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  1. Successful Flathead on SP

    Recently went out with a pro fishing guide and part of the trip was targeting flatties on SPs,the above article is spot on.Miketheangler nailed it. Its a great learning curve and casting into ultra shallow tidal water and seeing that swirl of mud behind the lure and anticipating the flatty slamming your plastic was fantastic fun and has changed the way ill target them in the future.Well written Mike.
  2. Boat Mod

    Thanks for the reply will take it on board so to speak.happy hunting at Wyangala too,
  3. Bass fishing lures

    Fish there a bit myself find lipless crankbaits in chartreuse during the day is proven technique for me.
  4. Boat Mod

    Hi all just bought a nice older quintrex fishabout 4.88m just looking for an opinion on moving the centre bench thwart seat which has a top weld and centre support.looking at bringing it forward and getting rid of the front pedestal seat arrangement.Two reasons why first I find the current helm position not ideal very cramped and also to open up the fishing room a bit.A checker plate floor would then be added.Dont want to risk the hulls integrity at all.Ive spent hours researching on line and the juries out,just looking for some up to date advice.This boat is strictly estuary and impoundment use no open ocean.
  5. The jetty at east hills will keep the kids entertained plenty of small to mid sized bream the odd flatty and trevally plus swings nearby.I just rig the little bloke up with a light jig head and substitute the soft plastic with fresh school prawns with the head removed works every time.Havent been there at night but a good lantern will sought it out either way.I Have taken him to Kelso at night and had similar results he got 15 bream there on night up to about 25cm.Good Luck
  6. Chicken Gut

    Hi all.Recently advised by a tackle store that the pre-packed fisho bait is no longer produced as the bloke responsible retired.A great standby estuary bait in fact a successful bream pro on the gold coast recommended to me to use it above everything else in the bait freezers.Rigged on a standard jighead as you would soft plastics works a treat,great for novice and junior anglers.
  7. Thanks really enjoyed the report and video good stuff.
  8. Campbelltown Catchacarp comp

    Hey mate ive fished the Campbelltown event get there early before the crowds get there its a small lake and by 8 am it looks like its covered in spider webs theres that many lines in the water,people casting over the top of your line,heavy leads scaring fish and mayhem if you hook a descent one and it picks up half a dozen other peoples lines.Get there early fish the side near the recreation center that's where ive seen the better fish caught and bread is frowned on for bait they encourage corn to be used but earth worms seem to be the go for best results I reckon block cheese could be a difference maker as well.Its extremely well run though and a fun day, kids have a ball as well.Good luck.
  9. East hills park

    Fish there a bit myself I find fresh prawns with the head removed and fished on a SP jighead weighted to slowly drift with the tidal flow can bring a better class of bream undone.Last trip hooked something I couldn't stop on the light gear as well.Good luck.

    I agree New Signing not much weight in the goldens at all.

    Yes mate the camping park still there,went there to use payphone it was pretty deserted we planned our trip during the weekdays to avoid the ski boats.

    Hi raiders just got back from 3 days at Wyangala what a great place a return trip already in the planning early in the new year.We had 3 boats who spread out trying a variety of techniques bobbing live yabbies and worms,plastics,casting hardbodies and of course trolling hardbodies and spinnerbaits.We got about 4hrs of great weather the first day after that the weather turned foul for the rest of the trip,but we still fished hard for a total of 4 cod and 4 goldens all between 40-50cm.We pulled hooks on a couple of big fish also.All fish were caught trolling with purple and chartreuse hardbodies doing the damage apart from one cod caught at camp on cheese(yabbies and worms went untouched).Interestingly all the goldens disgorged shrimp on capture but our shrimp traps which were deployed the whole time returned 5 shrimp only.A Wyangala regular advised me upon arrival back in Sydney that December is always tough fishing there and we can expect better returns February to May,just wondering if any other raiders have experience at Wyangala and agree.All in all we had an awesome time in a great location and cant wait to hit it again.MERRY XMAS AND TIGHT LINES.
  13. Berkley Gulp worms

    Absolutely was rigged for bait having no luck and switched to the gulp worms.
  14. Pejar Dam

    I've got a mate who lives local and has a couple goes there for very slim pickings.The fish are there but he reckons not worth the effort.You don't know till you give it a go though.Loved fishing there back in the day.
  15. Berkley Gulp worms

    Hi mate I've used them in the shoal haven river on a running sinker rig and had great success while my two offsiders with fresh prawns couldn't get a bite.They switched and started catching.Im sure they would work in the surf too.Just remember the above advice about storage they dry out quick.Good luck.