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  1. Sunrise

    Sunrise today at The Entrance!
  2. Big Bream

    Great fish, nice work particularly since its an old fish so would have had a lot of bait and lures come past its nose!!
  3. Brisbane Water Flatties

    Hey SquidgyBoi They are both great colours and I use them a fair bit however if you're going to start with 2, I suggest get bit more difference in the colours to allow for different water conditions. I also like Copper Penny and Greasy Prawn in the Grubz. 1/8 jighead is a good start point but will depend on water depth, flow etc. cheers
  4. Anyone know why? - Failed past 4 trips

    Hey Armpits - not sure if you're fishing from a boat but make sure there aren't any bananas on board - unless you're JonD. Seriously, it pays to think like a fish ... where would they be in the conditions and water you're fishing. There is a lot of water between fish in Sydney and surrounds so part of the challenge is working it out. Good luck with it.
  5. Soft plastics in deep water

    I love the competitiveness of fishing and the thinking that goes into getting one up on a fishing mate - nice work on the rocks, I'll keep an eye out for them in my local tackle store!
  6. Snorkelling locations

    It might be too big a drive for you but on the Central Coast, Toowoon Bay and Bateau Bay are both excellent spots to snorkel.
  7. Leave the chain attached

    Having a few beers at the boat ramp is probably close to the best entertainment you can find - here's a photo of a couple of guys doing a retrieve after a premature launch at my local.
  8. Jig heads !

    I put them back in the packages if they still look OK, they can lose their sheen sometimes and I usually throw them out. I usually use Zman SPs.
  9. Jig heads !

    I keep my SPs in the original packets and keep them in luggage organisers in my tackle bag - I mostly use Zmans so will have various MinnowZs in one, Grubz in another etc to make it easy to find them. You can buy the luggage organisers fairly cheaply on-line and any lures I use during the session go into an empty tackle tray and wash when I clean the boat and tackle ... much better than having loose lures on the boat or leaving them to rust peacefully away in a tacklebox.
  10. Bananas!!

    Love that photo .... still not convinced though, looks like you had a good days fishing which could have possibly been a great days fishing if you didn'ty have bananas on the boat!!
  11. Bananas!!

    Great photos JonD, some nice fish there. I checked and don't see any bananas lurking in the background of the photos so still not convinced.
  12. Bananas!!

    I'm definitely off on bananas on the boat although OK with banana bread -I forgot to mention I came home to a 1.5m tree snake in the carport where I keep the boat - snakes on the boat for next outing would have been even worse than bananas!
  13. Bananas!!

    Is it just me or is anyone else convinced that bananas on a fishing boat bring bad luck. I always think that successful fishing requires lots of tackle, plenty of knowledge and a heap of good luck. I took two of my brother-in-laws out for a mid week fish … neither of them are keen fisherman but were hopeful of getting some fish. I had a simple plan - launch at Patonga, troll Barrenjoey for a while, head down into Pittwater to try a few kingy spots and finish up on a flathead drift, along the way offering the fish a range of hard bodies, plastics and bait. I definitely can’t say I get fish every time I wet a line but I’d usually expect at some point during the morning we would have hooked up on a fish, expecially since the flathead drift is fairly reliable. On top of that, on the run across Broken Bay, my motor alarmed twice with a non-critical alarm which is yet to be investigated. I’d given the brother-in-laws fairly simple instructions - just bring what you want to eat and I’ll have everything else. We decided to have lunch on the flathead drift and when they opened up the cooler bag that their lunch was in … I was in total shock to see they had bought a couple of bananas onto the boat. I don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up but I’ve always believed bananas on a boat will spoil a good days fishing - I don’t remember how I worked this out so it was probably passed down to me as a kid by my dad. I can’t do anything about sorting the lack of fish for the last trip and I still have to check the motor to see whats happening with it, but my big concern now is does the bad luck stay on the boat - should I take to it with bleach, tuna oil or maybe just sell it to some unsuspecting fisherman??
  14. New camera

    Great photos, nice work. I hate snakes .... hopefully you were using every bit of the 600mm zoom for the photo of the red bellied black!!
  15. Bait/Tackle Shop Central Coast recommendations?

    Budgewoi Marine Sports is pretty good, and if building a rod is your thing, they are one of the few shops around that still sell blanks.