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  1. Portable multipurpose esky

    Just gonna do it manually atm...esky didnt come with a drain be using it to keep the fish we caught alive as long as we can together with the livebait...the esky is 44ltr so hopefully we can fit the bag limit on the
  2. Portable multipurpose esky

    Hi all Been sick lately so decided to kill time at home by making something for fishing Anyway found an old esky the other day so decided to create something i can use for fishing anywhere Transformed the esky into a rod holder livebait tank
  3. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    Thanks for the advice...well stay close this weekend...
  4. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    Thanks mate...yes its not worth the risk...always a next time...i never go outside when the swell is over 1.5m and wind over 20kph...been stuck out there around long reef in 3-4m swell in a 50ft boat...not very nice...took awhile to get back inside the heads...we were going minus 4knots for while...
  5. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    Thanks mate...i always ask everyone to wear pfd when we go outside no matter what the weather is...been caught outside a couple if times when the weather changed from good to bad in minutes...took forever to come back in...
  6. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    Thanks for the an epirb...flares etc etc etc...yes...really need to fix that radio
  7. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    Thank you very much for all the replies...yes we need to get that radio working 100%...looks like we need a bigger boat...been outside many times before on a 50ft and only taken a 4.5m around the heads from manly all the way to bundeena...well just have to stay close around the heads this weekend hoping for a dolly or 2...thanks again everyone...
  8. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    hi all just need advice on taking a 4.5m stacer with 50hp to the sydney harbour fad and 12mile. my mate wants to take his boat this weekend to the fad and 12mile hoping to catch kingys and dolphinfish. he caught a couple of dolphinfish last week on live yakkas off the sydney artificial reef and now hes very keen on checking out the fad and 12mile and try his luck. planning to be in the water by 3am from the rosebay ramp then head out at 1st light. forecast for this weekend looks ok atm but wont be going out if the swell is over 1.5m and wind over 20kph. how far is the fad and 12mile from the heads??? there will be 3 fishos on the boat and got all the offshore safety gear except the 2way radio is not working 100%. thanks in advance
  9. Beach fishing

    Thanks rick Might go there fri pm if weather is ok
  10. Beach fishing

    Thanks mate Might check out sand bar sat pm
  11. Beach fishing

    Thanks mate
  12. Beach fishing

    Thats one mile beach right???!!!
  13. Beach fishing

    Thanks rick Will try and let u know
  14. Beach fishing

    Hi all Taking the family on the easter long weekend up forster area Can someone pls tell me which beach will be good for fishing with the family Planning to use ganged pillys and mullet strips Ill be bringing my 12ft combo Thanks in advance Wishing everyone a safe and happy easter