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  1. Not what we planned for

    big congrats to both of you excellent team work just wondering how heavy was your mainline will that be some sort of record for a spin reel never seen a marlin caught on a spin reel before we always use 24kg tiagra combo chasing marlin and its mostly hard work when you hook a marlin so fighting one on a spin reel will be at least 5x harder i reckon what size was the spin reel sold my 12000sw saragosa combo recently this story made me want to buy another one lol very well done again to both of you excellent report
  2. hi raiders thought i share with you what happened to my mate recently he decided to chase kingys recently with his son at botany bay caught some live bait at molli and went to his fav spot rigged one yakka on float and one to the bottom the spot was less than 10m deep near the rocks hooked the first kingy on the yakka on the float and measured 67cm so a quick pick and then straight on to the esky 2nd hook up was a very fat aus salmon so after a good fight salmon went back to fight another day 3rd hook up was another kingy fought longer and measured 81cm got quiet so mate decided to spin lures to kill time while spinning one of the rod with the live yakka went off so mate put the rod with lure down on the side and grab the other rod to fight whatever took the live bait another salmon took the yakka and while my mate was removing the hook he noticed that the rod with the lure is missing and quickly drop the other rod with the salmon to check for the missing rod he saw the missing rod slowly sinking on the side of the boat so he quickly jump off the boat to retrive the rod that was slowly sinking in the water he was able to get the rod back and so he was very happy that he didnt lose that gloomis combo while he was setting up for another live yakka he realised that his mobile phone was still in his pocket so he quickly check it and the phone was off tried to on the mobile phone but no success so he decided to keep on fishing as what we always do lol took the mobile phone to samsung the next day and was told that it cant be fix so thats at least $700 to get a replacement his gloomis combo is worth around $600 so the big question was was it worth it???!!! the answer was he rather lose the mobile phone rather than the combo lol at the end of the day his wife got him a new iphone x so he was happy got a new phone plus he still got his gloomis combo thanks for reading
  3. excellent report mate thanks for sharing spending time in the water with your mates is always better than spending time with your workmates lol unless your fishing mates are your workmates too catching a fish to take home is always a bonus specially when your boss/wife loves eating fish like mine (she refuse to eat fish that are being sold at the shops...thats another story lol goodluck on your next trip
  4. Land based Sydney harbor

    well done on the flatty mate if u want to release the fish but cant get the hook out just cut the line as closest to the mouth the fish will hopefully survive but flatty fillets r one of the best fillets super yummy
  5. sydney harbour

    thanks we target bream all the time at sow n pigs using chicken strips on 10lb trace and size 4 circle hook plenty of monster bream there over the 40cm always fun to catch on light gear
  6. sydney harbour

    thanks love eating flatty fillets
  7. sydney harbour

    hi raiders decided to fish sydney harbour today with 2 of my bff got to the ramp around 8am with about half a dozen trailers parked wind was still blowing around 15-20kph plan a was to bottombash sow n pigs plan b was to bottombash around goat island up to birkehead point trolled from balls head to shark island for zeros using the halco redhead rapala redhead got to sow n pigs but cant anchor so decided to go to clifton instead anchor around the navy wharf and started to burley with pillys mixed with pellets we were using chicken/mullet/prawns/pillys for bait we were using our bream snapper combo 10lb trace using paternoster and running sinker rig we caught around half a dozen legal bream half dozen legal flattys dozens baby snapper bream flattys hightlight of the day was me hooking up a 61cm kingy on my daiwa 2500 combo using a paternoster with chicken strips the fight took forever (5-10mins) lol the kingy took 3-4 runs before we netted it took a quick pic and let the kingy go to fight another day hi 5s all round my biggest fish i have caught on my daiwa 2500 combo my mate also caught a 60cm kingy but took longer to land due to the kingy wrapped around three of our lines lol had to cut all the three lines hoping the kingy was legal but had to let it go to grew more decided to move to watsons bay to get fish and chips for lunch while were having lunch we fished near the moorings and caught a monster bream (39cm) on my first cast using a running sinker rig with chicken strips maritime came and told us that we can not use the yellow bouys and only use the pink ones someone must have rang maritime and complain that were using the yellow bouys cant find any pink ones thats free so decided to move around the balmain area trolled around the bridge for zeros and anchored around the pylons near birchgrove caught another monster bream (37cm) on my first cast on my daiwa 2500 on chicken strips for the next hour caught plenty of baby snapper and bream so decided to move around birkenhead point fished birkenhead point for about 1hr for 2 legal bream and decided to head back to the ramp home around 8pm thanks for reading

    thanks mate had to cancel our fishing this weekend due the forecast hopefully we can go out next sat jan 20

    always a good day when you see your mates catching fish...they become fishing addicts...lol bonito are always fun to catch...thats why we target them summertime...

    thanks mate always a bonus when you get to take some fish home for the boss(wife)...lol

    thanks mate always prefer early starts...more fishing time...lol theres always someone out there who will try to ruin your day...usually when you are catching all the fish and they dont...

    always not enough fun mate...wish i can go fishing everyday lol...thanks
  13. Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    mate check out dinga been buying all my gear from them since they started selling online most of my gear are penn i think its value for money and i havent had any issues with penn i recommend the penn 4500ssv reel with 30lb braid line dinga got it on special atm rod size 5kg-10kg length 7ft-10ft
  14. Anyone know why? - Failed past 4 trips

    thats fishing mate some days you will catch plenty most days you will get zeros we always check the swell /wind/tides ( swell below 1.5m / wind below 20kph) early low tide seems to produce more fish for us off the rocks (low to high from around 3am onwards) night fishing usuallly produces more bait fish (yakkas/squid/slimys) and if you are lucky enough a jew or two we usually fish from avoca to bass pt and we target kingy bonito salmon (summer) bream trev tailor (winter) we always go fishing early morning from 3am onwards and go home by lunchtime we started fishing back in winter 2008 around port kembla and usually leave home around 7pm and home around 7am most of the time we come home with zeros or sometime a bucket full of yakkas and slimys always use floats when fishing off rocks (whole pillys /live yakkas for kingy bonito salmon tailor / fillets/cubes for bream and trev) always use burley (old bread will do most of the time or mix with tuna oil crashed pillys cat food) target what fish you want to catch and use small hooks if you want to catch more fish (size 4 to 10) it doesnt matter if you are landbased or on a boat...always check the conditions before you start fishing and always use your safety gear goodluck
  15. Bay reds

    very nice red mate well done which bait did u use thanks