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  1. New into Lure Fishing.

    Thank you everybody. I will it give a go. So much different to putting bait on a hook.
  2. Hi, This might be a stupid question, but how do tie a line to lures. I am using soft plastics and metals. I have been told to tie the leader straight on to the lure. Shimano says use a small swivel and a split ring. Can I use a coastlock with a swivel ? Or do I use a loop with a knot in it Do I put a split ring on all the lures. Some lures have them and some don't. Your help would be appreciated
  3. Soft Plastic Scent

    Hi, Sax scent is the go and cheap. Really works.
  4. Fishing ban for Cronulla

    I have been involved with this problem for sometime. I have asked for Speakman & Blair to resign.They know nothing about Fishing & all they are doing is listening to the dogooders. Speakman is so stupid, he wanted to pull down the Angel Rings around the rock fishing sites.Why ? they didn't fit into the Environment. While Victoria & NT are pouring $$$$$$$$$$$$ into Fishing NSW is spending$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of Taxpayers money to stop it. I warned them they will be voted out in 2019. There are so many people involved in this it is not funny & they know nothing about Fishing. Pick up any Fishing Mag or local newspaper, Fishing in NSW has never been better. In 2016 it was great. Cheers.
  5. Daiwa & Wilson rods

    Hi, I live on the Central Coast NSW and I am into rock fishing.I need to update. Has anyone owned or used a Daiwa Sensor rod or a Wilson RLF49 spin rod ? Hope you can help me please. Regards, Syd.
  6. Budgewoi Beach