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  1. I have been involved with this problem for sometime. I have asked for Speakman & Blair to resign.They know nothing about Fishing & all they are doing is listening to the dogooders. Speakman is so stupid, he wanted to pull down the Angel Rings around the rock fishing sites.Why ? they didn't fit into the Environment. While Victoria & NT are pouring $$$$$$$$$$$$ into Fishing NSW is spending$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of Taxpayers money to stop it. I warned them they will be voted out in 2019. There are so many people involved in this it is not funny & they know nothing about Fishing. Pick up any Fishing Mag or local newspaper, Fishing in NSW has never been better. In 2016 it was great. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I live on the Central Coast NSW and I am into rock fishing.I need to update. Has anyone owned or used a Daiwa Sensor rod or a Wilson RLF49 spin rod ? Hope you can help me please. Regards, Syd.