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  1. Damo what do you think for this week .Thanks mate
  2. Seen a free jumper at peak. At around 1pm .A few boats hooked them
  3. Anyone out tomorrow
  4. $5 a kg at fish shop .
  5. frost fish is the hair tail like one .full of worms the last one I hooked
  6. Hi all I got one ablie 8.2 .And a few gemmies yesterday. Going tomorrow anyone out Monday .Laser pro lures were the only lures taken yesterday .What was everyone else using.Courtkase 21
  7. Remember .The last good bite was Monday after big winds and swell
  8. After last Tuesday don't think many boats will give numbers .Not until their bagged out or broken .A lot Crazy stupid people out running over lines cutting each other off.
  9. And NO SBT Tuesday on the marks.Did'nt help two hundred boats on top of them
  10. You guys see the eddie edge of browns out to other side of heatons. On fishtrack .
  11. secho got one good onya
  12. top fish great fishing ...Where
  13. How were fin caught lures or cubes thanks guys Courtkase is out Saturday ch 21