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  1. Where to catch live bait most wharves holds yakkas slimys squid just burley with bread and use it for bait or use pilly strips squid strips mince chicken prawns use size 10 or 12 hook on 10lb trace on a float or just tie 2 hooks on a paternoster rig without any sinker and just let your line slowly sink on the burley trail how to rig live bait use the running sinker rig using a 50lb trace and 6/0 hook use a float only if there is enough room where you fish otherwise you will keep getting tangle with other lines trace length between 1-2m put hook in front of dorsal fin or use 2 hook rig plenty of vids on YouTube if you want more detail goodluck
  2. My new portable rod holder/tackle box / seat
  3. Thanks for your help mate ended going to a shop and getting the right hooks by comparing the hooks with the lures
  4. Thank you very much mate
  5. Thanks for the info mate ill try using owner hooks which size do you use for the 7cm lure thanks again
  6. Hi all just want to know if anyone here got a replacement chart for the size of hook when replacing trebles on lures most of my hooks and rings need replacement i got lures ranging from 7cm to 13cm planning to replace treble with single hooks made by Mustad or vmc thanks in advance
  7. well done won't forget that 1st you will be aiming to do the luck...catching a marlin is one of best and hardest thing to do...90% boredom...10% mayhem...always a team effort...
  8. hi mate whereabouts do you live? i got mine from penrith. cost me $245 for the license inc practical and theory. takes about 3hrs for the course. i used to hire a 6m boat with 150hp. best thing to do is know the boat 1st inside the bay or harbour before you take it outside the heads. the weather outside can change from good to bad in minutes. always check the forecast the night before and before u take the boat out on the day. i use willyweather for swell and wind. never take the boat outside the heads if the swell is over 2m and wind over 20knots. always check your safety gear and always your your pfd. goodluck with the new boat.
  9. Caught my 1st one off long reef around lunchtime...
  10. Mate Best rig for fishing off the beach targetting salmon/tailor will be a running sinker rig with half or whole pillys using a 2 hook or ganged hooks. I use 3/0 ganged hooks with at least 30lb trace so the tailor wont bite you off easily. Wanda beach is better in the afternoon just before sunset. Less people less surfers. Goodluck
  11. Do you know what time was that???
  12. Well done mate Thanks for the report What time did you go to the spot if you dont mind
  13. Thanks mate...
  14. North head is on the left side when you go outside the bay around the nsw golf course...excellent spot landbased is located at little bay but this spot is only recommended to experienced rocks anglers...can be very dangerous for novice anglers...extreme care is highly recommended...
  15. Thanks for the info mate...bonito loves the cd7...i use the redhead and firetiger...very hard to find the cd7 these days...had to buy some from overseas...