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  1. Coffs Creek near Melittas Ave holds Mangrove Jacks Jim...
  2. watching BOM at the moment 10.30pm. Big line of slow moving storms heading our way...Parramatta Jim...
  3. What fishing licences are required for NSW Inland, Qld Inland, Qld Saltwater. Thanks in advance Jim...
  4. my cousin lives in Coffs...says the same thing Jim
  5. looking at Dr Google images this looks like a barracouta also known as Gemfish or Hake. Has a long fin along the top. Barracuda has 2 distinct fins on top. Jim
  6. Is a license required in Qld? Jim...
  7. I also got an end cap(nice rounded surface for your hand) the next size up to use to push the sand spikes into the sand. If you want to get fancy you could make a cut out for your reel to sit in and even add a hole with a quck clip and a short cord to secure rod/reel........... Jim...
  8. Went for a walk along the Coast Golf Course this afternoon and there were a couple of large flocks of birds working the water about 1000m out from The Gutter. As I watched for about a half hour there then were some bust ups much closer in, about 300m out. What ever they were they were big and fast. Initially thought salmon but seem to be shooting through the water way too quick for them. Jim...
  9. A Homy Ped sandle on a ganged pilchard
  10. as an aside the bridge in Batemans Bay is going to be replaced by a four lane one just to the west of the current one and high enough for boats and small yachts...something like 12m metre clearance. Good for traffic both on the road and on the water, but sad to see some history being destroyed. Jim...
  11. they do taste yummy
  12. doesn't look like The Tubes
  13. I've seen some big goldfish/Coi in the creek that runs from Lake Parra to Parra River near Bunnings at Nth Parra Jim
  14. reminds me of a event about 1980ish off the end of Manly Wharf. (That was when you were allowed to fish off the wharf) a youngster about 12 years old ( I was about 22 then) hook up an Aussie Salmon on a handline...he was struggling so I offerred to give him a the fish was starting to tire we then had another huge problem....the Manly Ferry was coming in......the fish was giving us a aerobatic display and we had quite an audience by now.......the ferry captain saw the fish jumping and slowed up so I could get it landed.....gave us a few horn blasts as well as cheers and claps from our audience on the wharf as well as on the was a bit over 8lb cleaned from memory so about 4.5kg whole. I gave the fish to the youngster....he was really excited and thankful...... Jim...
  15. becomes strip bait ??