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  1. Land based live bait

    balmoral is just around the corner and is reliable for yakkas
  2. Circle hooks for kings/jews?

    I've been making a transition to using circles more and more in the past few years, mainly because I've become lazy and can't be bothered to time setting the hook and because circle hooks have a decent hookup rate and rarely gut hook fish
  3. Bream not taking anything I throw at them

    Maybe a bit spooky in the shallow water. I bet they'd be more likely to take a bait than a lure
  4. Northern beaches

    Short and sweet report Was at Manly Beach from 7.30-10pm last night. A lot of tailor around who kept tearing up my livies without hookups. Eventually managed to land two - one around 35cm and the other my PB at 60cm. No photos as it was getting late and I was hungry. Bait was live and butterflied yellowtail and fresh tailor fillets. No big predators caught this night, but I know they're around. I'm starting to suspect that Manly Beach has too many lights and 'activity' (music, cars, people traffic and even fireworks last night) on this popular tourist beach, even at night and this puts off jewfish. At the same time, I know they've been caught on this beach. Thoughts?
  5. What line weight for flathead fishing?

    Second this
  6. What line weight for flathead fishing?

    6lb is fine for that size fish - it's what I would start with. You'll land most of them but be prepared to lose a few too. Upgrade to 10-12lb if you're losing too many fish for your liking
  7. Live bait!

    Forgot I made this post a while back
  8. Live bait!

    Yep, if not then try Balmoral. They're consistently there during warmer months. I got a bunch there last weekend for livies
  9. Live bait!

    Balmoral and clifton have plenty of yakkas biting Are there 'legal times' to fish from Manly Wharf? Always been curious but never been bothered to look
  10. Whole day at Clifton Gardens

    That wharf starts getting filled at about 5am, even earlier on weekends. Good to see fisheries out. I've never been checked before in the ~5 years I've been fishing, not even at the regular haunts. Looks like a nice mix bag of fish caught. I've learned that burley makes a big difference at Clifton. Kings should be around now
  11. Wamberal Beach

    Great to know. Sambos normally go to my cats but i'll throw a chunk out next time for a jewie. Cheers.
  12. Flatheads: What am I doing wrong?

    If you are getting bites and not hooking up, unlikely to be flathead. They will normally fit an entire lure in their mouth first time when they bite. As mentioned above, make sure the hooks are sharp as their mouth is very hard. Given this fact, set the hook HARD for flathead. You mentioned you fished from a jetty. They are great places to fish but keep in mind flathead are lazy fish and you need to cover ground to find them (it's unlikely they will 'swim along' and find your lure/bait), which is the limitation of a small jetty because once you've cast from all around the jetty, that's it. Try a 'stretch' of water with the right conditions for flathead
  13. Wamberal Beach

    do sambo fillets make good jewfish bait?
  14. Yabbie Pumps

    I used to work in a large outdoor store (I can't mention which due to forum rules). We used to have the PCV ones and they were absolute rubbish. We got so many complaints about them they got recalled. My dad bought a Wilson yabby pump before I was born. It lasted for over 20 years before it finally died. I replaced it with another Wilson one. Can't speak for Alvey pumps because I've never used one but the stuff they make is generally pretty indestructible.
  15. How to tell if fish is poisonous/venomous??

    http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/fishing-rules-and-regs/saltwater-bag-and-size-limits These are the most common species you'll find in NSW waters. None are venomous to handle WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE RED ROCK COD however, many still have spines that hurt like hell and a lot have sharp teeth. None of the fish on that list are poisonous to eat. Lipgrips, pliers and a damp rag will get you a long way in keeping you safe. If you cannot ID a fish species, please don't take it home. Take a photo, release it and post it in our 'aquarium' section for an ID for next time. Nothing annoys me more than when people have a photo of a dead fish in their kitchen sink in the aquarium section and then find out it's poisonous to eat hence, died for nothing. In regards to filleting, you can wear some good quality puncture-proof gloves. And practice lots.