimes they can back up and overflow if they get a few leaves in them or if its a low pitch roof and strong rain it can be blown under the tiles , once the water gets in with sarking, it can run a fair way downhill before making an appearance. Always frustrating to track down -perhaps start by hitting anything thats a bit suspect and facing south with silicon sealant.