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  1.  Burrill lake, whiting on the bite

  2. Burrill lake picking up

    After a couple of days of small whiting and to many stingrays. I tried the low tide with nippers, and this what turned up, my first good whiting of the season
  3. Burrill Lake

    Pumped a few nippers, tried every were for whiting, nothing big enough to keep, tried the channel first cast, sting ray, second cast this nice bream
  4. Burrill lake flathead

  5. Burrill lake flathead

    Beautiful morning on the lake, in the fog, thought I had hooked the bottom when the only keeper on the day turned up, my P.B flathead
  6. Burrill lake

    Went chasing whiting with nipper, very fast outgoing tide, picked up these two flathead and lost one, all the whiting were to small to keep
  7. Burrill lake whiting

    The tide was to high to pump for bait, so I bought some prawns from the takle shop just on high tide I caught these 2
  8. Burrill lake whiting

    Another day, another catch
  9. Burrill lake whiting

    Lake worms, don't no what there called
  10. Burrill lake whiting

    Burrill lake is warming up and the whiting are on the bite, I have always used nippers, gave worms ago to day and this was the result
  11. Burrill lake whiting

    Only use live bait
  12. Burrill lake whiting

    A few whiting have arrived at burrill lake, used worms and nipper not a bad start to the season
  13. Fishing Burrill beach this morning

    Nice catch, what bait were you using
  14. Monster Flatties

    Well done, I seem to find all the stingrays in the lake
  15. Two sessions Burrill Lake

    Better than I did, picked up 3 bream Wednesday And two to day