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  1. Boat wont start, Bad customer service

    Hi, Guys I found out the problem. I feel like the biggest mullet head in the world. I had connected the power cable on the battery to the negative when I pulled the battery out to charge. I think I need to strap red colour tape on all power wires as some are black confusing with negative. Sorry guys and thankyou you for all your help.
  2. Boat wont start, Bad customer service

    Thanks Whiting for your imput, I will be working on the boat tonite after work, and test the power cable metre by metre from battery to ignition. I feel there is brocken line somewhere in between.
  3. Boat wont start, Bad customer service

    Sorry Geof, I meant launched the boat off the trailer couldn,t start the boat on the ramp. Gazza,I have a lanyard switch its not under the key on the side and thats all good. That black round part under the key apparantly its my neutral gear ajusment never used it. I wil slowley and painfully find this problem.
  4. Boat wont start, Bad customer service

    Thanks guys for all your valued comments, I checked the solenoide and starter motor no power, checked all wires from the battery going out power is there. opened the Key start throttle is very clean no rust. I will check the neutral ajustment I think its the little black turning button under the key start, till now I never new it was linked to starting the engine thought it was for neutral ajusment only, I feel the problem I have is something simple.<br />I think its going to do my head in, I will persist as long as I can. This boat has never let me down I am seriously thinking of updating (with the approval of the misses off course)but need to get it fixed to get rid of it.<br />
  5. Boat wont start, Bad customer service

    I know what you mean, My evinrude throttle is a key three way, start, neutral and push for priming choke at start.
  6. Boat wont start, Bad customer service

    Firsty I think I need to eliminate all electrical issues and work my way. Firstly think I need to eliminate all electrical issues I did hand push the fly wheel all good, hoping was not seased. Tested the battery all good, pushing 12.8 watts on the reader which I fully charged a day before I went out last Saturday tested the solinoide and starter motor no power. (Using the start key on and off ) I have power from battery wire but no power in the ignition switch on the throttle. I will need to check under the dash were the wiring continues from battery to the ignition switch throttle if there is any fuses linked and blown. Hoping that is the case, will check this afternoon after work and advise.
  7. Hi, All Dont write much, but read alot. Just want to tell you all about my last Saturdays expirience. Launched the boat at Botany ramp, boat will not start not even a crank. After checking all fuses inside the motor accidently cracked one fuse when opening the cover, so then I called it a day and went to a service centre in ********* not mentioning any names. Spoke with the spare parts manager and explained the boat would not start and replaced the brocken fuse and still not starting.I was happy to leave the boat there for them to fix. This is were my blood starting to boil and loosing my mind. The service manager told me that my boat motor was too old (1987 50hp Evinrude 4.3 Quintrex)for their service guys to fix and recomended me to a another service centre in Botany, also he mentioned that their hourly rate was too expensive but they have the best boat mechanics in the country and said the service centres in Botanys hourly rate was cheaper. Before I lost the plot I told this guy, its ok for your service section to take my $420.00 last year for a service which they did on this same boat, and now not wanting fix my boat which I was going to pay, where is the customer service? and got the hell out of there before I regret it. Anyway this was an expiriece for me and from now on I will fix my self as long as I have Google/Utube to help me. Happy and safe Fishing All.
  8. Botany Bay Snapper

    I have islander freinds I play vollyball with, they dive with strong torches at night around Bare Island /Larpa.<br />They swear by it that there is humungis snappers swimming around late at night but you have to steer away from the eels.
  9. Fishing from the car

    Try Cooks river breakwall at Kyeemagh, you can sit in your car and watch your rod on the edge river.
  10. New Fish Finder

    Hi, Guys I used my new Lawarrance Elite colour 5X DSI fish finder last week and very happy. Still working my way arround the unit tho.
  11. New Fish Finder

    Yes I did see on You Tube very helpfull info thanks. I bought it for $349 two weeks ago, they had the last couple and newer model has arrived a bit over my buget. Received my tax return and thought I will spoil my self, copped an ear bashing from the misses.
  12. New Fish Finder

    Hi, Obey1 Greatly appreciated your feed back. Cant wait till tomorrow to test it, will advise outcome.
  13. New Fish Finder

    Morwong, EAGLE Fish finder came with the boat, when ever I go over bumps it cuts/out checked all the power wire still cuts out. Then I have to go over another bumps to get it back on, drove me crazy.
  14. LowaranceElite-4xDSI pros and cons

    Greatly appreciated your feed back MORWONG.
  15. LowaranceElite-4xDSI pros and cons

    I just bought a Lowarance Elite-5xDSI colour, haven,t used yet hopefully this weekend. Would like to hear your comment, if anyone used it.